Why LiftKits Are Better Than Elevator Shoes

Why LiftKits Are Better Than Elevator Shoes

If you have been searching for a way to get a little taller, you are not alone. Many people are what others consider to be short, and if you are one of these people who others normally have to look down on, you certainly would love to change things a bit. Of course, there is no magic wand you can wave or miracle drug you can take that will help an adult just grow inches. Instead, you have to be creative in how you approach this situation. There are two popular options to consider, and these are LiftKits and elevator shoes. You may be wondering which is best for you.

First, let’s take a look at what elevator shoes offer you. Generally, these have to be specially ordered, and thanks to the Internet, they are far easier to find than they were not too many years ago. While they are now far more stylish than elevator shoes used to be, these are specially made shoes, and those who take a close look at your footwear may indeed be able to see that there is something unique about the shoe. The insole with the added lift is built right into the shoe, so the top of the shoe generally appears higher and the front of the shoe appears to be more elongated and extends outward farther than traditional shoes.

You should be aware that elevator shoes do have some significant downsides that you will want to know about. First, they are generally pretty pricey. Many of the styles start out in the $70-80 range, and the cost goes up from there. Second, once you start wearing these, you are pretty much committing yourself to only wearing these. They can give you a boost of up to five inches in height, which is significant. However, when you wear these to work, you cannot then wear a traditional pair of shoes to work the next day, as you will appear, three, four, or five inches shorter in height. People will quickly catch on to your shoe secret!

LiftKits are a little different in that they are inserts that you can place into almost any type of shoe, so you don’t have to worry about going to work one day inches shorter than you were the day before. You can find LiftKits that add up to two inches in height. This height is a bit less than what you could get with elevator shoes, but you will find that they look far more natural. The inserts are designed to add height to the heel of your foot, so you don’t have that awkward look to the exterior of the shoe as you get with elevator shoes. They look far more natural, and they can be worn every day with any style of shoe you want to wear.

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Perhaps what is best is that the inserts are far more affordable. With elevator shoes, you will have to buy several different pairs, and they are not cheap to buy! Hopefully you can see now why LiftKits insoles (especially for men) are better than elevator shoes. With LiftKits, you can get a pair of inserts for under $30, and one pair of inserts can be used with all of your existing footwear. Clearly, LiftKits are the best solution!

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Last updated: December 8, 2014 at 20:44 pm