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Elevator shoes add inches to anyone! Use Lift Kits to gain a few inches for men, women kids or youth. Find shoe insoles that elevate your height!

Elevator Shoes vs. Shoe Lifts – LiftKits

Remember elevator shoes? Those ugly, clunky shoes with lifts built into the insoles above the heels that were the very antithesis of fashion? They may have made a guy look taller at first glance, but the effect soon dissipated when other people looked down and thought, “Would you look at that? He’s wearing elevator shoes!”

Elevator shoes are anti-fashion. They don’t make them in styles that you really want to wear. They don’t make them in the streamlined contours and tasteful hues that let you know here is a man who’s stepping up to the great things in life. And while they do make elevator sneakers, they’re not the trendy sneaker styles that make a fashion statement. In a world where what you wear defines you as a person, don’t make the mistake of not paying attention to every detail.

You can wear this year’s hottest sneaker styles including the lifestyle sneakers from Creative Recreation, Cole Haan, Nike, Supra, New Balance and others and still add inches to your height when you use LiftKits.

What Are LiftKits?

LiftKits are shoe inserts that can easily be worn with any of your favorite footwear, from dress shoes to boots to sneakers. These inserts are made of recycled polyurethane that actually improve your posture, distributing your weight more evenly and making your center of gravity more stable. This increases both your metabolism and stamina, which allows you to work out more efficiently. Sneakers aren’t only about style, after all! Available in 3 different styles for men and 2 for woman, LiftKits will fit into most of the shoes you already own.

Show business wardrobe professionals know all the tricks when it comes to camouflaging flaws in photo shoots and other production events, and LiftKits are one of their favorites. That’s because they’re not lift kits for shoes that are built into the sole/insole. They’re inserts that nobody can tell you are wearing! Available in 3 different models for men and 2 for woman, Liftkits are shoe lifts that add up to 2 full inches in height. For more information about LiftKits visit there website – www.myliftkits.com. These are a new discreet approach to adding inches to your height.

Invest in a Shoe that Makes you Taller

Invest in a Shoe that Makes you Taller

Men do not need to be embarrassed any more by their short height.  You can now buy a shoe that makes you taller.  These shoes are designed in a way that they help you appear taller.  These shoes that make you appear taller are available in different sizes and designs. In fact, some of them can even make you appear taller by 5 inches.

Wearing a shoe that makes you taller not only increase your height, but also help to improve your posture and build on your confidence levels.  Thus you can now attend work interviews, make public appearances and even walk into social gatherings in style. You do not have to bother about what others think of your height and be conscious about it. Improved posture also has several other additional benefits. It will help you to get rid of painful knee problems or back pain, in case you suffer from either of these.

If you are wondering whether others can make out the difference in you shoes, be rest assured of the fact that it will go unnoticed. These are like regular footwear and therefore it is difficult to make out the difference. They are made out of the finest quality leather and therefore take good care of your feet as well.  You can wear them with formal wear, casuals and sporty gear.  Thus they are worth every bit of your money.

These customized shoes make comfortable wear and are far more convenient to use when compared to the inserts that are otherwise placed at the back of the shoes.  Such a shoe that makes you taller would thus serve its purpose without being painful and causing any kind of discomfort to the one wearing them.  So if you have been bothered so long about you short height, think no more. Invest in shoes that make you appear taller right away.

Why Lift Kits Are Better Than Elevator Shoes

Why LiftKits Are Better Than Elevator Shoes

If you have been searching for a way to get a little taller, you are not alone. Many people are what others consider to be short, and if you are one of these people who others normally have to look down on, you certainly would love to change things a bit. Of course, there is no magic wand you can wave or miracle drug you can take that will help an adult just grow inches. Instead, you have to be creative in how you approach this situation. There are two popular options to consider, and these are LiftKits and elevator shoes. You may be wondering which is best for you.

First, let’s take a look at what elevator shoes offer you. Generally, these have to be specially ordered, and thanks to the Internet, they are far easier to find than they were not too many years ago. While they are now far more stylish than elevator shoes used to be, these are specially made shoes, and those who take a close look at your footwear may indeed be able to see that there is something unique about the shoe. The insole with the added lift is built right into the shoe, so the top of the shoe generally appears higher and the front of the shoe appears to be more elongated and extends outward farther than traditional shoes.

You should be aware that elevator shoes do have some significant downsides that you will want to know about. First, they are generally pretty pricey. Many of the styles start out in the $70-80 range, and the cost goes up from there. Second, once you start wearing these, you are pretty much committing yourself to only wearing these. They can give you a boost of up to five inches in height, which is significant. However, when you wear these to work, you cannot then wear a traditional pair of shoes to work the next day, as you will appear, three, four, or five inches shorter in height. People will quickly catch on to your shoe secret!

LiftKits are a little different in that they are inserts that you can place into almost any type of shoe, so you don’t have to worry about going to work one day inches shorter than you were the day before. You can find LiftKits that add up to two inches in height. This height is a bit less than what you could get with elevator shoes, but you will find that they look far more natural. The inserts are designed to add height to the heel of your foot, so you don’t have that awkward look to the exterior of the shoe as you get with elevator shoes. They look far more natural, and they can be worn every day with any style of shoe you want to wear.

Perhaps what is best is that the inserts are far more affordable. With elevator shoes, you will have to buy several different pairs, and they are not cheap to buy! Hopefully you can see now why liftkits insoles (especially for men) are better than elevator shoes. With LiftKits, you can get a pair of inserts for under $30, and one pair of inserts can be used with all of your existing footwear. Clearly, LiftKits are the best solution!


Super Bowl Sunday


It’s almost that time of the year, where all of America gathers around their televisions. Whether your team is playing, got eliminated, or you don’t have a preference this is a time for Americans come together for an event that epitomizes our culture. The rugged violence and graceful athleticism of football tied with the advertising juggernaut that is Super Bowl Sunday. Whether you attend for the game, commercials, or environment there are some ways to “elevate your game” this Sunday.

The Essentials

No Super Bowl can be complete without the essentials: food, a TV, and couches. It may sound so simple but when overlooked can create an unpleasant Superbowl experience. The Television mus the chosen wisely, always negotiate with your friends and figure out how has the biggest TV.  Super Bowl Sunday is a stadium for snacks and food. Chips and dip are classic but there is always room for variety. Lastly we can not forget our captain of laziness, a comfortable couch. The more couches the merrier, make sure there is plenty of room for your guests to lounge.

The X Factors

We’ve got the basics covered, but shouldn’t we make this Sunday a little more exciting? Disclaimer: These X Factors aren’t for the faint of heart. Add some life to the the party with alcohol, gambling, and wagers. I don’t think I need to explain why alcohol makes parties better, so let’s jump into gambling. There is no way to get your interest going in the game than a bet. Many people do squares and bet on the scores of the quarters, some do final game score, or you can play the spread in Vegas. whatever your choice, having a little vested interest in the game makes it all the more exciting. Wagers are another way to make the games more… interesting. You will typically have to find a loyal fan of the playing team to make a wager, but if he (or she) agrees there may be some interesting shenanigans in the future. No one wants their friend to be distraught following a loss, so a naked mile for losing the wager might ease his frustration… or at least entertain the crowd.


No Super Bowl would be complete without commercials. On a day where even the DVR wont keep back people from watching the game live, you can be assured there will be plenty of interesting commercials. Look for the Bud Light, Doritos, and Go Daddy commercials which are typically winners. Every yea is different so don’t miss the next best commercial! It seems all Superbowl Sunday needs now is a Liftkits commercial for it to be the best. As we look forward to the day that will be a reality, enjoy this Superbowl Sunday and all it has to offer!

Kim Jong Ill Should Have Used Lift Kits…

Kim Jong Ill is most notably known for his tyrannical control over communist North Korea and of course his token “Bono-esque” sunglasses. It seems that there is another secret that Kim Jong Ill hoped to take to his grave: he was a long time wearer of elevator style high heels. It was always known that Kim Jong Ill was apparently short around 5’6″, yet these shoes may have given him the illusion of up to 4 inches!!

These shoes seem to be more trouble than they’re worth. Constant wearing causes pressure in the ankles and makes them very susceptible to injury. Moreover the stiffness of the shoes doesn’t give the natural support an individual needs to stay tall and strong. Not to mention the awkward steps that are taken because of the clunkiness of the shoes, which further pushes the risk of injury. These risks are all encompassed by the visibility factor, everyone could tell he was boasting more height than he had.

There could have been an alternative option for Kim Jong Ill. One that might have kept him in better health. Height increasing insoles would have been a huge asset for Kim Jong Ill, allowing him natural height increase while maintaining orthopedic comfort. These insoles allow for a natural height increase without the visibility, no one will know your secret to standing a little taller. Kim Jon Ill’s years got cut short, but maybe Liftkits could helped him out.. He should have used Liftkits!

How to Deal With Being Short

Short guys can sometimes use a boost…

If you are on the shorter side, then you have obviously been dealing with this problem for all of your life. You were probably the shortest kid in school and got teased and taunted then. But that doesn’t mean that you have to continue on in that way. There are ways that you can add a little height to your small frame without anyone even realizing it. The effects of doing this could actually change your life.


There are some men in this world who will always be successful, no matter what their height is. Michael J. Fox is only 5’4”, but he was one of the highest-paid television stars around. Al Pacino is 5’7” and has been successful for almost four decades with both women and his career. But for the average guy, lack of height can be a problem. Leonardo Dicaprio is quite successful, and he’s 6′ 0″ (1.83 m) tall.


Although there are a few ways that you can really change your height, such as by taking human growth hormones (which are dangerous), or by undergoing surgery (which is even more dangerous), most men are choosing more temporary options to deal with their height issues. By simply changing the way that you dress, the types of clothes that you wear, and the way that you hold your frame, you will appear taller.


Another way to appear taller to all of those around you is to put lifts into your shoes. These are certainly not the same as “elevator shoes,” since they have the same size soles as any other shoes. You can wear whatever brand shoes you want, but simply replace the existing insoles with LiftKits insoles that add height. These are invisible to everyone around you, yet they will give you an extra one to two inches. You can wear them with dress, casual, or even athletic shoes, and they will give you all the advantages that the taller people around you enjoy.


