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RECORD BREAKING STYLE There’s lavish, and then there is the $2 million dollar, diamond-encrusted, Jason of Beverly Hills custom-made Tom Ford loafers that Nick Cannon wore to host the finale of America’s Got Talent last night. These shoes have over 340 carats of white diamonds set into white gold and took nearly 2000 man hours […]

When two kick ass brands collide, BIG things are gonna happen. Smoke, helmets, rock n’ roll, and LiftKits. With a packed house, the bombshells of Minimale Animale‘s Miami Swim Week Show strutted their stuff down the runway in a collection of minimalist, sexy fetish suits. The swimwear spoke for itself, but these flawless women did have a […]

A Fashion Blogger Shares Her Secret to Standing Tall in Flats by Chioma Nnadi Blogger Alexandra Spencer’s motto for shoes has always been the higher the better, and for her, stepping out in vertiginous five-inch Jimmy Choos is an everyday thing. “I’ve never been the type to walk around in a superflat Converse sole,” she […]

In working with my male clients, I have come to discover that men carry as many wardrobe and body insecurities as women. Whether they like to admit that or not, is another story. But I find it true (client after client), that there is something we all wish we could change about our bodies. I […]

Liftkits: Get Lifted with Shoe Inserts – Jessica Tumio Thanks to Liftkits, girls can get a lift from their shoes without having to teeter on a tottering heel. Some of us might roll our eyes when women claim to actually prefer high heels to flats, writing off flats as too uncomfortable. But secretly, we know […]

A day in the A day in the life of a T A L L E R than average man, according to the gents at Fab Blog. Which would u prefer – [before or AFTER]??

#LiftKits was proud to be invited last minute to the #VanityFair #Oscars #BlackTie #Hollywood #fashion #style #stylesecrets Making those celebs taller

First Thursdays Melrose for @sportieLA #FAME event. #Food #Art #Music #Entertainment Put it on your calendar for next month LA .

[Emma Grady-November 2012] We all know someone who would never be caught dead in flats or, whether or not they would like to admit it, has a Napoleon complex. LiftKits offers a solution: height-increasing shoe insoles made with recycled plastic and polyurethane. They can easily be slipped into a pair of winter boots or sneakers […]

The headline sounds like the subject line of a spam e-mail, but this is legit. And, well, the 2-inches we’re talking about have to do with height. This excerpt from In Touch magazine. Women have a number of style secrets — from Spanx and padded bras to platform shoes — in their getting-dressed-up arsenal. Now […]

[Footwear News June 2012] For Derek White, size really matters. The founder of LiftKits, a line of removable footwear inserts that discreetly add up to 2 inches to one’s height, has helped raise the stature of his customers, including celebrities Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise and Jeremy Piven. “Our product is functional,” said White, noting […]

[Emma Grady August 2011]Need a lift? No, I’m not talking about a ride, I’m talking about LiftKits. These recycled plastic and polyurethane insoles can add inches to your frame instantly. But why would you want them? Read on. At 5′ 4″, I’m of a moderate height. Though I admit once having high hopes of becoming […]

[Us Weekly - DEC 2011]Robert Downey Jr. is hoping to look taller than his 5-foot-8, a report claims. According to Us Weekly, Downey’s stylist has requested shoes with three-inch built-in lifts to wear while filming “Iron Man 3.” “They’re working on a special pair just for him,” a source said. “The lift insole needs to […]

25 Days Of Gift Guides: For Your Jock Edited by McArthur Joseph on December 22 2011 at 11:06 AM Liftkits Does your jock want to be the same height as the NBA players he likes? That’s no problems with these comfortable shoe inserts that can give him up to 2 inches of height instantly.  Liftkits $55 […]

It’s the Little Things: 24 Perfect Stocking Stuffers From preserved winter truffles to the best socks ever, here are 24 delightful finds to fill the stockings By ELLE | December 12, 2011 Gaining an inch has never been easier—for getting a rise in your everyday shoes, slip in a height-boosting insole. Lift Kits women’s insoles, […]

LiftKits is providing an alternative to the toning footwear category with its latest line of inserts, called LiftKits for Chicks. The product fits into boots or sneakers for women and not only adds height but is said to provide the toning benefits of a workout. Similar to the various lines of toning footwear, LiftKits activate […]

If you spent the 4th like we did, eating and drinking more than humanly possible, you might have a problem looking put together this week. Height: LiftKits insoles More Nike Dunks than Dr. Scholl’s, Lift Kits are sporty insoles that boost the Tom Cruise-sized up to a full two inches. The cushioned neoprene gel insoles […]

[OK Magazine - May 2010] Derek White’s days on The Hills and rumors of dating Audrina Patridge are over, but he’s still getting a kick out of watching the new season and is working to take his career to new heights. Derek was once rumored to be dating Audrina, who then started dating Justin Bobby. […]

[TheToiletPaper.com]… Chicks wear push-up bras and fake eyelashes. Your uncle Dale stuffs his Speedo® with a kielbasa. So why are you still answering to nicknames like “tiny” and “small fry?” Would being a bit taller boost your confidence? Would an extra inch or two benefit your relationship with your girl? LiftKits™ can’t pimp out your […]

LiftKits has been featured in the “His, Hers and Ours” San Francisco Examiner 2009 Holiday Gift Guide – Thursday December 17, 2009 page 29. A list of gifts for that special gal or guy in your life – or something for both. To read the article scroll to page 29 of the San Francisco Examiner.

