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Any shoes can increase your height when you have Lift Kits height increasing insoles. Our orthopedic shoe lifts increase your height and can help your confidence. Gain an inch or two overnight!

Shoes to Make Men Taller

Guy with taller girl using LiftKits height increasing insoles to even the playing field

Shoes to make men taller are a gentlemens secret weapon. The problem is that they are often ugly and outdated, cheesy-looking, oversized footwear that come with a hefty price tag. For this reason, you may want to instead consider shoe inserts for height.  Everyone knows that when a woman wishes to appear taller, all she has to do is pull a pair of high heels out of her closet. But what you might not realize is that there are a number of mens shoes with heels available today, which can provide you with a similar height advantage as high heels. 

Elevator shoes have thick, tall platforms in the heels, while keeping the same type of soles as regular shoes. They are generally constructed to provide you with anywhere from two to five inches of increased height. For a less obvious version of the elevator shoe, you can also purchase an invisible elevator shoe, which places the heightening platform inside the shoes sole.

Platform shoes have thicker soles than average footwear, standing up to five and a half inches taller than ordinary shoes. The larger that your platform is, the more obvious it will be that you are wearing special shoes.

Some men choose to buy sneakers with extra large soles to look taller. It is also possible to buy boots with built up heels, which are constructed similarly to elevator shoes.

 Instead, they are generally cheesy-looking, oversized footwear that come with a hefty price tag. For this reason, you may want to instead consider shoe inserts for height.

LiftKits currently manufactures a number of shoe inserts for height, which are quite affordable and can be slipped into any pair of shoes. These products can increase your height up to two inches, and their polyurethan construction also relieves pressure from your spine and joints. This improves your posture, which will provide you with additional height.

If you want to stand taller in your preferred footwear, consider LiftKits today.

One Thing That Grooms Must Not Forget

Your wedding day is an important day for your entire family, and there will be permanent photographic memories of that day that you will all look back on for years to come. But if you are shorter than your wife to be, or even the same height, then you need to make sure that you come across in the photographs as just a little bit taller. Not only will it make for a better picture, but you will feel much better about yourself when you are able to look down at her from above.


Most men spend a lot of time on their wedding attire, but little time on their footwear. Yet it is in the footwear that you can really add to your height. By using lifts within your shoes, you will be able to add an extra one inch to two inches that you might not otherwise have. Your bride will be wearing heels, and perhaps much higher heels than you have ever seen her in, so you should be prepared to heighten as well.


By buying LiftKits, you can easily add two inches of height within your shoes, without having to buy elevator shoes (shoes with large heels) that would show up in the photographs of your wedding. When you stand next to your bride and the entire wedding party, you will appear taller and hopefully taller than your bride.


These are basically soft, neoprene insoles that fit right into your shoes. They are not just for dress shoes, either, as you can use them in your casual or your sporty shoes, too. They are comfortable, provide you with sufficient cushioning, and also enable you to walk more upright, adding even more height to your frame. If you want to look good on your big day, then this is the way to make sure that you do.


Fact: Taller Men Achieve More


powerful man

The average height for men in the United States is now 5’9”, which is actually a little shorter than it was a generation ago. But if you are shorter than this, then you are probably suffering from a variety of prejudices that make it harder for you to get a job, harder to get a raise or a promotion, and also a lot harder to get a date.


People just tend to look at taller people as being more powerful and capable. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do about that. Women face the same kind of prejudice, with taller women being considered more attractive than shorter women, and taller women also getting much better-paying jobs.


But if you want to appear taller, there are some things you can do such as change the type of clothing that you wear. You can also make yourself physically taller by “heightening,” which is the practice of putting lifts inside your shoes. Although you may think that only someone who was really short would do this, the truth is that many men in Hollywood and on Wall Street do it because it makes them appear more powerful and capable.


