Dr. Scholl’s vs. LiftKits



Dr. Scholls

Dr. Scholl’s vs. LiftKits

Some innovative person years ago made the incredible connection that you could put things inside your shoes to do things like add comfort to uncomfortable shoes and eat up odors so that your shoes didn’t create an odor so unpleasant that people ran from you when they saw you approaching. Now there is another new innovation that has hit the market, and it truly is the coolest insert innovation for shoes since Dr. Scholl’s. This innovation, known as LiftKits height insoles, gives shorter people extra height without anyone else knowing what’s going on.

LiftKits essentially are height boosting inserts that slide right into your shoes just like Dr. Scholl’s inserts do. They are comfortable to walk on, and more importantly, they hide inside your shoes while adding up to one to two inches in height. Most of the height is added onto the heel, so they give you height without making your shoes too tight or uncomfortable. What’s best is that you can wear them in almost any shoe out there, and nobody has to know you are wearing them. You may have tried to accomplish this same thing yourself by buying shoes with higher heels. Of course, larger heels draw unnecessary and often unwanted attention not just to your shorter stature but also to the fact that you are trying to do something about it.

Now, if men or women are shorter in height than most, you may be willing to pay a pretty penny to have an extra inch or two in height added onto you without artificial means. Luckily, however, these inserts are absolutely affordable, and you can get a pair for under $30. Because these inserts can be removed and inserted into other shoes you wear, generally you just need to have one or two pairs of these inserts on hand, which makes this an absolutely affordable innovation you will want to put to use right away!



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