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New LiftKits Movie: “Gettin’ Height” Featuring Not Tom Cruise

December 20th, 2010

Coming 2011, New LiftKits movie: “Gettin’ Height” featuring Not Tom Cruise.

Super-spy Not Tom Cruise is called back into action to confront the toughest villain he’s ever faced – his lacking height. Not Tom Cruise stands at a mere 5’5. With no remorse and no conscience, Not Tom Cruise is looking for an effective and effortless way to increase his height. Not Tom Cruise assembles his plan of attack: weapons, utility belt, ropes, pulleys, and most importantly his LiftKits. It soon becomes evident that with LiftKits Not Tom Cruise has instantly and naturally increased his height to two full inches. Not Tom Cruise discovers a newly found confidence and increased self-esteem with his little-known secret – LiftKits. As the storyline develops, Not Tom Cruise sees how LiftKits shoe lift inserts may be used in all standard footwear; dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic shoes, boots, and more. All while comfortably concealing the lift and providing a valuable and confidence-building height increase.

Check out the trailer below…

How Tom Makes Himself Taller

August 19th, 2010

Pages 45 and 46 of the August 30 edition of Life & Style feature a story about, How Tom Makes Himself Taller.

How Tom Cruise makes himself look taller

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz In London: How Is He So Tall? (PHOTOS)

July 24th, 2010

According to the Huffington Post, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz attended the premiere of “Knight and Day” in London on Thursday, and Cruise was almost as tall as Diaz, despite her 4-or-5 inch heels.

Cruise, 5’7, and Diaz, 5’9, posed for photos together and, while he is shorter, the difference was far less the 5 inches it theoretically should be, even with Diaz slightly slouching. Cruise’s boots appear to have a one-inch heel on the outside, but his knees are at about the same height as Diaz’s.

How’d he do it? Inside lifts? Scroll and decide.

When Every Inch Matters, LiftKits Can Help

April 9th, 2010

From the wonderful people at RackedLA
Friday, April 9, 2010, by Lisa Boosin

When you think about it, science and technology have done a pretty good job of mitigating any real or perceived flaws in person’s physical appearance. Getting rid of acne, having thinner thighs, growing thicker eyelashes…sadly, there’s not a lot of help for the height-challenged.

At 5’9″, we don’t fall into that category. Though admittedly, as teens, we longed to be 6′. 5’9″ may be tall for a chick, but it’s not extraordinarily tall. Though we’ve successfully scaled many of the body-image issues of our younger years, we do still occasionally think, “A couple of extra inches would be nice.”

Enter Lift Kits. Yes, the same brand worn by Tom Cruise, Jeremy Piven, and Shia LaBeouf.

We are suckers for the novel, so when these came onto the radar, we were elated. Lift Kits makes an assortment of rises for men and now for ladies, too: you can gain anywhere from .5″ to a full two inches. Our package came with the full range of inserts. Naturally, we went right to the turbo-charged two-incher.

Our first instinct was to cram them into a pair of stilettos. Like, duh, if you’re going to go for it, you might as well GO FOR IT. But the inserts proved to be too chunky. After some trial and error, we traded down for an inch and a half lift. We tried on at least five pairs of shoes to get a good fit, including ballet flats (no), Pumas (no) wedges (no), engineer boots (close, but no), and finally found comfort in a pair of Loeffler Randall boots with a sliver wedge. For the higher lifts, the boots are a better choice, since the added insole can make your heel slip out of your shoes.

We walked around our neighborhood for about an hour. The shoes were still a bit on the snug side, but not bad. Like an extra-blimpy cushion insole, which did feel kinda nice on the feet. We went into a few shops on Vermont, even ran into a friend and chatted for a while. We wanted to blurt out, “So do you notice anything different?” But no one said a thing.

It’s possible that we’re not the best qualified to write this post. The Lift Kits were both functional and comfortable, but we didn’t notice an overwhelming infusion of self-confidence—like the kind we get when we don a mega-pushup bra or something. Height isn’t the same issue across the genders—after all, short or petite women are often seen as being cute, more delicate or even more inherently female. But we suppose for the average guy (who clocks in at 5’9″) or his smaller counterparts, the extra inch or so could make a world of difference.

