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LiftKits Lady of the Week

October 19th, 2012

What’s not to love about this week’s beautiful and gorgeous LiftKits Lady of the Week?

Gift Ideas For Her – Women’s Shoe Lift

August 28th, 2012

Discreetly fits in any boot. Height without the heels.

A gift for that special woman in your life should be thoughtful and useful. And most importantly, something that she’s not likely to buy herself. A women’s shoe lift is one of the best gifts that you can give to her because it will take the place of all of those uncomfortable high heels that she’s wearing.

Fitness or toning shoes have become very popular amongst women because they have a built in heel. This built in heel is designed to improve posture, tone calves and shape other areas. When you buy the woman in your life a pair of LiftKits, you are giving her shoe inserts that turn her favorite pair of sneakers into perfect fitness shoes.

LiftKits cost less than $30. This is a great standalone gift but can go well with others, like a new pair of shoes that they can be worn inside of. An instant height is provided when the women’s shoe lift is inserted into a pair of shoes. They can be placed into Ugg style boots, sneakers, flats or virtually any other type of shoe.

Women keep wearing uncomfortable heels because they love that height. When you’re looking for gift ideas for her, you can show how much you understand the pain that she goes through to get that added height by providing a more comfortable way to obtain it. The only one who will know that she’s got the help is you because the inserts are added from the inside.


A women’s shoe lift is an ideal gift for any occasion and will be appreciated because of how useful itis!

New Womens Heels are an Instant Success

July 24th, 2012

Any woman will admit that heels are really uncomfortable. That doesn’t stop them from wearing them, however. The reason is because it helps to accentuate their calves and buttocks and provide the added height that women everywhere love. The problem is heels are too uncomfortable to walk in for extended periods of time.

LiftKits have become an instant success with women everywhere because it provides the heel that all women are eager to get without having to deal with the actual heeled shoe that causes pain after walking around.

LiftKits turns any boot, gym shoe, sandal — or any other kind of footwear — into a heel. The women’s insert slides into the shoe and adds up to 2 inches of height. No one will know the difference because it’s completely undetectable. LiftKits provide the same benefits as the heel: the toned look throughout the calves and up to the buttocks.

discreetly fits into any boot or tennis shoe

Who wouldn’t want height and toned legs without walking around in pain? Not a single woman will say no to this. It’s for this very reason that LiftKits have been flying off the shelves and being purchased at rapid speed online.


Fitness shoes that provide the same perk are expensive, often costing upwards of $100 a pair. With LiftKits, a set of invisible insoles can be purchased for under $30 and used in any pair of shoes that a woman owns. The savings alone has made these inserts so popular amongst women.
Heels have and always will be popular amongst women. Although they are uncomfortable, they provide amazing benefits that women will note deny. Now that there is a comfortable way to get the benefits, LiftKits are quickly becoming the latest phenomenon in women’s footwear around the globe.

A New Alternative to Uncomfortable High Heels

July 3rd, 2012

Height without the heels. LiftKits for chicks can be worn during the day or even when you’re out on the town at night.

High heels can be very uncomfortable for a number of reasons. Primarily, this is because the height of the heel is situated on a very small base. After spending too much time on the heel, it tends to cause severe pain in the foot and all the way up the length of the leg. Despite high heels being uncomfortable, women still wear them for daily activities and social events.

High heels are worn because they provide height. They are worn in place of tennis shoes, boots, and flats to simply add an inch or two in height. Comfortable heels are a woman’s dream come true, which is why LiftKits have become such a popular choice in footwear over the past several years.

The alternative to uncomfortable high heels is invisible shoe inserts that provide the added height that women want. With these inserts, they no longer have to deal with the stress and pain of platform heels. The shoe inserts easily fit into any type of shoe, instantly converting them into comfortable heels.

LiftKits for Chicks Universals

With these inserts, boots, flats, sandals, and other shoes in a woman’s closet can instantly become heels. This is due to the patented design that offers comfort all day long. The added inch or two from the inserts provides the lean and toned look throughout the calves and buttocks that comes with wearing heels — without the pain.

When a shoe can be transformed into a heel, there’s no reason for women to suffer in the name of fashion anymore. The alternative is to wear a favorite pair of shoes, and buy a pair of LiftKits for them. They will slide into the sole and no one will ever know they are there.

Toning Shoes vs. Women’s Shoe Lifts

June 12th, 2012

Everywhere you look, toning shoes are coming out on the market. Almost every brand of shoe has designed a fitness shoe that is designed to tone and firm the calves. The only problem with the majority of these shoes is that they are clunky and often unattractive. They don’t come in attractive colors and they are much too bulky to be considered stylish.

There is an alternative. Instead of settling for the overpriced toning shoes that aren’t the least bit attractive, you can buy women’s shoe lifts. LiftKits allow you to get the lift that you need that do the same exact thing that the toning shoes do.

The women’s shoe lifts will go into any ordinary pair of shoes. It places you on the ball of your feet, which will elevate your leg and then give you the improvement on your calves and other areas that you are looking for. The more you wear them when you walk, the shapelier your legs will become.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the LiftKits is the cost. When you are buying a pair of toning shoes, expect to pay about $100 a pair. When you buy the women’s shoe lifts, you will be able to pay about $30 or less. You can buy them directly online at and have them shipped out to your home. They’re one size fits all so you don’t have to worry about them not fitting, either.

