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A Healthy Diet & Exercise for Toned Long Legs

April 17th, 2014


A Healthy Diet & Exercise for Toned Long Legs

Summer is here and your legs will be front and center with all the short shorts, mini skirts, and bikini’s you’ll be wearing this season. And if your like me, going to the gym 5 days a week can get old fast. And we all know what happens when things get old.. We stop working out all together. So get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while you get yourself summer ready. Join a fitness club. Go rollerskating. Stay active! There are also a lot of body weight workouts that can give you those toned long legs we all want.

Squats, squats, and more squats. Then throw in a lunge or 2. Don’t forget calf raises. The great thing about these workouts. They take little time, for those hard workers, spending countless hours in the office. And you can even do these workouts with limited space and very few resources. But you have to commit! Expecting results from only doing these one day a week is pretty far fetched. So take pride in your healthy lifestyle and your legs will give you the results you want.

A good diet is vital for achieving toned long legs. Enough with the processed foods. We all know how good those french fries from McDonald’s are. But think of it this way, for every french fry eaten, takes you that much further from your goal. Visit your local Farmers Market. And paying extra to do your grocery shopping at stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Sprouts is definitely worth it. Because it pays to know where your food originally came from!

Ladies Liftkits

The secret to INSTANT sexy toned long legs is out. Ladies Liftkits are shoe and heel lifts that give you the same look and feel of high heels. It’s no secret, we wear heels because it makes our legs look great all the time. But this gym replacement comes with consequences. Especially on our feet. Since its summer, dress cute and comfortably. A nice pair of wedges or flats to complete a look is always a good move. So for that quick fix, be sure to check out our full line of Shoe Lifts for Women.

“The Perfect Pick Me Up”

Coachella Style Guide: Crop Tops, Jean Shorts, Boots & Heel Lifts

April 9th, 2014


Its that time of year again! Like the final bell that use to let us out of school for the summer (#memorylane), Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival kicks off Spring and Summer with a bang. This 3-day music event happens every year in the month April, in the city of Indio, California. Taking the stage will be artists such as Calvin Harris, Lorde, Nas, Skrillex, and a much anticipated reunion by Outkast. Sold out in minutes, if you were one of the lucky ones to have gotten your hands on a wristband, with prices ranging anywhere from $350 to $700. Come prepared! Its going to be a hot one..

Not just about the music, Coachella has turned into its own fashion show. With girls wearing a ton of floral prints, crop tops, those high – waisted jean shorts we all adore, and a pair of motorcycle boots. Less is definitely more. For all you first timers, we put together a little checklist or in our words a Coachella Survival Guide.

  • Anything floral
  • Headband
  • Sunglasses
  • Crop/tank top
  • High – waisted shorts
  • Summer dress
  • Motorcycle boots
  • Chuck Taylor’s
  • Liftkits WMNS Heel Lifts
  • Sunscreen

When it comes to looking your best with the least amount of effort possible. You might want to consider Liftkits Heel Lifts for Women. Because it is impossible to spend the whole day walking around in high heels. Though I’m sure many have tried. Why do they do this? Simple, they want those elongated, toned looking legs. The great thing about Heel Lifts is that they do exactly that. They give you the same look and feel of high heels in your everyday boot or flats. Be sure to follow us on instagram – @myliftkits, as we showcase our favorite Coachella outfits of Week 1.


Eliminate Band-Aids and High Heels by using Heel Lifts for WMNS

April 1st, 2014

The Perfect Pick Me Up

Eliminate Band-Aids and High Heels by using Heel Lifts for WMNS

Whether it has happened to you or you’ve seen it first hand. A girl wearing high heels with band-aids strapped to her feet is not a pretty sight. Even worst is the countless number of women walking barefoot on the dirty concrete that contaminates most US cities. Being drunk and the whole “I don’t care” attitude will only attract men that do exactly that, don’t care. Here at Liftkits, we understand the meaning behind style over comfort. But what if you can have both.

The fact still remains, wearing high heels regularly can really take a toll on your feet. First come the aches and pains, then the blisters, followed shortly by bunions and corns. Scary isn’t it? Like the old saying goes, “you can tell how a girl takes care of herself by the way her feet look..” This doesn’t mean throw out every pair of high heels you own. Because when the occasion calls for it. High heels can either make or break an outfit. But what were trying to suggest is the fact that you can get the same feel and long looking legs by throwing in Liftkits Heel Lifts for Womens.

