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Being tall doesn’t always come naturally to guys or girls. Find out how tall your child will be, how tall you may be and other facts about height.

Taller Heels

Taller Heels


Taller heels can be the key to appearing taller.  Read below for some helpful hints on how to increase your height and confidence.

Are you the shortest person in your class?  Do you feel that your height keeps you from landing dates, jobs or modeling gigs?  If you were a couple of inches taller, would your self-esteem be improved?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be interested in LiftKits height inserts.   With these shoe lifts, as seen on TV, you can instantly add up to two inches to your height.

LiftKits height inserts are easy-to-use, affordable and completely safe.  Not only do they help you to stand taller, but the insoles also relieve pressure on your joints and spine by utilizing a top quality polyurethan construction.

With Lo-Top and Hi-Top options available for both men and women, LiftKits help individuals of all ages and occupations to stand taller than ever before.  These height inserts can be slipped into all types of footwear, including athletic shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, boots and even flats.  One size fits all, and they are designed so that only you will know you are wearing them.

There are a number of ways that people try to increase their height.  Some feel that exercising will stretch their joints out and make them taller.  Other people feel that eating the right foods will accelerate their growth.  Still others turn to human growth hormone, pills and elevator shoes to increase their height.  While these may or may not work, only LiftKits offer you the ability to instantly stand taller while wearing your chosen footwear.

Whether you are a struggling actor or a blue-collar worker, LiftKits offer an easy way to gain confidence and self-esteem.  When stepping into a pair of these inserts, your whole state of mind will shift, and goals once thought unattainable will seem within your grasp.  Try a pair out for yourself today.

Heel Inserts

Heel inserts can help you gain confidence, and women’s attention.  Read below to get great tips on what attracts women to men.

Impressing women can be difficult, and men often grow frustrated when they are unable to cultivate attraction in prospective dates.  If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to review exactly what attracts women to men.

When evaluating potential suitors, women inspect their clothes and hygiene.  If you have long scraggly facial hair and dress like you are still in your teens, then a woman will have a hard time taking you seriously.  Similarly, bad breath and body odor will turn a woman off, so you should regularly brush your teeth and apply deodorant.

As relationships are built around conversations, women are attracted to men who are intelligent and have a sense of humor.  They want to laugh when they are feeling down and be able to hold conversations that do not insult their intelligence.

Women want a man who is loyal and able to protect them from harm.  If you are on a date with one woman, even if you are in a casual relationship, do not hit on the girls around you.  And if other men are harassing your date, it is crucial that you stand up for her.

The most important factor in attracting a woman is confidence.  If a man appears needy and unsure of himself, a woman will find him weak and unattractive.  For this reason, you should put yourself  in a confident mind state when endeavoring to attract women.

The simplest way to improve your confidence is to stand taller.  To increase height, heel insoles can be inserted into your shoes, heel insoles that only you will be aware of. In fact, LiftKits sells height lifting inserts that instantly add up to two inches to your height.  Standing taller will works wonders on your confidence, making you more attractive to the women around you.

Tips for Male Models

Tips on being a Male Model

Tips for male models may sound a bit cliché, read on to gain some great insight and secrets to being the best in the industry.

Models are hired to show off products.  That means your looks must conform to industry standards.

Age Range

Male models don’t need to look quite as perfect and unblemished as female models.  In fact, being too baby-faced can actually hurt you, so they’re typically older than female models when they launch their careers. Male models start between the ages of 18 and 25, and keep on working well into their 30s.  Some men are still modeling in their 50s.

Moving to the Big City

While it’s possible to pick up catalogue or other regional work outside the big fashion headquarters, if you’re serious about a modeling career, you need to move to where the designers are.  In the United States, that means New York or Los Angeles.  In Europe, that means London, Paris or Milan.

Modeling Portfolio

You’ll need a portfolio and comp cards printed with your four best headshots and your basic stats.  It’s important to find a good photographer to work with.

You’ll need a great headshot as well as multiple full body shots, including several of you in shorts, underwear or a bathing suit, and a tank top.  Prospective employers will want to get an idea of your body type. You’ll also need some shots of yourself in a suit, as well as some photographs of yourself dressed casually.

Tips for Male ModelsHeight Matters

Industry standards for height require male models to be between 5’11” and 6’2”. It’s important to stand tall.  Height increasing insoles from Liftkits are the discreet way to add that bit of extra height that gets you noticed.  LiftKits aren’t your grandfather’s shoe lifts for men.  They’re comfortable, effective and no one will be able to tell you’re using them.

Tips on Growing Taller


Tips on growing taller may not always work, or be beneficial to you.  Read this article, and gain some juicy tricks and secrets, that are guaranteed to work.  If you have ever looked in the mirror and wished that you were a couple of inches taller, then you might be interested to know that there are a number of ways you can increase your height.  Here are some tips to consider in your efforts to grow taller:

1. While clothing does not add actual inches to your height, the right ensemble can give you the illusion of being taller. Clothing with horizontal lines should be avoided, as horizontal lines give you a squat appearance.  Instead, consider vertical-lined clothing, which not only makes you look taller, but also provides you with a thinner appearance.

2. Limb lengthening surgery is one way that individuals can quickly gain increased height. With this surgery, parts of your bones will be cut and internal devices will be installed inside you to stabilize your limbs.  Unfortunately, this surgery sometimes leads to nerve damage.

3. You can change your diet and exercise routine to increase your height.  Hanging from a horizontal bar, executing pelvic shifts, and performing a dry land swim can stretch out your spine and joints.  Additionally, consuming fruits and vegetables, protein-rich foods, dairy foods, starches and grains will provide you with the vitamins and calcium needed for increased growth.

4. While the previous options can prove quite effective, the simplest way to grow taller is to purchase Liftkits insoles. These polyurethane insole inserts can be places in any type of footwear, and instantly provide you with up to two extra inches of height.  With shoe insoles to make you taller, you will not have to change your diet or undergo any type of surgery.  Just slide them in and go about your day.

If you are interested in shoe insoles to make you taller, check out the LiftKits product line today.

Supplements to Grow Taller


Supplements can help you Grow Taller

Supplements to grow taller have been used by many people in recent times, do they work, is the question?  There are some supplements a person can take to promote growing taller, but unless you are a child or an adolescent, they really won’t do much.  Height is largely determined by genetics, and is one of the physical features that can’t really be altered through cosmetic procedures in the same manner as things like the nose or lips.   For those who still have time to grow, vitamins A, B complex, C and D can help you reach your maximum height potential.  For those who don’t, the good news is that you can still appear taller through the use of shoe heightening insoles.  Such insoles can be inserted into most shoes – boots, heels, and sneakers  – and they feel comfortable to walk around in.  With this boost in your height, you can feel more confident and attractive. This added lift can increase your height by up to two inches, a significant difference but one that’s not overly obvious. LiftKits heightening insoles can increase your height between one to two inches – the low-top variety adds one inch, while the high-top insoles offer 1 ½ to 2 inches in height. In addition to making you appear taller, these insoles reduce the pressure felt on your spine and joints.  Using the highest quality polyurethan construction, their design makes it comfy to wear them throughout your entire day. They also promote good posture and can help build the muscles in your calves.  There’s no need to spend tons of money on gimmicks or unattractive footwear that’s designed to add height either – they are completely hidden from view since they are placed inside your existing shoes.  LiftKits’ shoe insoles for height are not just comfortable and effective, but they are an affordable solution. Feel tall and proud. Feel confident.

