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Heel Inserts

November 7th, 2012

Heel inserts can help you gain confidence, and women’s attention.  Read below to get great tips on what attracts women to men.

Impressing women can be difficult, and men often grow frustrated when they are unable to cultivate attraction in prospective dates.  If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to review exactly what attracts women to men.

When evaluating potential suitors, women inspect their clothes and hygiene.  If you have long scraggly facial hair and dress like you are still in your teens, then a woman will have a hard time taking you seriously.  Similarly, bad breath and body odor will turn a woman off, so you should regularly brush your teeth and apply deodorant.

As relationships are built around conversations, women are attracted to men who are intelligent and have a sense of humor.  They want to laugh when they are feeling down and be able to hold conversations that do not insult their intelligence.

Women want a man who is loyal and able to protect them from harm.  If you are on a date with one woman, even if you are in a casual relationship, do not hit on the girls around you.  And if other men are harassing your date, it is crucial that you stand up for her.

The most important factor in attracting a woman is confidence.  If a man appears needy and unsure of himself, a woman will find him weak and unattractive.  For this reason, you should put yourself  in a confident mind state when endeavoring to attract women.

The simplest way to improve your confidence is to stand taller.  To increase height, heel insoles can be inserted into your shoes, heel insoles that only you will be aware of. In fact, LiftKits sells height lifting inserts that instantly add up to two inches to your height.  Standing taller will works wonders on your confidence, making you more attractive to the women around you.

LiftKits Babe of the Day

November 6th, 2012

LiftKits Babe of the Day

LiftKits Babe of the Day

Tips for Male Models

November 2nd, 2012

Tips on being a Male Model

Tips for male models may sound a bit cliché, read on to gain some great insight and secrets to being the best in the industry.

Models are hired to show off products.  That means your looks must conform to industry standards.

Age Range

Male models don’t need to look quite as perfect and unblemished as female models.  In fact, being too baby-faced can actually hurt you, so they’re typically older than female models when they launch their careers. Male models start between the ages of 18 and 25, and keep on working well into their 30s.  Some men are still modeling in their 50s.

Moving to the Big City

While it’s possible to pick up catalogue or other regional work outside the big fashion headquarters, if you’re serious about a modeling career, you need to move to where the designers are.  In the United States, that means New York or Los Angeles.  In Europe, that means London, Paris or Milan.

Modeling Portfolio

You’ll need a portfolio and comp cards printed with your four best headshots and your basic stats.  It’s important to find a good photographer to work with.

You’ll need a great headshot as well as multiple full body shots, including several of you in shorts, underwear or a bathing suit, and a tank top.  Prospective employers will want to get an idea of your body type. You’ll also need some shots of yourself in a suit, as well as some photographs of yourself dressed casually.

Tips for Male ModelsHeight Matters

Industry standards for height require male models to be between 5’11” and 6’2”. It’s important to stand tall.  Height increasing insoles from Liftkits are the discreet way to add that bit of extra height that gets you noticed.  LiftKits aren’t your grandfather’s shoe lifts for men.  They’re comfortable, effective and no one will be able to tell you’re using them.

Tips on Growing Taller

October 30th, 2012


Tips on growing taller may not always work, or be beneficial to you.  Read this article, and gain some juicy tricks and secrets, that are guaranteed to work.  If you have ever looked in the mirror and wished that you were a couple of inches taller, then you might be interested to know that there are a number of ways you can increase your height.  Here are some tips to consider in your efforts to grow taller:

1. While clothing does not add actual inches to your height, the right ensemble can give you the illusion of being taller. Clothing with horizontal lines should be avoided, as horizontal lines give you a squat appearance.  Instead, consider vertical-lined clothing, which not only makes you look taller, but also provides you with a thinner appearance.

2. Limb lengthening surgery is one way that individuals can quickly gain increased height. With this surgery, parts of your bones will be cut and internal devices will be installed inside you to stabilize your limbs.  Unfortunately, this surgery sometimes leads to nerve damage.

3. You can change your diet and exercise routine to increase your height.  Hanging from a horizontal bar, executing pelvic shifts, and performing a dry land swim can stretch out your spine and joints.  Additionally, consuming fruits and vegetables, protein-rich foods, dairy foods, starches and grains will provide you with the vitamins and calcium needed for increased growth.

4. While the previous options can prove quite effective, the simplest way to grow taller is to purchase Liftkits insoles. These polyurethane insole inserts can be places in any type of footwear, and instantly provide you with up to two extra inches of height.  With shoe insoles to make you taller, you will not have to change your diet or undergo any type of surgery.  Just slide them in and go about your day.

