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Learn the Best Acting Technique to Become a Good Actor

Learn the Best Acting Technique to Become a Good Actor

Acting technique is a debatable matter. Many people think that there is no such technique involved in acting. Others think that acting is basically a technique to emote without being emotional. The emotional preparation is the context where the differentiation between acting techniques takes place. When you take coaching classes for developing acting skills, they will teach you to achieve apt realistic emotions suitable for the scenes.

Most of the acting techniques fail because of two reasons. Either they are too internal or extremely external. There are several acting schools that teach the advantages of emotionalizing through exterior means. According to this teaching, emotional preparation is done by infusing certain objects with associative memories. These can be paintings, rooms or even scarves. This acting technique works for the first time but becomes repetitive after sometime and loses its punch. We also end up wasting time to prepare ourselves for this.

Method acting is a tried and tested acting technique being followed by actors all around the world. This preparation is internal. In this method an actor is asked to recall memories that invoke particular emotions to play the character. Though this acting technique has worked quite well, there are certain difficulties that actors face. Since you are basically relying on your own experiences, you cannot look up to some external object. An incident that meant a lot to you even a couple of years back, may not invoke the same kind of emotions presently.

However, there is a middle technique which is based on imagination. According to this acting technique, you can draw from your imagination to prepare emotionally for a role. This makes adaptation easy for an actor because our imagination is unlimited. Besides, we can actually concentrate on the character we are playing on screen. Be vivid with your imagination and fill up your acting with all the details.

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