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A Healthy Diet & Exercise for Toned Long Legs

April 17th, 2014


A Healthy Diet & Exercise for Toned Long Legs

Summer is here and your legs will be front and center with all the short shorts, mini skirts, and bikini’s you’ll be wearing this season. And if your like me, going to the gym 5 days a week can get old fast. And we all know what happens when things get old.. We stop working out all together. So get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while you get yourself summer ready. Join a fitness club. Go rollerskating. Stay active! There are also a lot of body weight workouts that can give you those toned long legs we all want.

Squats, squats, and more squats. Then throw in a lunge or 2. Don’t forget calf raises. The great thing about these workouts. They take little time, for those hard workers, spending countless hours in the office. And you can even do these workouts with limited space and very few resources. But you have to commit! Expecting results from only doing these one day a week is pretty far fetched. So take pride in your healthy lifestyle and your legs will give you the results you want.

A good diet is vital for achieving toned long legs. Enough with the processed foods. We all know how good those french fries from McDonald’s are. But think of it this way, for every french fry eaten, takes you that much further from your goal. Visit your local Farmers Market. And paying extra to do your grocery shopping at stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Sprouts is definitely worth it. Because it pays to know where your food originally came from!

Ladies Liftkits

The secret to INSTANT sexy toned long legs is out. Ladies Liftkits are shoe and heel lifts that give you the same look and feel of high heels. It’s no secret, we wear heels because it makes our legs look great all the time. But this gym replacement comes with consequences. Especially on our feet. Since its summer, dress cute and comfortably. A nice pair of wedges or flats to complete a look is always a good move. So for that quick fix, be sure to check out our full line of Shoe Lifts for Women.

“The Perfect Pick Me Up”

A Fashion Blogger Shares Her Secret to Standing Tall in Flats – Liftkits

April 16th, 2014


A Fashion Blogger Shares Her Secret to Standing Tall in Flats

by Chioma Nnadi

Blogger Alexandra Spencer’s motto for shoes has always been the higher the better, and for her, stepping out in vertiginous five-inch Jimmy Choos is an everyday thing. “I’ve never been the type to walk around in a superflat Converse sole,” she says. “Even if I go running at the gym I need to come home and put on my heels, that’s just how my feet are.” That was until the Australian beauty moved to New York City a few years ago, where the idea of skipping along SoHo’s cobbled streets in stilettos all day is a death-dying obstacle course. An attempt to soldier through New York Fashion Week in Alexander Wang heeled mesh booties last winter left her exhausted, frostbitten, and resigned to a lifetime of flats. Yet aside from a pair of chunky-soled Prada creepers, her new wardrobe of practical low-heeled shoes was consistently coming up short. “I love the idea of the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge for extra height,” she says. “But for me it’s redundant when people know that you have extra inches built into the sole.”

It was around that time that a friend in Los Angeles introduced her to the secret that would put the pep back in her step, one that has quietly been used by Hollywood’s leading men for years. Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise, and Jeremy Piven are among the stars who have called on Derek White’s stature-boosting expertise, and now his removable footwear inserts, known as LiftKits, are available for both men and women for less than $50 a pair. “After you use them once, it’s like you’re instantly hooked, they’re so comfortable,” she says. “I put them in my flats, my boots, and to be honest, I’ve even worn them in heels.” Spencer has distributed several kits to friends, who all in turn end up paying the shape-shifting trick forward too (as well as giving extra height, the insert does a good job of lengthening the leg). “It’s like Botox—no one is going to tell you they’ve done it, but they will tell you which doctor to see if you want to do it yourself.”

To see more of this article click the link below!

Vogue x Liftkits

Eliminate Band-Aids and High Heels by using Heel Lifts for WMNS

April 1st, 2014

The Perfect Pick Me Up

Eliminate Band-Aids and High Heels by using Heel Lifts for WMNS

Whether it has happened to you or you’ve seen it first hand. A girl wearing high heels with band-aids strapped to her feet is not a pretty sight. Even worst is the countless number of women walking barefoot on the dirty concrete that contaminates most US cities. Being drunk and the whole “I don’t care” attitude will only attract men that do exactly that, don’t care. Here at Liftkits, we understand the meaning behind style over comfort. But what if you can have both.