Height Increasing Shoes Vs. LiftKits: No Comparison!

Ugly Height Increasing Shoe
Hi-Top LiftKit adds 2 inches and can be used in any style shoe w/ high ankle support
Hi-Top LiftKit adds 2 inches and can be used in any style shoe w/ high ankle support


If you are looking for a way to get a much needed height boost (and what shorter-than-average person isn’t?), then you likely have been debating between investing in height increasing shoes and LiftKits height boosting insoles. The fact is that when you give both options an honest look, there really is no comparison at all. With height increasing shoes, you generally are paying upward of $75 to $100 per pair of shoes, and you have limited style options to choose from. You have to buy the styles that these height increasing shoes are made in rather than choose shoes that really suit your style. This is an expensive and rather backward way to go about buying shoes!


With LiftKits, however, you get a much more affordable way to boost your height. These shoe inserts are priced under $30, and they can be removed and placed into whichever shoes you feel like wearing that day. So with just one small investment, you can get that height you want, and this generally is up to one or two additional inches of height! The inserts go right into your shoes, and they can be used for almost any type of shoes you have. This means that you can walk into the shoe stores of your choice, pick the styles that appeal to your unique personality, comfort, and sense of style, and then place the inserts inside. It’s that simple.


After you do this comparison for yourself, you too will see that there really isn’t much of a comparison to make when it comes to choosing between height increasing shoes and the LiftKits inserts. The LiftKits are more affordable by a long shot, and they give you the complete ability to where the shoes you want to wear while giving you that height you want. Take some more time to look into what LiftKits have to offer, and you will find this really is the way to go if you want to boost your height by up to one or two inches with ease.

One Thing That Grooms Must Not Forget

Your wedding day is an important day for your entire family, and there will be permanent photographic memories of that day that you will all look back on for years to come. But if you are shorter than your wife to be, or even the same height, then you need to make sure that you come across in the photographs as just a little bit taller. Not only will it make for a better picture, but you will feel much better about yourself when you are able to look down at her from above.


Most men spend a lot of time on their wedding attire, but little time on their footwear. Yet it is in the footwear that you can really add to your height. By using lifts within your shoes, you will be able to add an extra one inch to two inches that you might not otherwise have. Your bride will be wearing heels, and perhaps much higher heels than you have ever seen her in, so you should be prepared to heighten as well.


By buying LiftKits, you can easily add two inches of height within your shoes, without having to buy elevator shoes (shoes with large heels) that would show up in the photographs of your wedding. When you stand next to your bride and the entire wedding party, you will appear taller and hopefully taller than your bride.


These are basically soft, neoprene insoles that fit right into your shoes. They are not just for dress shoes, either, as you can use them in your casual or your sporty shoes, too. They are comfortable, provide you with sufficient cushioning, and also enable you to walk more upright, adding even more height to your frame. If you want to look good on your big day, then this is the way to make sure that you do.


Fashion Secrets to Add Height

fashion secrets

Although it certainly isn’t fair, there are some advantages to being taller in this world. For both men and women, the chances of having a successful career are much greater if you are on the higher side of average when it comes to height. You will also make more money over the course of your lifetime and have better opportunities when it comes to the opposite sex.


But if you weren’t born with the height that you want and feel that an extra inch or two might make a big difference in your life, then there are a few fashion secrets you can follow that will enable you to get the respect and have the confidence that you need in life to succeed.


One thing that you should definitely not do if you are short is wear frumpy, baggy clothes. They will only make you look shorter. You should also try to wear pants that are tighter fitting, especially around the legs so that you appear taller.


Shoes with tall heels may help shorter women to look a little taller, but in reality they aren’t fooling anyone. With men, shoes with heels are even worse. But you cantry wearing lifts, which will certainly add to your height.


The primary advantage of having lifts in your shoes is that you can wear your normal shoes and no one will be able to tell that you have them in. LiftKits are a particularly well-known brand that will enable you to get an extra inch or two out of the shoes that you already are wearing. These can be worn in any kind of shoes (athletic, dress, or casual), and although you will appear taller, no one will be able to figure out just why you are standing straighter and appear so much more confident.

Fact: Taller Men Achieve More


powerful man

The average height for men in the United States is now 5’9”, which is actually a little shorter than it was a generation ago. But if you are shorter than this, then you are probably suffering from a variety of prejudices that make it harder for you to get a job, harder to get a raise or a promotion, and also a lot harder to get a date.


People just tend to look at taller people as being more powerful and capable. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do about that. Women face the same kind of prejudice, with taller women being considered more attractive than shorter women, and taller women also getting much better-paying jobs.


But if you want to appear taller, there are some things you can do such as change the type of clothing that you wear. You can also make yourself physically taller by “heightening,” which is the practice of putting lifts inside your shoes. Although you may think that only someone who was really short would do this, the truth is that many men in Hollywood and on Wall Street do it because it makes them appear more powerful and capable.


The great thing about lifts is that you can put them in your shoes and no one will ever know. You will wear the same brand name shoes as everyone else, whether you are wearing athletic shoes or dress shoes, yet you will be an inch or two taller. So if you are only 5’7” right now, with a product like LiftKits, you can get yourself up to the average height of 5’9”. If you are 5’10”, then you can finally read the magic number of six feet, which is where you will really see benefits in terms of earning power and the ability to attract women.

Height of Famous Short People and Celebrities

Here is a list we found of famous short celebrities.  Some of the people on this list are already using  LiftKits brand height increasing insoles to grow taller and some who should be.  we’re sure some of their heights will surprise a lot of you.


Jason Alexander 5’5″ Entertainment
Woody Allen 5’6″ Entertainment
Mario Andretti 5′ 7½” Sports
Sean Astin 5’6″ Entertainment
Ludwig Van Beethoven 5′ 3¾” Music
David Ben-Gurion 5’0″ Politics
Robert Blake 5’4″ Entertainment
Humphrey Bogart 5’8″ Entertainment
Napoleon Bonaparte 5’6″ Politics
Bono 5’7″ Entertainment
Matthew Broderick 5’8″ Entertainment
Mel Brooks 5’4″ Entertainment
Gary Burghoff 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Richard Burton 5’8″ Entertainment
James Cagney 5’7″ Entertainment
Truman Capote 5’4″ Literature
Andrew Carnegie 5’0″ Entrepreneur
Gary Coleman 4’8″ Entertainment
Phil Collins 5′ 6″ Entertainment
Lou Costello 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Tom Cruise 5’8″ Entertainment
Billy Crystal 5’8″ Entertainment
Salvador Dali 5’7″ Art
Sammy Davis Jr. 5’3″ Entertainment
Danny DeVito 5’0″ Entertainment
Robert Downey Jr. 5’7″ Entertainment
Richard Dreyfuss 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Bob Dylan 5’6″ Entertainment
Emilio Estevez 5’7″ Entertainment
Peter Falk 5’6″ Entertainment
William Faulkner 5’6″ Literature
F. Scott Fitzgerald 5’7″ Literature
Michael J. Fox 5’4″ Entertainment
Buckminster Fuller 5’2″ Scientist
Ghandi 5’3″ Politics
Paul Giamatti 5’7″ Entertainment
Maurice & Robin Gibb (Bee Gees) 5’8″ Entertainment
Joel Grey 5’5″ Entertainment
Gus Grissom 5′ 5″ Astronaut
Scott Hamilton 5’4″ Sports
Armand Hammer 5’5″ Entrepreneur
Alfred Hitchcock 5’6″ Entertainment
Dustin Hoffman 5’6″ Entertainment
Anthony Hopkins 5’8″ Entertainment
Bob Hoskins 5′ 5½” Entertainment
Harry Houdini 5’5″ Entertainment
Curly Howard 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Moe Howard 5’4″ Entertainment
Elton John 5’4″ Entertainment
Davy Jones 5’3″ Entertainment
John Keats 5’1″ Literature
Ben Kingsley 5’8″ Entertainment
Nikita Khrushchev 5’3″ Politics
Martin Luther King 5’7″ Politics
Alan Ladd 5’4″ Entertainment
Fiorello Henry LaGuardia 5’0″ Politics
Nathan Lane 5’5″ Entertainment
Martin Lawrence 5’8″ Entertainment
T. E. Lawrence  (of Arabia) 5’6″ Politics
Spike Lee 5’5″ Entertainment
John Leguizamo 5’8″ Entertainment
Guy Lombardo 5’4″ Entertainment
Peter Lorre 5’5″ Entertainment
James Madison 5’4″ Politics
Cheech Marin 5’6″ Entertainment
Chico Marx 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Harpo Marx 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Dudley Moore 5’2″ Entertainment
Noriyuki (Pat) Morita 5′ 3″ Entertainment
Mike Myers 5’7″ Entertainment
George “Baby Face” Nelson 5′ 5″ Criminal
Aristotle Onassis 5’5″ Entrepreneur
Al Pacino 5’6″ Entertainment
Ross Perot 5’7″ Entrepreneur
Joe Pesci 5’5″ Entertainment
Pablo Picasso 5’4″ Art
Roman Polanski 5’4″ Entertainment
Jason Priestly 5’6″ Entertainment
Prince 5’3″ Entertainment
Lou Reed 5’5″ Entertainment
Edward G. Robinson 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Auguste Rodin 5′ 4″ Art
Mickey Rooney 5’3″ Entertainment
Marquis de Sade 5′ 3″ Literature
Leo Sayer 5′ 4″ Entertainment
Martin Scorsese 5’3″ Entertainment
Ryan Seacrest 5’7″ Entertainment
Rod Serling 5′ 4″ Entertainment
Martin Sheen 5’7″ Entertainment
Willie Shoemaker 4’11” Sports
Paul Simon 5’2″ Entertainment
David Spade 5’7″ Entertainment
Steven Spielberg 5′ 7½” Entertainment
Joseph Stalin 5’6″ Politics
Ringo Starr 5’8″ Entertainment
Ben Stiller 5’8″ Entertainment
Jerry Stiller 5’6″ Entertainment
Igor Stravinsky 5′ 4″ Composer
Kurt Thomas 5′ 5″ Sports
J. R. R. Tolkien 5′ 5″ Literature
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 4’11” Art
Ray Walston 5’8″ Entertainment
Spud Webb 5’7″ Sports
Paul Williams 5’2″ Entertainment
Robin Williams 5’8″ Entertainment
Henry Winkler 5’7″ Entertainment
Elijah Wood 5’6″ Entertainment


This list was found on tallmen shoes dot com  here.

