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May 3rd, 2013

A big CHEERS to the weekend…. #TGIF #kapow

May 2nd, 2013

LiftKits create good posture and go a long way toward helping you appear slimmer. #justsayin


Renowned Photographer uses Shoe Lifts as a Secret Weapon – LiftKits

May 1st, 2013

Photographer We Love: Paris Fasion Week’s Damien Bao

Paris is the fashion capital of the planet, and Paris Fashion Week sets the coming season’s trends in clothing, shoes and accessories for the rest of the world. Streetwear is a huge influence on the fashion industry in Paris, just as it is everywhere else. One of the go-to places for industry observers to check out what trendsetter models wear off the catwalk is the fashion blog “Bonae L’Amour” by Damian Bao.

Bonae L’Amour

“Bonae L’Amour” is French for “good love.” Photographer Damian Bao started the blog as a labor of love in 2010. Since then, the blog has become indispensable viewing for fashion observers in 150 countries the world over.

What makes “Bonae L’Amour” so irresistible? Partly, it’s Damian Bao’s access. A self-described nerd with an excellent sense of composition, Damian Bao’s sense of what fashion should be goes far beyond the commercial definitions of standardized pretty. Consequently, models feel uninhibited when they’re around Damian. They open up to him in ways that show they’re more than just pretty girls and boys with expensive wardrobes.

In Damian Bao’s universe, the streets are the new runways. He captures his young subjects looking fresh, excited and yes, incredibly chic. He finds his subjects on the streets of New York and Paris. When a model ends up on the pages of “Bonae L’Amour,” she knows her career has been launched.

Photographs that first appeared on “Bonae L’Amour” have subsequently been reproduced in several international editions of the fashion bibles Vogue and Teen Vogue, as well as in other media trendsetters such as CNN International.

In addition to “Bonae L’Amour,” Damian Bao also produces the popular blogs “The Model Factor,” “What a Beautiful World,” “A Moment Named Desire” and “Film Is a Warm Gun.”

The Tricks of the Trade for Fashion Stylists

Like all professionals who work in the fashion industry, Bonae L’Amour’s Damian Bao knows the secrets of the trade. While it’s true that models need to be taller than average to be successful, there’s a trick that can help them add a couple of inches. That trick is called LiftKits.

LiftKits are height-increasing insoles made of comfortable recycled polyurethane that can be slipped inside any shoe. LiftKits for Chicks were created in response to an overwhelming number of requests from women who’d been using the insoles designed for men and wanted their own product.

LiftKits for Chicks add inches, while they define and tone the muscles of the calves and glutes, giving women the glamorous lines that look so great in high heels. Shoe lifts for woman improves posture, which helps coordination by stabilizing the center of gravity. For more information about how LiftKits can accentuate height and gracefulness, log on to www.myliftkits.com.

May 1st, 2013

+++ Our kind of chick.


April 30th, 2013


R A D I C A L leopard action. What are your favorite kicks to wear LiftKits in?? Do tell. We’re in the market. [We always are].

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Music Monday

April 29th, 2013


It’s #MusicMonday! What are you listening to?? Here’s what we’re playing at LiftKits >>


Wedding Season: How to Look Taller with Heel Lifts

April 29th, 2013

Wedding season has arrived. If you have friends who are getting married, you should start thinking about the type of dress you will be wearing at the wedding reception. Wedding attire can vary from white tie to casual. The invitation you will receive should mention the dress code required. Here are a few tips that will help you turn heads while sticking to the dress code:

Dress Up

When attending a wedding, it is extremely important to dress appropriately. Even if an invitation says “casual attire,” you should still choose a cocktail dress and elegant shoes. For a black-tie wedding, choose a long dress. Men can wear tuxedos with white shirts, vests and ties. A wedding is not the best time to experiment and try out all sorts of outfits.

Make sure you understand the dress code for wedding guests. The most popular wedding guest styles include black tie, ultra-formal or white tie, formal daytime, semi-formal evening, semi-formal daytime, informal evening, and informal daytime. Before deciding what to wear, ask yourself the following question: “Is my dress going to get more attention than the bride’s dress?” You don’t want to upstage the bride, but you want to look great in front of your friends.

Do’s and Don’ts

As a wedding guest, you should never wear white. Choose a dress in summer colors like pink, coral, turquoise, green, or strawberry. Do not wear black to an afternoon/morning wedding. Steer clear of anything heavily beaded or sequined. If the event takes place in the evening, you can wear a classic black dress.

Take the venue into account. If the wedding is taking place at the seaside, the dress code will be more casual. Weddings that take place in luxurious banquet rooms are more formal and require sophisticated outfits. Avoid colors that are too bright and patterns that are too wild. Consider the weather. You should wear a dress that is appropriate to the season in order to be as comfortable as possible.


For a white tie wedding, wear a classic pearl necklace and matching earrings. Men can accessorize their outfits with shirt studs and cufflinks in platinum or gold. If you are attending a black tie wedding, jewelry can be as formal as with white tie. For an informal wedding, choose colorful accessories that compliment your outfit.

If you want to feel comfortable and look taller, opt for heel lifts. These accessories will naturally increase your height up to two full inches. At Myliftkits.com, you can find lifts for men’s shoes, as well as quality shoe insoles for women. Wearing these accessories is a great way to tone your muscles and relieve aching feet. Even if you are not wearing heels, you will still look taller thanks to the heel lifts from www.myliftkits.com.

April 26th, 2013

T G I F friends! What’s on for the weekend??

April 25th, 2013

LiftKits make your legs look longer and SLIMMER. {It’s a simple visual fashion trick that shaves off pounds and adds inches to height}. #secretheel

Elevator Shoes vs. Shoe Lifts – LiftKits

April 25th, 2013

Remember elevator shoes? Those ugly, clunky shoes with lifts built into the insoles above the heels that were the very antithesis of fashion? They may have made a guy look taller at first glance, but the effect soon dissipated when other people looked down and thought, “Would you look at that? He’s wearing elevator shoes!”

Elevator shoes are anti-fashion. They don’t make them in styles that you really want to wear. They don’t make them in the streamlined contours and tasteful hues that let you know here is a man who’s stepping up to the great things in life. And while they do make elevator sneakers, they’re not the trendy sneaker styles that make a fashion statement. In a world where what you wear defines you as a person, don’t make the mistake of not paying attention to every detail.

You can wear this year’s hottest sneaker styles including the lifestyle sneakers from Creative Recreation, Cole Haan, Nike, Supra, New Balance and others and still add inches to your height when you use LiftKits.

What Are LiftKits?

LiftKits are shoe inserts that can easily be worn with any of your favorite footwear, from dress shoes to boots to sneakers. These inserts are made of recycled polyurethane that actually improve your posture, distributing your weight more evenly and making your center of gravity more stable. This increases both your metabolism and stamina, which allows you to work out more efficiently. Sneakers aren’t only about style, after all! Available in 3 different styles for men and 2 for woman, LiftKits will fit into most of the shoes you already own.

Show business wardrobe professionals know all the tricks when it comes to camouflaging flaws in photo shoots and other production events, and LiftKits are one of their favorites. That’s because they’re not lift kits for shoes that are built into the sole/insole. They’re inserts that nobody can tell you are wearing! Available in 3 different models for men and 2 for woman, Liftkits are shoe lifts that add up to 2 full inches in height. For more information about LiftKits visit there website – www.myliftkits.com. These are a new discreet approach to adding inches to your height.