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How Do You Get Taller? Knowing the Various Factors in Height Development

April 30th, 2012


How do you get taller? Growing tall is a process in which your body releases certain human growth hormones that stimulate the growth of your body thereby increasing your height. You have to understand that there is no magic behind your height development. Right combination of diet, exercise and rest are responsible for growing tall. You have to know and understand that there are certain growth periods.

People are normally misinformed on how you get taller. There are a lot of myths regarding the affect of age, environment and heredity on height. Stop being misinformed and understand the process and the factors involved in the development properly. It is vital for you to identify that there are certain ages in which you can grow taller than the others.

There is a vast difference in the growth rate between girls and boys. You must also know about the rapid growth periods. It is also important to know until which age you will grow in height. You cannot continue to grow tall throughout your life. Scientifically you will grow till a certain age, after which that the growth hormones do not function.

Spinal column is an important component of height and development. You must know the role it plays in your development. Stimulating the intervertebral discs is highly important in growing taller. You must exercise regularly to stimulate growth in a muscle group. There are particular muscles and ligaments that help in growing tall. You have to make these set of muscles strong.

Apart from resorting to different ways for growing tall, you must also know the factors restricting your growth. There are certain conditions which can restrict your height development. You have to know about those as well. The basic nutrients, vitamins, minerals, right amount of sleep, the posture all affect the growth in a human body.

Irina Shayk Babe of the Day

April 26th, 2012

I think we can all agree on this one.  Irina Shayk is more than pleasing to the eye. LiftKits couldn’t help but make her our Lady of the Day

LiftKits Insoles Add Height Instantly

April 25th, 2012

[Emma Grady August 2011]Need a lift? No, I’m not talking about a ride, I’m talking about LiftKits. These recycled plastic and polyurethane insoles can add inches to your frame instantly. But why would you want them? Read on.

At 5′ 4″, I’m of a moderate height. Though I admit once having high hopes of becoming taller — my first license read 5′ 5″ because, at the time, I thought I would grow as I got older, apparently not. So when Liftkits e-mailed me about their men’s and women’s height increasing insoles, I was intrigued. My first thought: Tom Cruise needs a pair. And actually, on LiftKits blog they list their target market, a slew of short celebrities. My second thought: are they green? Apparently so.

LiftKits are made out of recycled plastic and polyurethane and are recyclable. I accepted a complimentary pair of men’s insoles to try out — with a few minor tweaks with scissors — and walla, I’m suddenly a bit taller. Walking around hardly feels different but to the world I’m 5′ 5″.

LiftKits “will change your life,” according to three guys in Hollywood, California who founded the men’s insoles. They were inspired by the “tactics women engage in to cheat the playing field,” as they call it, from high heels to push-up bras. But even if it is about deceiving — or attracting — the opposite sex, LiftKits are, according to the founders, all about confidence. First they founded LiftKits for men then went on to found for women, affectionately called LiftKits for Chicks.

So besides the whole cosmetic factor, why would you want them? Say you have a new pair of trousers and the hem is just a tad too long. Granted you could get your trousers hemmed, but you’re a lady and wear heels regularly you probably have certain pants you can wear with flats and others you need a boost to wear. If that’s that case, Liftkits for Chicks can come in mighty handy.

Of course, you can’t quite pair LiftKits with strappy stilettos, you need a trusty pair of boots, sneakers, or even a pair of TOMS would do, so long as the insole is clearly covered. LiftKits are conveniently available online at for $22 – $30.

What do you think of the insoles? Is acceptance — of ones height — the answer or is the option of instant height a miracle? Tell us in the comment section, below.

Robert Downey Jr. getting shoe lifts for ‘Iron Man 3′

April 25th, 2012

[Us Weekly - DEC 2011]Robert Downey Jr. is hoping to look taller than his 5-foot-8, a report claims.

According to Us Weekly, Downey’s stylist has requested shoes with three-inch built-in lifts to wear while filming “Iron Man 3.”

“They’re working on a special pair just for him,” a source said. “The lift insole needs to be concealed in a high top shoe or boot. The highest that’s offered the general public is 2 inches.”

While Downey has not commented on his lifts per se, he did recently tell Men’s Fitness magazine that he was surprised to be cast in the action hero franchise given his compact body type

Robert Downey Jr. will be wearing shoe lifts in “Iron Man 3.”

“I guess I had some notion about it,” he said. “I’ve always really enjoyed that genre, but I mean, it’s prettyoutlandish. I’m not particularly tall or strong or fast or aggressive. Yet, I’m not faking it. To me, it’s a cosmic chuckle.”

His trainer, Brad Bose, also reveals in the cover story that he was similarly skeptical about turning Downey into Tony Stark.

“He was skinny,” said Bose. “He weighed about 150 pounds … Our goal was to get him as big as we could.”

