Toning Shoes vs. Women’s Shoe Lifts

Everywhere you look, toning shoes are coming out on the market. Almost every brand of shoe has designed a fitness shoe that is designed to tone and firm the calves. The only problem with the majority of these shoes is that they are clunky and often unattractive. They don’t come in attractive colors and they are much too bulky to be considered stylish.

There is an alternative. Instead of settling for the overpriced toning shoes that aren’t the least bit attractive, you can buy women’s shoe lifts. LiftKits allow you to get the lift that you need that do the same exact thing that the toning shoes do.

The women’s shoe lifts will go into any ordinary pair of shoes. It places you on the ball of your feet, which will elevate your leg and then give you the improvement on your calves and other areas that you are looking for. The more you wear them when you walk, the shapelier your legs will become.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the LiftKits is the cost. When you are buying a pair of toning shoes, expect to pay about $100 a pair. When you buy the women’s shoe lifts, you will be able to pay about $30 or less. You can buy them directly online at and have them shipped out to your home. They’re one size fits all so you don’t have to worry about them not fitting, either.

You already have a pair of sneakers that you love. They look good, they’re the right color scheme and they’re not clunky. So why would you pay the money for ugly toning shoes when you have the perfect sneakers already in your closet? Now that LiftKits are available, you have a better solution.

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