SportieLA Now Carries LiftKits

Los Angeles locals in need athletic footwear turn to SportieLA. Founded in 1985, the company has specialized om athletic footwear from the very beginning. They offer hard to find styles, brands and colors that people are looking for. The latest models are on the shelves, providing men, women and children with great looking shoes before anyone else has a chance to buy them.

SportieLA is famous for being the “it” place when it comes to shoes. If they don’t carry it, it’s either uncool, unpopular or it doesn’t exist. They have recently added LiftKits to their line of shoes. The insoles can be found in the various stores throughout California, including the Melrose Avenue flagship store.

Isack Felton, owner of SportieLA, has been very instrumental in launching the LiftKits brand. The fact that this popular shoe store sells these shoe inserts has helped the company reach over one million customers. Across Hollywood, many actors and models are auditioning and trying to make a name for themselves. Height matters and LiftKits provide the extra few inches that can make a world of a difference.

When a popular shoe store offers a product, it gets people to notice. One of the smartest decisions that LiftKits could have done as a brand is to introduce itself to the likes of Isack Felton. Once Isack liked the product and backed it, the full line for men and women instantly went up on the shelves. Now, people are able to buy a great pair of athletic shoes and some inserts at the same time. This provides a comfortable shoe, added height as well as the ability to tone and strengthen due to the insert’s slope inside the shoe, undetectable to anyone.