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Dive Into Miami Swim Week

July 18th, 2014

Miami Swim Week

With an amped up collection of designers, Miami Swim Week is here to stay.

If Fashion Week were a person, Miami Swim Week would be its tanner, sexier sister. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim puts a much needed tropical twist on the classic attitude surrounding Fashion Week. Just like its high-fashion sister, Miami Swim Week boasts gorgeous collections by top-tier designers. However, Miami Swim Week is a world where bikinis rule, and fabulous poolside fashion shows are the norm.

This year’s week of fashion marks the tenth anniversary of Miami Swim Week. Fortunately, this celebration of all things swimwear only continues to grow in both size and industry cred each year. In its early years, Miami Swim Week was not met with a warm welcoming from the fashion media. However, the tides are shifting as swimwear makes the move from functionality to fashion statement. Sabra Krock, the creative director of top swim retailer Everything But Water, explains, ”Historically, the swimwear category has been geared towards function—like, what works best for your body type, but what’s changing is that it’s becoming a fashion occasion in its own right.”

Not only are swim labels throwing bigger shows and more parties than ever before, Miami Swim Week has some notable swimwear designers creating buzz around the industry with their youthful, fashion forward creations. Minimale Animale, Beach Riot, Beach Bunny, and Wildfox are definitely on our hit list.

If Miami Beach isn’t hot enough already, LiftKits will be making our debut at Miami Swim Week during this weekend’s festivities. We will be helping one of Los Angeles’ top swimwear designers, Minimale Animale, give their models a boost on the runway. LiftKits have been a long standing secret weapon of male models looking to add a few inches of height for the runway, and we are very excited LiftKits for Chicks is stepping in to help out the ladies!

Short Groom’s Wedding Guide

July 11th, 2014

Short Groom

Are you worried about being a short groom?

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable (and most photographed) days in your life, and of course you want the everything to be perfect for your blushing bride. If you happen to be a short groom or just shorter in height than your soon-to-be wife, you may be feeling a lack of confidence for on big day. Short men have always had a tougher road than taller guys, and your wedding will be no exception. Luckily, you are not alone. There may not be much you can do to permanently increase your height, short of painfully lengthening your bones, but there are ways to appear taller on your wedding day.

Below are few ideas for increasing your height for your wedding:

Wear Clothes That Fit

Most men are actually wearing clothes that are too large. Not surprising, shorter men are some of the most frequent offenders. It is amazing how much taller a man looks in a well-fitting suit. You don’t want to pick a suit that hangs loose in the armpits or slacks that have a lower crotch. A well-fitting suit will help avoid looking sloppy or like you are a “kid in your father’s suit” for your wedding. The best way to ensure your ensemble is on point for your wedding day is to have a trusted tailor on hand.  An excellent tailor will be able to transform your look by making your suit or tux fit like a glove. Although having your suit jacket shortened or shoulders narrowed on your shirt seem like small adjustments, they are what will take you from dopey to dashing  n your big day.

Choose Your Tie Wisely

Regardless of what is in “style” this wedding season, a shorter groom should always, ALWAYS choose a tie that is slim fit and sleek in shape. Avoid going for broader ties that will make your torso look much shorter. As a short groom, you will also want to avoid bow-ties. A bow tie will cut you off at the neck, rather than elongating your torso the way a slim tie will. Choosing a single colored, slim tie will be the best choice to make you look taller standing at the alter.

Short Groom

Physically Add Height

Playing around with clothes and ties is an effective way to appear taller. But what if you actually want to physically increase height?

It’s doable. Some short men wear heeled shoes, but this is not always the best option. Exaggerated heels can be chunky and often times grooms find them to be difficult to walk in. Perhaps the most comfortable way for a groom to increase their height is with LiftKits Height Increasing Insoles. Shoe lifts can increase a grooms height up to 2-inches and provides comfortable support to dance the night away.

Increase grooms height

Whatever your approach to the big day, remember to be confident in your choices. Standing confidently  will make you look 7ft tall. You have a beautiful bride and a room of people who are there to celebrate this next step in your life. Have fun and enjoy your day!


July 7th, 2014

Pink Floyd

‘The Endless River’

Far out, man.

This past weekend the world was treated to a thrilling piece of news: Pink Floyd will release their first new album in two decades. The long awaited announcement came about on Twitter when guitarist David Gilmour’s wife, Polly Samson, tweeted about the album. Seemingly out of nowhere, Samson tweets: “Btw Pink Floyd album out in October is called ‘The Endless River’. Based on 1994 sessions is Rick Wright’s swansong and very beautiful.”

Not surprisingly, this news sent Pink Floyd fans (including the LiftKits staff) into a frenzy. After all, Pink Floyd, along with bands like The Beatles and The Doors, helped popularize the psychedelic rock movement.

