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Where can I purchase LiftKits?
LiftKits and LiftKits for Chicks are only available online through www.myliftkits.com.

Do LiftKits come in pairs?
Yes, all LiftKits are sold as pairs.

Are LiftKits comfortable for daily wear?
Yes, LiftKits are comfortable because of their lightweight injection molded neoprene which ensures that the insoles molds to the shape of your shoes and your feet. LiftKits fit different in every shoe; its best to experiment with our product line to see which LiftKit product works best for your shoes.

Are LiftKits designed for women?
Yes, LiftKits are made for both men and women. LiftKits are now available for women under the name LiftKits for Chicks.

Are LiftKits safe for my back?
LiftKits are orthopedically designed to offer maximum comfort for people who spend long periods of time on their feet.

How long will a pair of LiftKits last before needing to be replaced?
Liftkits are durable and resistant to both wear and moisture.
However, we do not recommend exceeding use of any pair of lifts for more than 3 months of daily wear for hygienic reasons.

Can I wear LiftKits while playing sports?
Recreational activity is not recommended while wearing LiftKits.

What is the difference between the men’s Hi-top and Lo-top insoles?
LiftKits Hi-top version adds up to 2″ of height and is meant to be worn with boots, high top sneakers or dress shoes. The Hi-top version will not work in lower ankle supported shoes. The men’s Lo-top insole is meant to work in both high tops and regular sneakers and adds 1″ in height. For dress shoes or other low ankle supported shoes check out our men’s Universal insole.

What is the Universal insole?
The LiftKits Universal insole is our latest addition to LiftKits. It’s different in that it is only a heel lift and not a full insole. Because the Universal only affects the heel, there is no concern with any sizing issue around the instep of your shoe. The Liftkits Universal product can be worn in low and high top shoes. However, we designed this product so that people wearing dress, loafer and other low ankle supported shoes would still be able to enjoy gaining some height. The Universal increases height from 3/4″ to 1 1/4″ when adding or removing the detachable piece. The Universal is made for both men and women.

What is the difference between the LiftKits Lo-Top and Universal?
The difference between LiftKits Universal and Lo-Top is minimal when it comes to height. Because every shoe is made differently we have made both the Universal and Lo-Top to address the various insteps of different shoes. We suggest you try each to see which one works best with your shoes.
The Universal is adjustable and is better for shoes with extremely low ankle support (like dress shoes) or shoes with a very tight instep. The Lo-Top has a more gradual slope which may work better in some shoes.

Are LiftKits one size fits all?
Yes. All LiftKits come with perforated edges on the underside of the insole which allow for easy trimming with scissors. However, LiftKits fit most shoes right out of the box with out any trimming necessary. The Universal LiftKits are heel only lifts that do not require any trimming and will slide into just about any shoe. For more see How to Best Wear Your LiftKits.

What kind of shoes will LiftKits for Chicks fit in?
LiftKits for Chicks are designed for flat boots like Uggs or equestrian-style boots and also athletic shoes or sneakers that have a reasonable amount of ankle support. They are not designed to fit inside high heels or flat shoes with little or no ankle support.