LINspiration for the Little Guys

The Current Impact

By now you have heard his name: Jeremy Lin. A man that has captured not only the hearts of America, but much of the Eastern world as well. The “linsanity” and “lincredible” feats he has achieved are among the best stats of any rookie to ever play the game of basketball in the NBA. I too was somewhat doubtful of Lin’s caliber until I witnessed his talent first hand. His (not the team’s) victory over the Lakers was a phenomenal spectacle on prime time worldwide television, outscoring the NBA’s leading scorer (and arguably the world’s best scorer) in Kobe Bryant. Lin finished that game with a career high 38 points. Chinese broadcasters are buying out Knicks games and many in Taiwan are watching games in the early hours of the morning. Still not convinced? How about the fact that since Lin has started for the Knicks they are on a 7 game win streak, their longest steak in an otherwise poor season. Averaging 24.4 points per game and 9.1 Assists in 7 starts, Jeremy Lin has become the new hero of basketball against all odds. Whether you are a basketball fan or not, there is a deep story to be told here.

The Background Story

Would you believe that the this infamous phenom was sleeping on his brother’s couch less than two weeks ago? Or that he was the 4th string point guard, one game away from being dropped from the team and league all together? Or that this young man graduated Harvard, because no tier one basketball schools wanted to “risk” offering him a scholarship? It seems like a simple equation, you want the best players to play for your team to achieve victory. But Lin’s story is one of discrimination against the “little guy.” A story of an individual who was judged to be of less caliber than due to preconceived notions of ethnicity and desire. Jeremy Lin is the first American born Asian-American to hit it big in the NBA, a sport dominated by mainly African American athletes. Lin is able defy all current logic about who can and cant be successful at the game of basketball. His humble voice is that of the marginalized, that we can overcome great hardship and find success.

The Future

The future holds various opportunities for Lin. China has already offered him a million dollar endorsement deal. The entire basketball world is rethinking their views of Asian-American athletes. Jeremy Lin looks to have a great basketball career ahead of him, with potential to be an All- Star point guard. The Asian American youth has a hero to look up, as do all of the little guys who were told they could not be great. Let this be LINspiration for the little guys. Even the seemingly smallest of of people can achieve greatness. Jeremy Lin is a testament of that.

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