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Gel heel inserts for shoes that fit all sizes. Girls or guys can get a boost in height by Lift Kits shoe inserts that fit in the heels of any shoe.

A New Alternative to Uncomfortable High Heels

Height without the heels. LiftKits for chicks can be worn during the day or even when you’re out on the town at night.

High heels can be very uncomfortable for a number of reasons. Primarily, this is because the height of the heel is situated on a very small base. After spending too much time on the heel, it tends to cause severe pain in the foot and all the way up the length of the leg. Despite high heels being uncomfortable, women still wear them for daily activities and social events.

High heels are worn because they provide height. They are worn in place of tennis shoes, boots, and flats to simply add an inch or two in height. Comfortable heels are a woman’s dream come true, which is why LiftKits have become such a popular choice in footwear over the past several years.

The alternative to uncomfortable high heels is invisible shoe inserts that provide the added height that women want. With these inserts, they no longer have to deal with the stress and pain of platform heels. The shoe inserts easily fit into any type of shoe, instantly converting them into comfortable heels.

LiftKits for Chicks Universals

With these inserts, boots, flats, sandals, and other shoes in a woman’s closet can instantly become heels. This is due to the patented design that offers comfort all day long. The added inch or two from the inserts provides the lean and toned look throughout the calves and buttocks that comes with wearing heels — without the pain.

When a shoe can be transformed into a heel, there’s no reason for women to suffer in the name of fashion anymore. The alternative is to wear a favorite pair of shoes, and buy a pair of LiftKits for them. They will slide into the sole and no one will ever know they are there.

Graduation Dress Tips

Graduation day is one of the most important days in one’s life. People are most excited on their graduation day because all of their hard work has finally paid off and they become official graduates. Donning the cap and gown will make you feel proud of your achievements. Being that you will be among the frenzy of family and friends, this special day calls for special attire.

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Planning your attire for graduation day is easy. Just keep in mind which kind of a school you are graduating from. For example, a high school graduate and a law graduate will dress differently. For law graduates, something formal is more appropriate. For a high school graduate something more casual looks nice. Remember the day and the type of graduation you are attending to help determine the dress on graduation day.

The other factors to be kept in mind are the venue and weather. If the graduation ceremony is happening during winter months, then you have to dress in woolen garments and heavy pants. Otherwise during summer, your dress will need to be lightweight. Your shoes must also be chosen carefully. They must go with the dress you are wearing as well as support you throughout the ceremony. You will have to stand and walk a lot, so wear shoes with good foot support.

A small piece of jewelry or a special pin can adorn your dress to give it a special touch. Accessorize your dress properly for the occasion. Look smart, stand tall, and reflect a positive attitude. The cap is the main attraction of a graduation day. Carry some booby pins in case you need to fix it on your head. But before all this, it also important to check whether there is any dress code for the graduation day. This can sometimes limit some of these options.

Usually a graduation day robe bleeds color and therefore you should wear something that does not catch the color or something that can be easily washed out.

In the end, you should keep in mind the type of ceremony your graduation is, the venue/weather, and proper accessories. By following these tips you are sure to feel confident and put together on your graduation day.

How to Appear Taller

How to Appear Taller: Height Tips for Adults

Anyone who tells you that height doesn’t matter clearly has never spent a day of his or her life being shorter than everyone else. Being short is a physical challenge for obvious reasons, but it also can take its toll on your level of self-confidence, your self-image, and other important areas that ultimately can impact your level of success and happiness in life. If you want to know how to appear taller, here are some tips:

Look at Your Hair

There are so many different modern and stylish ways that you can do your hair. Some have your hair laying flat down on your crown while others add volume and height to the top of your head. If you want to know how to appear taller, consider heading to the stylist for a taller ‘do. In some cases, you can add an inch or two of height pretty easily with a simple style change.

What You’re Wearing

Now, your clothing cannot generally add any extra physical height to you, but some clothing options can leave you looking slight of frame while others give the illusion of height. Consider clothing options that are more top-heavy in look such as those with broader shoulders. These attract attention upward instead of toward your midsection or lower.

The Importance of Footwear

Perhaps the most important ingredient of all if you want to know how to appear taller is the footwear you choose. There are some stylish options today for men and women alike that have a larger insole. You don’t necessarily have to wear platform shoes or elevator shoes, but you can add an inch or so of height by paying attention to the sole. Plus, you can also add special shoe inserts like LiftKits into your shoes for an extra few inches of height, too!

Tell Us the Truth, Ladies – Would You Date a Short Man?

There are some men who will always get dates in spite of their height. Tom Cruise is just 5’7” and has married two beautiful women who were both taller than him. Al Pacino is the same height and he has never had problems with either success or women, either. But when it comes to the average guy on the street who doesn’t have star power behind him, will he get the same number and quality of dates that a taller guy would? Unfortunately, the answer is no.


If you ask most women if they would date a short man, they will tell you that at the very least they want a man who is taller than them, and preferably several inches taller than them. So if you are pursuing a woman who is a little on the taller side, you may have a hurdle that you just can’t overcome.


Of course, there are always instances of women dating men who are shorter. After all, Nicole Kidman did marry Tom Cruise, but he has other factors that overpower his lack of height – fame, money, success, good looks! If you don’t have any (or all) of those going for you, then you will need to come up with another plan.


One of the ways of overcoming height issues that a lot of men are using these days is something called Lift Kits. These are interchangeable neoprene insoles that go right into your existing shoes. You can wear them with dress or casual shoes, or even your athletic shoes. They are comfortable and can help with back and knee problems, but more importantly, they will make you anywhere from one inch to two inches taller. No one can see that you are wearing them, but you will find that you can instantly command the respect you have been missing all of these years.


Is Being Short A Problem?

If you ask your doctor, he will tell you that there is nothing wrong with being short. Your mom will probably tell you the same thing. But, deep in your heart, you probably wish that you were just a few inches taller. Although the average height for a man in this country is 5’9”, even men who are that height sometimes feel that they are “short.” So although there is no real physical problem with being on the shorter side, the truth is that there are many other problems.


The first problem that you will find out about when you are growing up is that women prefer to be seen with taller men. There is no particular reason why this is so, but it’s the truth. If you are the shortest kid in your class, then you will be picked last for sports and probably picked last at the dance, too.


As you grow older, people won’t be quite as cruel, but the truth is that you will probably have more problems finding dates than the taller guys do. Women generally want a man who is at least a few inches taller than them, and if you are short, then you might not have a lot of women to choose from.


But the most painful part of being short is that it can really stunt your career. Taller men get the better jobs – there are plenty of studies that prove this. Taller men make more over their lives than shorter men do, and they are more often found in positions of power. Yes, there are the exceptions like the 5’2” Napoleon Bonaparte, but they are rare.


If you want to get the most out of your life, both in your career and your social life, then you should consider doing something about it. The best and easiest way to tackle your lack of height is by using lifts. These are simple, soft insoles that go right into the shoes that you already own. They can be put in all kinds of shoes, so you will be as tall on the golf course as you are on the dance floor or at work.


These lifts will give you the appearance of being one to two inches taller, and they will also give you a level of confidence that you might never have felt before, which can only lead to more opportunities for you in life.


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