If you are interested in shoe insoles to make you taller, check out the LiftKits product line today.

How to Approach a Girl

October 26th, 2012

How to Approach a Girl - LiftKits height insoles can help you

How to approach a girl can vary from guy to guy.  First ask yourself this question:  Are you a man who has trouble picking up women? If so, you may need to change your strategy.  How you approach a girl plays a crucial factor in whether or not you get her phone number, and there are a number of simple ways for you to increase your dating success.

Your clothes and hygiene are the first things that a girl will notice, so you should brush your hair and teeth, and dress like a responsible adult.  From there, you must find the right public place to begin scouting for women.

When you see a girl that you like, you should first make eye contact with her.  Smile without leering to let her know that you are interested, and then you can begin your approach.

Instead of using cheesy pick-up lines, you should give the girl a simple greeting, which you can transition into a fun, flirty conversation.  Bear in mind that if the girl is with a group of friends, you will have to impress them all to win her over.

The most important consideration in approaching a girl is your confidence.  A girl can sense self-assurance, and if you act nervous and insecure around her, you will appear weak and unattractive.

One way to improve your confidence is to increase your height.  Standing taller puts the world in a whole new perspective, and can take you beyond the realm of average. With LiftKits heel lifts for men, you can instantly add up to two inches to your height, and no one will know that you are wearing them. How to Approach a Girl - LiftKits height insoles can help.

When wearing my liftkits, I find my whole mind state shifting, and girls who once seemed unattainable become quite approachable.  If you are interested in improving your confidence around women, consider LiftKits heel lifts for men today.

Supplements to Grow Taller

October 25th, 2012


Supplements can help you Grow Taller

Supplements to grow taller have been used by many people in recent times, do they work, is the question?  There are some supplements a person can take to promote growing taller, but unless you are a child or an adolescent, they really won’t do much.  Height is largely determined by genetics, and is one of the physical features that can’t really be altered through cosmetic procedures in the same manner as things like the nose or lips.   For those who still have time to grow, vitamins A, B complex, C and D can help you reach your maximum height potential.  For those who don’t, the good news is that you can still appear taller through the use of shoe heightening insoles.  Such insoles can be inserted into most shoes – boots, heels, and sneakers  – and they feel comfortable to walk around in.  With this boost in your height, you can feel more confident and attractive. This added lift can increase your height by up to two inches, a significant difference but one that’s not overly obvious. LiftKits heightening insoles can increase your height between one to two inches – the low-top variety adds one inch, while the high-top insoles offer 1 ½ to 2 inches in height. In addition to making you appear taller, these insoles reduce the pressure felt on your spine and joints.  Using the highest quality polyurethan construction, their design makes it comfy to wear them throughout your entire day. They also promote good posture and can help build the muscles in your calves.  There’s no need to spend tons of money on gimmicks or unattractive footwear that’s designed to add height either – they are completely hidden from view since they are placed inside your existing shoes.  LiftKits’ shoe insoles for height are not just comfortable and effective, but they are an affordable solution. Feel tall and proud. Feel confident.

Shoes to Make Men Taller

October 23rd, 2012

Guy with taller girl using LiftKits height increasing insoles to even the playing field

Shoes to make men taller are a gentlemens secret weapon. The problem is that they are often ugly and outdated, cheesy-looking, oversized footwear that come with a hefty price tag. For this reason, you may want to instead consider shoe inserts for height.  Everyone knows that when a woman wishes to appear taller, all she has to do is pull a pair of high heels out of her closet. But what you might not realize is that there are a number of mens shoes with heels available today, which can provide you with a similar height advantage as high heels. 

Elevator shoes have thick, tall platforms in the heels, while keeping the same type of soles as regular shoes. They are generally constructed to provide you with anywhere from two to five inches of increased height. For a less obvious version of the elevator shoe, you can also purchase an invisible elevator shoe, which places the heightening platform inside the shoes sole.

Platform shoes have thicker soles than average footwear, standing up to five and a half inches taller than ordinary shoes. The larger that your platform is, the more obvious it will be that you are wearing special shoes.

Some men choose to buy sneakers with extra large soles to look taller. It is also possible to buy boots with built up heels, which are constructed similarly to elevator shoes.

 Instead, they are generally cheesy-looking, oversized footwear that come with a hefty price tag. For this reason, you may want to instead consider shoe inserts for height.