You already have a pair of sneakers that you love. They look good, they’re the right color scheme and they’re not clunky. So why would you pay the money for ugly toning shoes when you have the perfect sneakers already in your closet? Now that LiftKits are available, you have a better solution.

Maxim June 2012

June 1st, 2012

Effective Tips for Growing Taller

May 15th, 2012

Height is an important part of anybody’s personal confidence. Everyone feels the need to be tall, due to the fact that short people often get picked on. Here are some tips for growing taller. According to scientific studies, people can grow taller naturally by following a combination of exercises and diet. The right kind of posture and good amount of rest is also required to build a good physical structure and have a good height.

Tips for growing taller also include a healthy lifestyle. You have to eat at regular intervals. Which means you cannot afford to miss any meals. It’s possible it might have adverse affects on your health. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; try to avoid skipping it all costs. In fact, you must have a well rounded diet. Have food that is nutritious and avoid food that does not serve any nutritional value for your body. Drink lots of water and eat loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. Give some time for your food to get digested and practice adequate amount of rest.

Exercises have direct effect on the secretion from the pituitary gland. This leads to the development of height in human body. The amount of growth hormone released in the body is directly related to the intensity of exercise. People who do correct amount of exercise regularly experience better secretion of growth hormones leading to taller heights. These people also grow tall quickly.

Normally we do stretching exercises to grow tall. However, you must have the right amount of intensity while doing exercise. The work out regimen should have a duration that suits your body. Short-burst, anaerobic exercises for around 30 minutes will help you in growing taller. Put some calculated extra effort to exercise muscle groups collectively to squeeze out some more hormones helping in your height development.

24 Perfect Stocking Stuffers

April 25th, 2012

It’s the Little Things: 24 Perfect Stocking Stuffers

From preserved winter truffles to the best socks ever, here are 24 delightful finds to fill the stockings

By ELLE | December 12, 2011

Gaining an inch has never been easier—for getting a rise in your everyday shoes, slip in a height-boosting insole.

Lift Kits women’s insoles, $34.99; shop now:

Deciding What to Wear on Prom Night

April 25th, 2012

Prom night is an important annual event for any teenager, something that they always look forward to. The night is preceded by months of preparation right from what clothes to wear, shoes and accessories, down to deciding on the people you would like to take along. Everyone wants to look their best on the day, therefore not taking any chances.It’s all about glamor, looking tall, and presenting yourself well. When it comes to the outfits or prom wear, the styles will continue to change from time to time. In fact, this holds true for the colors as well.  Thus, it is important to be aware of the popular trends and the colors in vogue whenever you’re deciding your prom wear.

Two colors, however, never go out of fashion. You may have guessed them by now – black and white. The fact that these two colors are preferred over others by teenagers is the fact that they look good on everyone. Also, dresses and gowns look equally good, no matter whether you are wearing black or white. However, when you are shopping for a dress, you can obviously go for a color of your choice. Even the bright colors look good, especially when it comes to evening wear.

When it comes to selecting prom dresses, you need to keep a couple of things in mind, namely exclusivity and individuality. You would definitely not want to wear the same kind of dress as your peers. Also, apart from ensuring a unique dress, you should definitely wear something that makes you stand out in a crowd. Though, it is advisable not to opt for one that comes across as over the top, you can definitely wear one that creates an impression right away.  You never know, you might even walk away with the title of the “Best Dressed Lady for the Evening”.

Coachella Tips

April 12th, 2012

It’s that time of the year. The Coachella Music festival is upon us. This weekends of Friday April 13th-15th and April 20th-22nd will attract upwards of 80,00 people respectively. Over 125+ artists will be performing including headliners The Black Keys, Radiohead, and Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre. Here at Liftkits, we’ve got advice for Coachella virgins and veterans alike in order to make this weekend one to remember. Follow these Coachella tips to have a unforgettable weekend.

Where are you staying?

Camping is one of the most important aspects that defines Coachella. An entire camping community exists outside the music festival, with rows of tents, cars, and even RVs. Whether or not you are camping this year, take some time to explore the area and meet some of the “locals.” Many people opt to stay at houses several miles away off the freeway. This too is an exciting way to enjoy the festival as you can get an entire group of your friends together for the weekend. It cannot be overlooked that some people even go without true location plans and wing it, spending nights in their car or on the desert. This is the far more adventurous route and recommended only for the bravest Coachella goers. No matter the path you choose, Coachella is its own community for the weekend.

Which Artists are you going to see?

The most difficult part of any music festival: deciding which artists to see and which to not. Since there are so many great artists in such a short period of time, it is inevitable that several of your favorite artists will coincide. This especially becomes a problem later at night as the acts become more well known. So will you see Swedish House Mafia or the Black Keys? Life is full of tough decisions, luckily there is no bad choice with so much great talent in one area. Get plenty of sleep before this weekend, because you won’t want to miss a second!!

Which Weekend to go?

This is the most interesting of paradoxes. While the same performers are performing the same acts, it is clear that weekend 1 is heavily favored over weekend 2. The most obvious explanation is that people have waited long enough and want to be the first to see their favorite artists. Ultimately, you should choose the weekend that fits best with your schedule. Only you know what is right for you, so make either weekend the best experience it can be. There is no doubt in my mind that either weekend will provide a lasting Coachella experience. Above all thing just remember: Have Fun!!