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LiftKits, and We Don’t Mean For Your Truck

June 20th, 2012

When someone tells you they’re shopping for lift kits, you instantly think about adding height to a truck, right? Well, lift kits aren’t just for trucks anymore–they’re for people, too. Just like trucks, some people need that added height. LiftKits are invisible shoe inserts that quickly and easily add to one’s height just by placing the inserts into any ordinary shoe or boot.

LiftKits can be purchased for men or women. They are available online at www.myliftkits.com and come in a one-size-fits-all size. Depending upon the height that needs to be added, different insoles can be purchased. Anywhere between half an inch and a full two inches can be added. They will go right into a shoe, sneaker, dress shoe or boot and be completely undetectable to anyone other than the person wearing them.

Adding a Liftkit to a shoe is not just for height. There are a number of other benefits as well. They can build confidence and self-esteem just by simply having that extra few inches in height. The invisible shoe inserts can also improve posture and help tone and strengthen the calves and butt. Women wear heels to gain the latter advantage. Instead of uncomfortable heels, Lift Kits can be purchased and added to an ordinary shoe for a more comfortable lift.

Trucks benefit from lift kits all the time. The problem with those kits is that they are very expensive – almost to the point that you have to decide if it’s really worth the extra money. People can benefit from LiftKits much easier. They only cost about $30 a pair, making them a very affordable way to gain height without the uncomfortable heel or anyone making a comment about the consumer trying to add height.

Charlotte Moore Babe of the Day

June 19th, 2012

We couldn’t help but share this lovely babe, Charlotte Moore with you for this edition of  Lady of the Week by LiftKits shoe inserts.

Lift Kits inserts are available for both men and women.

Shoe Lifts Top the List of Graduation Gifts

June 18th, 2012

Graduation gifts can often be boring. While some may receive cash and cars, many are getting gifts that prepare them for the real world. Briefcases, business card holders, leather portfolios and ties aren’t usually what the graduate wants to receive. Instead, shoe lifts can be an original graduation gift that any height-challenged male graduate would absolutely love to receive. You can find LiftKits online to commemorate your graduate’s accomplishments.

When you’re buying graduation gifts, you want to make sure that your gift stands out among the crowd of others. You also want to be budget conscious. That’s why LiftKits are most ideal. They can be purchased at www.myliftkits.com for under $30. This means that you can keep saving around the graduation season, instead of splurging on something else for the grad.

Shoe lifts are an excellent gift for male graduates because they instantly boost one’s self-confidence. With an added one or two inches of height, one will stand taller, have better posture and exude confidence. This will help them land interviews for better paying jobs. It will also ensure they aren’t pushed around in the workplace because they are the short one. It’s the one gift that they won’t want to try and return after graduation.

Height can completely affect a person’s esteem. Those who have dealt with height problems usually don’t like to admit it, but they will absolutely love shoe lifts because it is something they will use every day. Plus, no one else will know they are wearing them. Graduation gifts should be something special and LiftKits will be one that your graduate remembers.

LiftKits Lady of the Day

June 15th, 2012

TGIF, thankful for another LiftKits Lady of the Day!  Lift Kits are both Men’s and Women’s insoles that add height.

Todays Singles are Using New Tactics to Attract a Mate

June 14th, 2012

Pheromones and good looks only go so far in one’s ability to attract a mate. A great personality, charming wit and sense of humor are great qualities, but often, one’s self-confidence matters most. Singles are using more unusual tactics than ever before to try to attract the opposite sex.

Men who are somewhat vertically challenged often have low self-esteem. They know that the average woman is looking the perfect person to walk into their lives. Those who don’t have height working for them try and make up for their shortcomings in other ways. In the past, they would try wearing heeled boots, but women typically saw right through those.

Now, LiftKits are making it easier for singles to get the height they need to make the entrance they desire. First impressions are everything when trying to attract a mate. When a shoe insert is placed inside an ordinary shoe, it can add a couple of extra inches. This will not only boost the wearer’s height but their self-esteem as well.

One of the biggest advantages to LiftKits is that they are undetectable. The opposite sex will never know that a person has a hidden heel in their shoe. This way, it is easier for the man to make the impression that’s needed and gain the attention of the woman that has caught his eye. Once the groundwork has been laid, the conversations will flow much easier.

Singles have been trying various tactics for years: certain colognes, more appealing clothes and much more. Despite these tactics, one thing still has remained a barrier – height. That is until the LiftKits entered the market. Now, singles are gaining the ability to attract mates faster than ever before.

LiftKits Lady of the Week

June 13th, 2012

Half way through the week and another Lady of the Week by Lift Kits, helping you grow taller!

Don’t forget LiftKits are made for girls and guys!

Toning Shoes vs. Women’s Shoe Lifts

June 12th, 2012

Everywhere you look, toning shoes are coming out on the market. Almost every brand of shoe has designed a fitness shoe that is designed to tone and firm the calves. The only problem with the majority of these shoes is that they are clunky and often unattractive. They don’t come in attractive colors and they are much too bulky to be considered stylish.