The fact still remains, wearing high heels regularly can really take a toll on your feet. First come the aches and pains, then the blisters, followed shortly by bunions and corns. Scary isn’t it? Like the old saying goes, “you can tell how a girl takes care of herself by the way her feet look..” This doesn’t mean throw out every pair of high heels you own. Because when the occasion calls for it. High heels can either make or break an outfit. But what were trying to suggest is the fact that you can get the same feel and long looking legs by throwing in Liftkits Heel Lifts for Womens.

Heel Lifts for women were designed to give you that perfect pick me up in your favorite pair of sneakers. Accentuating your legs and curves the same exact way high heels does, by adding a lift to the back of your foot. Liftkits offers 2 different styles. An adjustable heel lift and a full 1inch shoe lift insole. Made out of a recycled polyurethane, these HEIGHT INCREASING INSOLES are the most comfortable products in the market.

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Liftkits WMNS 1 INCH Shoe Lift

So enough with the endless supply of band-aids and walking back to the car barefoot after a long night. Try out our Heel Lifts for WMNS and you might not ever go back. Yeah right! Who are we kidding. High heels will always serve their purpose. Liftkits is just a way to look great all the time.

Shoe Lifts for Women Equals Longer Looking Legs

July 18th, 2013

Shoe Lifts for women can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. It’s a truth universally acknowledged by all women that having longer legs is the ultimate goal. Thankfully, even if you weren’t naturally gifted in that region, you can still give the illusion of long, lean stems with a few more of our shoe lifts for women and fashion tips for longer legs.

Shoe Lifts for Women

It’s a truth known by women that having longer legs is the ultimate goal. Shoe lifts for women adds height the same way heels do but in boots and wedges.

First, try matching the color of your shoes and pants. This will help give you one sleek, unbroken line from your toes to your hips, which gives the illusion of longer legs. This can be easily accomplished with black pants and black shoes… who doesn’t have at least one pair of both? Add to the effect with a pair of high-waisted pants!  These bad boys give the illusion that your waistline is higher than it actually is, and therefore, your legs look longer. Add to that with some wide-leg pants… you don’t have to ditch your skinnies, but it’s a smart idea to invest in a pair for those days you really want to look long and lean. The floor-skimming hemline looks perfect when paired with a pair of wedges

Something to help when your stems are showing?? Bronzer! This stuff might be your new best friend. If you’re wearing shorts, a cocktail dress, or a mini skirt, smooth bronzer onto your legs. You want to focus heavily on the shins. Doing so creates a lengthening optical illusion.

Last but never least. You need your Liftkits ladies! These shoe lifts for women add the inches that no optical illusion could ever accomplish. Simply insert them into your shoes at the start of your day and you’ll be a long-legged babe where ever the day takes you. So stand tall, be confident, get lifted, and rock your super model legs with these tips and, always, your Liftkits for Chicks!




December 19th, 2012


Tips for Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties have almost become a mandatory trend in America.  Lots of money is spent on holiday parties every year by Americans.  While the party is important, it is also important to cut back the expenses of the party.  Here are some handy tips that will help you to curb the costs while having a great and rocking party.

The most important tip among all the others is to avoid inviting people over the social networking sites.  There is a higher possibility that invitees who are invited this way won’t show up and the party becomes lack luster.  Therefore we encourage using other forms of invitations to invite people and try to avoid social networks.  You are guaranteed a better turn out and your party has a better chance of being what you expect it to be.

The date of the party is also an important thing.  Time your party right so that it’s convenient for people to attend.  Do not schedule the holiday party too close to Christmas, many people head home or out of town around this time.  This is a very inconvenient time and you are likely to have a poor turnout.

A wonderful way to keep the party costs down is by co-hosting the party.  This is one of the most effective tips for holiday parties.  When co-hosting, you share the party costs and the burden is reduced.  Close friends can always throw a party together which is more fun and also less burdensome.

By hosting the party at home you can also cut down the costs for your holiday party.  Instead of going to another venue, you can arrange one at your place and enjoy with your friends.  By keeping it at your place, you also have the option of preparing your own food or doing a pot-luck.  Be inventive, confident and have fun. By keeping the costs down and following these tips you are sure to have a rocking party.

Gain confidence when going to parties by adding an inch or two with out platform heels or outsized dress shoes.  Try Lift Kits insoles for men or women and grow taller today! LK-PRMA


November 16th, 2012

LiftKits Lady of the Week.   Let’s end the week right,  enjoy this beautiful Liftkits Lady of the day.