Los Angeles (myFOXla.com) – In Style File with Jillian Reynolds heads up to the Malibu Lumber Yard where Alice + Olivia owner Stacey Bendet to show us her new shop and favorite summer styles. Jillian also takes time to highlight new shoe insole maker LiftKits and their height increasing shoe lift as a hot summer […]

There haven’t been many options to do something about your height that aren’t that noticeable but we’ve brought with us some LiftKits that will give you an extra inch to two inches of added height. Tyra, in conjunction with Thrillist offer guys tips on gaining an edge and some style over other guys. Watch the […]

I used to go umbrella-less and hat-less in the hopes that a little rain and sun would make me grow. But, instead of a growth spurt, I got bad hair and a burned nose. If you’re looking to add a few inches to your height without resorting to limb-lengthening, get yourself a Lift Kit. Already […]

Ladies have depended on padded bras, Spanx and platform shoes to help flatter their figures for years and now guys are getting in on the action. Hollywood hunks such as Tom Cruise, Shia LeBeouf and “Entourage” stars Jeremy Piven and Kevin Connolly are wearing LiftKits shoe insoles to get an extra two inches of height […]

Women have a number of style secrets – from Spanx and padded bras to platform shoes – in their getting-dressed-up arsenal. Now Tinseltown’s leading men are catching on. Tom Cruise, Shia LaBeouf and Entourage’s Jeremy Piven, Rex Lee and Kevin Connolly have discovered a discreet way to add a little lift to their look, thanks […]

Audrina and model Derek White were spotted lunching together recently at L.A.’s Breadbar. “It had a bit of that awkward first-date vibe, but there were definitely sparks,” says a source. But there’s a catch: Derek is Audrina’s ex Justin “Bobby” Brescia’s BFF. Awkward! Derek, who is set to appear on The Hills, has an interesting […]

Hows this for an elevated sensibility? Hollywood-based LiftKits is now providing polyurethane shoe insoles for dudes, like Entourage’s Rex Lee (5’7″) and Miami Dolphins cornerback Nate Jones (5’10″) who are looking to add an extra inch or two to their height. Co-founder Derek White came up with the idea while strutting his buff at Miami’s […]

These hobbit-pleasing, comfortable neoprene insoles slide subtly into your shoes (anything from loafers to trainers), to give shorty some extra height, with the “lo-top” version adding 1″ to your stature and the “hi-top” giving you an extra 1.5-2″, depending on the thickness of your foot, and the thickness of your depression.

A new exhibition at the University of California, Davis, is bringing what the world puts on its feet up to eye level. The UC Davis Design Museum’s current show, “Stepping Out,” features shoes from across the globe and from bygone eras. The event was researched and curated with the help of university students, including Nora […]

Ever want your man to be taller than you in heels? Well, I uncovered the secret to his new stature with the unique insoles called LiftKits. This new vivacious find was founded by three Hollywood guys on the mission to grant average men a step up. LiftKits give men the ability to naturally and comfortably […]

Trying on a mother’s heels is a time-honored gay youth tradition. Whether the experiment results in a lifetime of drag queen ferocity or merely a moment of realization, for those gays who grow up to not have grown up, the highness heels provide will always be cherished. Not to boast, but as adults we have […]

You’ve probably read stories that tell you that guys like Tom Cruise and David Spade – not exactly the tallest guys in Hollywood – stand on apple carts or platforms when acting opposite tall ladies like Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman or Charlize Theron. And let’s face it – how is a guy of normal height […]

Of course, size matters! There isn’t a man alive who doesn’t dream about maybe being a little bit taller. Okay, maybe Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t but the average Joe would love nothing more than to peer above his peers and be able to give all the men in the room the once over, without having to […]

Not wanting to leave any product undiscovered, I managed to visit nine suites this year. Whew! (But two actually had nothing new to write about, thank goodness for me.) So, let’s get right to all my wonderful discoveries. Plastic surgery is here to alter one’s face from what was intended by the powers-that-be, Spanx takes […]

Not all guys stack up next to their lady when she’s in heels. Now men have a secret weapon that lets them stand on equal footing. Lift Kits are designed for men who want a little more air. Unique insoles are worn that add up to two inches in height. Anybody who’s ever worn big […]

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