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Exercises For Growing Taller

October 18th, 2012

If you consider yourself vertically challenged, growing taller can become almost obsessive. In a world of six-footers, others often look down on you, figuratively and literally. You’ve heard that proper diet and more sleep can help, and maybe you’ve tried these suggestions with limited success. There are even painful surgeries to lengthen your legs, but these are expensive and involve a long period of recuperation. If you go online looking for exercise programs touted to make you taller you may have been absolutely astonished to find more than 44 million websites on the subject. Some even promise that you can add 2-4 inches of height in just eight weeks. These exercises are designed to stretch out your body and decompress your spine. They also have the added benefits of improving your flexibility and posture. Exercises with names such as Cobra, Super Cobra, and the Cat Stretch are similar to certain Yoga postures that have been around for thousands of years. One such Yoga routine, called The Salutation to the Sun, employs movements similar to a combination of the Cobra and Super Cobra, which have you lie face down on the floor and, with the support of your arms, lean your head back and arch your spine as much as possible. You then bring your hips up, putting the body into an inverted V, which bends the spine in the opposite direction. These exercises are very good, but if you think they’ll add 2-4″ of height you’ll be disappointed. Better to add that height instantly by getting some shoes to make men taller. Shoes to make men taller add immediately to your stature, and no one else will know. As an alternative, keep the shoes you now use and slip in some lift kits insoles. They work.

Jennifer Aniston: LiftKits Lady of the Day

June 29th, 2012

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(Source: GQ)

Clara Alonso Babe of the Day

June 4th, 2012

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Tips for Actors: Remembering Dialogues

May 25th, 2012

Even some of the most seasoned actors have difficulty is memorizing their lines.  In fact, it is one of the recurrent concerns up on the minds of actors, especially those performing on stage. In order to memorize lines, you need to keep on practicing and repeating your lines until you have memorized them by heart and feel confident.

There is no easy way out when it comes to memorizing lines. However, certain tips for actors can definitely help to pick them up faster.  In order to learn his/her lines, an actor can start with reading their lines aloud and repeating them frequently. In fact, most acting workshops and rehearsal sessions stress on this. Thus, by the time the actor delivers his/her lines on stage, they are likely to have uttered them hundreds of time. Apart from repeating the lines, a few other useful tips for actors can also help them to memorize their lines easily:

Inexperienced actors often blankly wait for the other actors to finish their lines so that they can utter their dialogues. Instead they should be completely immersed in the scene and treat the dialogues of other actors as cues for their delivery.

These days actors hardly get time for rehearsals. Therefore, you can record your lines and listen to them frequently throughout the day. You can play the dialogues on your iPod or your music device,  listen to them whenever you get time in between your regular chores.

Rehearse your lines keeping the stage directions in mind.  It has been proven that combination of speech and movement enables a person to recall the next line easily.  Also, this helps you to keep a better track of the entire thing and you can pull of the whole act without much of a hassle. These tips for actors will certainly help you to memorize and keep a tab of your dialogues.

Robert Downey Jr. getting shoe lifts for ‘Iron Man 3′

April 25th, 2012

[Us Weekly - DEC 2011]Robert Downey Jr. is hoping to look taller than his 5-foot-8, a report claims.

According to Us Weekly, Downey’s stylist has requested shoes with three-inch built-in lifts to wear while filming “Iron Man 3.”

“They’re working on a special pair just for him,” a source said. “The lift insole needs to be concealed in a high top shoe or boot. The highest that’s offered the general public is 2 inches.”

While Downey has not commented on his lifts per se, he did recently tell Men’s Fitness magazine that he was surprised to be cast in the action hero franchise given his compact body type

Robert Downey Jr. will be wearing shoe lifts in “Iron Man 3.”

“I guess I had some notion about it,” he said. “I’ve always really enjoyed that genre, but I mean, it’s prettyoutlandish. I’m not particularly tall or strong or fast or aggressive. Yet, I’m not faking it. To me, it’s a cosmic chuckle.”

His trainer, Brad Bose, also reveals in the cover story that he was similarly skeptical about turning Downey into Tony Stark.

“He was skinny,” said Bose. “He weighed about 150 pounds … Our goal was to get him as big as we could.”

Coachella Tips

April 12th, 2012

It’s that time of the year. The Coachella Music festival is upon us. This weekends of Friday April 13th-15th and April 20th-22nd will attract upwards of 80,00 people respectively. Over 125+ artists will be performing including headliners The Black Keys, Radiohead, and Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre. Here at Liftkits, we’ve got advice for Coachella virgins and veterans alike in order to make this weekend one to remember. Follow these Coachella tips to have a unforgettable weekend.

Where are you staying?

Camping is one of the most important aspects that defines Coachella. An entire camping community exists outside the music festival, with rows of tents, cars, and even RVs. Whether or not you are camping this year, take some time to explore the area and meet some of the “locals.” Many people opt to stay at houses several miles away off the freeway. This too is an exciting way to enjoy the festival as you can get an entire group of your friends together for the weekend. It cannot be overlooked that some people even go without true location plans and wing it, spending nights in their car or on the desert. This is the far more adventurous route and recommended only for the bravest Coachella goers. No matter the path you choose, Coachella is its own community for the weekend.

Which Artists are you going to see?