Gift Ideas For Her – Women’s Shoe Lift

Discreetly fits in any boot. Height without the heels.

A gift for that special woman in your life should be thoughtful and useful. And most importantly, something that she’s not likely to buy herself. A women’s shoe lift is one of the best gifts that you can give to her because it will take the place of all of those uncomfortable high heels that she’s wearing.

Fitness or toning shoes have become very popular amongst women because they have a built in heel. This built in heel is designed to improve posture, tone calves and shape other areas. When you buy the woman in your life a pair of LiftKits, you are giving her shoe inserts that turn her favorite pair of sneakers into perfect fitness shoes.

LiftKits cost less than $30. This is a great standalone gift but can go well with others, like a new pair of shoes that they can be worn inside of. An instant height is provided when the women’s shoe lift is inserted into a pair of shoes. They can be placed into Ugg style boots, sneakers, flats or virtually any other type of shoe.

Women keep wearing uncomfortable heels because they love that height. When you’re looking for gift ideas for her, you can show how much you understand the pain that she goes through to get that added height by providing a more comfortable way to obtain it. The only one who will know that she’s got the help is you because the inserts are added from the inside.


A women’s shoe lift is an ideal gift for any occasion and will be appreciated because of how useful itis!

Todays Singles are Using New Tactics to Attract a Mate

Pheromones and good looks only go so far in one’s ability to attract a mate. A great personality, charming wit and sense of humor are great qualities, but often, one’s self-confidence matters most. Singles are using more unusual tactics than ever before to try to attract the opposite sex.

Men who are somewhat vertically challenged often have low self-esteem. They know that the average woman is looking the perfect person to walk into their lives. Those who don’t have height working for them try and make up for their shortcomings in other ways. In the past, they would try wearing heeled boots, but women typically saw right through those.

Now, LiftKits are making it easier for singles to get the height they need to make the entrance they desire. First impressions are everything when trying to attract a mate. When a shoe insert is placed inside an ordinary shoe, it can add a couple of extra inches. This will not only boost the wearer’s height but their self-esteem as well.

One of the biggest advantages to LiftKits is that they are undetectable. The opposite sex will never know that a person has a hidden heel in their shoe. This way, it is easier for the man to make the impression that’s needed and gain the attention of the woman that has caught his eye. Once the groundwork has been laid, the conversations will flow much easier.

Singles have been trying various tactics for years: certain colognes, more appealing clothes and much more. Despite these tactics, one thing still has remained a barrier – height. That is until the LiftKits entered the market. Now, singles are gaining the ability to attract mates faster than ever before.

Tips for Models: Making it Big in the Modeling Industry


If you want to become a super model, then you have to be focused and learn the ropes of the profession properly. The first among the tips for models is to have good photographs. Good photographs of yourself can fetch you work and bad photos can end your modeling career before it even begins. It is baffling that most of the aspiring models do not know how to get themselves shot properly. Moreover, badly shot photos mean bad choice of location, poorly lit, uncropped and unprofessionally composed. These do not work when you want to become a professional model. So take care to prepare a nice portfolio with suitable photos.

Another extremely important modeling tip is to understand the difference between being beautiful and being photogenic. Lot of aspiring models think that just because they are tall and beautiful every photographer would love to click their photos.  Success comes with offers and to receive offers you must put forward your uniqueness among other things. This feature will lead you to getting offers and eventually become a successful model.

Set goals that are realistic and plan properly regarding your career. It is vital to do market research before you start out with your career, otherwise you might find yourself stuck in a market you do not want to be in. Paid offers for nude modeling care rampant. Think before you plunge into this career. If you find yourself more suited to a particular type of market, then know about it and pitch yourself properly.

Doing a proper amount of research on the photographer you are going to be working with is another important tip for models. Try to know more if he is not much well known. Try to gather references regarding the photographer. If possible take someone along with you to the shoot.

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Advice for Actors: Tips on Booking a Job

People often confuse acting between a career and a job. Being in the acting profession is your career and to make it successful is your job. Any kind of career spans a lifetime. Failure happens only when you decide to quit. Practicing your art is extremely important so attend as many auditions you can so that you can become an expert in booking. The first piece of advice for actors is to learn to work a room and use your technique and confidence to stand tall.

Remember you have to curb your ego. The story is the priority and you must remember this piece of advice. Do not overestimate yourself and overshoot. Remember you are there to play a character in the script that is required to take the story forward. Play the part properly. This is one of the most important pieces of advice for actors. You cannot be more important than the script and keep that in mind.

Avoid judging the script because that will lessen your chances of getting the role. You will fail to book if you sit outside and comment on the stupidity of the scene. Remember you are not the critic, you are just another character. It is important for you to know yourself so that you can tap at the emotions within seconds. The basic difference between an excellent actor and a good actor is ‘the depth of feel’. When you act the audience has to connect with you and that comes when you can portray the emotions without being over emotional.

The last important piece of advice for actors is to be disciplined. You must have a strong sense of personalization when you go for audition. Do your homework, curb out any influences and if possible do not look into anyone’s eyes when you are at audition. As an actor you have to shut out all the outside noise and concentrate on your lines and emotions.

…and don’t forget your LiftKits!

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Dress Tips to Look Taller for Men

Do you keep on wondering how actors with a stocky frame and short height manage to look so good on screen? There is no denying the fact that the designer suits that they wear as their costume has an integral role to play in enhancing their appearance. However, what also needs to be taken into account is the fact that they know how to look taller by wearing exactly what suits them and in a manner that suits them. Here are a few dress tips to look taller for men:

Most short men assume that wearing shoes with thick soles or platforms can help them to appear taller. On the contrary, a large number of them are uncomfortable. They become even more conscious of their height and their lack of self confidence is often quite evident.  You can’t afford to be short on your confidence levels, especially when you are appearing for a job interview, meeting or even attending a social event.

Instead of focusing too much on shoes, you can bring about some changes in your wardrobe. These will make you stand out, even in a crowd.  Try and avoid going for patterns or designs when it comes to your shirts, trousers, a sports jacket or a regular jacket.  Patterns or designs tend to break up the vertical lines that help you to appear taller than usual.  Vertical lines help in extending the façade of a shorter body.

Try and wear uniform colors, when it comes to your shirts and bottoms. Though combining a blue shirt with blue jeans may not be appealing to many, especially the fashion conscious, wearing the same color tends to make you appear taller than your actual height.

Wear clothes that are a perfect fit instead of putting on something that is excessively loose or tight. These tend to put an emphasis on the physical flaws.

