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Height Trend on the Rise

January 26th, 2012

The height trend is on the rise!! From the DailyMail

When vertically-challenged Tom Cruise, Nicolas Sarkozy and Bono step out in stacked heels or wedges they are openly – and internationally – ridiculed.

But new sales figures reveal that they are far from alone in wanting to cheat a little with their height.

Debenhams launched shoes that are half an inch taller than the average men’s heel last week – and sales have outstripped expectations by 85 per cent.

The department store introduced a range of ‘platform’ shoes for men in response to consumer demand. But even they were surprised when the heels leapt to the top of the bestseller list in the menswear department.

Spokesperson for Debenhams, Lizzie Singleton, says: ‘This will come as welcome news to shorter men everywhere.

‘Now there is a stylish way to boost your height whilst still being on trend, as opposed to opting for the dreaded Cuban heel.’

She added: ‘In recent years we have seen women’s heels go to extreme lengths and now men are finally able to measure up.’

Celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Nicolas Sarkozy, Simon Cowell, Bono and Robert Downey Junior are rarely spotted on the red carpet without their height-boosting footwear.

And even average height Brad Pitt and 6′ 4″ David Hasselhoff have been spotted recently wearing unusually high heels.

The shoes on sale in Debenhams are significantly higher than the retailer’s average footwear and can boost a man’s height by a crucial 1.2 inches.

J Jeans by Jasper Conran’s male heels look like your classic brogue and are also available as boots, prices start at £80.

The heel is not obvious but allows the wearer to subtly boost their height while still being on trend

Lizzie Singleton continues: ‘We haven’t seen a trend for platforms since the 1970’s – however we are urging men to leave their vintage heels in the loft and opt for a more stylish 2012 version’.

Height-boosting footwear was first used in Ancient Greek theatre to boost the height of important characters. But it did not become mainstream until the 1970s when popularised by rock stars and models.

Get Noticed With Height Boosting Insoles

October 11th, 2011


Tiptoeing… in this April 3, 2009 photo, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are greeted by France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy and wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy at Palais Rohan in Strasbourg. Photo AP

So many people make comments that short people have an inferiority complex, and if you are short yourself, you likely know that those comments really have some sound truth behind them. The fact is that when you are shorter than everyone else, you just don’t seem to have that larger-than-life presence that other people of average or taller stature have. If you want to get noticed in a group, you will want to check out height boosting insoles to see what they can do for you.


Next time make sure you have your LiftKits!


Now, there are some shoes with a built-in lift to them, and these are specially designed shoes that have a special insole included as a part of the shoe. With height boosting insoles, however, you can slide the insert into any pair of shoes that you own. These insoles can give you that extra inch or two in height that you need to really get noticed. They can be removed from your shoes each evening and placed into a new pair of shoes the next day, and you don’t have to worry about buying special styles. You can shop in regular shoe stores and pick out modern styles, and then customize them at home later by adding these shoe inserts.


Just think back to the last time you were in a group setting and everyone in the group was looking down at you. It’s hard to feel like you are an equal with these people when they are constantly looking down on you, but when you take matters into your own hands and put these height adjusting insoles into your shoes, you can get that extra inch or two you really want so that people no longer look down on you but instead look you right in the eye. This truly is just what you need to gain confidence in social and professional settings!

Famous Men Who Need a Little Lift

April 17th, 2009

Thursday 9 April 2009
Emine Saner of The Guardian writes:

Male heels,simon cowell,shoe lifts,bono,bono U2,nicolas sarkozy,liftkits insolesStacked heels and shoe lifts … as worn by Simon Cowell, Bono and Nicolas Sarkozy. Photograph: Rex Features, Getty, PA

We are not aware that Robert Downey Jr’s film Iron Man 2 is subtitled “the glam rock years”, so we have to assume that the high heels he is wearing on set are to enhance his diminutive stature. Stacked heels and shoe lifts are nothing new in Hollywood – Pasquale di Fabrizio, the self-styled “shoemaker to the stars”, made shoes for everyone from Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson until he retired from his shop in LA, and revealed that he discreetly added height to many celebrities (he named Michael Douglas and Sylvester Stallone among others).

French president Nicolas Sarkozy,heels president Sarkozy

Bono bono u2,height heels,concealed lift
On the brilliantly odd and self-explanatory website, which has a contributor called Glenn, 5ft 8in, who gets himself photographed with celebrities such as Mel Gibson and Leonardo Di Caprio for comparison, like a human tape measure, the consensus among its fans is that most male celebrities have a little help.

Simon Cowell has been known to wear conspicuously chunky heels, and a picture of wee Bono on the beach, wearing heels that add a couple of inches to his height, says all you need to know about rock star vanity, while Nicolas Sarkozy, whose wife, at 5ft 9in, is four inches taller than him, is famously a fan of a stacked heel.

Tom Cruise also often appears on a level with Katie Holmes, his 2in-taller wife, and is probably the celebrity that drives ordinary men to buy height-enhancing shoes, says Aaron Sarin, the director of, which designs and makes shoes with concealed lifts that can add up to three inches. His shoes are popular for weddings, job interviews and dates, he says. “Women are wearing higher and higher heels and men want to be taller than their girlfriends,” he says. “We get a lot of sales guys who want to be seen as bigger in stature.” Sarin started making “elevator” shoes in 2000 and says he is selling more than ever, adding, predictably, “It’s a growth area.”

tom cruise,katie holmes,tom and katie,tom cruise height,tom cruise shoe lifts

Mick Jagger,Mick Jagger height,Mick Jagger short,Mick Jagger shoe lifts

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