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Elevator Shoes vs. Shoe Lifts – LiftKits

April 25th, 2013

Remember elevator shoes? Those ugly, clunky shoes with lifts built into the insoles above the heels that were the very antithesis of fashion? They may have made a guy look taller at first glance, but the effect soon dissipated when other people looked down and thought, “Would you look at that? He’s wearing elevator shoes!”

Elevator shoes are anti-fashion. They don’t make them in styles that you really want to wear. They don’t make them in the streamlined contours and tasteful hues that let you know here is a man who’s stepping up to the great things in life. And while they do make elevator sneakers, they’re not the trendy sneaker styles that make a fashion statement. In a world where what you wear defines you as a person, don’t make the mistake of not paying attention to every detail.

You can wear this year’s hottest sneaker styles including the lifestyle sneakers from Creative Recreation, Cole Haan, Nike, Supra, New Balance and others and still add inches to your height when you use LiftKits.

What Are LiftKits?

LiftKits are shoe inserts that can easily be worn with any of your favorite footwear, from dress shoes to boots to sneakers. These inserts are made of recycled polyurethane that actually improve your posture, distributing your weight more evenly and making your center of gravity more stable. This increases both your metabolism and stamina, which allows you to work out more efficiently. Sneakers aren’t only about style, after all! Available in 3 different styles for men and 2 for woman, LiftKits will fit into most of the shoes you already own.

Show business wardrobe professionals know all the tricks when it comes to camouflaging flaws in photo shoots and other production events, and LiftKits are one of their favorites. That’s because they’re not lift kits for shoes that are built into the sole/insole. They’re inserts that nobody can tell you are wearing! Available in 3 different models for men and 2 for woman, Liftkits are shoe lifts that add up to 2 full inches in height. For more information about LiftKits visit there website – These are a new discreet approach to adding inches to your height.

Invest in a Shoe that Makes you Taller

March 27th, 2012

Invest in a Shoe that Makes you Taller

Men do not need to be embarrassed any more by their short height.  You can now buy a shoe that makes you taller.  These shoes are designed in a way that they help you appear taller.  These shoes that make you appear taller are available in different sizes and designs. In fact, some of them can even make you appear taller by 5 inches.

Wearing a shoe that makes you taller not only increase your height, but also help to improve your posture and build on your confidence levels.  Thus you can now attend work interviews, make public appearances and even walk into social gatherings in style. You do not have to bother about what others think of your height and be conscious about it. Improved posture also has several other additional benefits. It will help you to get rid of painful knee problems or back pain, in case you suffer from either of these.

If you are wondering whether others can make out the difference in you shoes, be rest assured of the fact that it will go unnoticed. These are like regular footwear and therefore it is difficult to make out the difference. They are made out of the finest quality leather and therefore take good care of your feet as well.  You can wear them with formal wear, casuals and sporty gear.  Thus they are worth every bit of your money.

These customized shoes make comfortable wear and are far more convenient to use when compared to the inserts that are otherwise placed at the back of the shoes.  Such a shoe that makes you taller would thus serve its purpose without being painful and causing any kind of discomfort to the one wearing them.  So if you have been bothered so long about you short height, think no more. Invest in shoes that make you appear taller right away.

Why Lift Kits Are Better Than Elevator Shoes

February 15th, 2012

Why LiftKits Are Better Than Elevator Shoes

If you have been searching for a way to get a little taller, you are not alone. Many people are what others consider to be short, and if you are one of these people who others normally have to look down on, you certainly would love to change things a bit. Of course, there is no magic wand you can wave or miracle drug you can take that will help an adult just grow inches. Instead, you have to be creative in how you approach this situation. There are two popular options to consider, and these are LiftKits and elevator shoes. You may be wondering which is best for you.