First Date Tips- How to Gear Up For Your First Date


First Date Tips- How to Gear Up For Your First Date

Singles looking to date are always on the lookout for date ideas, especially if it is the first date. There are a lot of things on your mind and first date tips can prove to be extremely useful.  Here is a comprehensive list of the first date tips that can help you to ensure a memorable date. To some, dating may appear to be quite a tough task, while for others it is a great way of meeting and getting to know new people.

If you are one of those who like to engage themselves in a lot of activities, you can make your first date special by going for a concert or a show, a long drive or even a movie. Though, the two of you may enjoy to the hilt, the first date should always be about getting to know the other individual better. Opting for an adventurous activity on your first date hardly leaves room for a candid conversation.  You can always tag these activities along with coffee or dinner together in order to complete the date.

It is necessary to plan in advance when you are going out on your first date.  It does require a bit of preparation and you should have sufficient time on your hands to do that. You can book a table for two and make arrangements for a perfect dinner.

You should also take time out to decide on what you are going to wear on your first date.  You need to ensure that you not only look good but also smell good.  You need to strike a balance and make sure that the outfit is neither too formal nor too casual.

However, the most important factor is the confidence with which you carry yourself on your first date.  It is only then that you can make optimum use of all the first date tips that you have learned so far.

Is Being Short A Problem?

If you ask your doctor, he will tell you that there is nothing wrong with being short. Your mom will probably tell you the same thing. But, deep in your heart, you probably wish that you were just a few inches taller. Although the average height for a man in this country is 5’9”, even men who are that height sometimes feel that they are “short.” So although there is no real physical problem with being on the shorter side, the truth is that there are many other problems.


The first problem that you will find out about when you are growing up is that women prefer to be seen with taller men. There is no particular reason why this is so, but it’s the truth. If you are the shortest kid in your class, then you will be picked last for sports and probably picked last at the dance, too.


As you grow older, people won’t be quite as cruel, but the truth is that you will probably have more problems finding dates than the taller guys do. Women generally want a man who is at least a few inches taller than them, and if you are short, then you might not have a lot of women to choose from.


But the most painful part of being short is that it can really stunt your career. Taller men get the better jobs – there are plenty of studies that prove this. Taller men make more over their lives than shorter men do, and they are more often found in positions of power. Yes, there are the exceptions like the 5’2” Napoleon Bonaparte, but they are rare.


If you want to get the most out of your life, both in your career and your social life, then you should consider doing something about it. The best and easiest way to tackle your lack of height is by using lifts. These are simple, soft insoles that go right into the shoes that you already own. They can be put in all kinds of shoes, so you will be as tall on the golf course as you are on the dance floor or at work.


These lifts will give you the appearance of being one to two inches taller, and they will also give you a level of confidence that you might never have felt before, which can only lead to more opportunities for you in life.


Height Increasing Shoes Vs. LiftKits: No Comparison!

Ugly Height Increasing Shoe
Hi-Top LiftKit adds 2 inches and can be used in any style shoe w/ high ankle support
Hi-Top LiftKit adds 2 inches and can be used in any style shoe w/ high ankle support


If you are looking for a way to get a much needed height boost (and what shorter-than-average person isn’t?), then you likely have been debating between investing in height increasing shoes and LiftKits height boosting insoles. The fact is that when you give both options an honest look, there really is no comparison at all. With height increasing shoes, you generally are paying upward of $75 to $100 per pair of shoes, and you have limited style options to choose from. You have to buy the styles that these height increasing shoes are made in rather than choose shoes that really suit your style. This is an expensive and rather backward way to go about buying shoes!


With LiftKits, however, you get a much more affordable way to boost your height. These shoe inserts are priced under $30, and they can be removed and placed into whichever shoes you feel like wearing that day. So with just one small investment, you can get that height you want, and this generally is up to one or two additional inches of height! The inserts go right into your shoes, and they can be used for almost any type of shoes you have. This means that you can walk into the shoe stores of your choice, pick the styles that appeal to your unique personality, comfort, and sense of style, and then place the inserts inside. It’s that simple.


After you do this comparison for yourself, you too will see that there really isn’t much of a comparison to make when it comes to choosing between height increasing shoes and the LiftKits inserts. The LiftKits are more affordable by a long shot, and they give you the complete ability to where the shoes you want to wear while giving you that height you want. Take some more time to look into what LiftKits have to offer, and you will find this really is the way to go if you want to boost your height by up to one or two inches with ease.

Fashion Secrets to Add Height

fashion secrets

Although it certainly isn’t fair, there are some advantages to being taller in this world. For both men and women, the chances of having a successful career are much greater if you are on the higher side of average when it comes to height. You will also make more money over the course of your lifetime and have better opportunities when it comes to the opposite sex.


But if you weren’t born with the height that you want and feel that an extra inch or two might make a big difference in your life, then there are a few fashion secrets you can follow that will enable you to get the respect and have the confidence that you need in life to succeed.


One thing that you should definitely not do if you are short is wear frumpy, baggy clothes. They will only make you look shorter. You should also try to wear pants that are tighter fitting, especially around the legs so that you appear taller.


Shoes with tall heels may help shorter women to look a little taller, but in reality they aren’t fooling anyone. With men, shoes with heels are even worse. But you cantry wearing lifts, which will certainly add to your height.


The primary advantage of having lifts in your shoes is that you can wear your normal shoes and no one will be able to tell that you have them in. LiftKits are a particularly well-known brand that will enable you to get an extra inch or two out of the shoes that you already are wearing. These can be worn in any kind of shoes (athletic, dress, or casual), and although you will appear taller, no one will be able to figure out just why you are standing straighter and appear so much more confident.

Fact: Taller Men Achieve More


powerful man

The average height for men in the United States is now 5’9”, which is actually a little shorter than it was a generation ago. But if you are shorter than this, then you are probably suffering from a variety of prejudices that make it harder for you to get a job, harder to get a raise or a promotion, and also a lot harder to get a date.


People just tend to look at taller people as being more powerful and capable. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do about that. Women face the same kind of prejudice, with taller women being considered more attractive than shorter women, and taller women also getting much better-paying jobs.


But if you want to appear taller, there are some things you can do such as change the type of clothing that you wear. You can also make yourself physically taller by “heightening,” which is the practice of putting lifts inside your shoes. Although you may think that only someone who was really short would do this, the truth is that many men in Hollywood and on Wall Street do it because it makes them appear more powerful and capable.


The great thing about lifts is that you can put them in your shoes and no one will ever know. You will wear the same brand name shoes as everyone else, whether you are wearing athletic shoes or dress shoes, yet you will be an inch or two taller. So if you are only 5’7” right now, with a product like LiftKits, you can get yourself up to the average height of 5’9”. If you are 5’10”, then you can finally read the magic number of six feet, which is where you will really see benefits in terms of earning power and the ability to attract women.

Height of Famous Short People and Celebrities

Here is a list we found of famous short celebrities.  Some of the people on this list are already using  LiftKits brand height increasing insoles to grow taller and some who should be.  we’re sure some of their heights will surprise a lot of you.