Finding Shoes That Make You Taller

So many people today, men and women alike, look for one thing in particular when they go shoe shopping, and that is shoes that make you look taller. Nobody enjoys people looking down at them. Whether it’s family, friends, co-workers, employees, or anyone else, when people look down at you, it makes you feel less confident and even inferior. Over the years, this can really make in impact on your self-image, so it’s clear that you want to do what you can to find shoes that make you taller.


There are only so many shoe styles available that accomplish this goal. For men, the options are truly limited, and this is especially true when you are considering professional attire. For casual wear, boots and other thick-soled shoes are an option for men, but these aren’t appropriate for all occasions or all weather. For women, there are of course heels as an option, as well as boots, clogs, and other styles. While there are more styles for women to choose from, the drawback is that heels and other such shoes are not always comfortable and they can even cause health issues.

 Height Insoles

Sometimes the solution doesn’t rest in the shoe styles but in the shoes themselves. This is because rather than finding shoes that make you taller, you can actually put inserts inside your existing styles that give you a healthy boost. What’s best is that nobody else knows you are wearing them!

The Results

Whether you do choose to buy a style that has a thicker heel or you choose to go with the more comfortable and healthier option of insoles, the result is that you will be taller than you are barefooted, and you will have that extra edge that gives you a confidence boost every day, too.

Tom Cruise Shoe Lifts – Back In Style Again

Women wear high heels because they know that they make their legs look great and also make them appear a lot taller. When a man wears shoes with anything more than an inch heel, everyone knows that he is trying to look taller, and that is not a good thing. But, with shoe lifts, you can get that extra height that you are looking for without anyone knowing it.

How Do Shoe Lifts Work?

Lifts in your shoes are not the same as having stacked heels or elevator shoes. You get to wear your normal shoes, whether they are athletic shoes, dress shoes, work shoes, or casual shoes. Then, simply take out the existing insoles and replace them with shoe lifts. They will instantly make you appear taller and since you will still be wearing your regular shoes, no one will know the difference.

Are They Comfortable?

When you wear shoe lifts, you might be surprised by the level of comfort that you get. First of all, they are made from soft material that cushions yet still supports your feet, and they will feel no different than your normal insoles. Also, because you are supported more in the back of your foot, you will stand up straighter, which leads to better posture and fewer health problems.

Won’t People Know?

The best part of wearing lifts is that you will get to take advantage of the many benefits of being taller without having to resort to such things as human growth hormone or bone lengthening. Both men and women around you will look at you much differently, and you will be able to stand tall, literally, with a sense of pride. Having just an extra inch or two on your height can make all the difference in the world and really improve your life.

Can a Shoe Lift Help You?

There is nothing wrong with being on the short side. Plenty of famous and successful men have been a little shorter than average, but it is a known fact that taller men have more chances in life and often have a greater chance of succeeding in many aspects of their career, their love life, and just in regard to personal happiness.

 What Can You Do?

Although some people will tell you that height doesn’t really matter, you know that it does and that is why using a shoe lift is such a convenient answer to your height problem. These are easy to use and extremely comfortable insoles that are put right into your existing shoes. No one will know that you are wearing them, and you can buy more than one set, or simply take them out and put them in another pair of shoes if you’d like.

Are They Comfortable?

These are very similar to the gel insoles that you see sold by some of the major brands, except that they provide you with more height. They also provide you with a sense of confidence that those other insoles don’t give you. Once you are taller, you will walk straighter, and the insoles are actually good for your posture, too.

How High Are They?

You can buy two sizes of insoles – one inch or two inches – either of which is sufficient to make a big difference in your life. What usually happens is that people know something is a little different about you, but they can’t put their finger on it. They may think that you are happier, more confident, or just perkier – but you will know that it is because you are taller. Once you start to feel taller and people see you that way, the world is your oyster.

Shoe Lift Inserts Do More Than Just Give You Height

The average height of an American man has continually gone up over the past century, and now if you aren’t at least 5’8”, you are considered to be “short.” While this may not be fair, the truth is that men who are taller get better jobs, get more respect, and get more looks from the ladies. By wearing shoe lift inserts, you can get all of those, no matter what your real height is.

How Do They Work?

Shoe lift inserts are gel inserts that go inside of your shoes, either in place of or just on top of your existing inserts. This gives you an extra one inch to two inches of height, and only you are able to tell you where it’s coming from. Unlike elevator shoes, which are obvious and don’t fool anyone, no one will know why you look taller and more confident.

 How Does This Affect Your Body?

Most men who use shoe lift inserts notice an immediate change not only in their height, but also in their posture, which tends to add an extra half inch or so. When your heels are lifted up like that, you are more prone to standing up straight and lifting your head up, which in turn gives you more confidence. In fact, your friends might not notice your height difference, but they will notice that you are somehow more confident and assertive in your walk and your actions.

Are They Safe?

Men and women have been using these in different forms for years, and the latest versions of shoe inserts are extremely safe and pose no danger to your body. They are extremely comfortable on your feet, they will fit in any kind of shoes, and you will find that they make a huge difference in how you see yourself.

How a Shoe Lift Insert Can Improve Your Life

It seems that most men wouldn’t mind being just a little bit taller, and now that is actually possible. You don’t need human growth hormone in order to do it, and you also don’t need to use heightening techniques that just don’t work. More and more men are choosing to use a shoe lift insert to help them get the added advantage in life that they need.

What Is a Shoe Lift Insert?

This is a soft gel insert that is put right into your shoe, giving you the height that you need. They come in sizes of both one inch and two inch, with many men gradually making the move up to the latter. Although you might think that with a two-inch shoe lift insert, your shoe would be uncomfortable, the opposite is actually true. It is comfortable and will help you with your posture.

How Does That Work?

You have surely noticed that when women wear high heels, they are prone to standing up straighter, and the same is true for when a man wears an insert. The improved posture will also make you look taller and a lot more confident, too. So not only will you get increased height out of your lifts, but you will also appear taller because of your improved posture.

Can People Tell You Are Wearing Them?

There is no way that anyone can see that you are wearing them, primarily because they are hidden within your shoes. You will not have big heels, which are obvious to everyone, and although you will appear a little taller, no one will really know why. Whether you want a few more inches because of a big date, a job interview, or just because you want to feel better, this is an easy and affordable way to do it.

Shoe Insoles Lifts for Men

Although it probably isn’t fair, men are often judged on their height. If you are a smaller man, then you may have been turned down for jobs, turned down by women, and made to feel that you are somehow inferior as a result of your lack of height. However, by using shoe insoles lifts, you can gain up to two inches virtually overnight.

Are These the Same as Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are really just high heels for men, and they have never been successful. Any man who wears a heel of more than an inch will be sociologically looked down upon, even though he may be a little bit taller. It is hard to understand why high heels on a woman make them more desirable, but the opposite is true for men.

How Do Shoe Insoles Lifts for Men Work?

These are small, orthopedic inserts that enable you to appear anywhere from one inch to two inches taller. They are not visible from outside your shoe, and they work in all sorts of shoes – dress, casual, work, or athletic. Shoe insoles lifts enable you to appear taller, no matter what shoes you are wearing.

Are They Safe?

You might think that having some sort of insert in your shoes would be unsafe, but it’s not. In fact, most people who wear them find that their pre-existing back pain comes to an end. This is often because when you wear lifts, you tend to walk with better posture, which in turn also makes you appear taller.

By improving your posture, you will find that you have more energy, more stamina, and a lot more confidence. The people around you will know that something is different, but they won’t be able to put a finger on it, and because the inserts are in your shoes, it will be your little secret.

Increase Your Height With Shoe Heel Lifts

In our society, there is something about a man who is tall that commands respect. If you are a little on the short side but have thought that there is nothing that you could do about it, then think again. You don’t have to resort to dangerous human growth hormones, height exercises that don’t work, or limb-lengthening. By using shoe heel lifts, you will gain height and confidence, too.

Can People See Them?

The true beauty of shoe heel lifts is that they are not apparent to anyone but you. Unlike “elevator shoes,” which make you look foolish, lifts are hidden within your shoes to give you the height you need without anyone knowing.

What Kind of Shoes Can You Put Them In?

In addition to being invisible to anyone but you, shoe heel lifts are easily interchangeable between shoes, and they will go in any pair you have. This means that you can put them in your dress shoes, your work shoes, and your athletic shoes, too, so you always appear taller than you really are.

 What Else Can You Gain From Using These?

It is obvious that you can gain anywhere from one inch to two inches of immediate height by using lifts, but it is usually the confidence that most men really notice. When you are just a little bit taller, you feel more confident, and you might even notice that people begin to treat you differently. It is a great experience for many men who have long struggled with their height.

If you are truly looking for a way to gain an inch or two, whether it is because you are embarrassed about your lack of height or just because you want that extra edge in life, then shoe lifts are definitely the easiest and most affordable way to do it.

Why Men’s Shoe Lifts Are So Popular

If you have long been embarrassed about your lack of height, or you just want to see what life is like from a slightly higher vantage point, then now is the time to discover men’s shoe lifts. You might be surprised that millions of men are already using them and if you ask around, probably some of your friends are using them, too.

Haven’t These Been Around For a While?

The truth is that men’s shoe lifts have been around in one form or another for centuries. Since men began wearing shoes, there have always been folks who wanted to be just a little bit taller. But some men have been embarrassed about this, wanting to hide their lifts. There is no need to do that anymore, and because you can buy them online, there is also no worry that anyone will ever find out.

How Do They Work?

Men’s shoe lifts are small inserts that are put into your shoes, giving you an extra one inch to two inches in height. This may not sound like a lot of height, but you will be surprised by just how different it makes you feel. Most men find that their friends, and women in particular, begin to look at them slightly different. They also find that they have a lot more confidence just from those few inches.