The most difficult part of any music festival: deciding which artists to see and which to not. Since there are so many great artists in such a short period of time, it is inevitable that several of your favorite artists will coincide. This especially becomes a problem later at night as the acts become more well known. So will you see Swedish House Mafia or the Black Keys? Life is full of tough decisions, luckily there is no bad choice with so much great talent in one area. Get plenty of sleep before this weekend, because you won’t want to miss a second!!

Which Weekend to go?

This is the most interesting of paradoxes. While the same performers are performing the same acts, it is clear that weekend 1 is heavily favored over weekend 2. The most obvious explanation is that people have waited long enough and want to be the first to see their favorite artists. Ultimately, you should choose the weekend that fits best with your schedule. Only you know what is right for you, so make either weekend the best experience it can be. There is no doubt in my mind that either weekend will provide a lasting Coachella experience. Above all thing just remember: Have Fun!!


Liftkits Lady of the Week

April 10th, 2012

This week’s Liftkits Lady of the Week does not disappoint. Say Hello to Bar Refaeli!

Learn the Best Acting Technique to Become a Good Actor

March 31st, 2012

Learn the Best Acting Technique to Become a Good Actor

Acting technique is a debatable matter. Many people think that there is no such technique involved in acting. Others think that acting is basically a technique to emote without being emotional. The emotional preparation is the context where the differentiation between acting techniques takes place. When you take coaching classes for developing acting skills, they will teach you to achieve apt realistic emotions suitable for the scenes.

Most of the acting techniques fail because of two reasons. Either they are too internal or extremely external. There are several acting schools that teach the advantages of emotionalizing through exterior means. According to this teaching, emotional preparation is done by infusing certain objects with associative memories. These can be paintings, rooms or even scarves. This acting technique works for the first time but becomes repetitive after sometime and loses its punch. We also end up wasting time to prepare ourselves for this.

Method acting is a tried and tested acting technique being followed by actors all around the world. This preparation is internal. In this method an actor is asked to recall memories that invoke particular emotions to play the character. Though this acting technique has worked quite well, there are certain difficulties that actors face. Since you are basically relying on your own experiences, you cannot look up to some external object. An incident that meant a lot to you even a couple of years back, may not invoke the same kind of emotions presently.

However, there is a middle technique which is based on imagination. According to this acting technique, you can draw from your imagination to prepare emotionally for a role. This makes adaptation easy for an actor because our imagination is unlimited. Besides, we can actually concentrate on the character we are playing on screen. Be vivid with your imagination and fill up your acting with all the details.

Photoshoot Tips for Models who have Begun their Career

March 30th, 2012

Photoshoot Tips for Models who have Begun their Career

Photoshoot holds immense importance in a model’s career. Neither is photography an easy thing to do nor is posing for it. A lot of effort is required from both the model and the photographer to click a nice photo. It is especially difficult for models who have just started out. With experience you will understand how the entire thing works. In this article we will provide photoshoot tips for models who have just begun their career.

One of the most essential photoshoot tips for models is that you should come prepared for it. Reaching the shoot on time is also extremely important. It is good if you know the style of the photographer. It will help you to be in the right mood and be prepared for the photoshoot. It is nice if you do some homework on the poses and expressions. In this way you will already have something to work upon. Getting a good sleep at the night is a priority right before the shoot. This will provide you the energy to go through the entire session.

Having lots of water so that you look fresh and hydrated also happens to be in the list of photoshoot tips for models. If there is a make up artist then the situation is relaxed. However, if there is no make up artist, then you must know certain make up tips. A face powder is a must when going for a photoshoot. You will not want to display your freshly scrubbed face because that highlights the undesirable spots in your face.

Translucent face powder will provide you the natural look. However, consult with a make up artist before applying it. A matt look is always preferable than a shiny look, especially for close up shots. Avoid tanning your skin before the shoot.



Become a Famous Fashion Model by Showcasing Your Talent

February 18th, 2012

Become a Famous Fashion Model by Showcasing Your Talent

Becoming a fashion model can be exciting if you are looking into a glamorous career with lots of travel opportunities. A fashion model travels to different exotic locations, showcases the latest trends in apparels, accessories from the famous designers. A fashion model can also feature in a magazine and endorse fashion products. However, reaching the desired height in the career is not easy at all. You can start out with modeling agencies booking for jobs. Fashion models can also attend exclusive events. Once you get settled you can get paid thousands of dollars per day.

The trend in finding good looking fashion models with an hour glass figure is no more in vogue. The designers have now realized that they need to reach out to a larger cross section of people in the society to sell their clothing lines and accessories. Presently, the fashion industry designs clothes and accessories for teens, the petite ones, retirees, plus sizes and so on. With the increase in range of clothes line, a fashion model has more opportunity to shine in his/her career. A fashion model need not have the perfect look and figure now because he/she can flaunt assets in whichever size it is.

Different types of fashion modeling can be done by people who have the drive to be successful. There is a lot of more exposure and scope for such aspiring models. However, you have to become a part of a top model agency to progress in your career. The categories you can work into include television modeling, promotional modeling, showroom modeling, runway modeling and catalog modeling. Fashion magazine and newspaper modeling can also be a good career option. Lot of hard work and long hours of working schedules are involved in this. However, if you have the passion and hunger in you, you will succeed.