Jason Alexander 5’5″ Entertainment
Woody Allen 5’6″ Entertainment
Mario Andretti 5′ 7½” Sports
Sean Astin 5’6″ Entertainment
Ludwig Van Beethoven 5′ 3¾” Music
David Ben-Gurion 5’0″ Politics
Robert Blake 5’4″ Entertainment
Humphrey Bogart 5’8″ Entertainment
Napoleon Bonaparte 5’6″ Politics
Bono 5’7″ Entertainment
Matthew Broderick 5’8″ Entertainment
Mel Brooks 5’4″ Entertainment
Gary Burghoff 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Richard Burton 5’8″ Entertainment
James Cagney 5’7″ Entertainment
Truman Capote 5’4″ Literature
Andrew Carnegie 5’0″ Entrepreneur
Gary Coleman 4’8″ Entertainment
Phil Collins 5′ 6″ Entertainment
Lou Costello 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Tom Cruise 5’8″ Entertainment
Billy Crystal 5’8″ Entertainment
Salvador Dali 5’7″ Art
Sammy Davis Jr. 5’3″ Entertainment
Danny DeVito 5’0″ Entertainment
Robert Downey Jr. 5’7″ Entertainment
Richard Dreyfuss 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Bob Dylan 5’6″ Entertainment
Emilio Estevez 5’7″ Entertainment
Peter Falk 5’6″ Entertainment
William Faulkner 5’6″ Literature
F. Scott Fitzgerald 5’7″ Literature
Michael J. Fox 5’4″ Entertainment
Buckminster Fuller 5’2″ Scientist
Ghandi 5’3″ Politics
Paul Giamatti 5’7″ Entertainment
Maurice & Robin Gibb (Bee Gees) 5’8″ Entertainment
Joel Grey 5’5″ Entertainment
Gus Grissom 5′ 5″ Astronaut
Scott Hamilton 5’4″ Sports
Armand Hammer 5’5″ Entrepreneur
Alfred Hitchcock 5’6″ Entertainment
Dustin Hoffman 5’6″ Entertainment
Anthony Hopkins 5’8″ Entertainment
Bob Hoskins 5′ 5½” Entertainment
Harry Houdini 5’5″ Entertainment
Curly Howard 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Moe Howard 5’4″ Entertainment
Elton John 5’4″ Entertainment
Davy Jones 5’3″ Entertainment
John Keats 5’1″ Literature
Ben Kingsley 5’8″ Entertainment
Nikita Khrushchev 5’3″ Politics
Martin Luther King 5’7″ Politics
Alan Ladd 5’4″ Entertainment
Fiorello Henry LaGuardia 5’0″ Politics
Nathan Lane 5’5″ Entertainment
Martin Lawrence 5’8″ Entertainment
T. E. Lawrence  (of Arabia) 5’6″ Politics
Spike Lee 5’5″ Entertainment
John Leguizamo 5’8″ Entertainment
Guy Lombardo 5’4″ Entertainment
Peter Lorre 5’5″ Entertainment
James Madison 5’4″ Politics
Cheech Marin 5’6″ Entertainment
Chico Marx 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Harpo Marx 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Dudley Moore 5’2″ Entertainment
Noriyuki (Pat) Morita 5′ 3″ Entertainment
Mike Myers 5’7″ Entertainment
George “Baby Face” Nelson 5′ 5″ Criminal
Aristotle Onassis 5’5″ Entrepreneur
Al Pacino 5’6″ Entertainment
Ross Perot 5’7″ Entrepreneur
Joe Pesci 5’5″ Entertainment
Pablo Picasso 5’4″ Art
Roman Polanski 5’4″ Entertainment
Jason Priestly 5’6″ Entertainment
Prince 5’3″ Entertainment
Lou Reed 5’5″ Entertainment
Edward G. Robinson 5′ 5″ Entertainment
Auguste Rodin 5′ 4″ Art
Mickey Rooney 5’3″ Entertainment
Marquis de Sade 5′ 3″ Literature
Leo Sayer 5′ 4″ Entertainment
Martin Scorsese 5’3″ Entertainment
Ryan Seacrest 5’7″ Entertainment
Rod Serling 5′ 4″ Entertainment
Martin Sheen 5’7″ Entertainment
Willie Shoemaker 4’11” Sports
Paul Simon 5’2″ Entertainment
David Spade 5’7″ Entertainment
Steven Spielberg 5′ 7½” Entertainment
Joseph Stalin 5’6″ Politics
Ringo Starr 5’8″ Entertainment
Ben Stiller 5’8″ Entertainment
Jerry Stiller 5’6″ Entertainment
Igor Stravinsky 5′ 4″ Composer
Kurt Thomas 5′ 5″ Sports
J. R. R. Tolkien 5′ 5″ Literature
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 4’11” Art
Ray Walston 5’8″ Entertainment
Spud Webb 5’7″ Sports
Paul Williams 5’2″ Entertainment
Robin Williams 5’8″ Entertainment
Henry Winkler 5’7″ Entertainment
Elijah Wood 5’6″ Entertainment


This list was found on tallmen shoes dot com  here.

Shoe Lifts for Men – A Real Alternative

There are several different ways that you can add a few inches to your height, and if you are a man who is a little shorter than you would like, you may have already tried some of these. You will find some shorter men who use human growth hormones or lengthening techniques, but in reality, they don’t work.

What About Elevator Shoes?

Most women won’t tell you this, but one of the first things that they look at in any man is his feet. They want to see what kind of shoes he is wearing, how big his feet are, and how well he takes care of his shoes. If you are wearing elevator shoes, you will be found out immediately, and this is usually a deal breaker for most women. But if you are wearing shoe lifts for men, they simply won’t know.

What Are These?

Shoe lifts for menare small inserts that are put into the inside of the shoe. They can raise you up anywhere from one inch to two inches, and no one will know that you have them on. Unlike elevator shoes that stand out, shoe lifts can be used in any pair of shoes that you have, and you can adjust them to a particular height if you wish.

Are They Comfortable?

You might think that having any kind of shoe lifts for men in your shoes would be uncomfortable, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most men find that they are more comfortable, walk more upright, and have more confidence in their stride once they put in these lifts. Your friends and co-workers might not at first notice that you are taller, but they will indeed notice that you are walking with a renewed confidence, something that you never had before.

Can a Shoe Lift Help You?

There is nothing wrong with being on the short side. Plenty of famous and successful men have been a little shorter than average, but it is a known fact that taller men have more chances in life and often have a greater chance of succeeding in many aspects of their career, their love life, and just in regard to personal happiness.

 What Can You Do?

Although some people will tell you that height doesn’t really matter, you know that it does and that is why using a shoe lift is such a convenient answer to your height problem. These are easy to use and extremely comfortable insoles that are put right into your existing shoes. No one will know that you are wearing them, and you can buy more than one set, or simply take them out and put them in another pair of shoes if you’d like.

Are They Comfortable?

These are very similar to the gel insoles that you see sold by some of the major brands, except that they provide you with more height. They also provide you with a sense of confidence that those other insoles don’t give you. Once you are taller, you will walk straighter, and the insoles are actually good for your posture, too.

