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Music Mondays

August 27th, 2012

Trition – Mark Romboy vs. Stephan Bodzin

Labor Day Promo

August 22nd, 2012

In honor of Labor Day LiftKits will be offering 25% off all orders. Valid August 27th  thur September 6th.

Code:  labDAYLK (case sensitive)



Music Monday

August 20th, 2012


The Lumineers – Ho Hey

Throwback Thursday

August 16th, 2012

Cindy Crawford’s Pepsi commercial is simply classic!

LiftKits Lady of the Week

August 15th, 2012

Temperatures are heating up and so is LiftKits Lady of the Week



Music Monday

August 13th, 2012




Sandstorm- Darude

Missing Something Jason Schwartzman?

August 10th, 2012
jason schwartzman

Looks like someone forgot their LiftKits


Perfect example of why no man should ever leave home without their LiftKits! Jason Schwartzman sure is standing high on those tippy toes.

5 Easy Tips on How to Attract Women

August 6th, 2012

5 Easy Tips on How to Attract Women

Many guys around the world remain baffled about how to attract women. There are various ways in which you can attract them, though honesty is the way. For all the guys who are trying to impress women, here are some tips. Groom yourself to become an attractive man for whom every woman will fall. Confidence is the key to attracting women, though over confidence is a turn off. Every step that you will take to improve your entire personality will be rewarding.

If you are manipulating a woman, it will ultimately lead to an unfulfilled relationship. Hence, try not to indulge in manipulation and give your 100%. You will know it when you introspect a little whether your feelings are real and if they are, then you will definitely be able to attract the woman you like.

Planning ahead is an effective tip on how to attract women. Forethought is something which every matured man possesses. Planning the future events is safe and you will be confident in whatever you are doing if you have things planned. A matured man always thinks ahead which helps him to control disasters involving women.

Do not ever think that money, power and success will make every woman happy. Women like guys who are grounded and have the capacity to solve problems. They also like men who are wise and live in the real world. Hence, do not project yourself as someone who is incapable of resolving situations or you will not attract women.

Another important aspect of how to attract women is to know yourself and realize the source of your power. Find out which is the way you persuade women. Whether you whine or throw tantrums, or you are tyrannical in your style. This is important because women are not attracted to such guys. Hence, know yourself properly so that you can project yourself to be a worthy man.


Gift Ideas For Him – Men’s Shoe Lifts

August 2nd, 2012

Everyone knows a guy that wants to be a little taller. When you’re looking for gift ideas for him, you could always get him the latest designer bottle of cologne. Or you could get him the one thing that he’s always wanted but didn’t know how to get. You can give him the gift of added height.

Through the use of men’s shoe lifts, the man in your life can gain one to two inches with a simple shoe insert. LiftKits can be shipped discreetly from the company website and cost under $30. These make the perfect gift for prom, graduation or even a wedding. Photos from the special occasion will be that much more impressive with a taller man in all of the pictures.

When the man in your life is getting a new job, gift ideas for him should lean towards ones that will help him with his career. An attaché case or leather portfolio are nice, but men’s shoe lifts are better. These will give him the better posture and the higher level of self-esteem he needs to nail the work interview and make a better first impression.

Free shipping on orders over $50

Society can take a toll on a short guy’s self-esteem. Society’s idealistic male is tall. Anyone who doesn’t measure up is often the source of ridicule or is ignored completely. This can be a severe blow to anyone’s self-esteem. If you know someone who is challenged in the height department, LiftKits can be the answer the both of you have been looking for.

The special man in your life may not even know about LiftKits. With these men’s shoe lifts, they can be inserted into sneakers, dress shoes and boots. Best of all, nobody will know that he’s getting any kind of heel assistance because they are unnoticeable from the outside.

LiftKits Music Mondays

July 30th, 2012


Mobb Deep– Quite Storm

Check out Lift Kits insoles below!