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Whether you’re too short, not tall enough or simply unhappy with your height – its not just how tall you appear; but how tall you feel. Being height conscience can affect your self-confidence, your body image and your passion for life. When you feel good about your outward appearance, you naturally have more confidence in life, work, play and in your personal relationships.

Like anything else having to do with your body, there are genetic and scientific reasons behind why you’re as tall as you are, why you stop growing at a certain age, or why others are taller than you. At LiftKits, we spend countless hours researching those reasons, so that we can develop effective, natural solutions.

Recent advances in “space age” materials have helped us create products that make a real difference in our customers’ lives. Our comprehensive product development initiatives allow us to incorporate today’s most innovative technologies. Technology has helped improve and modernize old ideas. By utilizing new neoprene gels, memory foam to absorb shock, and modern synthetic materials with wicking properties to absorb moisture, we can offer a sustainable, reusable and feature rich insole — creating a positive experience for our customers’ to gain height. Whether its shoe lifts for men or women, we create quality products at affordable price.

We understand how important an individuals appearance is, whether at work or in social settings. That’s why LiftKits guarantees the satisfaction of your insoles. Within 15 days after you received your order, you may return any LiftKits insoles in new condition for any reason, for a full refund of your purchase price. See Shipping/Returns for more details.

As you explore this web site and learn more about LiftKits and our related lifestyle tips, pay special attention to the amazing results from consumer-usage and most importantly, the enthusiastic comments from our customers. These are the things that we believe set LiftKits apart and make us one of the fastest-growing shoe accessory brands today.

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