First, let’s take a look at what elevator shoes offer you. Generally, these have to be specially ordered, and thanks to the Internet, they are far easier to find than they were not too many years ago. While they are now far more stylish than elevator shoes used to be, these are specially made shoes, and those who take a close look at your footwear may indeed be able to see that there is something unique about the shoe. The insole with the added lift is built right into the shoe, so the top of the shoe generally appears higher and the front of the shoe appears to be more elongated and extends outward farther than traditional shoes.

You should be aware that elevator shoes do have some significant downsides that you will want to know about. First, they are generally pretty pricey. Many of the styles start out in the $70-80 range, and the cost goes up from there. Second, once you start wearing these, you are pretty much committing yourself to only wearing these. They can give you a boost of up to five inches in height, which is significant. However, when you wear these to work, you cannot then wear a traditional pair of shoes to work the next day, as you will appear, three, four, or five inches shorter in height. People will quickly catch on to your shoe secret!

LiftKits are a little different in that they are inserts that you can place into almost any type of shoe, so you don’t have to worry about going to work one day inches shorter than you were the day before. You can find LiftKits that add up to two inches in height. This height is a bit less than what you could get with elevator shoes, but you will find that they look far more natural. The inserts are designed to add height to the heel of your foot, so you don’t have that awkward look to the exterior of the shoe as you get with elevator shoes. They look far more natural, and they can be worn every day with any style of shoe you want to wear.

Perhaps what is best is that the inserts are far more affordable. With elevator shoes, you will have to buy several different pairs, and they are not cheap to buy! Hopefully you can see now why liftkits insoles (especially for men) are better than elevator shoes. With LiftKits, you can get a pair of inserts for under $30, and one pair of inserts can be used with all of your existing footwear. Clearly, LiftKits are the best solution!


Super Bowl Sunday

February 4th, 2012


It’s almost that time of the year, where all of America gathers around their televisions. Whether your team is playing, got eliminated, or you don’t have a preference this is a time for Americans come together for an event that epitomizes our culture. The rugged violence and graceful athleticism of football tied with the advertising juggernaut that is Super Bowl Sunday. Whether you attend for the game, commercials, or environment there are some ways to “elevate your game” this Sunday.

The Essentials

No Super Bowl can be complete without the essentials: food, a TV, and couches. It may sound so simple but when overlooked can create an unpleasant Superbowl experience. The Television mus the chosen wisely, always negotiate with your friends and figure out how has the biggest TV.  Super Bowl Sunday is a stadium for snacks and food. Chips and dip are classic but there is always room for variety. Lastly we can not forget our captain of laziness, a comfortable couch. The more couches the merrier, make sure there is plenty of room for your guests to lounge.

The X Factors

We’ve got the basics covered, but shouldn’t we make this Sunday a little more exciting? Disclaimer: These X Factors aren’t for the faint of heart. Add some life to the the party with alcohol, gambling, and wagers. I don’t think I need to explain why alcohol makes parties better, so let’s jump into gambling. There is no way to get your interest going in the game than a bet. Many people do squares and bet on the scores of the quarters, some do final game score, or you can play the spread in Vegas. whatever your choice, having a little vested interest in the game makes it all the more exciting. Wagers are another way to make the games more… interesting. You will typically have to find a loyal fan of the playing team to make a wager, but if he (or she) agrees there may be some interesting shenanigans in the future. No one wants their friend to be distraught following a loss, so a naked mile for losing the wager might ease his frustration… or at least entertain the crowd.


No Super Bowl would be complete without commercials. On a day where even the DVR wont keep back people from watching the game live, you can be assured there will be plenty of interesting commercials. Look for the Bud Light, Doritos, and Go Daddy commercials which are typically winners. Every yea is different so don’t miss the next best commercial! It seems all Superbowl Sunday needs now is a Liftkits commercial for it to be the best. As we look forward to the day that will be a reality, enjoy this Superbowl Sunday and all it has to offer!

Kim Jong Ill Should Have Used Lift Kits…

January 31st, 2012

Kim Jong Ill is most notably known for his tyrannical control over communist North Korea and of course his token “Bono-esque” sunglasses. It seems that there is another secret that Kim Jong Ill hoped to take to his grave: he was a long time wearer of elevator style high heels. It was always known that Kim Jong Ill was apparently short around 5’6″, yet these shoes may have given him the illusion of up to 4 inches!!