The great thing about lifts is that you can put them in your shoes and no one will ever know. You will wear the same brand name shoes as everyone else, whether you are wearing athletic shoes or dress shoes, yet you will be an inch or two taller. So if you are only 5’7” right now, with a product like LiftKits, you can get yourself up to the average height of 5’9”. If you are 5’10”, then you can finally read the magic number of six feet, which is where you will really see benefits in terms of earning power and the ability to attract women.

Height of Famous Short People and Celebrities

Here is a list we found of famous short celebrities.  Some of the people on this list are already using  LiftKits brand height increasing insoles to grow taller and some who should be.  we’re sure some of their heights will surprise a lot of you.


Jason Alexander 5’5″ Entertainment
Woody Allen 5’6″ Entertainment
Mario Andretti 5′ 7½” Sports
Sean Astin 5’6″ Entertainment
Ludwig Van Beethoven 5′ 3¾” Music
David Ben-Gurion 5’0″ Politics
Robert Blake 5’4″ Entertainment
Humphrey Bogart 5’8″ Entertainment
Napoleon Bonaparte 5’6″ Politics
Bono 5’7″ Entertainment
Matthew Broderick 5’8″ Entertainment
Mel Brooks 5’4″ Entertainment
Gary Burghoff 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Richard Burton 5’8″ Entertainment
James Cagney 5’7″ Entertainment
Truman Capote 5’4″ Literature
Andrew Carnegie 5’0″ Entrepreneur
Gary Coleman 4’8″ Entertainment
Phil Collins 5′ 6″ Entertainment
Lou Costello 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Tom Cruise 5’8″ Entertainment
Billy Crystal 5’8″ Entertainment
Salvador Dali 5’7″ Art
Sammy Davis Jr. 5’3″ Entertainment
Danny DeVito 5’0″ Entertainment
Robert Downey Jr. 5’7″ Entertainment
Richard Dreyfuss 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Bob Dylan 5’6″ Entertainment
Emilio Estevez 5’7″ Entertainment
Peter Falk 5’6″ Entertainment
William Faulkner 5’6″ Literature
F. Scott Fitzgerald 5’7″ Literature
Michael J. Fox 5’4″ Entertainment
Buckminster Fuller 5’2″ Scientist
Ghandi 5’3″ Politics
Paul Giamatti 5’7″ Entertainment
Maurice & Robin Gibb (Bee Gees) 5’8″ Entertainment
Joel Grey 5’5″ Entertainment
Gus Grissom 5′ 5″ Astronaut
Scott Hamilton 5’4″ Sports
Armand Hammer 5’5″ Entrepreneur
Alfred Hitchcock 5’6″ Entertainment
Dustin Hoffman 5’6″ Entertainment
Anthony Hopkins 5’8″ Entertainment
Bob Hoskins 5′ 5½” Entertainment
Harry Houdini 5’5″ Entertainment
Curly Howard 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Moe Howard 5’4″ Entertainment
Elton John 5’4″ Entertainment
Davy Jones 5’3″ Entertainment
John Keats 5’1″ Literature
Ben Kingsley 5’8″ Entertainment
Nikita Khrushchev 5’3″ Politics
Martin Luther King 5’7″ Politics
Alan Ladd 5’4″ Entertainment
Fiorello Henry LaGuardia 5’0″ Politics
Nathan Lane 5’5″ Entertainment
Martin Lawrence 5’8″ Entertainment
T. E. Lawrence  (of Arabia) 5’6″ Politics
Spike Lee 5’5″ Entertainment
John Leguizamo 5’8″ Entertainment
Guy Lombardo 5’4″ Entertainment
Peter Lorre 5’5″ Entertainment
James Madison 5’4″ Politics
Cheech Marin 5’6″ Entertainment
Chico Marx 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Harpo Marx 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Dudley Moore 5’2″ Entertainment
Noriyuki (Pat) Morita 5′ 3″ Entertainment
Mike Myers 5’7″ Entertainment
George “Baby Face” Nelson 5′ 5″ Criminal
Aristotle Onassis 5’5″ Entrepreneur
Al Pacino 5’6″ Entertainment
Ross Perot 5’7″ Entrepreneur
Joe Pesci 5’5″ Entertainment
Pablo Picasso 5’4″ Art
Roman Polanski 5’4″ Entertainment
Jason Priestly 5’6″ Entertainment
Prince 5’3″ Entertainment
Lou Reed 5’5″ Entertainment
Edward G. Robinson 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Auguste Rodin 5′ 4″ Art
Mickey Rooney 5’3″ Entertainment
Marquis de Sade 5′ 3″ Literature
Leo Sayer 5′ 4″ Entertainment
Martin Scorsese 5’3″ Entertainment
Ryan Seacrest 5’7″ Entertainment
Rod Serling 5′ 4″ Entertainment
Martin Sheen 5’7″ Entertainment
Willie Shoemaker 4’11” Sports
Paul Simon 5’2″ Entertainment
David Spade 5’7″ Entertainment
Steven Spielberg 5′ 7½” Entertainment
Joseph Stalin 5’6″ Politics
Ringo Starr 5’8″ Entertainment
Ben Stiller 5’8″ Entertainment
Jerry Stiller 5’6″ Entertainment
Igor Stravinsky 5′ 4″ Composer
Kurt Thomas 5′ 5″ Sports
J. R. R. Tolkien 5′ 5″ Literature
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 4’11” Art
Ray Walston 5’8″ Entertainment
Spud Webb 5’7″ Sports
Paul Williams 5’2″ Entertainment
Robin Williams 5’8″ Entertainment
Henry Winkler 5’7″ Entertainment
Elijah Wood 5’6″ Entertainment