Do They Hurt?

The other great thing about lifts for men’s shoes is that they actually make you stand up taller, which in turn helps your posture. If you have struggled with back or knee problems, then you might find that these actually help you. In addition, because your posture will be improved, you will find that you feel better and stronger and that people look at you in a way that you never imagined possible, as a man with strength and power.

Men’s Shoe Lift: A Professional Secret for Success

Some men just seem to have everything going for them, from the perfect educational background and successful career and even on to that towering, even imposing presence that makes other men really stop and pay attention when they speak. The fact is that while you can’t change your educational background now without a lot of work on your part, you can actually very easily do something about your height. A men’s shoe lift is one of the best kept secrets for professional success, and now this secret is yours.

The Vertical Advantage

It is unfortunate but true that a man’s physical height matters so much in a professional work environment. In an ideal world, it would all boil down to your intelligence, your ability to lead and work with others, and your ability to really get things done. If you have all of these other qualities and still don’t seem to be getting anywhere with your career, you may simply need to get a vertical advantage to climb the corporate ladder.

What a Lift Does

A men’s shoe lift is an insert that you slide right into your shoes, and it can give you an extra inch or two of height. It truly is amazing what that small amount of height can do for you in a professional environment. Those who once looked down on you will now be forced to look you straight in the eye or even up to you. This absolutely can give you a confidence boost!

The Results

By simply having that little secret stuck away in your shoe every day, you can truly change your whole professional experience. A men’s shoe lift will result in a more confident and even at times more intimidating you. You will find that in addition to being more confident, you get more done and people listen more to what you have to say, too. This truly is a game changer!

Lift Kits Provide Comfort and Support


 One of the first things most people do when they get home is kick off their shoes. For some people, this is because they don’t want to track dirt through their home, but for most people it’s because most shoes just aren’t comfortable to wear at all. Most people wear shoes that are stylish but that just aren’t comfortable, but with LiftKits, you can turn any pair of shoes into a comfortable pair of shoes!

Uncomfortable Style

The fact is that most people select the shoes they buy not for comfort but rather for style. They choose shoes that make them look great and that are stylish. More often than not, this means buying shoes that have a larger heel. This is even true for men’s shoes because boots and even professional men’s shoes have a heel and often lack that extra cushion and support your feet really need. The result is that you may look stylishly fantastic, but your feet ache at the end of the day. Your legs and back may hurt, too!


LiftKits are insoles that you simply slide right into your shoes, and these are specially designed inserts that give your feet that extra cushion and support they need. There is more cushion for your step, and more support where you need it. The result is that you may still kick your shoes off at the end of the day, but not because your feet, legs, and back are aching and throbbing!

Comfort With Any Style

LiftKits can be used in conjunction with almost any style of shoe, and they work equally well for both men and women alike. There are different styles available so you can create the perfect shoe experience with ease, and you can even add an inch or two of height to your appearance without anyone being able to tell where your height came from, too!

Taller Shoes Increase Confidence


Confdent Man because of taller shoes

There is a little secret out in the world. It is something pediatric experts and Hollywood wardrobe consultants have been using on their clients for years. This tool increases self-esteem and provides instant confidence. The secret is that height increasing shoes add inches right away.

Increase Inches Naturally

There are so many different gadgets or gimmicks on the market that say they will increase your height. The problem is that they either cost too much money or take too much time to achieve some doubtful results. LiftKits is a special shoe insole that naturally increases a person’s height right away.

Several Options Available

There are several elevator lift insoles available for people. The first choice depends on whether a person is male or female. At first, there were only male height shoes. This happened until the creators of LiftKits discovered females were using the products developed for males. Then, an insole especially for women was created.
The other option available to people pertains to height. The one version is called Hi-tops, which can be adjusted between 1.5” and 2.0”. This takes places with the help of a 0.5” detachable insert. The Lo-tops are also available and they add a full inch in height.

Height Increase Takes Place Quickly

One of the best things about LiftKits is that it takes place within minutes. This is so much better than time-consuming exercises or waiting for a growth hormone pill. The LiftKits lift insole relieves pressure around the spine and decreases any pressure found in the body’s joints.

Making You Taller

Not everyone needs to use a product like LiftKits, because they either have their height well-established or they don’t care how tall they are. For those who are bothered by their short stature, Liftkits is something to consider. It plays a major factor in confidence levels.

Height Increasing Shoes Benefit the Body

short guy tall girls

Maybe you aren’t that tall. Everybody towers over you and it’s hard to find clothes that fit because they’re all too long. This can be a struggle for a number of people. It affects their confidence levels and is why height increasing shoes come in handy, the problem is that they are so ugly.  But now today there is a special insole called LiftKits that fits in almost any shoe and provides people with an instant lift.

Innovative Solution

There are lots of other options that say height can be increased. The problem is that they are either expensive or uncomfortable. People don’t usually have the extra time to practice height increasing exercises or have the extra money to try all the products. This is why people like the special shoe lift insoles created by LiftKits. They provide people with an extra one to two inches in a matter of minutes. Slip them in almost any shoe and away you go.

Good for Health

Some of the height increasing shoes on the market can be uncomfortable. With LiftKits, the elevator insoles are actually better on a person’s body. The product has been designed to relieve pressure on the joints and the spine. This produces confidence in a gait, especially when the body is also feeling comfortable. When the body walks with an upright stance, you’re also able to digest food better. This boosts the metabolism and enhances your physical appearance.

Other Things to Try

Height doesn’t matter when considering posture. Even tall people should stand upright and walk with confidence. However, when shorter, it’s even more important to walk tall. Don’t slouch. It also helps to dress with matching hues and tones from the bottom to the top.

When standing tall and dressing right is combined with quality elevator insoles, a person gains even more height. The height increasing shoes provide confidence and help people with job interviews or with their significant others.

Be Taller Than Your Kids Again With Heel Shoe Lifts

LiftKits height increasing insoles help you to be taller

When children are born, few parents have that forward-thinking mentality to consider that this little bundle of joy they are holding may one day be taller than they are. However, for many parents, and especially shorter parents, that day comes quickly. For some, it comes even before their children reach their teens! Heel shoe lifts can help you to regain that vertical edge over your children.

Looking Up to Your Kids

When your 10- or 12-year-old is not just looking you in the eye but is actually looking down on you, you know that something absolutely needs to be done, and the answer lies in heel shoe lifts. These are inserts that you can place inside your shoes that give you an extra inch or two of height. With this height, you can once again be taller than your kids – at least for another year or two!

Confidence in Numbers

It’s one thing when your child is taller than you, but it’s another thing when you are standing in a classroom of kids or even in your own kitchen surrounded by your child’s friends, and you are the shortest one in the room. This can really strip a parent of his or her confidence. It’s amazing how great an extra inch or two of height would feel for you in such a situation.


Whatever your beliefs are on disciplining your child, you certainly know firsthand that you lose some of your authority over your kids when they are taller than you. Hopefully your child has grown taller than you at a point when he or she is old enough to respect your authority, but if the height advantage shifts out of your favor before this milestone is reached, you can simply slide in your heel shoe lifts into your shoes each day so that you have that extra air of authority and can still look down into your child’s eyes.

Get Taller With Height Lift Insoles

Stop being called short and get taller with LiftKits

Most of the time height won’t matter in life. Many times, standing tall with confidence gets you places, despite how short you think you are. The problem is that there are times when being a little taller makes a difference. For instance, it could make the difference in job interviews or in a love life. Rather than despair about the unfairness, you should know that it isn’t that hard to get taller. All a person needs is the appropriate LiftKits height insoles and he or she can grow an inch or two instantly.

LiftKits for Both Genders

Maybe you want to gain some height, so you’re closer to the height of your spouse or significant other. LiftKits are developed for men and women. The men’s kit comes in three different versions. The LK-3m Hi-Top Model can be adjusted from 1.5” to up to 2” or by adding or taking away a 0.5” detachable insert. The LK-2M Lo-Top Model option is a shoe insole that adds a full 1” to a person’s height. And the LK-1M Universal Model offers an adjustable increase from 0.5” to 1.0” typically for dress shoes or vans slip on type sneaks.

A woman’s option was added after the creators discovered females were wearing men’s insoles. These insoles are specifically designed for a woman’s body and will define and tone muscles.

Relieve Joint Pressure

The nice thing about the LiftKits is that they do more than increase height. They also relieve pressure around the joints and spine. The reason is because the shoe insole was created from a high-quality Poly Urethane blend tested to precise quality. It shows how the product has multiple purposes, allowing someone to get taller and feel better.

Wear With Anything

These shoe lift inserts can be worn with all types of footwear, whether it’s casual shoes, dress shoes, boots, or athletic shoes. The insoles are not noticeable and provide an instant height increase. This builds confidence, especially since no one knows they’re being worn. Then enjoy the height increase, unless you deal with the opposite problem and wish you were shorter.

Elevator Shoe Lifts Give You Confidence

Elevator Shoe Lift
LiftKits LK-3M shoe lift

Confidence is such an important part of everyone’s lives, and everyone seems to have their own unique way of getting that confidence boost they need. For some people, their confidence comes from extra time primping in front of the mirror, and for others it comes from working out at the gym to ensure they look and feel their best. For those who are shorter in stature, elevator shoe lifts are the perfect answer.

For Women

The fact is that while much has been accomplished in recent years to make the workplace a more equal opportunity environment, most workplaces are still dominated by males. For a woman in such an environment, and especially a shorter woman, elevator shoe lifts can help to give you a more physically level experience so you can look your peers and colleagues in the eye.

For Men

Height absolutely matters for men, too, and even an extra one to two inches in height can make all of the difference in the world to a man’s experience interacting with others in his personal and professional relationships. This can help you get the woman you have been lusting after, to achieve higher levels of professional success, and so much more.

Increase Confidence

There is no denying that we live in a vertical environment today, where height matters for men and women alike, in both our professional and personal lives. Some people are truly, admittedly, short while others simply are not as tall as they would like to be even if they are considered to be average height. Elevator shoe lifts can add that extra inch or two you need in a very discreet way so that nobody knows your height is coming from your shoes and not from your own stature. It truly is amazing what an extra inch or two can do for your confidence, and you can experience that boost of confidence for yourself today!