These shoes seem to be more trouble than they’re worth. Constant wearing causes pressure in the ankles and makes them very susceptible to injury. Moreover the stiffness of the shoes doesn’t give the natural support an individual needs to stay tall and strong. Not to mention the awkward steps that are taken because of the clunkiness of the shoes, which further pushes the risk of injury. These risks are all encompassed by the visibility factor, everyone could tell he was boasting more height than he had.

There could have been an alternative option for Kim Jong Ill. One that might have kept him in better health. Height increasing insoles would have been a huge asset for Kim Jong Ill, allowing him natural height increase while maintaining orthopedic comfort. These insoles allow for a natural height increase without the visibility, no one will know your secret to standing a little taller. Kim Jon Ill’s years got cut short, but maybe Liftkits could helped him out.. He should have used Liftkits!

How to Deal With Being Short

October 13th, 2011

Short guys can sometimes use a boost…

If you are on the shorter side, then you have obviously been dealing with this problem for all of your life. You were probably the shortest kid in school and got teased and taunted then. But that doesn’t mean that you have to continue on in that way. There are ways that you can add a little height to your small frame without anyone even realizing it. The effects of doing this could actually change your life.


There are some men in this world who will always be successful, no matter what their height is. Michael J. Fox is only 5’4”, but he was one of the highest-paid television stars around. Al Pacino is 5’7” and has been successful for almost four decades with both women and his career. But for the average guy, lack of height can be a problem. Leonardo Dicaprio is quite successful, and he’s 6′ 0″ (1.83 m) tall.


Although there are a few ways that you can really change your height, such as by taking human growth hormones (which are dangerous), or by undergoing surgery (which is even more dangerous), most men are choosing more temporary options to deal with their height issues. By simply changing the way that you dress, the types of clothes that you wear, and the way that you hold your frame, you will appear taller.


Another way to appear taller to all of those around you is to put lifts into your shoes. These are certainly not the same as “elevator shoes,” since they have the same size soles as any other shoes. You can wear whatever brand shoes you want, but simply replace the existing insoles with LiftKits insoles that add height. These are invisible to everyone around you, yet they will give you an extra one to two inches. You can wear them with dress, casual, or even athletic shoes, and they will give you all the advantages that the taller people around you enjoy.


Height Increasing Shoes Vs. LiftKits: No Comparison!

October 12th, 2011

Ugly Height Increasing Shoe

Hi-Top LiftKit adds 2 inches and can be used in any style shoe w/ high ankle support

Hi-Top LiftKit adds 2 inches and can be used in any style shoe w/ high ankle support


If you are looking for a way to get a much needed height boost (and what shorter-than-average person isn’t?), then you likely have been debating between investing in height increasing shoes and LiftKits height boosting insoles. The fact is that when you give both options an honest look, there really is no comparison at all. With height increasing shoes, you generally are paying upward of $75 to $100 per pair of shoes, and you have limited style options to choose from. You have to buy the styles that these height increasing shoes are made in rather than choose shoes that really suit your style. This is an expensive and rather backward way to go about buying shoes!


With LiftKits, however, you get a much more affordable way to boost your height. These shoe inserts are priced under $30, and they can be removed and placed into whichever shoes you feel like wearing that day. So with just one small investment, you can get that height you want, and this generally is up to one or two additional inches of height! The inserts go right into your shoes, and they can be used for almost any type of shoes you have. This means that you can walk into the shoe stores of your choice, pick the styles that appeal to your unique personality, comfort, and sense of style, and then place the inserts inside. It’s that simple.


After you do this comparison for yourself, you too will see that there really isn’t much of a comparison to make when it comes to choosing between height increasing shoes and the LiftKits inserts. The LiftKits are more affordable by a long shot, and they give you the complete ability to where the shoes you want to wear while giving you that height you want. Take some more time to look into what LiftKits have to offer, and you will find this really is the way to go if you want to boost your height by up to one or two inches with ease.