This list was found on tallmen shoes dot com  here.

Finding Shoes That Make You Taller

So many people today, men and women alike, look for one thing in particular when they go shoe shopping, and that is shoes that make you look taller. Nobody enjoys people looking down at them. Whether it’s family, friends, co-workers, employees, or anyone else, when people look down at you, it makes you feel less confident and even inferior. Over the years, this can really make in impact on your self-image, so it’s clear that you want to do what you can to find shoes that make you taller.


There are only so many shoe styles available that accomplish this goal. For men, the options are truly limited, and this is especially true when you are considering professional attire. For casual wear, boots and other thick-soled shoes are an option for men, but these aren’t appropriate for all occasions or all weather. For women, there are of course heels as an option, as well as boots, clogs, and other styles. While there are more styles for women to choose from, the drawback is that heels and other such shoes are not always comfortable and they can even cause health issues.

 Height Insoles

Sometimes the solution doesn’t rest in the shoe styles but in the shoes themselves. This is because rather than finding shoes that make you taller, you can actually put inserts inside your existing styles that give you a healthy boost. What’s best is that nobody else knows you are wearing them!

The Results

Whether you do choose to buy a style that has a thicker heel or you choose to go with the more comfortable and healthier option of insoles, the result is that you will be taller than you are barefooted, and you will have that extra edge that gives you a confidence boost every day, too.

Shoe Lifts for Men – A Real Alternative

There are several different ways that you can add a few inches to your height, and if you are a man who is a little shorter than you would like, you may have already tried some of these. You will find some shorter men who use human growth hormones or lengthening techniques, but in reality, they don’t work.

What About Elevator Shoes?

Most women won’t tell you this, but one of the first things that they look at in any man is his feet. They want to see what kind of shoes he is wearing, how big his feet are, and how well he takes care of his shoes. If you are wearing elevator shoes, you will be found out immediately, and this is usually a deal breaker for most women. But if you are wearing shoe lifts for men, they simply won’t know.

What Are These?

Shoe lifts for menare small inserts that are put into the inside of the shoe. They can raise you up anywhere from one inch to two inches, and no one will know that you have them on. Unlike elevator shoes that stand out, shoe lifts can be used in any pair of shoes that you have, and you can adjust them to a particular height if you wish.

Are They Comfortable?

You might think that having any kind of shoe lifts for men in your shoes would be uncomfortable, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most men find that they are more comfortable, walk more upright, and have more confidence in their stride once they put in these lifts. Your friends and co-workers might not at first notice that you are taller, but they will indeed notice that you are walking with a renewed confidence, something that you never had before.

