Preparing a Bride and Groom’s List

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Bothering yourself with finances may seem to be most unromantic thing to do while planning your wedding, it is undoubtedly one of the most integral aspects and therefore you cannot avoid it at any point. Gone are the days when the bride’s family hosted and paid for the wedding. The scenario has undergone a complete transformation and more and more people prefer to pay for their own weddings. This also gives them the liberty to plan everything the way they want. Thus allowing the bride and groom’s to reduce the financial burden on their parents.

It is essential for both the bride and the groom to set the budget in advance and also decide on the extent to which the two of you can stretch it.  This is one effective way to avoid overspending.  You need to decide on the limit keeping the overall picture in mind.  Though it may result in a lot of heated discussions and tension amongst both the parties, it is always advisable to wrap these up well in advance.

Things that also need your attention during the preliminary stages of preparation must include the selection of the wedding venue. You need to select the marriage and the reception venue depending upon your budget and also the number of guests attending your wedding. The venues that are popular are booked early and in that case you may have to book the place well ahead of the wedding.  Getting a place in the peak wedding season can also prove to be taxing on your budget.

The next step is obviously that of compiling the guest list. You need to do this with a lot of time on your hands and ensure the fact that you do not miss out on anybody. A bride and groom’s list can help you to accomplish all these tasks one by one.

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