The help get you pumped for the band’s October release, we created a Music Monday playlist that is full of the grooviest psychedelic hits. Take a listen, and sound off below if we missed your favorite track. We would be happy to add it to the playlist!

MUSIC MONDAY | Iggy Azalea

June 30th, 2014

Iggy Azalea

“Black Widow” feat. Rita Ora

Nicki Minaj may have thrown some serious shade at fellow hip-hop star Iggy Azalea during the BET Awards Sunday, but that hasn’t stopped us from obsessing over Iggy’s “Black Widow”.

Iggy landed the collaboration with songstress Rita Ora — but Katy Perry also worked her magic on this break-up anthem and it shows. Not only is the beat catchy as shiz, Iggy’s sick rhymes on the track and Rita’s voice on the hook are perfection!!

Listen to Black Widow (below)!!

LADY OF THE WEEK | Irina Shayk

June 27th, 2014

Irina Shayk

During the World Cup every girl has been wondering one thing: Is Christiano Ronaldo single? Sorry ladies, this soccer stud has been dating Russian model Irina Shayk since 2010. Irina Shayke is easily the queen of WAGs at the World Cup, and now is LiftKits Lady of the Week!

Bucketfeet for Nordstrom

June 25th, 2014

What We Love: Bucketfeet for Nordstrom

There is nothing we love more than an unexpected fashion collaboration, and no one does it better than Nordstrom. Case and point—their recent association with Bucketfeet. Haven’t heard of Bucketfeet? Well, you have been missing out. Buckfeet is what happens art meets sneakers. No, seriously. They have a global network of graffiti artist, painters, tattooists, and many others all coming together “to celebrate self-expression and connect people through art.” They take the original artwork from this network and use it to decorate crazy comfortable footwear.  It is actually kind of amazing.

We found their recent partnership with our favorite retailer as a welcomed advance for this little company doing beautiful things in the world of shoes. What’s not to love about this pattern-happy line of trendy sneakers? That’s are right up our alley!

Left to right:

1. ‘Delta’ Canvas Sneaker ($64.95)

2. ‘The Dro’ Sneaker ($64.95)

3. ‘Tropical’ Slip-On Canvas Sneaker ($64.95)

4. ‘Earth’ Slip-On ($64.95)

Do Shoe Lifts work? – Liftkits

May 6th, 2014



We get asked the question asked all the time – Do shoe lifts work? In matter of fact they do! My Liftkits Height Increasing Insoles is the leading authority when it comes to adding height. In our 6th year of business, we’ve continued to grow and help people achieve heights they always dreamed of. Available for both men and women. Shoe Lifts are a great alternative to those old outdated elevator shoes. And most importantly, they are comfortable and DISCREET!

The Right Lift for Men

Shoe Lifts for Men are on the rise. More men these days are turning to Liftkits to aid them in the height department. But asking for 2 inches out of every type of shoe is a tad bit extreme. We have designed our Liftkits to give you the most lift our of every style of shoe. That’s why we offer 3 different models. The Game Changer, the Don, and the DL. The Game Changer is a adjustable full length insole that adds 1.5 to a full 2 inches in height. The Don is a full length 1 inch insole designed to fit into Lo Top sneakers. And the DL is an adjustable Heel Lift that adds 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/4 inches. This lift works great for Dress Shoes. And we recommend it to our customers that are dressing up for a special event.

The Perfect Pick Me Up

Our women’s line is gaining more and more popularity with the ladies. Not just for height. Shoe Lifts are a great accessory for women that don’t always find it necessary to wear high heels. Ladies Liftkits keeps your heels to the sky in your favorite pair of sneakers, wedges, flats, and boots. Giving you long toned legs every day of the week. You are already beautiful, were just here to give you a little extra support.


Grow taller Just in Time for Prom with Liftkits Heel Lifts

May 2nd, 2014


Prom is around the corner for you seniors. Are you prepared? We all dreamt of the perfect night but many of us came up short. This blog entry is a is meant to give you a little insight from some of our staffs past experiences to make sure you don’t relive one of them. Here’s a few things to think about before your big night:

Will you..

More and more girls nowadays are asking the boy. But if your not the pursue-e than how you ask the good will most likely determine your outcome. Be creative. The most affective is not always the most expensive. And as you’ll read in the next paragraph, the cost of that perfect night will run you. So post a sign to a freeway, write the question on your friends chest, and I promise you making her smile/laugh is half the battle.

The Cost of the Perfect Night

Going to prom can be a very expensive date. Probably the most in your young adult life. After the dress, tuxedo, hair, flowers, and transportation. Prom can easily set you back upwards of $1,000.00. My advice would be to just buy a suit from the Hollywood Suit Outlet or Mens Wearhouse. You will get use out of it for atleast 3-4 years and its not much more expensive than renting one. Besides, people will be focusing more on her than you anyways.

