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Robert Downey Jr. getting shoe lifts for ‘Iron Man 3′


[Us Weekly – DEC 2011]Robert Downey Jr. is hoping to look taller than his 5-foot-8, a report claims.

According to Us Weekly, Downey’s stylist has requested shoes with three-inch built-in lifts to wear while filming “Iron Man 3.”

“They’re working on a special pair just for him,” a source said. “The lift insole needs to be concealed in a high top shoe or boot. The highest that’s offered the general public is 2 inches.”

While Downey has not commented on his lifts per se, he did recently tell Men’s Fitness magazine that he was surprised to be cast in the action hero franchise given his compact body type

Robert Downey Jr. will be wearing shoe lifts in “Iron Man 3.”

“I guess I had some notion about it,” he said. “I’ve always really enjoyed that genre, but I mean, it’s prettyoutlandish. I’m not particularly tall or strong or fast or aggressive. Yet, I’m not faking it. To me, it’s a cosmic chuckle.”

His trainer, Brad Bose, also reveals in the cover story that he was similarly skeptical about turning Downey into Tony Stark.

“He was skinny,” said Bose. “He weighed about 150 pounds … Our goal was to get him as big as we could.”

Shoe Lifts for Men – A Real Alternative

There are several different ways that you can add a few inches to your height, and if you are a man who is a little shorter than you would like, you may have already tried some of these. You will find some shorter men who use human growth hormones or lengthening techniques, but in reality, they don’t work.

What About Elevator Shoes?

Most women won’t tell you this, but one of the first things that they look at in any man is his feet. They want to see what kind of shoes he is wearing, how big his feet are, and how well he takes care of his shoes. If you are wearing elevator shoes, you will be found out immediately, and this is usually a deal breaker for most women. But if you are wearing shoe lifts for men, they simply won’t know.

What Are These?

Shoe lifts for menare small inserts that are put into the inside of the shoe. They can raise you up anywhere from one inch to two inches, and no one will know that you have them on. Unlike elevator shoes that stand out, shoe lifts can be used in any pair of shoes that you have, and you can adjust them to a particular height if you wish.

Are They Comfortable?

You might think that having any kind of shoe lifts for men in your shoes would be uncomfortable, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most men find that they are more comfortable, walk more upright, and have more confidence in their stride once they put in these lifts. Your friends and co-workers might not at first notice that you are taller, but they will indeed notice that you are walking with a renewed confidence, something that you never had before.

Taller Shoes Increase Confidence


Confdent Man because of taller shoes

There is a little secret out in the world. It is something pediatric experts and Hollywood wardrobe consultants have been using on their clients for years. This tool increases self-esteem and provides instant confidence. The secret is that height increasing shoes add inches right away.

Increase Inches Naturally

There are so many different gadgets or gimmicks on the market that say they will increase your height. The problem is that they either cost too much money or take too much time to achieve some doubtful results. LiftKits is a special shoe insole that naturally increases a person’s height right away.

Several Options Available

There are several elevator lift insoles available for people. The first choice depends on whether a person is male or female. At first, there were only male height shoes. This happened until the creators of LiftKits discovered females were using the products developed for males. Then, an insole especially for women was created.
The other option available to people pertains to height. The one version is called Hi-tops, which can be adjusted between 1.5” and 2.0”. This takes places with the help of a 0.5” detachable insert. The Lo-tops are also available and they add a full inch in height.

Height Increase Takes Place Quickly

One of the best things about LiftKits is that it takes place within minutes. This is so much better than time-consuming exercises or waiting for a growth hormone pill. The LiftKits lift insole relieves pressure around the spine and decreases any pressure found in the body’s joints.

Making You Taller

Not everyone needs to use a product like LiftKits, because they either have their height well-established or they don’t care how tall they are. For those who are bothered by their short stature, Liftkits is something to consider. It plays a major factor in confidence levels.

Height Increasing Shoes Benefit the Body

short guy tall girls

Maybe you aren’t that tall. Everybody towers over you and it’s hard to find clothes that fit because they’re all too long. This can be a struggle for a number of people. It affects their confidence levels and is why height increasing shoes come in handy, the problem is that they are so ugly.  But now today there is a special insole called LiftKits that fits in almost any shoe and provides people with an instant lift.

Innovative Solution

There are lots of other options that say height can be increased. The problem is that they are either expensive or uncomfortable. People don’t usually have the extra time to practice height increasing exercises or have the extra money to try all the products. This is why people like the special shoe lift insoles created by LiftKits. They provide people with an extra one to two inches in a matter of minutes. Slip them in almost any shoe and away you go.

Good for Health

Some of the height increasing shoes on the market can be uncomfortable. With LiftKits, the elevator insoles are actually better on a person’s body. The product has been designed to relieve pressure on the joints and the spine. This produces confidence in a gait, especially when the body is also feeling comfortable. When the body walks with an upright stance, you’re also able to digest food better. This boosts the metabolism and enhances your physical appearance.

Other Things to Try

Height doesn’t matter when considering posture. Even tall people should stand upright and walk with confidence. However, when shorter, it’s even more important to walk tall. Don’t slouch. It also helps to dress with matching hues and tones from the bottom to the top.

When standing tall and dressing right is combined with quality elevator insoles, a person gains even more height. The height increasing shoes provide confidence and help people with job interviews or with their significant others.

Get Taller With Height Lift Insoles

Stop being called short and get taller with LiftKits

Most of the time height won’t matter in life. Many times, standing tall with confidence gets you places, despite how short you think you are. The problem is that there are times when being a little taller makes a difference. For instance, it could make the difference in job interviews or in a love life. Rather than despair about the unfairness, you should know that it isn’t that hard to get taller. All a person needs is the appropriate LiftKits height insoles and he or she can grow an inch or two instantly.

LiftKits for Both Genders

Maybe you want to gain some height, so you’re closer to the height of your spouse or significant other. LiftKits are developed for men and women. The men’s kit comes in three different versions. The LK-3m Hi-Top Model can be adjusted from 1.5” to up to 2” or by adding or taking away a 0.5” detachable insert. The LK-2M Lo-Top Model option is a shoe insole that adds a full 1” to a person’s height. And the LK-1M Universal Model offers an adjustable increase from 0.5” to 1.0” typically for dress shoes or vans slip on type sneaks.

A woman’s option was added after the creators discovered females were wearing men’s insoles. These insoles are specifically designed for a woman’s body and will define and tone muscles.

Relieve Joint Pressure

The nice thing about the LiftKits is that they do more than increase height. They also relieve pressure around the joints and spine. The reason is because the shoe insole was created from a high-quality Poly Urethane blend tested to precise quality. It shows how the product has multiple purposes, allowing someone to get taller and feel better.

Wear With Anything

These shoe lift inserts can be worn with all types of footwear, whether it’s casual shoes, dress shoes, boots, or athletic shoes. The insoles are not noticeable and provide an instant height increase. This builds confidence, especially since no one knows they’re being worn. Then enjoy the height increase, unless you deal with the opposite problem and wish you were shorter.