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LiftKits Music Mondays

July 30th, 2012


Mobb Deep– Quite Storm

Check out Lift Kits insoles below!


LiftKits Lady of the Day

July 27th, 2012

TGIF. LiftKits inserts brings you our Lady of the Day. Now this is ending the week right…

New Womens Heels are an Instant Success

July 24th, 2012

Any woman will admit that heels are really uncomfortable. That doesn’t stop them from wearing them, however. The reason is because it helps to accentuate their calves and buttocks and provide the added height that women everywhere love. The problem is heels are too uncomfortable to walk in for extended periods of time.

LiftKits have become an instant success with women everywhere because it provides the heel that all women are eager to get without having to deal with the actual heeled shoe that causes pain after walking around.

LiftKits turns any boot, gym shoe, sandal — or any other kind of footwear — into a heel. The women’s insert slides into the shoe and adds up to 2 inches of height. No one will know the difference because it’s completely undetectable. LiftKits provide the same benefits as the heel: the toned look throughout the calves and up to the buttocks.

discreetly fits into any boot or tennis shoe

Who wouldn’t want height and toned legs without walking around in pain? Not a single woman will say no to this. It’s for this very reason that LiftKits have been flying off the shelves and being purchased at rapid speed online.


Fitness shoes that provide the same perk are expensive, often costing upwards of $100 a pair. With LiftKits, a set of invisible insoles can be purchased for under $30 and used in any pair of shoes that a woman owns. The savings alone has made these inserts so popular amongst women.
Heels have and always will be popular amongst women. Although they are uncomfortable, they provide amazing benefits that women will note deny. Now that there is a comfortable way to get the benefits, LiftKits are quickly becoming the latest phenomenon in women’s footwear around the globe.

LiftKits Lady of the Day

July 19th, 2012

One day closer to the weekend and another Lady of the Week! Brought to you by LiftKits insoles that add height.


Shoe Lifts – You Can’t Believe Everything You See!

July 18th, 2012

Fits discreetly inside any shoe

Looks can be deceiving sometimes. Seeing a man that looks taller than he actually is seems impossible, right? After all, if he was wearing a heel, you’d see it on the outside. Not necessarily. Shoe inserts have come a long way in the past several years thanks to the technology of LiftKits. These are shoe lifts that go inside the shoe that add up to two inches of height.

These shoe inserts can slide into high rise sneakers, boots or dress shoes to give the illusion of a taller person. The person wearing them certainly isn’t going to admit to wearing shoe lifts. However, that person is suddenly going to be taller, walk with a higher level of self-esteem and likely have better posture as a result of wearing the inserts.

No one will know about the shoe inserts because they are completely undetectable to the naked eye. There are only two ways that anyone will learn the truth. One, if the person discloses that they have purchased a pair of LiftKits. Two, if the person suddenly slips out of their shoes and suddenly shrinks in height.

For the most part, the shoe lifts do exactly what the person wants them to do – add a few inches without anyone being able to know the reason of why you grew taller. This makes the ease of being taller much easier. There are no hormone treatments or any spine stretching exercises that need to be done. The inserts simply slip into the shoe and the height magically appears.

It gets the job done without letting people know what’s really going on. Most importantly, it does so in a very affordable manner – LiftKits only cost about $30 a pair.

Newest Accessory Making Waves in Shoe Stores

July 10th, 2012

Newest accessory in stores such as Sportie LA on Melrose Ave.

Shoe stores stock a wide variety of accessories and it’s not just brightly colored shoelaces and shoehorns. There is a new accessory that is making waves because it allows one to grow taller without visiting a doctor or taking hormone replacements. With LiftKits, one may increase their height by simply adding inserts to their favorite pair of shoes.

For hundreds of years, people have wanted to grow taller. Actors in Shakespeare plays used to wear heels to look taller. In the Victorian Era, men would wear heeled boots. Even today, people are trying to look taller by wearing high heels.

A man can be criticized for wearing a heeled shoe simply because it proves that they are not really as tall as they appear. A woman won’t be criticized for wearing heels but the added one to two inches will cause discomfort.