Can a Shoe Lift Help You?

There is nothing wrong with being on the short side. Plenty of famous and successful men have been a little shorter than average, but it is a known fact that taller men have more chances in life and often have a greater chance of succeeding in many aspects of their career, their love life, and just in regard to personal happiness.

 What Can You Do?

Although some people will tell you that height doesn’t really matter, you know that it does and that is why using a shoe lift is such a convenient answer to your height problem. These are easy to use and extremely comfortable insoles that are put right into your existing shoes. No one will know that you are wearing them, and you can buy more than one set, or simply take them out and put them in another pair of shoes if you’d like.

Are They Comfortable?

These are very similar to the gel insoles that you see sold by some of the major brands, except that they provide you with more height. They also provide you with a sense of confidence that those other insoles don’t give you. Once you are taller, you will walk straighter, and the insoles are actually good for your posture, too.

How High Are They?

You can buy two sizes of insoles – one inch or two inches – either of which is sufficient to make a big difference in your life. What usually happens is that people know something is a little different about you, but they can’t put their finger on it. They may think that you are happier, more confident, or just perkier – but you will know that it is because you are taller. Once you start to feel taller and people see you that way, the world is your oyster.

Shoe Lift Inserts Do More Than Just Give You Height

The average height of an American man has continually gone up over the past century, and now if you aren’t at least 5’8”, you are considered to be “short.” While this may not be fair, the truth is that men who are taller get better jobs, get more respect, and get more looks from the ladies. By wearing shoe lift inserts, you can get all of those, no matter what your real height is.

How Do They Work?

Shoe lift inserts are gel inserts that go inside of your shoes, either in place of or just on top of your existing inserts. This gives you an extra one inch to two inches of height, and only you are able to tell you where it’s coming from. Unlike elevator shoes, which are obvious and don’t fool anyone, no one will know why you look taller and more confident.

 How Does This Affect Your Body?

Most men who use shoe lift inserts notice an immediate change not only in their height, but also in their posture, which tends to add an extra half inch or so. When your heels are lifted up like that, you are more prone to standing up straight and lifting your head up, which in turn gives you more confidence. In fact, your friends might not notice your height difference, but they will notice that you are somehow more confident and assertive in your walk and your actions.

Are They Safe?

Men and women have been using these in different forms for years, and the latest versions of shoe inserts are extremely safe and pose no danger to your body. They are extremely comfortable on your feet, they will fit in any kind of shoes, and you will find that they make a huge difference in how you see yourself.

How a Shoe Lift Insert Can Improve Your Life

It seems that most men wouldn’t mind being just a little bit taller, and now that is actually possible. You don’t need human growth hormone in order to do it, and you also don’t need to use heightening techniques that just don’t work. More and more men are choosing to use a shoe lift insert to help them get the added advantage in life that they need.

What Is a Shoe Lift Insert?

This is a soft gel insert that is put right into your shoe, giving you the height that you need. They come in sizes of both one inch and two inch, with many men gradually making the move up to the latter. Although you might think that with a two-inch shoe lift insert, your shoe would be uncomfortable, the opposite is actually true. It is comfortable and will help you with your posture.

How Does That Work?

You have surely noticed that when women wear high heels, they are prone to standing up straighter, and the same is true for when a man wears an insert. The improved posture will also make you look taller and a lot more confident, too. So not only will you get increased height out of your lifts, but you will also appear taller because of your improved posture.

Can People Tell You Are Wearing Them?

There is no way that anyone can see that you are wearing them, primarily because they are hidden within your shoes. You will not have big heels, which are obvious to everyone, and although you will appear a little taller, no one will really know why. Whether you want a few more inches because of a big date, a job interview, or just because you want to feel better, this is an easy and affordable way to do it.

Shoe Insoles Lifts for Men

Although it probably isn’t fair, men are often judged on their height. If you are a smaller man, then you may have been turned down for jobs, turned down by women, and made to feel that you are somehow inferior as a result of your lack of height. However, by using shoe insoles lifts, you can gain up to two inches virtually overnight.

