Tips to Get Taller


Which Tips to Get Taller Really Work?

If you are embarrassed about your height or would just like to see some of the advantages that taller guys have, then there are a few ways that you can go about it. Once you reach a certain age – usually anywhere from 21 to 25 years old – it is unlikely that you will continue growing for natural reasons alone, so you will need to find tips to get taller instead.

Decompression and Posture

One of the reasons that men often appear smaller than they are is because they don’t walk upright. Women are taught to walk tall with their chest out, but many men do not do this. By simply adjusting your walk, you will appear taller. Also, because you slouch, your spine is often compressed, which leads to a physical difference in your height. You can do exercises (such as hanging from a chin-up rod) that will help to decompress your spine.

Why Nutrition Matters

Once you have officially stopped growing, you might think that it is too late for nutrition to make a difference in how tall you are. But nutrition will continue to matter as far as your posture is concerned throughout your life. It is vital that you continue to get plenty of protein for strong muscles and calcium for strong bones.

Which Tips to Get Taller Result in Immediate Changes?

Of course, most guys don’t want to wait months or years for improved nutrition to start working for them. One of the easiest ways to gain height immediately is to use lifts in your shoes. By getting a pair of LiftKits, you can wear all of your normal shoes and be instantly taller – anywhere from one to two inches. This is one of the tips to get taller that is well-known in Hollywood and can also work for you, too.


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