Why Insoles Are a Popular Gift This Holiday Season

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When it comes to the holiday season, most of us are stressed out about what to get our loved ones. But perhaps this season it is time to get yourself a present, too. Although you might not often think about it, if you are shorter than 5’9” (the national average for men), then you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage in many aspects of your life. Therefore, perhaps the best gift that you could give yourself would be that of a few inches.


Especially around the holidays, when all of the women are in heels, you might find yourself feeling a little short-changed by your lack of height. The truth is that there are many men just like you, who are not nearly as tall as they would like to be, who are doing something about it. You can, too, by trying out some of the most popular shoe lifts in Hollywood.


LiftKits are insoles that are worn in your regular shoes on an everyday basis. They are as comfortable as any gel insoles that you might buy and can actually help to eliminate back and knee problems. But their primary purpose is to add height to your frame. They are available in both one inch and two inch options, which can make even the shortest guy much more confident with his size.


During the holidays, when everyone is dressing up and looking their best, you might want to consider making this a gift to yourself. You will appreciate the fact that maybe you won’t be the shortest guy at the party and that all of the women won’t be towering over you. Also, when it is time to ask for that promotion or annual raise, you might get a better reception from your boss because of your height and renewed confidence.




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