1 Inch Shoe Lift for Men
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Change Your Life With Height Increasing Insoles


As the original creators of height increasing insoles, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality shoe lifts in the industry. Whether you are just looking for a small boost or want to significantly increase your height, LiftKits’ insoles will allow you to comfortably do so. Just slip one of our insoles into any shoe or boot and you are ready to enjoy all the advantages added height can provide. We are extremely confident that you will love our shoe lifts, but, if you are not 100% satisfied, we will return them no questions asked. So why not give them a try and see what a few extra inches can do for you?

Awesome product! I bought these for my fiance to wear at the wedding so he could be a little taller with my heels! He said they are comfortable and we will be buying the taller heights! He is 5’6″ and I’m 5’7 1/2″
Happy LiftKits Customer
This is my second purchase with LiftKits. My first order was for the 3 pack which i love. Particularly the 2 inch lift and the Universal 1 inch lift. So i am ordering more of both the 2inch and the universal. The little universal heel only lifts are perfect for my Vans but i hate changing them between shoes all the time. Thanks for making me taller LiftKits, you guys rock.
Happy LiftKits Customer
ladies….if your like me, a petite 5’2, you know what its like to wear heels everyday. I never wear flats because they don’t make my legs look as good. But a friend of mine had these in her Ugg Boots and she let me try them. I love them. Now i can wear flat boots and my little calf’s and butt still look good.
Happy LiftKits Customer

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