How High Are They?

You can buy two sizes of insoles – one inch or two inches – either of which is sufficient to make a big difference in your life. What usually happens is that people know something is a little different about you, but they can’t put their finger on it. They may think that you are happier, more confident, or just perkier – but you will know that it is because you are taller. Once you start to feel taller and people see you that way, the world is your oyster.

Shoe Lift Inserts Do More Than Just Give You Height

The average height of an American man has continually gone up over the past century, and now if you aren’t at least 5’8”, you are considered to be “short.” While this may not be fair, the truth is that men who are taller get better jobs, get more respect, and get more looks from the ladies. By wearing shoe lift inserts, you can get all of those, no matter what your real height is.

How Do They Work?

Shoe lift inserts are gel inserts that go inside of your shoes, either in place of or just on top of your existing inserts. This gives you an extra one inch to two inches of height, and only you are able to tell you where it’s coming from. Unlike elevator shoes, which are obvious and don’t fool anyone, no one will know why you look taller and more confident.

 How Does This Affect Your Body?

Most men who use shoe lift inserts notice an immediate change not only in their height, but also in their posture, which tends to add an extra half inch or so. When your heels are lifted up like that, you are more prone to standing up straight and lifting your head up, which in turn gives you more confidence. In fact, your friends might not notice your height difference, but they will notice that you are somehow more confident and assertive in your walk and your actions.

Are They Safe?

Men and women have been using these in different forms for years, and the latest versions of shoe inserts are extremely safe and pose no danger to your body. They are extremely comfortable on your feet, they will fit in any kind of shoes, and you will find that they make a huge difference in how you see yourself.

How a Shoe Lift Insert Can Improve Your Life

It seems that most men wouldn’t mind being just a little bit taller, and now that is actually possible. You don’t need human growth hormone in order to do it, and you also don’t need to use heightening techniques that just don’t work. More and more men are choosing to use a shoe lift insert to help them get the added advantage in life that they need.

What Is a Shoe Lift Insert?

This is a soft gel insert that is put right into your shoe, giving you the height that you need. They come in sizes of both one inch and two inch, with many men gradually making the move up to the latter. Although you might think that with a two-inch shoe lift insert, your shoe would be uncomfortable, the opposite is actually true. It is comfortable and will help you with your posture.

How Does That Work?

You have surely noticed that when women wear high heels, they are prone to standing up straighter, and the same is true for when a man wears an insert. The improved posture will also make you look taller and a lot more confident, too. So not only will you get increased height out of your lifts, but you will also appear taller because of your improved posture.

Can People Tell You Are Wearing Them?

There is no way that anyone can see that you are wearing them, primarily because they are hidden within your shoes. You will not have big heels, which are obvious to everyone, and although you will appear a little taller, no one will really know why. Whether you want a few more inches because of a big date, a job interview, or just because you want to feel better, this is an easy and affordable way to do it.

Increase Your Height With Shoe Heel Lifts

In our society, there is something about a man who is tall that commands respect. If you are a little on the short side but have thought that there is nothing that you could do about it, then think again. You don’t have to resort to dangerous human growth hormones, height exercises that don’t work, or limb-lengthening. By using shoe heel lifts, you will gain height and confidence, too.

Can People See Them?

The true beauty of shoe heel lifts is that they are not apparent to anyone but you. Unlike “elevator shoes,” which make you look foolish, lifts are hidden within your shoes to give you the height you need without anyone knowing.

What Kind of Shoes Can You Put Them In?

In addition to being invisible to anyone but you, shoe heel lifts are easily interchangeable between shoes, and they will go in any pair you have. This means that you can put them in your dress shoes, your work shoes, and your athletic shoes, too, so you always appear taller than you really are.

 What Else Can You Gain From Using These?

It is obvious that you can gain anywhere from one inch to two inches of immediate height by using lifts, but it is usually the confidence that most men really notice. When you are just a little bit taller, you feel more confident, and you might even notice that people begin to treat you differently. It is a great experience for many men who have long struggled with their height.

If you are truly looking for a way to gain an inch or two, whether it is because you are embarrassed about your lack of height or just because you want that extra edge in life, then shoe lifts are definitely the easiest and most affordable way to do it.

Why Men’s Shoe Lifts Are So Popular

If you have long been embarrassed about your lack of height, or you just want to see what life is like from a slightly higher vantage point, then now is the time to discover men’s shoe lifts. You might be surprised that millions of men are already using them and if you ask around, probably some of your friends are using them, too.

Haven’t These Been Around For a While?

The truth is that men’s shoe lifts have been around in one form or another for centuries. Since men began wearing shoes, there have always been folks who wanted to be just a little bit taller. But some men have been embarrassed about this, wanting to hide their lifts. There is no need to do that anymore, and because you can buy them online, there is also no worry that anyone will ever find out.

How Do They Work?

Men’s shoe lifts are small inserts that are put into your shoes, giving you an extra one inch to two inches in height. This may not sound like a lot of height, but you will be surprised by just how different it makes you feel. Most men find that their friends, and women in particular, begin to look at them slightly different. They also find that they have a lot more confidence just from those few inches.

Do They Hurt?

The other great thing about lifts for men’s shoes is that they actually make you stand up taller, which in turn helps your posture. If you have struggled with back or knee problems, then you might find that these actually help you. In addition, because your posture will be improved, you will find that you feel better and stronger and that people look at you in a way that you never imagined possible, as a man with strength and power.

Men’s Shoe Lift: A Professional Secret for Success

Some men just seem to have everything going for them, from the perfect educational background and successful career and even on to that towering, even imposing presence that makes other men really stop and pay attention when they speak. The fact is that while you can’t change your educational background now without a lot of work on your part, you can actually very easily do something about your height. A men’s shoe lift is one of the best kept secrets for professional success, and now this secret is yours.

The Vertical Advantage

It is unfortunate but true that a man’s physical height matters so much in a professional work environment. In an ideal world, it would all boil down to your intelligence, your ability to lead and work with others, and your ability to really get things done. If you have all of these other qualities and still don’t seem to be getting anywhere with your career, you may simply need to get a vertical advantage to climb the corporate ladder.

What a Lift Does

A men’s shoe lift is an insert that you slide right into your shoes, and it can give you an extra inch or two of height. It truly is amazing what that small amount of height can do for you in a professional environment. Those who once looked down on you will now be forced to look you straight in the eye or even up to you. This absolutely can give you a confidence boost!

The Results

By simply having that little secret stuck away in your shoe every day, you can truly change your whole professional experience. A men’s shoe lift will result in a more confident and even at times more intimidating you. You will find that in addition to being more confident, you get more done and people listen more to what you have to say, too. This truly is a game changer!

Lift Kits Provide Comfort and Support


 One of the first things most people do when they get home is kick off their shoes. For some people, this is because they don’t want to track dirt through their home, but for most people it’s because most shoes just aren’t comfortable to wear at all. Most people wear shoes that are stylish but that just aren’t comfortable, but with LiftKits, you can turn any pair of shoes into a comfortable pair of shoes!