We invite you to find out for yourself: we have four spare pairs, and we’d like to put them to good use! Drop us an email at, and we’ll hook up the first four responses.
· LiftKits [Official Site]
· All Racked Giveaways [Racked LA]

The strange, the stylish and the just plain silly

November 5th, 2009

Ladies have depended on padded bras, Spanx and platform shoes to help flatter their figures for years and now guys are getting in on the action. Hollywood hunks such as Tom Cruise, Shia LeBeouf and “Entourage” stars Jeremy Piven and Kevin Connolly are wearing LiftKits shoe insoles to get an extra two inches of height ($20-$25;

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Co-creator of lift company to appear on The Hills

November 5th, 2009

Audrina and model Derek White were spotted lunching together recently at L.A.’s Breadbar. “It had a bit of that awkward first-date vibe, but there were definitely sparks,” says a source. But there’s a catch: Derek is Audrina’s ex Justin “Bobby” Brescia’s BFF. Awkward!
Derek, who is set to appear on The Hills, has an interesting claim to fame though. He cocreated the line of shoe lifts that Tom Cruise wears in his shoes!

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The Strange, the Stylish and the Just Plain Silly

October 29th, 2009

Bobbie Thomas, fashion contributor to the Today Show loves LiftKits in her The strange, the stylish and the just plain silly piece on the Today Show.

Style secrets for men

Ladies have depended on padded bras, Spanx and platform shoes to help flatter their figures for years ó and now guys are getting in on the action. Hollywood hunks such as Tom Cruise, Shia LeBeouf and “Entourage” stars Jeremy Piven and Kevin Connolly are wearing LiftKits shoe insoles to get an extra two inches of height ($20-$25; Click here to read the entire article.

Hollywood Hunks Step it up

October 29th, 2009

In the August 24, 2009 edition, In Touch Weekly writes:

Women have a number of style secrets from Spanx and padded bras to platform shoes in their getting-dressed-up arsenal. Now Tinseltown’s leading men are catching on. Tom Cruise, Shia LaBeouf and Entourage’s Jeremy Piven, Rex Lee and Kevin Connolly have discovered a discreet way to add a little lift to their look, thanks to LiftKits shoe insole. With the offer of up to two extra inches of height, this is one of his style secrets I just might steal!


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As reported by the allaboutheight blog on August 18, 2009

A New Product for Men That Makes Them Look Taller: and We’re Not Kidding

March 12th, 2009

As reported on on March 09, 2009:

You’ve probably read stories that tell you that guys like Tom Cruise and David Spade – not exactly the tallest guys in Hollywood – stand on apple carts or platforms when acting opposite tall ladies like Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman or Charlize Theron. And let’s face it – how is a guy of normal height supposed to deal with ladies wearing 4 and 5 inch heels for the last few years? They say women are okay with towering over their men – but we’re always wondered how the guys feel about it.

LiftKits Height Increasing Insole increases height naturally by 1 to 2

LiftKits Height Increasing Insole increases height naturally by 1″ to 2″

Now we know. Three (smart) Hollywood guys just invented a great product to level the playing field, called Liftkits ( For somewhere between $15.00 dollars and $35.00 depending on the style of the insert, men can now be a full 2 inches taller. Like every other beauty product, LiftKits became hot by being on the celebrity circuit – and actors were grabbing them at one of the Oscar gifting suites like free botox. There are hi-top and lo-top models, they fit right into any men’s shoe, and allow the average guy to now be the longer, leaner guy – which gives him the advantage in the job world, the dating world – and what other worlds matter? You can buy them on the site, and as women who love to wear Louboutins, we are all in favor of guys grabbing these!!! They’ve got to be more comfortable than 4 inch high heels. And they’ll even make you look better in your clothes. But you might need to wear longer jeans!!

Hollywood Fashion Find of the Week

March 2nd, 2009

As posted on as the fashion find of the week Vivaciously Chataigne writes:

Ever want your man to be taller than you in heels? Well, I uncovered the secret to his new stature with the unique insoles called LiftKits.

This new vivacious find was founded by three Hollywood guys on the mission to grant average men a step up. LiftKits give men the ability to naturally and comfortably increase their height up to 2 inches. It’s been proven that taller men are more successful. Now little men can use lifts for heading out on a Saturday night to pick up the ladies or stand taller at an important job interview.

I discovered this new sensation at the LRG- Creative Recreation Gifting Suite at Sundance 2009 and LiftKits proved one of the more popular booths. Becoming quick favorites with actors like Tom Cruise to celebrity DJ’s such as DJ Irie. LiftKits are quickly becoming a celebrity must-have. I hope they sent a pair to infamously cute, but vertically challenged Kevin Connolly.

You may think that these are a cheat for little guys to hit on you, but face it woman have push up bras, SPANX, fake eyelashes and hair. Everyone cheats a bit and height doesn’t matter when you lying down…