How to Grow Taller with LiftKits Height Increasing Insoles

LiftKits Height increasing insoles
Lift Kits High Top Model

Its easy to grow taller instantly with LiftKits brand height increasing insoles. LiftKits are shoe lifts that fit into your existing shoe collection. They can add anywhere from a half inch in height and up to two inches in height. The secret to height growth is the Lift Kit Insole.  Featured in this article is the Hi Top model LK-3M which can easily be work in a high top sneaker, lace up , or boot. Here you can see we have cut a brand new shoe from Creative Recreation in half to show you exactly how the insole actually works.

LiftKits grow tall insole
Lift Kit disected!

As you can see here, the insole adds and additional two inches of height. Instead of fitting like a hi top sneaker, the fit is more similar to a lo top sneaker with the actual insoles inserted in the shoe. The insert has a removable red piece that is a firmer density which does two things. 1. it adds a firmer support when weight is displaced on the insole  and 2. it allows for a more customizable fit. Stop wasting time. Stop letting the girls look past you. Get taller today. Get LiftKits.

Get Taller with the Best Shoe Lifts on the Market

2 inch shoe lift from LiftKitsMaybe some of you have heard of shoe lifts before, some may have not.  If you are new to shoe lifts, please allow me to introduce you to LiftKits and their height increasing insoles.  These are the best shoe lifts on the market today.  They are quality constructed with height and comfort as the two main functions. These insoles specifically the Hi Top Model LK-3M actually adds anywhere from 1.5 inches up to 2 inches of overall height. The beauty of this product is that the insole can easily be slipped into any hi top basketball sneaker or similar sneaker or boot.  Our customers find that being able to switch their height increasing insoles from shoe to shoe allows them to wear additional shoes in their closet and add height.  If you have been looking for a way to get taller then look no further as LiftKits shoe lifts will help you add the extra few inches you have been looking for. LiftKits have been changing lives one inch at a time. We are here to help you grow taller.

Why Crazy Leg-Lengthening Surgery When There are Lift Kits?

leg lengthening procedure instead of using LiftKits insoles


Check out this crazy article from Details regarding limb-lengthening surgery. We still find it amazing that people will endure this kind of pain and spend close to 100k for this procedure, when all they need is $30 to add two inches in height. It might not be permanent but at least it will help you grow a few inches.


Picture of leg lengthening device instead of using Lift Kits brand  height increasing insoles

Save yourself some pain and use shoe insoles like LiftKits.


PureWow Blog – Women’s Fashion Secrets

Check out today’s PureWow featuring LiftKits for Chicks.

For years, Hollywood’s shortest men have overcome their vertical limitations with height-enhancing insoles that fit discreetly in their shoes.

And now we, too, can take advantage of this sneaky cheat with LiftKits for Chicks.

Stick these light-weight neoprene wedges inside your flats (they’re best worn with boots, but basically work with any shoes with ankle support) and an extra inch of height is instantly added – without anyone knowing they’re there.

They’re perfect for looking svelte in fall’s trendy equestrian boots, since they provide all the slimming benefits of higher shoes (like defined calf and glute muscles and improved posture) minus the requisite foot pain.

Although we love using them as a comfy alternative to wearing pumps, LiftKits were originally developed by a former male model for the short-guy celebrity set. In other words, feel free to (subtly) mention the men’s line to any of your Cruise-size gentlemen friends.

LiftKits for Chicks (Fitness Insoles) – On TV!

Beginning Monday July 12 “LiftKits for Chicks” can be seen airing commercials on; WE, Oxygen, FamilyNet, Inspiration, the CW and more.

Keeps your eyes peeled and make sure to reach out if you have any questions.
You can also find us at:

Recent Sightings! Sundance 2010


Moviemakers and celebrities gathered at the Tweet House during the 2010 Sundance Film Festival to discuss the convergence of film, branding and new media along with support the relief efforts in Haiti. In between panel discussion celebrities and media moguls rubbed elbows while enjoying a drink and grabbing some Swag from this years sponsors; Smashbox Cosmetics, G-Drive by Hitachi, LiftKits, Monster Energy and many more.

Adrian Grenier (Entourage), Beau Bridges, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Los Angeles Lakers), LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow and Star Trek) and Daymond John (Shark Tank) spoke on the Panel mostly centered around their individual experiences with Twitter – moderated by Steve Broback of the Parnassus Group.


During the Sunday Tweetup, the hosts invited talent and other Sundance Festival attendees to gather and “Tweet” messages encouraging their followers to make donations to the organizations that are accepting funds related to the Haitian disaster.
Proceeds raised from corporate sponsors of the event to be sent to benefit the victims. Matt McKenna CEO of GiveOnTheGo.com which powers Wyclef’s Yele organization was on hand to discuss the power of text, mobile and short messages after their recent fundraising success to benefit Haiti.

Other celebrities seen at the Tweetup event included:
Alicia Sixtoes, Amir Talai, Bob Saget, Camille Mana, Christy Carlson Romano, Colin Devlin, Hakeen Ke-Kazim, Jason Ritter, Jay Duplass, Jonah Hill, Josh Madden, Julie McNiven, Lily Holleman, Mark Duplass, May Wang, Michael Chiklis, Stephanie Reese, Steve Jones, Tyler Hilton and Wilmer Valderrama

Men’s Taller Insoles
Hi Top Insole
Lo Top Insole
Universal Insole

Women’s Taller Insoles
Universal Insole
Lo Top Insole

Elevator Insoles – Getting You the Lift You Need

Elevator Insoles – Getting You the Lift You Need

Many people desire to be taller than they are. This is because there are many positive attributes associated with being tall. People who are tall are considered to be honorable, successful, proud, and strong. There have even been studies done that point out that height is directly related to success in the business world, as well as with people of the opposite sex. Who wouldn’t want to be tall?

If you are vertically challenged, you can do a little something to give yourself a height advantage. This can be achieved by wearing elevator insoles also known as shoe lifts. These inserts will give you a natural appearance of height. They can increase your height by up to two inches. Two inches doesn’t seem like a lot, but consider standing next to someone who is 5′ 8″ and another person who is 5′ 10″ tall; there is quite a bit of difference. But the best thing about elevator insoles is that you do not have to tell people that you are wearing them. They are disguised and hide neatly in your shoes vs. elevator shoe, which you can visibly see the extra inches on the outside of the shoe.

You can get all different types of elevator insoles. Full length inserts will provide you with the most support.  Full inserts will support your heal, the ball of your foot, and your arch.  You can also get half model inserts. These insoles will only support your heel, but they can, however, be used in a variety of different shoes. This means that if you plan to use your inserts on a daily basis, and you want to use a product that can fit easily inside any shoe, you should consider getting the heel lift model.

The Holiday Gift Guide from our Friends – The 2 Bandits

Our friends, The 2 Bandits have just published their Holiday Gift Guide. We loved it so much we wanted to share with you! Keep an eye out for our own coming later this week.

The holiday season is always a joyous, yet hectic, time of year and making lists becomes a must! We thought we’d compile our favorite gifts to give (and receive!) this year-and of course, to share with you:


1. After the recent passing of Sam Haskins, I pulled out one of my favorite photography books, Cowboy Kate and Other Stories, from my bookshelf and it’s now sitting on my coffee table in his memory–an amazingly beautiful & inspirational book. $30, Amazon

2. You no longer need to lament over the loss of Polaroid film thanks to Fuji’s Instax Instant Camera! $130, Urban Outfitters

3. Flea markets are a treasure trove of amazing gift possibilities. I’m on the lookout for vintage costume jewelry & apothecary jars this month at the Alameda Flea Market.

4. I LOVE Baggu! These colorful reusable bags are super durable, hold a ton of groceries, and come in a tiny pouch–perfect for your purse. And what’s more chic than being eco-friendly? $8, Baggu

5. Another essential item that holds a permanent place in my purse is my Moleskine Notebook–for all those spur of the moment ideas, inspirations & notes. $10 Classic Hardcover Notebook, Moleskine

6. Kerry Cassill Bedding is designed using the lightest luxe cotton from India. I am addicted to her beachy bohemian style prints and find any excuse to add more quilts, pillowcases, etc to my collection. $182 Beach Blanket, Kerry Cassill

7. Riders. The best way to transform any pair of boots! $70 a pair $35 each, The 2 Bandits

8. We are obsessed with Free People’s Lace Bandeau. Available in almost every color of the rainbow, these are fun to layer with just about everything–and super comfortable too! $28, Free People

9. Ever wish you could just add the littlest bit of height to your step? LiftKits has just released sole inserts for women and I’m dying to try these out in my flat boots! $20 a pair, LiftKits

10. Update that special someone’s (and elephant lover’s) desk with Iomoi’s Elephant Tape Dispenser. I mean, does it get any cuter?! $158, Iomoi

Happy Holidays!! xx, Erica and Tamar

How’s this for an elevated sensibility?

Hows this for an elevated sensibility? Hollywood-based LiftKits is now providing polyurethane shoe insoles for dudes, like Entourage’s Rex Lee (5’7″) and Miami Dolphins cornerback Nate Jones (5’10”) who are looking to add an extra inch or two to their height. Co-founder Derek White came up with the idea while strutting his buff at Miami’s Fashion Week a year a go and seeing his fellow model slip a pair of homeade, duct taped insoles into his sjoes. “I called him out, Dude, thats cheating!” he says. “But as models, we had to be 6 feet tall, and I realized that I lost alot of gigs because I wasnt tall enough. I am just barely six feet.” – Chau Tu

A New Product for Men That Makes Them Look Taller: and We’re Not Kidding

You’ve probably read stories that tell you that guys like Tom Cruise and David Spade – not exactly the tallest guys in Hollywood – stand on apple carts or platforms when acting opposite tall ladies like Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman or Charlize Theron. And let’s face it – how is a guy of normal height supposed to deal with ladies wearing 4 and 5 inch heels for the last few years? They say women are okay with towering over their men – but we’re always wondered how the guys feel about it

Now we know. Three (smart) Hollywood guys just invented a great product to level the playing field, called Liftkits (Myliftkits.com) For somewhere between $15.00 dollars and $35.00 depending on the style of the insert, men can now be a full 2 inches taller. Like every other beauty product, Liftkits become hot by being on the celebrity circuit – and actors were grabbing them at one of the Oscar gifting suites like free botox. There are hi-top and lo-top models, they fit right into any men’s shoe, and allow the average guy to now be the longer, leaner guy – which gives him the advantage in the job world, the dating world – and what other worlds matter? You can buy them on the site, and as women who love to wear Louboutins, we are all in favor of guys grabbing these!!! They’ve got to be more comfortable than 4 inch high heels. And they’ll even make you look better in your clothes. But you might need to wear longer jeans!!