LiftKits currently manufactures a number of shoe inserts for height, which are quite affordable and can be slipped into any pair of shoes. These products can increase your height up to two inches, and their polyurethan construction also relieves pressure from your spine and joints. This improves your posture, which will provide you with additional height.

If you want to stand taller in your preferred footwear, consider LiftKits today.

Exercises For Growing Taller

October 18th, 2012

If you consider yourself vertically challenged, growing taller can become almost obsessive. In a world of six-footers, others often look down on you, figuratively and literally. You’ve heard that proper diet and more sleep can help, and maybe you’ve tried these suggestions with limited success. There are even painful surgeries to lengthen your legs, but these are expensive and involve a long period of recuperation. If you go online looking for exercise programs touted to make you taller you may have been absolutely astonished to find more than 44 million websites on the subject. Some even promise that you can add 2-4 inches of height in just eight weeks. These exercises are designed to stretch out your body and decompress your spine. They also have the added benefits of improving your flexibility and posture. Exercises with names such as Cobra, Super Cobra, and the Cat Stretch are similar to certain Yoga postures that have been around for thousands of years. One such Yoga routine, called The Salutation to the Sun, employs movements similar to a combination of the Cobra and Super Cobra, which have you lie face down on the floor and, with the support of your arms, lean your head back and arch your spine as much as possible. You then bring your hips up, putting the body into an inverted V, which bends the spine in the opposite direction. These exercises are very good, but if you think they’ll add 2-4″ of height you’ll be disappointed. Better to add that height instantly by getting some shoes to make men taller. Shoes to make men taller add immediately to your stature, and no one else will know. As an alternative, keep the shoes you now use and slip in some lift kits insoles. They work.

How Can I Be Taller?

October 16th, 2012
How Can I Grow Taller?

LiftKits Insoles help you to grow taller

Have you ever found yourself staring into the mirror and wishing that you could add another few inches to your height? If so, you are not alone. Millions of individuals all over the world long to grow taller, but sudden growth spurts decrease in likelihood once adolescence has passed. Fortunately, there are still options available to make you taller.

One way to grow taller is to pay better attention to your diet. Muscles need protein and water to grow, and bones expand through the intake of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Therefore, consuming proper quantities of chicken, fish, carrots, liver, cheese, milk, peanuts, beans, yogurt and green vegetables can help you to grow taller.

Proper exercise can also help you to attain greater height, as frequently practiced routines can lengthen your joints and straighten your spine. Swimming, stretching, Pilates, yoga and hanging from a bar or tree limb have all been shown to increase height, and are quite simple for you to practice.

It is also possible to utilize clothing to appear taller than you actually are. A top that stops at your waist will leave your entire legs exposed, so that they do not look shorter than they are. Pointed shoes also make legs appear longer, as do dark skirts and pants.

If you are looking for a safe, affordable option to increase your height, LiftKits offer an easy-to-use product guaranteed to provide instant results. With shoe lifts available for both genders, all one must do is drop a polyurethane insole into their footwear and they can gain up to two inches in height.

I have been wearing my lift kits for some time now, and the confidence boost these shoe lifts have provided me is astonishing. There is no simpler way for you to reach your desired height.

Insoles That Not Only Make Your Shoes Better, But Could Change Your Life Too!

September 19th, 2012


You might have a closet full of shoes but you don’t really want to wear them. By adding the right insoles to them, you can liven them up by adding comfort and invisible height. Imagine growing taller just by adding an insole into your favorite pair of shoes. That’s what LiftKits have done, revolutionizing the shoe accessory world.

Think about all the fashionable shoes in your closet. You can use LiftKits in virtually all of them. Your cowboy boots, your Ugg boots, your flats, your high-top sneakers, your running shoes, your dress shoes –- all of them can benefit from these platform insoles. You get to choose the height you want, raising yourself up anywhere between half an inch and two inches.

These invisible insoles only cost around 30 dollars. You can order them online and they are one size fits all. Once you put them into your shoes, no one will know you’re wearing them. They are very discreet. They provide you with the added height you’ve been looking for, improve your posture and are extremely comfortable.

When you’re able to add these to your shoes to grow taller, you can change your entire life. The added height is going to boost your self-confidence to new heights and you will feel more confident around women. You will also be more confident at your job. This may help you land the position you want, get the promotion you’ve been working towards or win over the respect of your peers.

Insoles aren’t just for removing odor and making it comfortable to walk in a pair of shoes. LiftKits are a great new insole that will boost your confidence in ways you never thought was possible.