Heel Lifts for women were designed to give you that perfect pick me up in your favorite pair of sneakers. Accentuating your legs and curves the same exact way high heels does, by adding a lift to the back of your foot. Liftkits offers 2 different styles. An adjustable heel lift and a full 1inch shoe lift insole. Made out of a recycled polyurethane, these HEIGHT INCREASING INSOLES are the most comfortable products in the market.

ebay lk2w

Liftkits WMNS 1 INCH Shoe Lift

So enough with the endless supply of band-aids and walking back to the car barefoot after a long night. Try out our Heel Lifts for WMNS and you might not ever go back. Yeah right! Who are we kidding. High heels will always serve their purpose. Liftkits is just a way to look great all the time.

Shoe Lifts for Men make an Impact at the Grammys

January 27th, 2014


If you happen to catch the Grammys last night and watch your favorite artists walk down the red carpet. You couldn’t help but notice that some of them were having a #Liftkitsmoment and could have benefited from shoe lifts for men. Its no big secret! Your favorite musicians, though seem larger than life in the songs they sing, are taking advantage of Liftkits and there Height Increasing Insoles.

There has been reports of Robert Downey Jr. using shoe lifts when filming for the Ironman movies and same goes for Tom Cruise when he use to walk hand in hand with former wife Katie Holmes. Didn’t recognize the added height? Good. That’s because you weren’t suppose to. And unless you sing like Bruno Mars or as funny as Kevin Hart, then you could use a couple extra inches. The great thing about Height Increasing Insoles is that they are discreet. Unlike the traditional elevator shoe, which are ugly and outdated, shoe lifts for men add height into the shoes you already own. Depending on the type of shoe you want to wear, we have the perfect lift for you.


If your dressing up as if you were headed to the Grammys, the “DL” adjustable shoe lift is your best bet. Perfect for dress shoes. These heel lifts are adjustable from 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/4 inches. For the sportier type that wears sneakers or your classic lo top shoes, the “Don” 1 inch is the right lift for you. A perfect fit for your everyday shoe. In need of a real game changer, than purchase the “Game Changer.” This is our tallest lift. Designed specifically for a high top shoe. Adding a full 2 inches in height and did we mention it is also adjustable to 1 1/2 inches. Just in case you cant fit the full 2 in a mid top shoe or boot.

Dating Tips: Look Taller with Height Increasing Insoles

January 20th, 2014



If you are a man who is struggling with his height, then you might be looking for a few hints on how to look taller. The average height for a man right now is only 5’9”, but if you are shorter than that, then you may find yourself facing hurdles that just aren’t fair. I’m sure you’ve heard the phase, “it’s a game of inches.” In the dating world, an inch can go a long ways. Lets face it, a woman wants a guy that is taller than them. It gives them a sense of security to stand next to a guy that is confident in any environment. With valentines day around the corner, the clock is ticking to find a date. Here are a few ways to appear taller so that she doesn’t pass you up based just on your height. Liftkits is the secret weapon, they take height out of the equation.

Here are five ways that you can appear taller:

1. Stand tall. Most men tend to slouch and not pay attention to their posture. By simply standing up a little taller and lifting your chin, you could appear up to a full inch taller.

2. Stop wearing baggy clothes. Baggy clothes only make you look short and sloppy. Properly fit clothes helps you appear taller. Buying clothes a size up was for when your expecting to grow into them. And if your reading this article, your way past those years. Just saying..

3. Vertical stripes can deceive the eye. We have all heard that people who are overweight shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes because it makes them look wider, but the truth is that if you are short, a little bit of vertical stripes can’t hurt you. Obviously, you don’t want to overdo it, but by wearing a dress shirt with faint vertical stripes, you will give the illusion of being taller.

4. Wear shoes with higher heels. This doesn’t mean that you should overdo it again and wear “elevator shoes,” but it does mean that if you have a choice between shoes with a half-inch heel and those with a full inch, you should opt for the larger heel. Just make sure that whatever you do, your pants are adjusted so that they nearly reach the ground. Short pants with taller heels can make you look shorter.