LiftKits: Love for the Little Guy

Not all guys stack up next to their lady when she’s in heels. Now men have a secret weapon that lets them stand on equal footing. Lift Kits are designed for men who want a little more air. Unique insoles are worn that add up to two inches in height. Anybody who’s ever worn big boots with a nice, thick heel can attest there is an immediate sense of grandeur when suddenly popping up a little taller than before. Even if you’re already tall like me; at naturally 6-feet, I get added ego with elevation. Yes, an even more inflated ego than usual!

Blowing up at Sundance, the Lift Kits proved one of the more popular booths. Becoming quick favorites with actors like CSI’s A.J. Buckley to professional athletes such as Nate Jones from the Miami Dolphins, Lift Kits are quickly becoming a celebrity must-have.

This new shoe sensation is the brainchild of 3 Hollywood dudes who wanted a step up. They started with a simple thought: Why not add a little something extra to the game? Men want to look good and feel attractive, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. Like it or not, the world has only the outer shell to make a first impression. We can’t see your winning personality from across the room. But a man who stands with confidence gets attention.

Changing not just physical height but also state of mind, Lift Kits seek to boost that confidence – as well as the ability to scan a crowd.

Made for any guy in any kind of shoe, the Kits are available at MyLiftKits.com.

Wes Ferguson is a lifestyle expert and entertainment writer living out the Young Hollywood dream in beautiful Westside Los Angeles.

Read the article and see the video from Sundance Film Festival.

Good Day L.A. Style File with Jillian Reynolds

Los Angeles (myFOXla.com) – In Style File with Jillian Reynolds heads up to the Malibu Lumber Yard where Alice + Olivia owner Stacey Bendet to show us her new shop and favorite summer styles. Jillian also takes time to highlight new shoe insole maker LiftKits and their height increasing shoe lift as a hot summer item, at the same time poking a little fun at Steve and Bono, saying that they would need four pairs of shoe lifts to be the height of a normal guy. Check out the video!


Livin’ Large

In the Maxim Magazine article, Crack open a tallboy and let the celebration begin for the 25 biggest short dudes of all time Maxim salutes a slew of shorties. In our opinion, there isn’t much to celebrate but here are a few for good measure:

Coming in at 24. Doug Flutie
Born: 1962
Height: 5’10”
Claims to fame: Uncorked “the Pass” to beat the evil Miami Hurricanes in 1984. Pro all-star in two different leagues—if you count the CFL.
The short story: Yeah, this ageless cult-favorite Patriots QB (still active at 43, he has his own rock band and once had his own cereal brand) would tower over a lot of guys on this list. But in a job where 6’2″ is considered borderline dwarfism, he’s become almost larger than life.

21. Ron Jeremy
Born: 1953
Height: 5’6″
Claim to fame: Hardest-working man in porn, claims a résumé about 5,000 women long!
The short story: Hirsute sex widget was a special ed teacher before a girlfriend sent his picture to Playgirl. The rest is wank-flick history. With 1,000-plus films beneath his belt, the Hedgehog is the most recognizable man in porn.
The extra inch(es): Half as wide as he is tall, but once he whips out his (at least) 10-inch costar, he transforms into a blindingly handsome leading man.

20. Kurt Cobain
Height: 5’7″
Claims to fame: Leader of Nirvana. Married Earth’s most obnoxious woman.
The short story: Even before the Goodwill threads, “rape me” pleas, and Courtney Love browbeatings, the tortured Nirvana frontman was hardly a tower of power. Channeling his trademark howl through a slight frame, Cobain seduced a generation of music fans—but accidentally paved the way for Limp Bizkit.
The extra inch: Short, weird, skinny guys weren’t too popular with the loggers and jocks in rural Washington State, but Cobain played up his shrimp status, hanging out with gay kids to antagonize meatheads.

19. Prince
Born: 1958
Height: 5’2″
Claims to fame: Only pop artist who can sing about female “self-service,” strut around in a purple suit half his life, and still be considered the Man.
The short story: Despite looking more like president of the Little Lord Fauntleroy Society than leader of the New Power Generation, the sex-funk witch doctor has tagged a slew of superfine honeys, including Kim Basinger and Carmen Electra. Turned Sheena Easton bad with “Sugar Walls.”
The extra inch: You’d dress in lingerie, too, if it meant you could rocket upward courtesy of six-inch platform shoes. Well, you would if you were this short and had the mojo to pull it off.

18. Bruce Lee
Height: 5’7″
Claim to fame: Passive-aggressive ass-kicker brought martial arts to the round-eye.
The short story: Beaten by street thugs at 14, “the Little Dragon” dedicated his life to the idea that one should “learn to endure or hire a bodyguard.” It was the last fight he ever lost. Destroyed everyone from Chuck Norris to hordes of attackers with bullet-fast backhands and menacing kitty noises.
The extra inch: How do you know you’re tough? When Steve McQueen and James Coburn are your pallbearers.

17. Jeff Gordon
Born: 1971
Height: 5’7″
Claim to fame: Cali golden boy showed NASCAR’s cracker power base how to win their own races.
The short story: No one makes left-hand turns for three hours better than the most-hated four-time champ in NASCAR history. Also credited with bringing the ultimate redneck sport out of Wal-Mart and into, well, Olive Garden.
The extra inch: El Gordo began racing go-carts on the teenage circuit at age nine, but proved so dominating he was forced out.

8. Jon Stewart
Born: 1962
Height: 5’7″ (counting the hair)
Claim to fame: Fake news godfather.
The short story: On Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Stewart inspired an entire generation to shuck off its cynicism, overthrow the hypocrite Beltway power thieves, and…well, he hosted the only 2004 election coverage worth watching, anyway. Endeavors to point out that today’s mainstream media has the same news value as Cops.
The extra inch: The former Jon Leibowitz absorbed early career-killing moves, then rode his “Enhancement Smoker” role of Half Baked—“You ever see the back of a $20 bill…on weed? Oh, there’s some crazy crap, man.”—to iconic status.

2. Spud Webb
Born: 1963
Height: 5’7″
Claim to fame: Won the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk contest with a cannonball-like reverse ka-pow.
The short story: The dunk victory insured the jumpy superfreak short-set immortality and paved the way for NBA Smurfs like Muggsy Bogues and Earl “I Really am 5’5″, Honest!” Boykins.
The extra inch: His junior high school coach told him to sit in the stands at tryouts, but Spudster clawed his way to the NBA via junior college and the minor leagues.

Leading the pack – 1. Angus Young of ACDC
Born: 1955
Height: 5’2″
Claim to fame: Satan’s guitarist.
The short story: After dropping out of school at 15 and working for a porn mag, the self-taught (surprise!) master of two-chord blare managed not to choke on his own vomit, thereby becoming coauthor of “Hell’s Bells” (and virtually every other song by the real greatest rock band ever), rather than its unfortunate inspiration.
The extra inch: Along with the trademark schoolboy threads, Angus has kept his adolescent strut. “I’m sick to death of people saying we’ve made 12 albums that sound exactly the same,” he once said. “In fact, we’ve made 13 albums that sound exactly the same.”

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What Happened to America’s Height Advantage?

What happened to America’s height advantage?
Posted 7/15/2007 12:31 PM

By Matt Crenson, Associated Press
NEW YORK — America used to be the tallest country in the world.

From the days of the founding fathers right on through the industrial revolution and two world wars, Americans literally towered over other nations. In a land of boundless open spaces and limitless natural abundance, the young nation transformed its increasing wealth into human growth.

But just as it has in so many other arenas, America’s predominance in height has faded. Americans reached a height plateau after World War II, gradually falling behind the rest of the world as it continued growing taller.

By the time the baby boomers reached adulthood in the 1960s, most northern and western European countries had caught up with and surpassed the United States. Young adults in Japan and other prosperous Asian countries now stand nearly as tall as Americans do.

Even residents of the formerly communist East Germany are taller than Americans today. In Holland, the tallest country in the world, the typical man now measures 6 feet, a good two inches more than his average American counterpart.

Compare that to 1850, when the situation was reversed. Not just the Dutch but all the nations of western Europe stood 2½ inches shorter than their American brethren.

Does it really matter? Does being taller give the Dutch any advantage over say, the Chinese (men 5 feet, 4.9 inches; women 5 feet, 0.8 inches) or the Brazilians (men 5 feet, 6.5 inches; women 5 feet, 3 inches)?

Many economists would argue that it does matter, because height is correlated with numerous measures of a population’s well-being. Tall people are healthier, wealthier and live longer than short people. Some researchers have even suggested that tall people are more intelligent.

It’s not that being tall actually makes you smarter, richer or healthier. It’s that the same things that make you tall — a nutritious diet, good prenatal care and a healthy childhood — also benefit you in those other ways.

That makes height a good indicator for economists who are interested in measuring how well a nation provides for its citizens during their prime growing years. With one simple, easily collected statistic, economists can essentially measure how well a society prepares its children for life.

“This is the part of the society that usually eludes economists, because economists are usually thinking about income. And this is the part of the society that doesn’t earn an income,” said John Komlos, an economic historian at the University of Munich who was born in Hungary, grew up in Chicago, and has spent the last quarter century compiling data on the heights of nations.

Height tells you about a segment of the population that is invisible to traditional economic statistics. Children don’t have jobs or own houses. They don’t buy durable goods, or invest in the stock market. But obviously, investments in their well-being are critical to a nation’s economic future.