Are These the Same as Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are really just high heels for men, and they have never been successful. Any man who wears a heel of more than an inch will be sociologically looked down upon, even though he may be a little bit taller. It is hard to understand why high heels on a woman make them more desirable, but the opposite is true for men.

How Do Shoe Insoles Lifts for Men Work?

These are small, orthopedic inserts that enable you to appear anywhere from one inch to two inches taller. They are not visible from outside your shoe, and they work in all sorts of shoes – dress, casual, work, or athletic. Shoe insoles lifts enable you to appear taller, no matter what shoes you are wearing.

Are They Safe?

You might think that having some sort of insert in your shoes would be unsafe, but it’s not. In fact, most people who wear them find that their pre-existing back pain comes to an end. This is often because when you wear lifts, you tend to walk with better posture, which in turn also makes you appear taller.

By improving your posture, you will find that you have more energy, more stamina, and a lot more confidence. The people around you will know that something is different, but they won’t be able to put a finger on it, and because the inserts are in your shoes, it will be your little secret.

Increase Your Height With Shoe Heel Lifts

In our society, there is something about a man who is tall that commands respect. If you are a little on the short side but have thought that there is nothing that you could do about it, then think again. You don’t have to resort to dangerous human growth hormones, height exercises that don’t work, or limb-lengthening. By using shoe heel lifts, you will gain height and confidence, too.

Can People See Them?

The true beauty of shoe heel lifts is that they are not apparent to anyone but you. Unlike “elevator shoes,” which make you look foolish, lifts are hidden within your shoes to give you the height you need without anyone knowing.

What Kind of Shoes Can You Put Them In?

In addition to being invisible to anyone but you, shoe heel lifts are easily interchangeable between shoes, and they will go in any pair you have. This means that you can put them in your dress shoes, your work shoes, and your athletic shoes, too, so you always appear taller than you really are.

 What Else Can You Gain From Using These?

It is obvious that you can gain anywhere from one inch to two inches of immediate height by using lifts, but it is usually the confidence that most men really notice. When you are just a little bit taller, you feel more confident, and you might even notice that people begin to treat you differently. It is a great experience for many men who have long struggled with their height.

If you are truly looking for a way to gain an inch or two, whether it is because you are embarrassed about your lack of height or just because you want that extra edge in life, then shoe lifts are definitely the easiest and most affordable way to do it.

Why Men’s Shoe Lifts Are So Popular

If you have long been embarrassed about your lack of height, or you just want to see what life is like from a slightly higher vantage point, then now is the time to discover men’s shoe lifts. You might be surprised that millions of men are already using them and if you ask around, probably some of your friends are using them, too.

Haven’t These Been Around For a While?

The truth is that men’s shoe lifts have been around in one form or another for centuries. Since men began wearing shoes, there have always been folks who wanted to be just a little bit taller. But some men have been embarrassed about this, wanting to hide their lifts. There is no need to do that anymore, and because you can buy them online, there is also no worry that anyone will ever find out.

How Do They Work?

Men’s shoe lifts are small inserts that are put into your shoes, giving you an extra one inch to two inches in height. This may not sound like a lot of height, but you will be surprised by just how different it makes you feel. Most men find that their friends, and women in particular, begin to look at them slightly different. They also find that they have a lot more confidence just from those few inches.

Do They Hurt?

The other great thing about lifts for men’s shoes is that they actually make you stand up taller, which in turn helps your posture. If you have struggled with back or knee problems, then you might find that these actually help you. In addition, because your posture will be improved, you will find that you feel better and stronger and that people look at you in a way that you never imagined possible, as a man with strength and power.

Increase Height and Experience a Variety of Benefits

Being short creates problems. It takes a strong person to overcome the stigma of height. They have to believe in themselves. The problem is that there are times when an extra couple of inches can be beneficial. It can help people during a casting, interview, social event, or everyday life. To increase height, it means using a special elevator lift insole.