5. Height Increasing Insoles. More men are choosing to wear shoe lifts these days. These are height increasing insoles that fit right into your shoes and can add anywhere from one inch to two inches to your overall height. Liftkits are one of the most popular brands and are used by men all over the world to increase their height and improve their confidence.

Woman Crush Wednesday feat. Sweat the Style Adrianne Ho

January 15th, 2014

Want to know why Sweat the Style Adrianne Ho (@adrianneho) is our Woman Crush Wednesday?

Simple, pull out your phone and log into Instagram. Now click on the Popular section. Anyone look familiar? If you didn’t see Adrianne Ho’s photo, there is a good chance your phone is broken! Born and raised in Toronto, this NY based half Chinese and half French beauty is apart of the Ford and Next Models family tree. You might recognize her from beauty campaigns with Maybelline and Mac Cosmetics or her more recent spread in Complex magazine. Crowned the “unofficial official” female streetwear model and the face of menswear. Appearing in your favorite brands lookbook such as Stussy, Supreme, Levi’s, and Nike. Blending together perfectly streetwear and high fashion.

“Adrianne’s aware, she’s focused. She’s jumped head first into a healthy lifestyle.”
- GQ Magazine

Founded by Adrianne Ho, Sweat the Style is a blog that closely relates fashion and a healthy living. And lucky for us, she shows us first hand how to rock a pair of workout tights with your favorite Supreme hoodie. Not to mention her taste in sneakers, which is another reason she is Liftkits #WCW. Through her years of modeling, she always had to stay in shape. And with her experiences in diets and workouts, they led her to where she is now. Passionate about a healthy lifestyle and the impact it makes on her mind and body.  Natural beauty is her trademark, with a flawless complexion and those thick eyebrows. Guaranteed to keep any guy motivated at the gym.







Natural Height Increase by adding Yoga to your Workout

January 10th, 2014



How would you like to add inches to your height naturally? Yes! You read that correctly. It is possible to grow taller well after your puberty days. They say most people reach their peak height in their early 20′s. But actually most end up loosing inches during these times. Why is that? Simply laziness. Whether at school, out on the job, or behind a desk all day, most of us have the bad habit of slouching. And bad posture makes you appear shorter.

The truth is, Yoga can help you in more ways then one. From relieving stress, to gaining strength, it is a practice that has gotten a lot the attention lately. But be warned, this is no walk in the park. Difficult poses will be sure to leave your body sore for the next couple days. Don’t believe us.. Well try it for yourself and let us know how your first couple sessions go.

Back to height.. I mean after all, we are Liftkits!

It is a fact, Yoga gives your body a natural lift by stretching your spine and giving your core the strength to help you stand and sit more upright. Making you appear taller when in fact, all your doing is getting back to your original height. Why not add some real inches.. And do so instantly. Have you considered height increasing insoles? We offer 3 different shoe lifts for men and women that range 1 to a full 2 inches in height insantly! All you have to do is trim to fit if necessary and throw them. It’s that simple.

“Life’s short, you don’t have to be.”

How to Look Your Tallest with Heel Lifts for Men

December 11th, 2013

Aside from putting in your Liftkits shoe lifts for men, we’ve got a few more tips you can follow to look your tallest. Yesterday we told you what patterns and colors will make you stand tall. Today, we’ve got more where that came from. From the way you carry yourself, to your attire, there are countless ways to make your presence taller.

Heel Lifts for Men

Tips to look your tallest. From the way you carry yourself, to your attire, to Heel Lifts for Men, there are countless ways to make your presence taller.


First on the agenda; posture. We can’t stress enough the importance of good posture. Stand like there’s a wire holding you up from the crown of your head. Be sure to keep your shoulders relaxed to avoid looking too stiff. Be calm, confident, and always alert. Stand out from the rest.

The next order of business; wardrobe. Ever heard the quote “you can have anything in the world if you dress for it”? We couldn’t agree more. As we’ve mentioned before, streamline & pattern are key. In addition to that, a good fit is imperative. Keep clothes close to the body, and always make sure your pants and sleeves are the appropriate length. Shop with intent, ask for assistance when you need it. Have trouble finding things that already fit like a glove ? A good tailor is all you need to fix that.