To and From

Renting a limo is so nineteen ninety. If you have that kind of cash. Rent a classic automobile or sports car. Better yet, if you can borrow one from a friend or family matter, even better. Driving yourself ensures 2 things, privacy and being able to decide when you want to leave. I remember my prom. It was fun for the first 2 hours then I wanted to leave. One exception to this is if your going with a big group. Then I’d suggest a party bus.

The Timeless Photo

One photo that seems to last a life time is 1. your wedding photo and 2. prom. From a throwback Thursday to a flashback Friday, we all love to laugh at ourselves when looking back on the past. So to save yourself the embarrassment, remember these things. Smile! Pick a suit that fits and is not so “look at me.” And lastly, stand up straight. Looking taller than your date always makes for a good photo.

Grow Taller

Nothings worse than showing up to your dates front door only to realize she is wearing 5 inch high heels. What if there was a way for at least that one night, height won’t matter. Now everyday of the week can be this way. The answer.. Liftkits Height Increasing Insoles! Liftkits have designed a heel lift for men that fits perfectly into dress shoes. Celebrities more and more are turning to Liftkits when they have to walk down the Red Carpet because they don’t want to come up short in front of the cameras. Grow taller was once a myth, a unrealistic wish that led many to wear those ugly outdated elevator shoes. Liftkits puts an end to all of this with there life changing product.


“Life’s short, you dont have to be!”


Get Lifted with the Mens 2 Inch Shoe Lifts from Liftkits

April 30th, 2014


Shoe lifts for men have been around for ages. But why haven’t you heard of them? Maybe its because something so beneficial to our appearance seems a little to good to be true. But in fact they do exist! Liftkits Height Increasing Insoles developed a shoe lifts that not only works in the shoes you want to wear. They are discreet and most of all comfortable.

Women want a taller man..

In the dating world, there are many obstacles. Knowing what to say. Knowing how to dress yourself. Basically you’ll need to do a whole lot of knowing in order to land the girl of your dreams. Because here at Liftkits we continue to ask people the same question – why settle? Why settle for anything less than your own standards. But what if you happen to be in the situation where all the pieces of the puzzle were right there in front of you but when you walk up to her you happen to notice she is a little bit taller than you. I cant speak for all but after asking the question time and time again to friends and strangers. Almost all of the women I asked gave the same answer. They’d think twice about dating a guy that’s shorter than them. Elevate your game by elevating yourself!

Get taller with Liftkits Height Increasing Insoles

Looking for the most height to a shoe. The “Game Changer” 2 inch Shoe Lifts can only be utilized in a Mid to Hi-Top shoe or boot. We do our best to give our customers the most lift out of every shoe. Unfortunately trying to fit a full 2 inches into a Lo-Top shoe is practically impossible. That is because the back of the shoe where it grabs your heel is cut to low. Don’t worry! We carry 3 different styles. The “Don” 1 inch Height Increasing Insole and the “DL” Adjustable Heel Lifts.


Made in America Festival Coming to Los Angeles

April 22nd, 2014


In its 3rd year running, the Budweiser Made in America Festival, hosted and curated by Jay Z, is coming to Los Angeles. And according to a recent press release, this will be the first American festival “to run simultaneously on both coasts.” Taking place at Los Angeles’ Grand Park and Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia this Labor Day weekend (August 30-31st). Tickets went on sale Monday and cost $155.oo for the two day pass. Unfortunately the lineup has yet to be announced.

Downtown Los Angeles has been going through a major makeover for the past few years. Already a great sporting venue being home to the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, and Kings. Mayor Eric Garcetti thought bringing the Made in America  festival to LA would be a great way to revitalize the downtown area. Jay Z added to this by saying “putting together a music festival that blurred those lines of genres, that all walks of life and all people can come to.”

Although there is a lot of good that can come from this event making its way to the West Coast. I for one understand the concerns that some public officials are having. According to LA Weekly, LA City Council member raised concerns regarding street closures, traffic problems and a lack of community outreach in the process so far. This will be the 1st major music event thrown in Los Angeles since the Electric Daisy Carnival which was shutdown a couple years ago.


Stand Tall with Liftkits

We know the feeling so well.. Being stuck behind a crowd of people and not being able to see your favorite artist perform. Don’t you wish there was something that can help you stand tall and not cramp your style at the same time. In the words of Floyd Christmas (Dumb and Dumber) “your in luck!” Laugh out loud. Liftkits Height Increasing Insoles is the answer to all your #shortpeopleproblems. We add up to 2 inches in height to the shoes of your choice. Its simple, instant, and DISCRETE.


“Life’s short, you don’t have to be!”