For several years now, Komlos and other researchers have been trying to figure out exactly why the United States fell behind. How could the wealthiest country in the world, during the most robust economic expansion in its history, simply stop growing?

“It’s absolutely fascinating,” said Eileen Crimmins, a demographer at the University of Southern California. “Maybe we’ve reached the point where we’re going to go backwards in height.”

Like many human traits, an individual’s height is determined by a mix of genes and environment. Some experts put the contribution of genes at 40%, some at 70%, some even higher. But they all agree that aside from African pygmies and a few similar exceptions, most populations have about the same genetic potential for height.

That leaves environment to determine the differences in height between populations around the world, specifically the environment children experience from the moment of conception through adolescence. Any deficiency along the way, from poor prenatal care to early childhood disease or malnutrition, can prevent a person from reaching his or her full genetic height potential.

“We know environment can affect heights by three, four, five inches,” said Richard H. Steckel, an Ohio State University economist who has also done research on height trends in the United States during the 19th century.

The earliest stages of life are the most important to the human growth machine; at age 2 there is already about a 70% correlation between a child’s height and his or her eventual adult stature.

All of this means a population’s average height is a very sensitive indicator of its most vulnerable members’ welfare.

Not surprisingly, rich countries tend to be taller simply because they have more resources to spend on feeding and caring for their children. But wealth doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a society will give its children what they need to thrive.

In the Czech Republic, per capita income is barely half of what it is in the United States. Even so, Czechs are taller than Americans. So are Belgians, who collect 84% as much income as Americans.

And those height differences translate into real benefits. A number of studies have shown that disease and malnutrition early in life — the same things that limit a person’s height — increase a person’s chances of developing heart disease and other life-shortening conditions later on. Though tall people are more likely to get cancer, they suffer less mortality overall than short people.

International statistics bear it out. Life expectancy in the Netherlands is 79.11 years; in Sweden it’s 80.63. America’s life expectancy of 78.00 years puts it in somewhat shorter company, just above Cyprus and a few notches below Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“Obviously America is not doing badly. It’s not at the level of developing nations,” Komlos said. “But it’s also not doing as well as it could.”

His latest research paper, published in the June issue of Social Science Quarterly, suggests the blame may lie with America’s poor diet and its expensive, inequitable health care system.

“American children might consume more meals prepared outside of the home, more fast food rich in fat, high in energy density and low in essential micronutrients,” wrote Komlos and co-author Benjamin E. Lauderdale of Princeton University. “Furthermore, the European welfare states provide a more comprehensive social safety net including universal health care coverage.”

In the United States, by comparison, an estimated 9 million children have no health insurance.

Komlos’ most recent data indicate a small uptick in the heights of white Americans born between 1975 and 1983, a suggestion that the gap may finally be closing. But there has been no similar increase among blacks, a suggestion that inequality may indeed play a significant role in the height gap.

In another recent paper, Komlos and Lauderdale also found height inequality between American urbanites and residents of suburbs and rural areas. In Kansas, for example, white males are about as tall as their European peers; it’s big cities like New York, where men are about 1.75 inches shorter than that, that drag America’s average down.

Now Komlos has started comparing the heights of children to determine at what age Americans begin falling behind their peers across the Atlantic. Not surprisingly, he sees a difference from birth, an observation that suggests prenatal care may be significant contributor factor to the height gap.

But it is unlikely that Komlos will ever find one simple factor to explain why Americans have fallen behind other rich countries in height. In all likelihood it is caused by a combination of things — a little bit health care, some diet, a sprinkling of economic inequality.

“In some ways it gets to the fundamentals of the American society, namely what is the ideology of the American society and what are the shortcomings of that ideology,” Komlos said. “I would argue that to take good care of its children is not part of that ideology.”

Whether that’s true is debatable; the height gap doesn’t measure how much Americans love their children. But at a minimum it does indicate — in raw feet and inches — whether the nation is giving its youngsters what they need to reach their full biological potential, or selling them short.
Copyright 2007 The Associated Press.

The Bald Truth About CEO’s

Follicly challenged CEO Steve Ballmer of Microsoft. The vast majority of executives in our unscientific survey said they would rather be bald than short.
By Kai-Uwe Knoth, AP
Follicly challenged CEO Steve Ballmer of Microsoft. The vast majority of executives in our unscientific survey said they would rather be bald than short.

By Del Jones, USA TODAY
CEOs seem to instinctively know that it’s better to be authoritative than indecisive. They know about the vision thing and the passion thing. They even know a few leadership lessons that aren’t taught in business school — such as, it helps to be tall.

But an unscientific survey of USA TODAY’s panel of CEOs and other evidence suggest that baldness might be a blind spot for many.

TELL US: If you had to change your hair or your height to make it to the top of the corporate ladder, which would you choose?

CEOs say being bald doesn’t impede success and, given a choice, it’s better to be bald than short. So widely held is this conventional wisdom among top executives that when asked to choose, most CEOs say they’d take 2 more inches of height over a full head of Robert Redford hair.

Even most bald CEOs, including many who are both tall and bald, would choose to be taller. “Lack of hair can only mean the brain is busy with more important functions,” says Murray Martin, the 5-foot-8 CEO of $5.7 billion Pitney Bowes, who is being generous when he describes his hair as “thinning.”

“I don’t believe it ever (affected) my career. But as I progressed, it became less and less of an issue until it is now a point of pride and a personal branding advantage,” says Steve Carley, the 6-foot-1 bald CEO of El Pollo Loco. “It encourages approachability.”

As smart as they are, CEOs have been known as a group to get it wrong. It now appears that was the case just months ago when they almost universally said they didn’t see a recession looming. Could they also be collectively clueless about hair vs. height?

It’s not that being short is a career launching pad. Plenty of studies have found that taller men make more money, gain more success and attract more women. In his book Blink, Malcolm Gladwell says 30% of Fortune 500 CEOs are 6-foot-2 and taller — vs. just 4% of all men.

Bald men are a much bigger slice of the general population. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery estimates that 50% of Caucasian men older than 45 and 60% older than 60 have clinical balding. Stress can cause hair to fall out, so all things being equal, the percentage of bald leaders might be expected to be a little higher than average. Yet:

•If elected, John McCain would be the first bald U.S. president since Dwight Eisenhower. To be fair, baldness, unlike height, can be a matter of opinion. At 71, some might say McCain is doing OK in the hair department for his age group. But pictures of 42 presidents indicate that less than 25% were bald or balding, when statistically it should be at least half.

•There are 41 male state governors. Those who are bald or balding make up less than 20% and, yes, that includes the aptly named John Baldacci of Maine. The hair-loss club dropped a governor Wednesday when New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer announced he would resign after being linked as a client to a prostitution ring. He will be replaced by Lt. Gov. David Paterson, who is not bald. Only 10% to 20% of the 84 male U.S. senators are bald or balding.

•Among corporate CEOs, women run four of the largest 125 companies on the Fortune 500. USA TODAY examined photos of the men and considered about 25% to be bald or balding. Bald men running the nation’s largest companies include Chevron’s David O’Reilly, Home Depot’s Francis Blake, Morgan Stanley’s John Mack and Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein.

•It may be more difficult to be bald and extremely rich. Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world, according to Forbes magazine, has lost hair in the past year but at 77 still retains a respectable amount. The richest American on the Forbes 400 list who is truly bald is No. 15 Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. The response of “no comment” was as much a male pattern among CEOs as was their hairline, and Microsoft was among the large corporations with bald or balding CEOs that did not respond to USA TODAY’s requests.

The 11 male U.S. billionaires ahead of Ballmer on the Forbes list have their own hair, or at least appear to. Hair transplants and toupees are still relatively uncommon. Sales of male wigs peaked in the 1970s, and New Hair Institute founder Dr. William Rassman says CEOs are probably no more likely to have rugs or plugs than all men of their age group.

Only 1% of 1,138 professionals making $100,000 or more who responded to an unscientific survey by TheLadders job website said they were bald and trying to cover it up; and just one hair transplant is performed on men for every five breast augmentations performed on women, according to the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

But the success rate of transplants has improved, and they cost less than $7,000 on average, $20,000 on the high end, no more than a one-way ride aboard a corporate jet. Rassman says he has performed hair-transplant surgery on more than 30 billionaires. He declined to identify them.

A 6-foot-6 man creates a commanding presence when he enters a meeting — a feat more difficult to achieve for someone inches shorter, says George Jones, the “follicly challenged” 5-foot-9 CEO of bookstore chain Borders Group. He oversees 34,000 employees and $4 billion in annual revenue.

USA TODAY surveyed its panel of CEOs, retired CEOs and leading executives. There was a lower response rate than for surveys on other topics, but 95% of the 74 who responded said, if given a choice, they would rather be bald than short. More telling is that the 31 CEOs who identified themselves as bald or “headed in that direction” in the unscientific survey were unanimous in saying that being vertically challenged is more detrimental to an aspiring executive’s career.

USA TODAY asked TheLadders to follow up with a survey. The job-search site for high-income professionals got 1,138 responses. Half said they still had as much hair as they did when teens, while 15% said they were bald, and 35% said they were headed in that direction. Among all respondents to the unscientific survey, 67% said 2 inches more in height would be better for career success, vs. 33% who said a full head of hair.

Those results mirrored another unscientific survey taken at USA TODAY’s request by Vistage International, an organization of CEOs. Vistage asked its membership: “If appearances count, what aspect is most helpful in advancing a person’s career?” Of the 219 responding, 66% said taller is better; 34% chose hair.

“I think they are in denial,” Rassman says. He says bald men of power have confessed to him that even they discriminate against other bald men.

Baby-face bias

Academia has largely ignored the impact of balding on success, but Yale University psychology professor Leslie Zebrowitz has written extensively about how people with round faces and other traits that resemble babies are perceived to be more immature in the workplace and in the courtroom by juries and judges.

Zebrowitz says she knows of no research that has tried to determine whether bald men are more likely to have baby faces than men with hair. But if bald men do look more babyish, “Then that could account for their under-representation among CEOs,” she says.