The ability to grow taller isn’t the only advantage to these inserts. Made for men and women, they raise you up on your heel, providing you with the added height you are looking for. Because of the improved posture, you will also be accentuating your calf muscles. This means placing them in sneakers can turn them into less expensive fitness shoes, too.

trim to fit in any of your current shoes

Solutions are appearing in shoe stores everywhere. LiftKits, which are available at www.myliftkits.com and hitting shoe stores around the country in 2012, provide a shoe insert that increase height between half an inch to two inches. These go undetected by others, which can help build one’s self-esteem.

LiftKits American Lady of the Week

July 4th, 2012

Another American beauty for LiftKits Lady of the Week! Lift Kits are some of the best insoles on the market, they insert into your shoe and stay hidden!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th of July!

A New Alternative to Uncomfortable High Heels

July 3rd, 2012

Height without the heels. LiftKits for chicks can be worn during the day or even when you’re out on the town at night.

High heels can be very uncomfortable for a number of reasons. Primarily, this is because the height of the heel is situated on a very small base. After spending too much time on the heel, it tends to cause severe pain in the foot and all the way up the length of the leg. Despite high heels being uncomfortable, women still wear them for daily activities and social events.

High heels are worn because they provide height. They are worn in place of tennis shoes, boots, and flats to simply add an inch or two in height. Comfortable heels are a woman’s dream come true, which is why LiftKits have become such a popular choice in footwear over the past several years.

The alternative to uncomfortable high heels is invisible shoe inserts that provide the added height that women want. With these inserts, they no longer have to deal with the stress and pain of platform heels. The shoe inserts easily fit into any type of shoe, instantly converting them into comfortable heels.

LiftKits for Chicks Universals

With these inserts, boots, flats, sandals, and other shoes in a woman’s closet can instantly become heels. This is due to the patented design that offers comfort all day long. The added inch or two from the inserts provides the lean and toned look throughout the calves and buttocks that comes with wearing heels — without the pain.

When a shoe can be transformed into a heel, there’s no reason for women to suffer in the name of fashion anymore. The alternative is to wear a favorite pair of shoes, and buy a pair of LiftKits for them. They will slide into the sole and no one will ever know they are there.

Jennifer Aniston: LiftKits Lady of the Day

June 29th, 2012

What’s better than this all American, LiftKits Lady of the Day, Jennifer Aniston? An exclusive 25% off discount in celebration of July 4th! (Code: 4JULYLK) Enjoy a deal on the best insoles around.

(Source: GQ)

Insoles That Not Only Make Your Shoes Better but Also Increase Confidence

June 27th, 2012


Insoles that boost your confidence

Added height has proven to boost confidence

You might have a closet full of shoes but you don’t really want to wear them. By adding the right insoles to them, you can liven them up by adding comfort and invisible height. Imagine growing taller just by adding an insole into your favorite pair of shoes. That’s what LiftKits have done, revolutionizing the shoe accessory world.

Think about all the fashionable shoes in your closet. You can use LiftKits in virtually all of them. Your cowboy boots, your Ugg boots, your flats, your high-top sneakers, your running shoes, your dress shoes –- all of them can benefit from these platform insoles. You get to choose the height you want, raising yourself up anywhere between half an inch to two inches.

These invisible insoles only cost around 30 dollars. You can order them online and they are one size fits all. Once you put them into your shoes, no one will know you’re wearing them. They are very discreet. They provide you with the added height you’ve been looking for, you can improve your posture. Not to mention they are extremely comfortable.

When you’re able to add these to your shoes to grow taller, you can change your entire life. The added height is going to boost your self-confidence to new heights and you will feel more secure around women. You will also be more confident at your job. This may help you land the position you want, get the promotion you’ve been working towards or win over the respect of your peers.

Insoles aren’t just for removing odor and making it comfortable to walk in a pair of shoes. LiftKits are a great new insole that will boost your confidence in ways you never thought was possible

LiftKits: Taking New Heights