Lastly, in order to look your tallest, be sure to throw in your heel lifts for men by Liftkits. Since most dress shoes or boots original insoles come with them glued in, Lift kits developed heel lifts for men. All you have to do is throw them in and add over an inch in height instantly. Confidence comes with height. So get lifted and order your Liftkits heel lifts for men today.


The Advantages of Wearing Shoe Lifts for Men

December 4th, 2013
Shoe Lifts for Men

Shoe Lifts for Men adds up to 2 FULL INCHES in Height. ” Life’s Short, You Don’t Have to BE ” Shoe Lifts for Men by Liftkits Height Increasing Insoles.

Shoe Lifts for Men come with many advantages. If you have seen our products or happened to stumble upon our social media outlets, @liftkits_height_insoles on Instagram, then you certainly owe it to yourself to give them a try. Most men who are on the shorter side have never had the opportunity to see what life is like when you are just an inch or two taller, but you might be surprised at the difference that it makes.

Unlike wearing elevator shoes or shoes with exaggerated high heels, wearing LiftKits is easy to do and is something that no one else will ever know about. There are several advantages to wearing height increasing insoles:

1. You can wear shoe lifts for men with the shoes your already own. You don’t need to buy special shoes for these lifts, and you can interchange them whenever you want. You can wear them when you are at work, out on a Friday night, or just ruining your daily errands.

2. You can choose the amount of height you want to add. We offer shoe lifts for men in 3 different styles/lengths for men and 2 for woman. Ranging from ¾ of an inch to a full 2 inches. This gives you a little flexibility, and a wider selection of shoes to wear them with.

3. Because no one will know, you don’t have to worry about your height anymore. You can add inches to your height discreetly with shoe lifts for men. People will see that you look somehow different, but they won’t be able to put a finger on it. They will just think that you are more confident or in a good mood.

4. When you wear LiftKits shoe lifts for men in your shoes, you will be more prone to walking upright. This alone might add an extra inch to your frame. Typically people slouch, which in result, makes you shorter. Standing more on your toes eliminates bad posture while also increasing your metabolism.

5. Finally, LiftKits shoe lifts for men are comfortable not only on your feet, but they also help to make your back and your knees feel better. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, then you will find that these insoles make that time a little more tolerable.

Making the decision to try shoe lifts for men in your shoes is something that a lot of men have problems doing, but let’s face it – you’re not going to grow any taller. If you want to give yourself every advantage in life, in your career, and with women, then you will need all the height you can get. If this product is good enough for some of the most famous and richest men in Hollywood, then it should be good enough for you.

By adding just an inch or two to your height, you will be able to take advantage of all of the perks that taller men have received, and it might just change your life.

Liftkits Heel Lifts not just for Instant Height Increase

November 20th, 2013


It’s only obvious at this point what the sole purpose of Liftkits Heel Lifts are.. We add instant height to ones overall appearance and do so discreetly. Not limited to gender. Liftkits offers a wide range of lifts for both men and women with varies sizes. So matching the right heel lifts to the type of shoe you want to wear them with is quick and easy. Simply take them out the box, trim to fit if necessary  and insert them into your kicks. But can they be used in other ways that can benefit us not only in the height department?

That is exactly what this blog post is about. We here at the Liftkits cooperate office get calls every now and then from people not just looking for an instant height increase. From time to time, someone will ask, “I have one leg that is shorter than the other, would Liftkits work just like an elevator shoe?” I always answer that with a firm NO! That’s because they work even better. Elevator shoes are ugly and outdated. Not only that, they are not very discreet. Heel lifts achieves the same goal but in the shoes you already own! Made out of recycled polyurethane, Liftkits are orthopedically designed so that you are left with short term discomfort or long term no side effects.

Limb Length Discrepancy or LLD for short, is a very common disorder. And a recent study shows only 1 out of 4 people actually have 2 normal size legs. So don’t feel a lone. I myself have encountered many discomforts growing up from the same exact thing. Whether playing sports or just on my feet for a long period of time. LLD caused a lot of pain and discomfort, ultimately limiting me to some of the things I loved to do.

Be sure to check back with us as we are always finding new ways and information on how to get taller or how Liftkits can benefit you and not just your height. Adding height is our goal, but lifting confidence is our motive. We enjoy reading our customer reviews or feedback from one of our many social media outlets. Reach out to us and you never know, we might just send you your first pair free. It is holiday season after all.

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“Life’s short, you don’t have to be.”