Nicholas Rule, who wrote the paper “The Face of Success,” published in February’s issue of Psychological Science, says bald men may be more likely to be victims of the “baby-face bias” described by Zebrowitz. In his study, Rule had Tufts University students look at photos of CEOs and offer their gut reactions about their leadership capabilities. At USA TODAY’s request, Rule examined the data and found that the photos of bald CEOs were considered by the students to be warmer but less powerful than CEOs with hair.

“A great smile is much better” than hair or height, says Howard Behar, the 5-foot-10 and bald former president of Starbucks North America. “I mean, look at Mitt Romney. Lots of hair. Tall and good-looking. Sure didn’t help him. Compare him to the Dalai Lama: short, no hair and not exactly a looker. Just call me the Dalai Behar.”

Some say that worse than bald is trying to cover it up with a “comb-over” that uses remaining hair to cover the exposed scalp. “Like most CEOs, I’m cognizant of my appearance,” says Bob Kodner, CEO of The Crack Team franchiser that fixes leaking basement cracks. Five years ago, Kodner saw his cranium in an elevator mirror and thought someone had “thrown a piece of baloney on my head.” Ever since, he’s been shaving his head once a week. His advice: Don’t “prolong the inevitable.”

Craigslist founder and Chairman Craig Newmark is bald and “almost” 5-foot-7. Company CEO Jim Buckmaster is a foot taller and rich in hair.

“The general Net community does regard me as eye candy, a la George Costanza” from Seinfeld, Newmark says, but he adds that neither bald nor short is a good thing in corporate life. When pressed to make a choice, Newmark says, “I’d prefer to be a few inches taller.”

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Does Height Equal Power?

According to Del Jones of USA Today some CEO’s say yes it does.

Le Gourmet Gift Basket CEO Cynthia McKay wears 3-inch heels even though she’s 5-foot-9 in bare feet.

Why? For the same reason that 6-foot-3 Don Peebles, CEO of The Peebles Corporation, the nation’s largest African-American-owned real estate development company, puts his hand on the shoulder of shorter adversaries and crowds into their personal space when negotiating a key deal.

TELL US: What acts of power and dominance have you seen in your workplace?

It’s to gain a “subliminal sense of power,” Peebles says.

People of status often use height, or an inflated appearance of height, to look more powerful, says Lara Tiedens, an organizational behavior professor at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, who has written extensively about how executives acquire status. They look directly at others, use an open stance and vigorous gestures, speak loudly in a deep voice, interrupt at will, and lean in close or otherwise reduce the space of others and expand their own. What does all that audacity get them? Others see them as smarter, more competent and deserving of all their promotions, Tiedens says.

Tiedens says her findings and recommendations to become taller, louder and borderline rude have been called evil, but says she’s only the messenger calling attention to the age-old pecking order of humans, which is also common throughout the animal kingdom, from the arcing tail of the scorpion to the chest-beating chimp.

“It’s an evolution from the days of primates,” says Yaron Adler, CEO of IncrediMail, an Israeli company where executive meetings often turn into shouting matches that remind Adler of Britain’s Parliament.

Tiedens says women are often irritated by chest-beating behavior but should learn from it. So should minorities, the young, the shy and others who feel their ideas get short-changed on the merits, she says, because meeting rooms are dominated by white, male, chest-beating power brokers.

Peebles, for one, says he has a “radio” voice and employs it to command attention. McKay makes sure the ring tone on her phone is sophisticated, never “frilly.” She schedules meetings on her turf, where her office walls are covered in diplomas and accolades, and she drops into conversations that she is a lawyer as well as a CEO before pursuing important negotiations.

Many white, male CEOs say they are not pleased to be lumped together with rutting elk and other beasts gone wild. In interviews, they say that chest beating may have been a staple of corporate leadership in the past but that executives can no longer get away with aping Tarzan.

The ‘domination thing’

Retired CEOs Renny DiPentima of SRA International, James Copeland of Deloitte & Touche and Bill George of Medtronic, call such studies borderline drivel and say the last thing a busy CEO has time for is to plot to gain an upper hand.

“Today’s workers, vendors and customers are simply far too smart to fall for some kind of domination thing,” says Vern Raburn, CEO of jetmaker Eclipse Aviation.

Raburn worked under Bill Gates during Microsoft’s early days and says the world’s second-richest man is of slight build and incapable of resorting to chest beating, although Microsoft executives did play intellectual games of “who’s smartest, who can think fastest.”

Some successful women also say chest beating is rare and a waste of time. “Sounds like something a professor or consultant would think of,” says Andrea McGinty, founder of online dating site It’s Just Lunch and online retailer Baby Dagny.

Height, voice quality, stance … (are) not going to cut it without the substance,” says Linda Sawyer, CEO of Deutsch advertising agency. “Survival of the fittest has become survival of the brightest.”

But Karyl Innis, CEO of executive coaching firm The Innis Company, says corporate chest beating is widespread. She says CEOs who don’t spot it are like “fish who don’t see the water.”

“Is this a lot of bunk? Absolutely not,” says Jill Blashack Strahan, founder and CEO of Tastefully Simple, which sells food at in-house parties. “Arrogance and superficiality is nauseatingly prevalent. Chest beating is alive and well. It’s a jungle out there.”

If it’s a jungle, women are at a disadvantage because they have higher voices and usually stand and sit in a more constricted manner, Innis says. In the jungle, being considerate is a weakness. When someone walks into a crowded meeting room, even the most senior women have a tendency to make room at the table. That’s a mistake, she says: Those of power take up more than their fair share of space. Don’t relinquish it. Spread out, arms wide on the table.

Tiedens says studies of gender and influence indicate that women invite backlash when they try to be verbally dominant. But there seems to be greater acceptance when displays of female dominance are non-verbal. She says that wearing heels makes sense, although she is unaware of any high-heel research outside the realm of podiatry.

Innis, 5-foot-4½, remembers when she was director of staffing and recruiting at Motorola several years ago. Staffer Glenn Gienko was 6-foot-4. After one long day, Gienko did a double take when Innis took off her heels to relax. “He lifted out his arm, and the top of my head didn’t reach his palm. He said he had no idea I was so short. He thought I was bigger because I was his boss. I took up more space in his life. I’m very conscious about being bigger,” Innis says. “Shoulders square and back, head up.”

Maigread Eichten, the 5-foot-4 CEO of beverage company New Sun Nutrition, says she remembers a confrontation with a 6-foot, 200-pound-plus senior executive.

“He spoke loudly and in quite colorful language. I couldn’t get a word in between his four-letter words. Imagine his surprise when this small blonde marched up, stared him down, commanded his attention, spoke clearly and loudly and ended with a smile. He was sold and charmed,” Eichten says.

Even so, Eichten isn’t convinced that heels and other efforts of dominance are effective. She jokes that she guards her personal space only to protect her salad at lunch, and the only time others comment on her size is when she introduces them to her 14-year-old son.

Tiedens’ research has centered on women, and she says she was less qualified to say if the same tactics of dominance work for minority executives. Alfred Edmond, the 5-foot-7 editor-in-chief of Black Enterprise magazine, says they do work and advises young minorities not to disappear at meetings. His own promotions started coming after he took up body building as a hobby and went from 130 pounds to 175. He says he uses his baritone voice when he wants his way. Those with a deep voice are perceived to be larger, not only on the phone, but in person, Edmond says.

Height literally pays off

Several studies indicate that taller men are more likely to be successful and that the advantage begins early. A 2005 study in Finland found that baby boys who were taller than average by their first birthday earned more 50 years later. The last U.S. president who was shorter than the average man was 5-foot-7 William McKinley 106 years ago.

Corporate CEOs also tend to be taller, and those who aren’t taller have a way of appearing so. Retired General Electric CEO Jack Welch, at 5-foot-7, makes searing eye contact and will pull his chair around to sit close in one-on-one conversations. Harold Burson, chairman and architect of the largest public relations firm, Burson-Marsteller, says he is 5-foot-6, “probably a little less now that I’m 86.” He says his theory is that short CEOs rise from within the company. Executive search firms tend to produce the 6-foot outsiders, he says.

There may be some evolution in the jungle. Some CEOs say they recognize the importance of chest beating but have learned to use it in moderation. When Adler oversees contentious meetings, he tries to remain calm and centered. Likewise, Edmond says he resorts to dominant behavior “thoughtfully and sparingly, like corporal punishment in child rearing.”

Peebles says he used to assume that the loudest, most aggressive male at the meeting was “the guy in charge,” until he learned that’s not usually the case. “If you have authority, you ought to use it less,” he says.

Tiedens says it makes sense that wise CEOs are evolving to turn chest beating over to wannabe lieutenants, because research indicates that leaders who are dominant wind up with submissive employees, while those who step back empower those around them.

But dominant personalities, at least among those on the path to power, will long be with us, Tiedens says, even though chest beaters are perceived as less nice, likable and warm. Those gunning for leadership positions sacrifice popularity, Tiedens says. Edmond has advised his children to be both sure and right, but that it’s most important to be sure.

“If you are absolutely correct, but seem unsure, you’ll hardly be able to influence anyone, much less dominate them,” Edmond says. At least once a week, he says, his wife calls him a stubborn dictator.

Edmond and other executives interviewed said they recognized that chest beating can be taken to an extreme and they worried that not only is there a fine line between confidence and dominance, there’s also a fine line between dominance and schoolyard bully.

Leaders by definition are confident, and many can successfully negotiate dominance. But some cross over to become like hotel titan Leona Helmsley, nicknamed the queen of mean. Eleven states are in various stages of passing legislation that would give the victims of workplace bullying the right to sue for damages, according to The National Law Journal.

But if bullying is bad for business, the opposite could be, too. “If someone can’t look me in the eye when they make a statement, or are passive, I downplay their credibility,” says Steve Hafner, CEO of travel website Kayak.com.

Says Strahan: “When we avert our eyes, or cower, or speak in meek, whispery tones, we don’t instill feelings of trust and safety.”

McKay is never accused of being meek or in a cower. She wears heels even though she finds it ridiculous that 3 inches could add to anyone’s credibility.

“It is a lot of bunk,” she says. “But it works.”