LiftKits Lady of the Week

LiftKits Lady of the Day

October 31st, 2012


LiftKits Lady of the Day
















LiftKits Lady of the Day.  What’s not to love about this week’s beautiful and gorgeous LiftKits Lady of the day?

Exercises For Growing Taller

October 18th, 2012

If you consider yourself vertically challenged, growing taller can become almost obsessive. In a world of six-footers, others often look down on you, figuratively and literally. You’ve heard that proper diet and more sleep can help, and maybe you’ve tried these suggestions with limited success. There are even painful surgeries to lengthen your legs, but these are expensive and involve a long period of recuperation. If you go online looking for exercise programs touted to make you taller you may have been absolutely astonished to find more than 44 million websites on the subject. Some even promise that you can add 2-4 inches of height in just eight weeks. These exercises are designed to stretch out your body and decompress your spine. They also have the added benefits of improving your flexibility and posture. Exercises with names such as Cobra, Super Cobra, and the Cat Stretch are similar to certain Yoga postures that have been around for thousands of years. One such Yoga routine, called The Salutation to the Sun, employs movements similar to a combination of the Cobra and Super Cobra, which have you lie face down on the floor and, with the support of your arms, lean your head back and arch your spine as much as possible. You then bring your hips up, putting the body into an inverted V, which bends the spine in the opposite direction. These exercises are very good, but if you think they’ll add 2-4″ of height you’ll be disappointed. Better to add that height instantly by getting some shoes to make men taller. Shoes to make men taller add immediately to your stature, and no one else will know. As an alternative, keep the shoes you now use and slip in some lift kits insoles. They work.

How Can I Be Taller?

October 16th, 2012
How Can I Grow Taller?

LiftKits Insoles help you to grow taller

Have you ever found yourself staring into the mirror and wishing that you could add another few inches to your height? If so, you are not alone. Millions of individuals all over the world long to grow taller, but sudden growth spurts decrease in likelihood once adolescence has passed. Fortunately, there are still options available to make you taller.

One way to grow taller is to pay better attention to your diet. Muscles need protein and water to grow, and bones expand through the intake of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Therefore, consuming proper quantities of chicken, fish, carrots, liver, cheese, milk, peanuts, beans, yogurt and green vegetables can help you to grow taller.

Proper exercise can also help you to attain greater height, as frequently practiced routines can lengthen your joints and straighten your spine. Swimming, stretching, Pilates, yoga and hanging from a bar or tree limb have all been shown to increase height, and are quite simple for you to practice.

It is also possible to utilize clothing to appear taller than you actually are. A top that stops at your waist will leave your entire legs exposed, so that they do not look shorter than they are. Pointed shoes also make legs appear longer, as do dark skirts and pants.

If you are looking for a safe, affordable option to increase your height, LiftKits offer an easy-to-use product guaranteed to provide instant results. With shoe lifts available for both genders, all one must do is drop a polyurethane insole into their footwear and they can gain up to two inches in height.

I have been wearing my lift kits for some time now, and the confidence boost these shoe lifts have provided me is astonishing. There is no simpler way for you to reach your desired height.

First Date Tips- How to Gear Up For Your First Date

April 20th, 2012


First Date Tips- How to Gear Up For Your First Date

Singles looking to date are always on the lookout for date ideas, especially if it is the first date. There are a lot of things on your mind and first date tips can prove to be extremely useful.  Here is a comprehensive list of the first date tips that can help you to ensure a memorable date. To some, dating may appear to be quite a tough task, while for others it is a great way of meeting and getting to know new people.

If you are one of those who like to engage themselves in a lot of activities, you can make your first date special by going for a concert or a show, a long drive or even a movie. Though, the two of you may enjoy to the hilt, the first date should always be about getting to know the other individual better. Opting for an adventurous activity on your first date hardly leaves room for a candid conversation.  You can always tag these activities along with coffee or dinner together in order to complete the date.

It is necessary to plan in advance when you are going out on your first date.  It does require a bit of preparation and you should have sufficient time on your hands to do that. You can book a table for two and make arrangements for a perfect dinner.

You should also take time out to decide on what you are going to wear on your first date.  You need to ensure that you not only look good but also smell good.  You need to strike a balance and make sure that the outfit is neither too formal nor too casual.

However, the most important factor is the confidence with which you carry yourself on your first date.  It is only then that you can make optimum use of all the first date tips that you have learned so far.