There is an alternative. Instead of settling for the overpriced toning shoes that aren’t the least bit attractive, you can buy women’s shoe lifts. LiftKits allow you to get the lift that you need that do the same exact thing that the toning shoes do.

The women’s shoe lifts will go into any ordinary pair of shoes. It places you on the ball of your feet, which will elevate your leg and then give you the improvement on your calves and other areas that you are looking for. The more you wear them when you walk, the shapelier your legs will become.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the LiftKits is the cost. When you are buying a pair of toning shoes, expect to pay about $100 a pair. When you buy the women’s shoe lifts, you will be able to pay about $30 or less. You can buy them directly online at www.myliftkits.com and have them shipped out to your home. They’re one size fits all so you don’t have to worry about them not fitting, either.

You already have a pair of sneakers that you love. They look good, they’re the right color scheme and they’re not clunky. So why would you pay the money for ugly toning shoes when you have the perfect sneakers already in your closet? Now that LiftKits are available, you have a better solution.

SportieLA Now Carries LiftKits

June 11th, 2012

Los Angeles locals in need athletic footwear turn to SportieLA. Founded in 1985, the company has specialized om athletic footwear from the very beginning. They offer hard to find styles, brands and colors that people are looking for. The latest models are on the shelves, providing men, women and children with great looking shoes before anyone else has a chance to buy them.

SportieLA is famous for being the “it” place when it comes to shoes. If they don’t carry it, it’s either uncool, unpopular or it doesn’t exist. They have recently added LiftKits to their line of shoes. The insoles can be found in the various stores throughout California, including the Melrose Avenue flagship store.

Isack Felton, owner of SportieLA, has been very instrumental in launching the LiftKits brand. The fact that this popular shoe store sells these shoe inserts has helped the company reach over one million customers. Across Hollywood, many actors and models are auditioning and trying to make a name for themselves. Height matters and LiftKits provide the extra few inches that can make a world of a difference.

When a popular shoe store offers a product, it gets people to notice. One of the smartest decisions that LiftKits could have done as a brand is to introduce itself to the likes of Isack Felton. Once Isack liked the product and backed it, the full line for men and women instantly went up on the shelves. Now, people are able to buy a great pair of athletic shoes and some inserts at the same time. This provides a comfortable shoe, added height as well as the ability to tone and strengthen due to the insert’s slope inside the shoe, undetectable to anyone.

LiftKits Shoe Inserts are Braking New Ground in the Footwear Industry

June 8th, 2012

Height is a source of insecurity for many people. It’s why women wear heels and it’s why many men focus on the heel of their dress shoe or boot. Since not everyone is graced with a height they are happy with, shoe inserts have been used for a long time. Even in Shakespearean days, actors on stage would use shoe lifts.

Now, footwear has become better and better looking, but height still remains a problem. LiftKits shoe inserts are a revolutionary addition to the footwear industry because it allows people to get the height they want without sacrificing comfort.

Gone are the days when one had to wear uncomfortable boots or heels just to get an additional inch or two of height. The technology inside these shoe inserts allows people to wear their regular shoes every day. Best of all, LiftKits are undetectable.

Because of the popularity of the LiftKits shoe inserts, footwear in general has become increasingly popular. People are actually able to buy the shoes they really want, not the shoes they think they need because it will give them the added height. More people are buying shoes that they like because of the style and the comfort, with little regard to the height.

The height can come as a result of adding a LiftKit without anyone being the wiser. Men and women alike are able to gain the benefit of these shoe inserts. They will slide into virtually any shoe and it’s a one-size-fits all. They can also be cut down if necessary and some have an adjustable heel to control the height that they add.

The footwear industry has never seen anything like this. Over one million people have become customers of LiftKits, showing that height is important to many.

Tips on How to Get Taller

June 7th, 2012

The term tall might hold a different reference in different countries as average height in different parts of world varies. For instance average height in American continents and Europe may be around 5.5 to 6 ft while that in Asian continent would be around 5 to 5.5ft. Nevertheless everyone wishes to have an above average height. The below instructions on how to get taller can be followed by all to achieve the perfect confidence level.

Get that Beauty Sleep: Getting enough rest and sleep helps stimulate the growth hormones. Experts say on an average your body needs 8 hours of sleep to recharge completely.

Stretch Your Muscles Out: Doing some stretching exercises will help you grow in right direction thereby keeping you healthy too. Incorporating some breathing exercises along with that will be an added advantage.

Aim at Getting Right Nutrition: A healthy diet is the secret to not only a happy and healthy life but also to how to get taller. Only when your body will get all the right nutrients will it be able to sustain growth and strength of bones that will determine your body structure that includes your height.

Avoid Stress: Excessive stress can harm your growth and health. Thus you must consciously work towards reducing the stress levels in your day to day life. Stress can arise out of multiple reasons. But by planning ahead and right tuning your attitude towards life will surely work wonders.

Try Some Traditional Home Remedies: Ancient Indian literatures mention that regularly eating grated onion and jaggery along with meals will help kids grow tall. You might find more such home remedies in other cultures too.

The above tips on how to get taller will surely work for those who have not crossed their puberty. For others they may or may not work. But there is no harm in following them as they do not have any harmful effects on the contrary it will surely make you a healthy individual.