Actual Height of Famous Short People


Height of Famous Short People That Lower The Bar (Literally)

Being short and male can be a tricky combination. This is even more true for famous short people (i.e. celebrities), whose lives are constant scrutinized and their livelihood dependent on their physical appearance. For many of today’s most famous (and shortest) leading men, giving the appearance of height is a critical part of their everyday routine. In fact, LiftKits shoe lifts are one of the go to tools in a short celebrities red carpet arsenal. From Tom Cruise to Seth Green, many of Hollywood’s finest are slipping the Game Changer shoe lifts into their shoes and walking the red carpet with confidence.

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Since Hollywood is all about illusion, it is tough to know the actual height of famous short people. The average height of men in the United States in 5’9″, these famous short people measure below: 

1. Martin Scorsese – 5’3″

 Martin Scorsese Height

2. Lil Wayne – 5’6″

Lil Wayne Height

3. Mark Wahlberg – 5’8″

Mark Wahlberg Height

4. Dustin Hoffman – 5’5″

Dustin Hoffman Height

5. Bruno Mars – 5’5″

Bruno Mars Height

6. Robert Downey Jr. – 5’8″

Robert Downey Jr Height

7. Kevin Hart – 5’2″

Kevin Hart Height

8. Tom Cruise – 5’7″

Tom Cruise Height

9. Seth Green – 5’4″

Seth Green Height

10. Ryan Seacrest – 5’8″ 

Ryan Seacrest Height

11. Daniel Radcliffe – 5’5″

Daniel Radcliffe Height

12. Jon Stewart – 5’6″

John Stewart Height

13. Simon Cowell – 5’8″ 

Simon Cowell Height

14. Usher – 5’8″

Usher Height

15. Kanye West – 5’8″

Kanye West Height



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