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Grow Taller. Faster.

The question of how to grow taller faster is a common one. You no doubt have been told at least a hundred times that your body will grow at its own pace and that you may just have to face up to the fact that you are just going to be shorter than everyone else. If that sounds like a defeatist attitude and you are more of a take-charge sort of person, you may want to know what you can do to gain some extra inches to your body fast.

Helping Mother Nature Along

If you want to know how to grow taller faster, you no doubt really are asking if there is anything you can do to give Mother Nature a little boost. She does seem to be moving in the slow lane where your growth is concerned, but you can lean growth in your favor by paying more attention to your diet, your exercise level, and the amount of sleep you get. These three things, in addition to just helping you be a healthier person, have all be shown to play a role in the production of human growth hormone. In fact, studies have shown that production of HGH skyrockets when your body enters deep sleep and when you experience intense bursts of exercise, too.

It’s a Marathon

The fact is that while you do want to know how to grow taller faster, growth is a marathon for most people and not a sprint. You may have a handful of friends who have shot right up overnight, but most people will grow at a slower, more steady pace. However, because of this slow and steady pace, you will find that your daily efforts to help Mother Nature along, as mentioned above, are critical. Eating a salad and taking a nap one day are not what you need to see more pronounced growth. Instead, you want to make daily efforts so your body has a natural stream of increased HGH.

A Little Bit of Cheating

Of course, while you are waiting, you can get an extra inch or two of height by using lift kits, which are inserts you place inside your shoes. These can give you the height you want while you wait for your body’s natural growth to kick in.

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