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Read fashion news covering all things Hollywood, specifically about girls shoes and accessories like insoles that add height. Lift Kits are girls shoe insoles that add an inch or two of height to any shoe.

Deciding What to Wear on Prom Night

Prom night is an important annual event for any teenager, something that they always look forward to. The night is preceded by months of preparation right from what clothes to wear, shoes and accessories, down to deciding on the people you would like to take along. Everyone wants to look their best on the day, therefore not taking any chances.It’s all about glamor, looking tall, and presenting yourself well. When it comes to the outfits or prom wear, the styles will continue to change from time to time. In fact, this holds true for the colors as well.  Thus, it is important to be aware of the popular trends and the colors in vogue whenever you’re deciding your prom wear.

Two colors, however, never go out of fashion. You may have guessed them by now – black and white. The fact that these two colors are preferred over others by teenagers is the fact that they look good on everyone. Also, dresses and gowns look equally good, no matter whether you are wearing black or white. However, when you are shopping for a dress, you can obviously go for a color of your choice. Even the bright colors look good, especially when it comes to evening wear.

When it comes to selecting prom dresses, you need to keep a couple of things in mind, namely exclusivity and individuality. You would definitely not want to wear the same kind of dress as your peers. Also, apart from ensuring a unique dress, you should definitely wear something that makes you stand out in a crowd. Though, it is advisable not to opt for one that comes across as over the top, you can definitely wear one that creates an impression right away.  You never know, you might even walk away with the title of the “Best Dressed Lady for the Evening”.

Why Professional Women Need Height Increasing Shoes

High Heel Pain

Professional women have been wearing height increasing shoes for years, but some are moving away from them because of health concerns. Heels, after all, are known to cause foot, ankle, leg, and back issues, and some women would rather be their natural size in a professional environment than deal with such issues. However, you may not have to give up on those extra few inches you get from heels when you put special insoles into your shoes.

Why Height Matters

For some, height may seem like a cosmetic, trivial thing, but there is some psychology at play where height is concerned. For those who look down into your eyes, there is certainly a feeling of authority over you. For you looking up at your professional peers, there may be a feeling of less confidence and this can relay into your speech and actions, too. Clearly, height matters in the workplace.

Why Heels Aren’t the Answer

Height increasing shoes like heels can certainly give you that extra edge, and you can find heels in heights from about a half inch to several inches. They can make your legs look longer, sexier, and leaner, and you can once again look people in the eye rather than up at them. Yet this is where the benefits end. Heels are known to cause people to trip and fall, twist their ankles, and more. Plus, long-term use of them has been shown to cause a whole slew of permanent health issues, too. So while height matters, heels aren’t the answer

What Insoles Provide

Rather than height increasing shoes like heels, you can simply slide height boosting insoles inside your flats. These insoles are designed to improve your posture, cushion your step, and simply give you a healthier way to get that height advantage you want and need in the workplace. What’s best is that nobody will know that this extra height isn’t from your own body stature because the insole is hidden inside your shoe!

Testimonial: Today Show Style Editor, Bobbie Thomas

“I use Lift kits in most of my flat boots, from the classic riding style to even my rain wellies. They not only make me a little taller, but also boost my derriere!”
Bobbie Thomas – Today Show Style Editor

Lift Kits Video Description: Bobbie Thomas, Fashion reporter for In Touch Magazine and the Today Show features LiftKits shoe lifts to help increase the height for both men and women.

New LiftKits for Chicks – Fitness Insoles Commercial

LiftKits for Chicks Fitness Insoles are an alternative to expensive fitness shoes. Other benefits to LiftKits for Chicks is that you get all the benefits of Skerchers Shape-Ups without giving up your personal style. You also get the bonus of added height. LiftKits for Chicks work like a secret heel, giving you longer looking legs!

Cart Update – Individual Orders and International Orders, Now Available

Now Orders from Asia, Europe, Central and South America and the Middle East are available at www.MyLiftKits.com. If you dont see your country listed in the cart when ordering please contact us and we will consider adding your country to the list of places we ship.

We have also added the availability of ordering one off items. Many of our customers have requested the ability to purchase the Men’s LiftKits Hi-Top model on its own. Check out the shop tab to see the new changes and keep letting us know what you’d like to see. We’ll do our best to fulfill your request.



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Dont want to wear Shape-Ups, yet you want all the benefits

Skechers has a new product and new marketing campaign highlighting their “fitness footwear” called Shape-Ups. They advertise that Shape-Ups get in you in shape without forcing you to step foot in the gym. Some of the benefits of wearing Shape-Ups include strengthening your back, improving your posture, improving blood circulation, tightening abdominal muscles, reducing knee joint stress, firming calf and buttocks muscles.

We think Shape-Ups are great. However, if you don’t want to wear Shape-Ups, can’t afford new shoes or simply want to enjoy the benefits Shape-Ups allow but want to have them in your existing shoes, check out LiftKits and LiftKits for Chicks. LiftKits are a simple insole that you slip inside of your shoe that force your weight onto the balls of your feet. The result is better posture and a tightening of your calf, hamstring and buttocks muscles. Whether its Shape-Ups or LiftKits insoles, you’ll be standing tall and wearing shorts more often to show off your new toned look.

a Leg Up

10’s of thousands of people face the challenge of having one leg shorter than the other, most commonly known as leg length discrepancy. Many of our customers have contacted us after spending their entire lives have custom shoes made and were simply fed up. Others have contacted us after hip surgeries that have left a limb shorter than the next.

The causes of a leg length discrepancy, even the most common ones, are numerous and varied. A discrepancy can result from an injury as a child, such as in a fracture that damages the cells responsible for growth of the bone, while the corresponding bone on the other leg grows normally. Some fractures can also lead to overgrowth of bone during the healing process, resulting in a longer than normal bone.

Diseases of the bone, such as osteomyelitis, can injure the growth plate, where growth in length occurs, so that a discrepancy occurs gradually over time.

Some children are born with legs that are of unequal length or bowed tibias that are accompanied with a leg length discrepancy. Functional leg length discrepancy can also result from congenital (present at birth) problems, that alter alignment of the hips, such as coxa vara and developmental dislocation of the hip. Neuromuscular problems, such as cerebral palsy, which causes problems with alignment and posture can also lead to a functional discrepancy.

Bone tumors and treatments designed to eradicate them are related to leg length discrepancy. Tumors can invade the bone’s growth plate like an infection and treatments, like chemotherapy, can also damage the plate.

Most people cant afford expensive limb lengthening surgeries. Even having custom shoes made can be costly. LiftKits can help and may allow you to wear the same shoes everyone else does for a fraction of the cost of an expensive procedure or customized shoes.

*LiftKits works in most shoes but not all. Make sure to experiment with multiple pairs to find your best fit.