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Taller women don’t like shorter men! LiftKits makes shoe lift insoles for women, girls and men and guys too. Now ladies aren’t the only desirably tall ones in the relationships!

Ways to Grow Taller


Are you worried that you are not tall enough and this will be a cause of set back for your success in life. Have you been wondering how to grow taller? Is there anything that can make me grow taller? Then here is a small effort to help you find answers to your worry.

Your genes along with your health and lifestyle are primary determinants of how tall you will become. Your genetic make up is determined by our parentage, i.e. your vital genes are passed onto you by your mother and father and for that matter also your forefathers. It remains true that you can’t choose your genes, but you can choose to be healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle.

So before you ask someone, how to grow taller make sure you are doing the right stuff to grow tall enough. Are you giving your muscles enough workouts? You need to indulge in some stretching exercises that will help your muscles stretch.  So go hit the gym, do pull ups, visit the swimming pool or pick up your bicycle and hit the roads everyday.

Next step is to see if you are eating right to grow taller. Growing taller means your bones need to grow and growth of bones would require high amount calcium and other vitamins. For this you will need to eat healthy food comprising of large quantities of fruits and vegetables.

If you are doing the above and have still not attained any success in growing taller, then look for external help. You can ask your doctor, “How to Grow Taller” and he can suggest some medical treatment to increase height. Alternatively you can look other therapies like acupressure, ayurvedic medication, etc. If nothing can help you grow taller then look at options that can help you look taller, i.e. wear stilettos if you can carry them well. There are also insoles available that help you look up to 2 inches taller.

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Tips for Graduation Parties


Graduation parties have almost become a mandatory trend in America. Lots of money is spent on graduation parties every year by Americans. While the party is important, it is also important to cut back the expenses of the party. Here are some handy tips that will help you to curb the costs while having a great and rocking party.

The most important tip among all the others is to avoid inviting people over the social networking sites. There is a higher possibility that invitees who are invited this way won’t show up and the party becomes lack luster.  Therefore we encourage using other forms of invitations to invite people and try to avoid social networks. You are guaranteed a better turn out and your party has a better chance of being what you expect it to be.

The time of the party is also an important thing. Time your party right so that it’s convenient for people to attend. Do not schedule the graduation party immediately after official graduation ceremony. This is a very inconvenient time and you are likely to have a poor turnout.

A wonderful way to keep the party costs down is by co-hosting the party. This is one of the most effective tips for graduation parties. When co-hosting, you share the party costs and the burden is reduced. Close friends can always throw a party together which is more fun and also less burdensome on the grads.

By hosting the party at home you can also cut down the costs for your graduation party. Instead of going to another venue, you can arrange one at your place and enjoy with your friends. By keeping it at your place, you also have the option of preparing your own food. Be inventive, confident and have fun. By keeping the costs down and following these tips you are sure to have a rocking party.

Gain confidence when going to parties by adding a inch or two with out platform heels or outsized dress shoes.  Try Lift Kits insoles for men or women and grow taller today!

Why Professional Women Need Height Increasing Shoes

High Heel Pain

Professional women have been wearing height increasing shoes for years, but some are moving away from them because of health concerns. Heels, after all, are known to cause foot, ankle, leg, and back issues, and some women would rather be their natural size in a professional environment than deal with such issues. However, you may not have to give up on those extra few inches you get from heels when you put special insoles into your shoes.

Why Height Matters

For some, height may seem like a cosmetic, trivial thing, but there is some psychology at play where height is concerned. For those who look down into your eyes, there is certainly a feeling of authority over you. For you looking up at your professional peers, there may be a feeling of less confidence and this can relay into your speech and actions, too. Clearly, height matters in the workplace.

Why Heels Aren’t the Answer

Height increasing shoes like heels can certainly give you that extra edge, and you can find heels in heights from about a half inch to several inches. They can make your legs look longer, sexier, and leaner, and you can once again look people in the eye rather than up at them. Yet this is where the benefits end. Heels are known to cause people to trip and fall, twist their ankles, and more. Plus, long-term use of them has been shown to cause a whole slew of permanent health issues, too. So while height matters, heels aren’t the answer

What Insoles Provide

Rather than height increasing shoes like heels, you can simply slide height boosting insoles inside your flats. These insoles are designed to improve your posture, cushion your step, and simply give you a healthier way to get that height advantage you want and need in the workplace. What’s best is that nobody will know that this extra height isn’t from your own body stature because the insole is hidden inside your shoe!