Add a Few Inches to It

Check out the recent post from from 01.06.2011.

We have a confession to make: we’ve always lied about our height. As wee little Showties we claimed to be 4’6” so we could ride the Sooperdooperlooper at Hershey Park. In high school we said we were 5’5” so we wouldn’t have to line up last in gym class. Most recently we claimed to be 5’10” so we could get an interview with IMG.

And thanks to Derek White, no one is ever the wiser. The former model is the creator of Lift Kits, shoe inserts that add up to two inches to your stature. The sneaky supports come in hi-top and low-top versions to rise to any occasion whether you are sporting wingtips or riding boots.

Order yours today and add a few inches to your total package.