Uncomfortable Style

The fact is that most people select the shoes they buy not for comfort but rather for style. They choose shoes that make them look great and that are stylish. More often than not, this means buying shoes that have a larger heel. This is even true for men’s shoes because boots and even professional men’s shoes have a heel and often lack that extra cushion and support your feet really need. The result is that you may look stylishly fantastic, but your feet ache at the end of the day. Your legs and back may hurt, too!


LiftKits are insoles that you simply slide right into your shoes, and these are specially designed inserts that give your feet that extra cushion and support they need. There is more cushion for your step, and more support where you need it. The result is that you may still kick your shoes off at the end of the day, but not because your feet, legs, and back are aching and throbbing!

Comfort With Any Style

LiftKits can be used in conjunction with almost any style of shoe, and they work equally well for both men and women alike. There are different styles available so you can create the perfect shoe experience with ease, and you can even add an inch or two of height to your appearance without anyone being able to tell where your height came from, too!

Increase Height and Experience a Variety of Benefits

Being short creates problems. It takes a strong person to overcome the stigma of height. They have to believe in themselves. The problem is that there are times when an extra couple of inches can be beneficial. It can help people during a casting, interview, social event, or everyday life. To increase height, it means using a special elevator lift insole.

Created in Hollywood

LiftKits was developed by three guys from Hollywood, California. They knew the business of the area and knew how many people were always trying to outwit reality. They also saw how women used various tactics to cheat their surroundings. They realized height was a major issue with men. High heels can’t be worn to increase height and shoes are generally limited. This is why Lift Kits height insoles  came into being. The women’s option was developed later, after they discovered females wearing the male version.

Produces Confidence

A product like the LiftKits providesinstant confidence. When two inches is added to a person’s height, he or she suddenly walks upright and with more confidence. It changes the state of mind so their walk is filled with more certainty. There is assuredness in each step. People feel special. This can provide someone with the confidence needed to be successful on an audition, job interview, or a blind date.

Health Benefits

LiftKits produce more than confidence. The special insole also improves someone’s posture. When a person starts standing more upright, it helps the body alignment and boosts the metabolism. This then increases energy and overall physical appearance.
Not everyone needs to increase height or add any inches. There are those who wish they could do the complete opposite. However, for those wanting to gain the extra confidence and who would benefit from the added inches, this product is something to consider.


Height Increasing Shoes Benefit the Body

short guy tall girls

Maybe you aren’t that tall. Everybody towers over you and it’s hard to find clothes that fit because they’re all too long. This can be a struggle for a number of people. It affects their confidence levels and is why height increasing shoes come in handy, the problem is that they are so ugly.  But now today there is a special insole called LiftKits that fits in almost any shoe and provides people with an instant lift.

Innovative Solution

There are lots of other options that say height can be increased. The problem is that they are either expensive or uncomfortable. People don’t usually have the extra time to practice height increasing exercises or have the extra money to try all the products. This is why people like the special shoe lift insoles created by LiftKits. They provide people with an extra one to two inches in a matter of minutes. Slip them in almost any shoe and away you go.

Good for Health

Some of the height increasing shoes on the market can be uncomfortable. With LiftKits, the elevator insoles are actually better on a person’s body. The product has been designed to relieve pressure on the joints and the spine. This produces confidence in a gait, especially when the body is also feeling comfortable. When the body walks with an upright stance, you’re also able to digest food better. This boosts the metabolism and enhances your physical appearance.

Other Things to Try

Height doesn’t matter when considering posture. Even tall people should stand upright and walk with confidence. However, when shorter, it’s even more important to walk tall. Don’t slouch. It also helps to dress with matching hues and tones from the bottom to the top.

When standing tall and dressing right is combined with quality elevator insoles, a person gains even more height. The height increasing shoes provide confidence and help people with job interviews or with their significant others.

Why Professional Women Need Height Increasing Shoes

High Heel Pain

Professional women have been wearing height increasing shoes for years, but some are moving away from them because of health concerns. Heels, after all, are known to cause foot, ankle, leg, and back issues, and some women would rather be their natural size in a professional environment than deal with such issues. However, you may not have to give up on those extra few inches you get from heels when you put special insoles into your shoes.

Why Height Matters

For some, height may seem like a cosmetic, trivial thing, but there is some psychology at play where height is concerned. For those who look down into your eyes, there is certainly a feeling of authority over you. For you looking up at your professional peers, there may be a feeling of less confidence and this can relay into your speech and actions, too. Clearly, height matters in the workplace.

Why Heels Aren’t the Answer

Height increasing shoes like heels can certainly give you that extra edge, and you can find heels in heights from about a half inch to several inches. They can make your legs look longer, sexier, and leaner, and you can once again look people in the eye rather than up at them. Yet this is where the benefits end. Heels are known to cause people to trip and fall, twist their ankles, and more. Plus, long-term use of them has been shown to cause a whole slew of permanent health issues, too. So while height matters, heels aren’t the answer

What Insoles Provide

Rather than height increasing shoes like heels, you can simply slide height boosting insoles inside your flats. These insoles are designed to improve your posture, cushion your step, and simply give you a healthier way to get that height advantage you want and need in the workplace. What’s best is that nobody will know that this extra height isn’t from your own body stature because the insole is hidden inside your shoe!

Be Taller Than Your Kids Again With Heel Shoe Lifts

LiftKits height increasing insoles help you to be taller

When children are born, few parents have that forward-thinking mentality to consider that this little bundle of joy they are holding may one day be taller than they are. However, for many parents, and especially shorter parents, that day comes quickly. For some, it comes even before their children reach their teens! Heel shoe lifts can help you to regain that vertical edge over your children.

Looking Up to Your Kids

When your 10- or 12-year-old is not just looking you in the eye but is actually looking down on you, you know that something absolutely needs to be done, and the answer lies in heel shoe lifts. These are inserts that you can place inside your shoes that give you an extra inch or two of height. With this height, you can once again be taller than your kids – at least for another year or two!

Confidence in Numbers

It’s one thing when your child is taller than you, but it’s another thing when you are standing in a classroom of kids or even in your own kitchen surrounded by your child’s friends, and you are the shortest one in the room. This can really strip a parent of his or her confidence. It’s amazing how great an extra inch or two of height would feel for you in such a situation.


Whatever your beliefs are on disciplining your child, you certainly know firsthand that you lose some of your authority over your kids when they are taller than you. Hopefully your child has grown taller than you at a point when he or she is old enough to respect your authority, but if the height advantage shifts out of your favor before this milestone is reached, you can simply slide in your heel shoe lifts into your shoes each day so that you have that extra air of authority and can still look down into your child’s eyes.

Get Taller With Height Lift Insoles

Stop being called short and get taller with LiftKits

Most of the time height won’t matter in life. Many times, standing tall with confidence gets you places, despite how short you think you are. The problem is that there are times when being a little taller makes a difference. For instance, it could make the difference in job interviews or in a love life. Rather than despair about the unfairness, you should know that it isn’t that hard to get taller. All a person needs is the appropriate LiftKits height insoles and he or she can grow an inch or two instantly.

