Shoes to Make Men Taller

Shoes to Make Men Taller

Elevator shoes to make men taller are a thing of the past. What was once the secret weapon of short men everywhere, elevator shoes have become a dated solution. Most have thick, tall platforms in the heels, while keeping the same type of soles as regular shoes. They are generally constructed to provide you with anywhere from two to five inches of increased height. For a less obvious version of the elevator shoe, you can also purchase an invisible elevator shoe, which places the heightening platform inside the shoes sole. Platform shoes have thicker soles than average footwear, standing up to five and a half inches taller than ordinary shoes. The larger that your platform is, the more obvious it will be that you are wearing special shoes. Some men choose to buy sneakers with extra large soles to look taller. It is also possible to buy boots with built up heels, which are constructed similarly to elevator shoes.

Rather than adding height and style, all these options are generally cheesy-looking, oversized footwear that come with a hefty price tag. For this reason, you may want to instead consider an alternative to shoe that make men taller, like LiftKits shoe lifts. LiftKits currently manufactures a number of shoe inserts for height, which are quite affordable and can be slipped into any pair of shoes. These products can increase your height up to two inches, and their polyurethan construction also relieves pressure from your spine and joints. This improves your posture, which will provide you with additional height. If you want to stand taller in your preferred footwear, consider LiftKits today. 

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