Created in Hollywood

LiftKits was developed by three guys from Hollywood, California. They knew the business of the area and knew how many people were always trying to outwit reality. They also saw how women used various tactics to cheat their surroundings. They realized height was a major issue with men. High heels can’t be worn to increase height and shoes are generally limited. This is why Lift Kits height insoles  came into being. The women’s option was developed later, after they discovered females wearing the male version.

Produces Confidence

A product like the LiftKits providesinstant confidence. When two inches is added to a person’s height, he or she suddenly walks upright and with more confidence. It changes the state of mind so their walk is filled with more certainty. There is assuredness in each step. People feel special. This can provide someone with the confidence needed to be successful on an audition, job interview, or a blind date.

Health Benefits

LiftKits produce more than confidence. The special insole also improves someone’s posture. When a person starts standing more upright, it helps the body alignment and boosts the metabolism. This then increases energy and overall physical appearance.
Not everyone needs to increase height or add any inches. There are those who wish they could do the complete opposite. However, for those wanting to gain the extra confidence and who would benefit from the added inches, this product is something to consider.


Taller Shoes Increase Confidence


Confdent Man because of taller shoes

There is a little secret out in the world. It is something pediatric experts and Hollywood wardrobe consultants have been using on their clients for years. This tool increases self-esteem and provides instant confidence. The secret is that height increasing shoes add inches right away.

Increase Inches Naturally

There are so many different gadgets or gimmicks on the market that say they will increase your height. The problem is that they either cost too much money or take too much time to achieve some doubtful results. LiftKits is a special shoe insole that naturally increases a person’s height right away.

Several Options Available

There are several elevator lift insoles available for people. The first choice depends on whether a person is male or female. At first, there were only male height shoes. This happened until the creators of LiftKits discovered females were using the products developed for males. Then, an insole especially for women was created.
The other option available to people pertains to height. The one version is called Hi-tops, which can be adjusted between 1.5” and 2.0”. This takes places with the help of a 0.5” detachable insert. The Lo-tops are also available and they add a full inch in height.

Height Increase Takes Place Quickly

One of the best things about LiftKits is that it takes place within minutes. This is so much better than time-consuming exercises or waiting for a growth hormone pill. The LiftKits lift insole relieves pressure around the spine and decreases any pressure found in the body’s joints.

Making You Taller

Not everyone needs to use a product like LiftKits, because they either have their height well-established or they don’t care how tall they are. For those who are bothered by their short stature, Liftkits is something to consider. It plays a major factor in confidence levels.

Height Increasing Shoes Benefit the Body

short guy tall girls

Maybe you aren’t that tall. Everybody towers over you and it’s hard to find clothes that fit because they’re all too long. This can be a struggle for a number of people. It affects their confidence levels and is why height increasing shoes come in handy, the problem is that they are so ugly.  But now today there is a special insole called LiftKits that fits in almost any shoe and provides people with an instant lift.

Innovative Solution

There are lots of other options that say height can be increased. The problem is that they are either expensive or uncomfortable. People don’t usually have the extra time to practice height increasing exercises or have the extra money to try all the products. This is why people like the special shoe lift insoles created by LiftKits. They provide people with an extra one to two inches in a matter of minutes. Slip them in almost any shoe and away you go.

Good for Health

Some of the height increasing shoes on the market can be uncomfortable. With LiftKits, the elevator insoles are actually better on a person’s body. The product has been designed to relieve pressure on the joints and the spine. This produces confidence in a gait, especially when the body is also feeling comfortable. When the body walks with an upright stance, you’re also able to digest food better. This boosts the metabolism and enhances your physical appearance.

Other Things to Try

Height doesn’t matter when considering posture. Even tall people should stand upright and walk with confidence. However, when shorter, it’s even more important to walk tall. Don’t slouch. It also helps to dress with matching hues and tones from the bottom to the top.

When standing tall and dressing right is combined with quality elevator insoles, a person gains even more height. The height increasing shoes provide confidence and help people with job interviews or with their significant others.