25 Days Of Gift Guides: For Your Jock

April 25th, 2012

25 Days Of Gift Guides: For Your Jock

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Liftkits Does your jock want to be the same height as the NBA players he likes? That’s no problems with these comfortable shoe inserts that can give him up to 2 inches of height instantly.  Liftkits $55


24 Perfect Stocking Stuffers

April 25th, 2012

It’s the Little Things: 24 Perfect Stocking Stuffers

From preserved winter truffles to the best socks ever, here are 24 delightful finds to fill the stockings

By ELLE | December 12, 2011

Gaining an inch has never been easier—for getting a rise in your everyday shoes, slip in a height-boosting insole.

Lift Kits women’s insoles, $34.99; shop now:

Deciding What to Wear on Prom Night

April 25th, 2012

Prom night is an important annual event for any teenager, something that they always look forward to. The night is preceded by months of preparation right from what clothes to wear, shoes and accessories, down to deciding on the people you would like to take along. Everyone wants to look their best on the day, therefore not taking any chances.It’s all about glamor, looking tall, and presenting yourself well. When it comes to the outfits or prom wear, the styles will continue to change from time to time. In fact, this holds true for the colors as well.  Thus, it is important to be aware of the popular trends and the colors in vogue whenever you’re deciding your prom wear.

Two colors, however, never go out of fashion. You may have guessed them by now – black and white. The fact that these two colors are preferred over others by teenagers is the fact that they look good on everyone. Also, dresses and gowns look equally good, no matter whether you are wearing black or white. However, when you are shopping for a dress, you can obviously go for a color of your choice. Even the bright colors look good, especially when it comes to evening wear.

When it comes to selecting prom dresses, you need to keep a couple of things in mind, namely exclusivity and individuality. You would definitely not want to wear the same kind of dress as your peers. Also, apart from ensuring a unique dress, you should definitely wear something that makes you stand out in a crowd. Though, it is advisable not to opt for one that comes across as over the top, you can definitely wear one that creates an impression right away.  You never know, you might even walk away with the title of the “Best Dressed Lady for the Evening”.

LiftKits Lady of the Week

April 24th, 2012

Yes, it’s that time of the week again! This lovely blonde babe, Candice Swanepoel, has made her way to our blog for this weeks LiftKits Lady of the Week.

Tips for Actors: Better Your Technique

April 23rd, 2012


Tips for Actors: Better Your Technique

If acting is your passion and you want to be the next Tom Cruise, then this article is for you. Here we will share some tips for actors that will help you to become more successful. There are several rules of acting that are taught in acting classes. However, there are certain rules that are sometimes left out by the coach. Here we will discuss a few of these tips for the aspiring actors.

Get rid of commas when you are delivering the dialogues. Commas are effective on the pages, but not in lines spoken during role play. Whenever you find a comma in the line you are mouthing, bring a little variety in your tone instead of pausing. This is more effective in acting than pausing at commas. There are certain interesting ways in which you can replace the pauses in your acting. Listen to a master replacing pause with stretched vowels in his speech. After you have stretched the vowel, you can leap into the following word without pausing.

Another bad habit is to end up in a question mark like tone every time you complete a sentence. This is known as the valley girl syndrome in acting and is extremely distracting. It has been used by many actors through the ages and does not enhance your acting talent. The opposite of this syndrome is also present in actors. They see words like whom, why, where and when and immediately raise their pitch at the end of the line. This is not a fine practice. Instead you should speak the line in a way in which it seems more like a statement and less like a question. Finally act as the character and make your whole body express the feelings and emotions of the character- do not throw your arms unnecessarily. Follow these tips for actors and build your career.


First Date Tips- How to Gear Up For Your First Date

April 20th, 2012


First Date Tips- How to Gear Up For Your First Date

Singles looking to date are always on the lookout for date ideas, especially if it is the first date. There are a lot of things on your mind and first date tips can prove to be extremely useful.  Here is a comprehensive list of the first date tips that can help you to ensure a memorable date. To some, dating may appear to be quite a tough task, while for others it is a great way of meeting and getting to know new people.

If you are one of those who like to engage themselves in a lot of activities, you can make your first date special by going for a concert or a show, a long drive or even a movie. Though, the two of you may enjoy to the hilt, the first date should always be about getting to know the other individual better. Opting for an adventurous activity on your first date hardly leaves room for a candid conversation.  You can always tag these activities along with coffee or dinner together in order to complete the date.

It is necessary to plan in advance when you are going out on your first date.  It does require a bit of preparation and you should have sufficient time on your hands to do that. You can book a table for two and make arrangements for a perfect dinner.

You should also take time out to decide on what you are going to wear on your first date.  You need to ensure that you not only look good but also smell good.  You need to strike a balance and make sure that the outfit is neither too formal nor too casual.

However, the most important factor is the confidence with which you carry yourself on your first date.  It is only then that you can make optimum use of all the first date tips that you have learned so far.