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About LiftKits (Mens)

For years, Hollywood wardrobe consultants and pediatric experts have quietly helped others discover a newly found confidence and increased self-esteem with a little-known secret – LiftKits. LiftKits instantly and naturally increases your height up to two full inches. LiftKits come in two versions – Lo-tops and Hi-tops. Hi-top LiftKits are adjustable from 1.5″ to 2.0″ by adding or removing the 0.5″ detachable insert. Our Lo-top shoe insole adds a full 1.0″ of height.

Every LiftKits height-increasing shoe insole is made of a high quality neoprene gel that helps decrease pressure on joints and relieve pressure from your spine, all while making you taller.

LiftKits shoe lift inserts may be used in all standard footwear; dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic shoes, boots, and more. All while comfortably concealing the lift and providing a valuable and confidence-building height increase. LiftKits height-increasing shoe insoles offer the perfect alternative to clunky, unattractive elevator shoes or uncomfortable heel lifts. Why spend large amounts of time and money on height exercises, human growth hormone, limb-lengthening, gimicky pills, elevator shoes, or any other special footwear to obtain that extra height? LiftKits insoles offer a affordable, immediate, natural, and comfortable means of achieving the height increase you deserve.

There are further benefits to LiftKits. In addition to gaining height and confidence, you will be left with better posture, in-turn creating a more upright stance that will help to increase your body’s ability to digest food; ultimately boosting your metabolism along with increasing your physical appearance and energy.

We take great pleasure in providing our customers the satisfaction they deserve. Our shoe insoles are the preferred choice of everyone from Hollywood leading men to the regular joe. We are committed to making our customers happy and rely heavily on their feedback. Whether you are using your LiftKits for an interview, a casting, social event, or simply to improve the quality of your every day life, we at LiftKits are dedicated to helping you feel better about yourself.

About LiftKits for Chicks (Womens)

In 2009, DRM Marketing created LiftKits for Chicks, as a direct result of the overwhelming response from women regarding our Men’s insoles from designer and founder Derek White. To our surprise, women were wearing our Men’s insoles as a “secret heel,” and begging for us to offer a proper Women’s line. Their feedback? The insoles were providing their legs with the toned appearance of wearing high heels, defining the muscles in their calves and glutes, and offering some of that “heel height” back. All while they were wearing their own boot and shoes! Moreover, wearing our insoles for longer periods of time continued to tone these muscles and provided stability in the back and improved posture. At the same time, the craze over fitness shoes had reached boiling point, and LiftKits for Chicks were born.

About Us

LiftKits was founded by Derek White in Hollywood, California on the simple belief that we should take a realistic approach to an increasingly unrealistic world. In the real world, we are constantly trying to deceive reality – we drive more car than we can afford, we shop like we’re never going to get that credit card bill in the mail, we want our friends to think we are cool, we especially want the ladies to think we’re cool, we want that coveted job that we feel we deserve. The list goes on. All of us have observed the tactics women engage in to cheat the playing field. Whether it be high-heels, push-up bras, padded bras, fake eye lashes and the like, these women have a lot in their collective arsenal and, quite simply, it works. At LiftKits we had one thought: Why not add something extra to our game? If this is reality then lets live it.

With that being said, LiftKits is all about one thing: Confidence. Let’s face it – having the ability to naturally and comfortably increase your height up to 2 inches is huge. The first time each of us stepped into a pair of LiftKits, it not only changed our height but our State of Mind as well. Initially, we wanted to keep it a secret from others but as our friends started to notice the certainty in which we acted and the assuredness in our step – we had to come clean and share the secret. The feeling of walking into a night club and comfortably scanning the crowd is hard to describe; I am no longer average! Or to walk into a job interview, an audition for your next part, or to simply to go out with your friends on a Saturday night and stand out from the crowd – the confidence you’ll possess when wearing a pair of LiftKits will change your life. It changed ours.

Be taller. Be more confident. Redefine yourself.