One Thing That Grooms Must Not Forget

September 18th, 2011

Your wedding day is an important day for your entire family, and there will be permanent photographic memories of that day that you will all look back on for years to come. But if you are shorter than your wife to be, or even the same height, then you need to make sure that you come across in the photographs as just a little bit taller. Not only will it make for a better picture, but you will feel much better about yourself when you are able to look down at her from above.


Most men spend a lot of time on their wedding attire, but little time on their footwear. Yet it is in the footwear that you can really add to your height. By using lifts within your shoes, you will be able to add an extra one inch to two inches that you might not otherwise have. Your bride will be wearing heels, and perhaps much higher heels than you have ever seen her in, so you should be prepared to heighten as well.


By buying LiftKits, you can easily add two inches of height within your shoes, without having to buy elevator shoes (shoes with large heels) that would show up in the photographs of your wedding. When you stand next to your bride and the entire wedding party, you will appear taller and hopefully taller than your bride.


These are basically soft, neoprene insoles that fit right into your shoes. They are not just for dress shoes, either, as you can use them in your casual or your sporty shoes, too. They are comfortable, provide you with sufficient cushioning, and also enable you to walk more upright, adding even more height to your frame. If you want to look good on your big day, then this is the way to make sure that you do.


Fashion Secrets to Add Height

September 16th, 2011

fashion secrets

Although it certainly isn’t fair, there are some advantages to being taller in this world. For both men and women, the chances of having a successful career are much greater if you are on the higher side of average when it comes to height. You will also make more money over the course of your lifetime and have better opportunities when it comes to the opposite sex.


But if you weren’t born with the height that you want and feel that an extra inch or two might make a big difference in your life, then there are a few fashion secrets you can follow that will enable you to get the respect and have the confidence that you need in life to succeed.


One thing that you should definitely not do if you are short is wear frumpy, baggy clothes. They will only make you look shorter. You should also try to wear pants that are tighter fitting, especially around the legs so that you appear taller.


Shoes with tall heels may help shorter women to look a little taller, but in reality they aren’t fooling anyone. With men, shoes with heels are even worse. But you cantry wearing lifts, which will certainly add to your height.


The primary advantage of having lifts in your shoes is that you can wear your normal shoes and no one will be able to tell that you have them in. LiftKits are a particularly well-known brand that will enable you to get an extra inch or two out of the shoes that you already are wearing. These can be worn in any kind of shoes (athletic, dress, or casual), and although you will appear taller, no one will be able to figure out just why you are standing straighter and appear so much more confident.

Fact: Taller Men Achieve More

September 15th, 2011


powerful man

The average height for men in the United States is now 5’9”, which is actually a little shorter than it was a generation ago. But if you are shorter than this, then you are probably suffering from a variety of prejudices that make it harder for you to get a job, harder to get a raise or a promotion, and also a lot harder to get a date.


People just tend to look at taller people as being more powerful and capable. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do about that. Women face the same kind of prejudice, with taller women being considered more attractive than shorter women, and taller women also getting much better-paying jobs.


But if you want to appear taller, there are some things you can do such as change the type of clothing that you wear. You can also make yourself physically taller by “heightening,” which is the practice of putting lifts inside your shoes. Although you may think that only someone who was really short would do this, the truth is that many men in Hollywood and on Wall Street do it because it makes them appear more powerful and capable.


The great thing about lifts is that you can put them in your shoes and no one will ever know. You will wear the same brand name shoes as everyone else, whether you are wearing athletic shoes or dress shoes, yet you will be an inch or two taller. So if you are only 5’7” right now, with a product like LiftKits, you can get yourself up to the average height of 5’9”. If you are 5’10”, then you can finally read the magic number of six feet, which is where you will really see benefits in terms of earning power and the ability to attract women.