LiftKits for Both Genders

Maybe you want to gain some height, so you’re closer to the height of your spouse or significant other. LiftKits are developed for men and women. The men’s kit comes in three different versions. The LK-3m Hi-Top Model can be adjusted from 1.5” to up to 2” or by adding or taking away a 0.5” detachable insert. The LK-2M Lo-Top Model option is a shoe insole that adds a full 1” to a person’s height. And the LK-1M Universal Model offers an adjustable increase from 0.5” to 1.0” typically for dress shoes or vans slip on type sneaks.

A woman’s option was added after the creators discovered females were wearing men’s insoles. These insoles are specifically designed for a woman’s body and will define and tone muscles.

Relieve Joint Pressure

The nice thing about the LiftKits is that they do more than increase height. They also relieve pressure around the joints and spine. The reason is because the shoe insole was created from a high-quality Poly Urethane blend tested to precise quality. It shows how the product has multiple purposes, allowing someone to get taller and feel better.

Wear With Anything

These shoe lift inserts can be worn with all types of footwear, whether it’s casual shoes, dress shoes, boots, or athletic shoes. The insoles are not noticeable and provide an instant height increase. This builds confidence, especially since no one knows they’re being worn. Then enjoy the height increase, unless you deal with the opposite problem and wish you were shorter.

Elevator Shoe Lifts Give You Confidence

Elevator Shoe Lift
LiftKits LK-3M shoe lift

Confidence is such an important part of everyone’s lives, and everyone seems to have their own unique way of getting that confidence boost they need. For some people, their confidence comes from extra time primping in front of the mirror, and for others it comes from working out at the gym to ensure they look and feel their best. For those who are shorter in stature, elevator shoe lifts are the perfect answer.

For Women

The fact is that while much has been accomplished in recent years to make the workplace a more equal opportunity environment, most workplaces are still dominated by males. For a woman in such an environment, and especially a shorter woman, elevator shoe lifts can help to give you a more physically level experience so you can look your peers and colleagues in the eye.

For Men

Height absolutely matters for men, too, and even an extra one to two inches in height can make all of the difference in the world to a man’s experience interacting with others in his personal and professional relationships. This can help you get the woman you have been lusting after, to achieve higher levels of professional success, and so much more.

Increase Confidence

There is no denying that we live in a vertical environment today, where height matters for men and women alike, in both our professional and personal lives. Some people are truly, admittedly, short while others simply are not as tall as they would like to be even if they are considered to be average height. Elevator shoe lifts can add that extra inch or two you need in a very discreet way so that nobody knows your height is coming from your shoes and not from your own stature. It truly is amazing what an extra inch or two can do for your confidence, and you can experience that boost of confidence for yourself today!


What Happened to America’s Height Advantage?

What happened to America’s height advantage?
Posted 7/15/2007 12:31 PM

By Matt Crenson, Associated Press
NEW YORK — America used to be the tallest country in the world.

From the days of the founding fathers right on through the industrial revolution and two world wars, Americans literally towered over other nations. In a land of boundless open spaces and limitless natural abundance, the young nation transformed its increasing wealth into human growth.

But just as it has in so many other arenas, America’s predominance in height has faded. Americans reached a height plateau after World War II, gradually falling behind the rest of the world as it continued growing taller.

By the time the baby boomers reached adulthood in the 1960s, most northern and western European countries had caught up with and surpassed the United States. Young adults in Japan and other prosperous Asian countries now stand nearly as tall as Americans do.

Even residents of the formerly communist East Germany are taller than Americans today. In Holland, the tallest country in the world, the typical man now measures 6 feet, a good two inches more than his average American counterpart.

Compare that to 1850, when the situation was reversed. Not just the Dutch but all the nations of western Europe stood 2½ inches shorter than their American brethren.

Does it really matter? Does being taller give the Dutch any advantage over say, the Chinese (men 5 feet, 4.9 inches; women 5 feet, 0.8 inches) or the Brazilians (men 5 feet, 6.5 inches; women 5 feet, 3 inches)?

Many economists would argue that it does matter, because height is correlated with numerous measures of a population’s well-being. Tall people are healthier, wealthier and live longer than short people. Some researchers have even suggested that tall people are more intelligent.

It’s not that being tall actually makes you smarter, richer or healthier. It’s that the same things that make you tall — a nutritious diet, good prenatal care and a healthy childhood — also benefit you in those other ways.

That makes height a good indicator for economists who are interested in measuring how well a nation provides for its citizens during their prime growing years. With one simple, easily collected statistic, economists can essentially measure how well a society prepares its children for life.

“This is the part of the society that usually eludes economists, because economists are usually thinking about income. And this is the part of the society that doesn’t earn an income,” said John Komlos, an economic historian at the University of Munich who was born in Hungary, grew up in Chicago, and has spent the last quarter century compiling data on the heights of nations.

Height tells you about a segment of the population that is invisible to traditional economic statistics. Children don’t have jobs or own houses. They don’t buy durable goods, or invest in the stock market. But obviously, investments in their well-being are critical to a nation’s economic future.

For several years now, Komlos and other researchers have been trying to figure out exactly why the United States fell behind. How could the wealthiest country in the world, during the most robust economic expansion in its history, simply stop growing?

“It’s absolutely fascinating,” said Eileen Crimmins, a demographer at the University of Southern California. “Maybe we’ve reached the point where we’re going to go backwards in height.”

Like many human traits, an individual’s height is determined by a mix of genes and environment. Some experts put the contribution of genes at 40%, some at 70%, some even higher. But they all agree that aside from African pygmies and a few similar exceptions, most populations have about the same genetic potential for height.

That leaves environment to determine the differences in height between populations around the world, specifically the environment children experience from the moment of conception through adolescence. Any deficiency along the way, from poor prenatal care to early childhood disease or malnutrition, can prevent a person from reaching his or her full genetic height potential.

“We know environment can affect heights by three, four, five inches,” said Richard H. Steckel, an Ohio State University economist who has also done research on height trends in the United States during the 19th century.

The earliest stages of life are the most important to the human growth machine; at age 2 there is already about a 70% correlation between a child’s height and his or her eventual adult stature.

All of this means a population’s average height is a very sensitive indicator of its most vulnerable members’ welfare.

Not surprisingly, rich countries tend to be taller simply because they have more resources to spend on feeding and caring for their children. But wealth doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a society will give its children what they need to thrive.

In the Czech Republic, per capita income is barely half of what it is in the United States. Even so, Czechs are taller than Americans. So are Belgians, who collect 84% as much income as Americans.

And those height differences translate into real benefits. A number of studies have shown that disease and malnutrition early in life — the same things that limit a person’s height — increase a person’s chances of developing heart disease and other life-shortening conditions later on. Though tall people are more likely to get cancer, they suffer less mortality overall than short people.

International statistics bear it out. Life expectancy in the Netherlands is 79.11 years; in Sweden it’s 80.63. America’s life expectancy of 78.00 years puts it in somewhat shorter company, just above Cyprus and a few notches below Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“Obviously America is not doing badly. It’s not at the level of developing nations,” Komlos said. “But it’s also not doing as well as it could.”

