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May 31st, 2013

Stand t a l l #liftkits

stand tall

May 28th, 2013


Tall people are seen as visibly attractive. Statistics show that tall men have more s u c c e s s dating, make more money, and have more children.

May 24th, 2013



Life’s short. You don’t have to be. T G I F.

May 22nd, 2013



P I N with us! >>> http://pinterest.com/liftkits/

May 21st, 2013


LiftKits shoe lift inserts may be used in all standard footwear; dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic shoes, boots, and more. . .

Music Monday

May 20th, 2013


it’s #MusicMonday! What are you listening to?? Here’s what we’re playing >>>


May 17th, 2013


T G I F!! What’s happenin’ this weekend??

May 15th, 2013


Wish you were a little bit taller? Want your gf to be able to wear heels and you don’t feel weird about it? Wanna tower over your date this weekend?

We can help. We add inches where it matters most.

Wedding Season: How to Look Taller with Heel Lifts

May 14th, 2013

Wedding season has arrived. If you have friends who are getting married, you should start thinking about the type of dress you will be wearing at the wedding reception. Wedding attire can vary from white tie to casual. The invitation you will receive should mention the dress code required. Here are a few tips that will help you turn heads while sticking to the dress code:

Dress Up

When attending a wedding, it is extremely important to dress appropriately. Even if an invitation says “casual attire,” you should still choose a cocktail dress and elegant shoes. For a black-tie wedding, choose a long dress. Men can wear tuxedos with white shirts, vests and ties. A wedding is not the best time to experiment and try out all sorts of outfits.

Make sure you understand the dress code for wedding guests. The most popular wedding guest styles include black tie, ultra-formal or white tie, formal daytime, semi-formal evening, semi-formal daytime, informal evening, and informal daytime. Before deciding what to wear, ask yourself the following question: “Is my dress going to get more attention than the bride’s dress?” You don’t want to upstage the bride, but you want to look great in front of your friends.

Do’s and Don’ts

As a wedding guest, you should never wear white. Choose a dress in summer colors like pink, coral, turquoise, green, or strawberry. Do not wear black to an afternoon/morning wedding. Steer clear of anything heavily beaded or sequined. If the event takes place in the evening, you can wear a classic black dress.

Take the venue into account. If the wedding is taking place at the seaside, the dress code will be more casual. Weddings that take place in luxurious banquet rooms are more formal and require sophisticated outfits. Avoid colors that are too bright and patterns that are too wild. Consider the weather. You should wear a dress that is appropriate to the season in order to be as comfortable as possible.


For a white tie wedding, wear a classic pearl necklace and matching earrings. Men can accessorize their outfits with shirt studs and cufflinks in platinum or gold. If you are attending a black tie wedding, jewelry can be as formal as with white tie. For an informal wedding, choose colorful accessories that compliment your outfit.

If you want to feel comfortable and look taller, opt for heel lifts. These accessories will naturally increase your height up to two full inches. At Myliftkits.com, you can find lifts for men’s shoes, as well as quality shoe insoles for women. Wearing these accessories is a great way to tone your muscles and relieve aching feet. Even if you are not wearing heels, you will still look taller thanks to the heel lifts from www.myliftkits.com.

Creative Recreation’s Cota X LiftKits Height Increasing Insoles

May 13th, 2013


For a man who’s really at the top of his game, fashion is an everyday thing. That’s the impetus behind streetwear, the latest style trend.

The right footwear is an integral part of streetwear. Limited edition sneakers like the Cota in Creative Recreation‘s Spring 2013 collection will help you stand apart from the crowd. The good news? It’s easy to enhance their look with shoe inserts for height.

What Is Streetwear?

Streetwear is all about distinctive looks that a man can truly rock. It’s fashion that works its way up to the catwalks rather than the other way around.

Streetwear rejects the ubiquitous clothing brands you find in the display windows of men’s stores at the malls. Streetwear goes all out instead for personal style, pizzazz and panache. Streetwear is centered on casual basics like jeans and tee shirts, jazzed up with avant-garde pieces like a porkpie hat, or a natty jacket.

This fashion movement got its start in the grassroots hip-hop and skateboarding scenes. It’s also greatly influenced by Japanese fashions and by the men’s attire in noir movies made during Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Streetwear and Shoes

The best streetwear loses its appeal if the shoes you wear with it aren’t just right. The Cota is a great shoe that will round out any streetwear ensemble.

Available in black, white, cloud, aqua, salmon and smoke, the Cota is a high-topped sneaker with a distinctive embossed strap and a fat tongue stamped with the Creative Recreation logo. The Cota combines the comfort of a sneaker with the stylishness of a dress shoe. The exterior of the shoe is made from leather, while the interior utilizes a synthetic lining that lets your foot breathe. The shoe’s got rubber soles, making it an excellent choice for the dance floor at your favorite club.

The Cota isn’t the first great innovation from Creative Recreation. The company has been reinventing footwear since 2002 with its distinctive line of shoes for men, women and kids. One of the company’s celebrity shoe designers is Justin Timberlake, who’s almost as well known for his great fashion taste as he is for his acting and singing.

LiftKits and Cotas

Yes, LiftKits work with Cotas and other streetwear shoes. LiftKits are the height increasing insoles that show business industry wardrobe consultants have been using for years to increase their clients’ height by up to two full inches. They’re a natural and comfortable way of increasing height without having to resort to ugly, clunky orthopedic shoes to make men taller.

LiftKits can be easily be inserted into any type of shoe from streetwear sneakers to boots. They’re made from recycled polyurethane that make your feet feel great, and actually improve your posture.