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Dissecting height increasing insoles – a deeper look

Insole Fit

Sometimes its hard to see whats actually happening in your shoe when you shove an LK in there and put your foot on top of it. This is why we searched high-and-low for a construction project near us and had the guys sacrifice or Creative Rec Barney’s Specials and slice right through them and a pair of LiftKits. Hopefully this view of our LK Hi-Top version will show and prove that our LK insoles do give you 2 inches of height while still providing enough room for the top of your feet as well as your heels to fit in your shoes.

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Features of an insole

LiftKits insoles provide an elastic, cushioned support to the sole of the user, enabling him to walk comfortably. In order to enhance the elastic power and ventilation effect of an insole, the insole is made with raised portions protruding over the top surface of the insole. When the user pressed the sole on the raised portions of the insole, gaps are left in between the bottom of the user’s foot and the top surface of the insole for ventilation. Our insoles are made with raised ridges or portions, being molded from a polymeric compound, foam material and rubber. The mold has recessed portions in the cavity for forming raised portions on the surface of the insole. Usually, the insole molded integrally by this way has a bottom surface with recessed portions at areas corresponding to the raised portions of the top surface. When the insole is compressed, the raised portions tend to deform permanently after a long time of use of the insole, thereby reducing its elastic material property and ventilation effect. Just as your shoes change form, cleanliness and generally wear-out, we recommend to purchase new shoes and insoles every few months depending on daily use.

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How its constructed

To make a LiftKit insole we first provide a base sheet material made of an initial compound, the base sheet material penetrating through holes on the top and bottom of the mold. We then fill-in with a fluid filling material prepared from a second compound. This process is then followed up by baking the base sheet material in a baking oven to cure the filling material; splitting the base sheet material until reaching its desired thickness. We then bond a fabric layer to a top surface of the base sheet material; its what you step on when you put your shoes on. The semi-completed insole is then stamped to compact the base sheet material, for enabling the filling material to be extracted over the top and bottom surfaces of the base sheet material, thereby creating a plurality of raised portions at the fabric layer for increased comfort and ventilation.

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