His latest research paper, published in the June issue of Social Science Quarterly, suggests the blame may lie with America’s poor diet and its expensive, inequitable health care system.

“American children might consume more meals prepared outside of the home, more fast food rich in fat, high in energy density and low in essential micronutrients,” wrote Komlos and co-author Benjamin E. Lauderdale of Princeton University. “Furthermore, the European welfare states provide a more comprehensive social safety net including universal health care coverage.”

In the United States, by comparison, an estimated 9 million children have no health insurance.

Komlos’ most recent data indicate a small uptick in the heights of white Americans born between 1975 and 1983, a suggestion that the gap may finally be closing. But there has been no similar increase among blacks, a suggestion that inequality may indeed play a significant role in the height gap.

In another recent paper, Komlos and Lauderdale also found height inequality between American urbanites and residents of suburbs and rural areas. In Kansas, for example, white males are about as tall as their European peers; it’s big cities like New York, where men are about 1.75 inches shorter than that, that drag America’s average down.

Now Komlos has started comparing the heights of children to determine at what age Americans begin falling behind their peers across the Atlantic. Not surprisingly, he sees a difference from birth, an observation that suggests prenatal care may be significant contributor factor to the height gap.

But it is unlikely that Komlos will ever find one simple factor to explain why Americans have fallen behind other rich countries in height. In all likelihood it is caused by a combination of things — a little bit health care, some diet, a sprinkling of economic inequality.

“In some ways it gets to the fundamentals of the American society, namely what is the ideology of the American society and what are the shortcomings of that ideology,” Komlos said. “I would argue that to take good care of its children is not part of that ideology.”

Whether that’s true is debatable; the height gap doesn’t measure how much Americans love their children. But at a minimum it does indicate — in raw feet and inches — whether the nation is giving its youngsters what they need to reach their full biological potential, or selling them short.
Copyright 2007 The Associated Press.

The Height of Success

Published: November 5, 2006


How Height Affects the Health,

Happiness, and Success of Boys —

and the Men They Become.

By Stephen S. Hall.

388 pp. Houghton Mifflin. $26.

To the many indignities visited upon shorter than average males — lower incomes, disadvantage in mate selection, cut rates for their deposits at the local sperm bank, long odds of making the N.B.A. — has now been added this one: short people are stupider than tall people. That’s the finding of a recent study by two Princeton economists who conclude, painfully for those of us who are south of 5 feet 9 inches, that the reason taller people make more money is that they are smarter.

That finding was published too late to make it into Stephen Hall’s provocative book, but it’s in keeping with the litany of obstacles arrayed against short men that he documents in ”Size Matters.” Consider the very word ”stature.” Its primary definition refers to physical height, but it can also connote everything from presence and charisma to virtue and importance; on a metaphorical level, height and worthiness of esteem are linked in the human mind. ”Nobility of soul accompanies tallness of body,” wrote one 18th-century German physician, reflecting the conventional wisdom of the time. Repeated studies in the modern era have shown that people unconsciously ascribe positive qualities to the tall: in addition to being deemed more intelligent, tall people are automatically considered more likable, more dependable and more commanding. It seems that benefits accrue to the tall beginning almost from birth, and then keep accruing, leading to what is, generally speaking, a society where the tall lead and the short follow — an ”altocracy,” as Hall puts it. Only 3 of 43 American presidents — James Madison, Benjamin Harrison and Martin Van Buren — have been under 5 feet 7 inches, and it is well known that the taller of two presidential candidates usually wins the election.

The association of height with cultural desirability and even existential value has deep historical roots. The Roman historian Tacitus, writing in the first century A.D., associated height with both strength and moral virtue. Drawing on Tacitus and his successors, King Frederick William of Prussia became obsessed with recruiting — and breeding — an army of behemoths in the early 1700’s. His so-called Potsdam Giants regiment was led by a man reported to be over 7 feet tall, and included at least one mercenary well over 8 feet; none of the Giants were under 6 feet. (James Tanner, the dean of human growth studies, has observed that this was probably the tallest group of men assembled before the advent of professional basketball in America.) Other militaries emulated Frederick (taller soldiers had longer strides, could thrust their bayonets farther, and had an easier time reloading their long rifles) and Hall argues that it was at this point in history — when tall soldiers were more coveted than shorter ones — that the market (and moral) value of height first became institutionalized.

As a man of a mere 5 feet 5 and three-quarters inches himself, Hall is on something of a quest, seeking not just to understand the science and culture of stature but also to come to terms with what the cartoonist Garry Trudeau has called his ”inner shrimp” — that distinctive ”I’m smaller than the rest of the world so I hope I don’t get beaten up” outlook that is imprinted at an early age and never dispelled, no matter what our final adult heights. Mixing traditional science reporting with personal anecdote, Hall ranges widely across popular culture and the scientific literature to explore such issues as what the average height of a population can reveal about culture and society (Why are the Dutch so tall? And why are Americans becoming relatively shorter?), and how the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of human growth hormone as a ”treatment” for undersize children in 2003 changed the politics and science of height. Here’s an interesting philosophical question: If what matters psychologically is relative height, by treating short children with growth hormone, aren’t we creating a whole new class of undersize ”victims,” the untreated kids they surpass in height? Have we launched an arms race of avoiding shortness? If so, it’s not hard to understand why. As Hall puts it, height matters because ”it clearly has an impact on social perceptions, romantic interactions, workplace hierarchies and our self-perception long after we’ve stopped growing.”

Article continues here: NY Times

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Limb Lengthening Tests Human Will Power

Patients endure unimaginable pain
for a few inches

Growing pains
Christy Ruhe stood 4-foot-3 before choosing to undergo a leg-lengthening process that broke her bowed legs, then stretched and straightened them to make her seven inches taller.
See pictures from her painful, but gratifying experience.

By Gretchen Parker, AP

Limb-lengthening surgery is controversial among dwarfs, and it is painful. Still, many choose to undergo the bone-breaking and difficult therapy to gain inches in height. One patient who made this decision, Christy Ruhe, allowed an Associated Press reporter and photographer to closely follow her two-year progress. This is her story.

PICKERINGTON, Ohio – The tiny, silver BMW roadster slides out of the garage and zips toward the freeway. Christy Ruhe adjusts the rearview mirror and rests one hand on the steering wheel. The car, her dad’s, is a perfect fit. She looks like she’s been driving it forever.

Two years ago, she couldn’t have reached the pedals.

Christy recently finished a procedure that surgically broke her bowed legs, then stretched and straightened them, an agonizingly painful ordeal that would leave even her questioning how much she could endure.

Once 4-foot-3, she’s now just 2 inches shy of 5 feet tall.

She had always craved just a few more inches. Enough to drive any car and pump her own gas, or reach the pedals under the piano. Practical things, but seven inches would accomplish so much more.

To understand why Christy would put herself through the grueling surgeries and therapy is to understand a spirit determined to be as independent as possible.

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