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Learn the Best Acting Technique to Become a Good Actor

March 31st, 2012

Learn the Best Acting Technique to Become a Good Actor

Acting technique is a debatable matter. Many people think that there is no such technique involved in acting. Others think that acting is basically a technique to emote without being emotional. The emotional preparation is the context where the differentiation between acting techniques takes place. When you take coaching classes for developing acting skills, they will teach you to achieve apt realistic emotions suitable for the scenes.

Most of the acting techniques fail because of two reasons. Either they are too internal or extremely external. There are several acting schools that teach the advantages of emotionalizing through exterior means. According to this teaching, emotional preparation is done by infusing certain objects with associative memories. These can be paintings, rooms or even scarves. This acting technique works for the first time but becomes repetitive after sometime and loses its punch. We also end up wasting time to prepare ourselves for this.

Method acting is a tried and tested acting technique being followed by actors all around the world. This preparation is internal. In this method an actor is asked to recall memories that invoke particular emotions to play the character. Though this acting technique has worked quite well, there are certain difficulties that actors face. Since you are basically relying on your own experiences, you cannot look up to some external object. An incident that meant a lot to you even a couple of years back, may not invoke the same kind of emotions presently.

However, there is a middle technique which is based on imagination. According to this acting technique, you can draw from your imagination to prepare emotionally for a role. This makes adaptation easy for an actor because our imagination is unlimited. Besides, we can actually concentrate on the character we are playing on screen. Be vivid with your imagination and fill up your acting with all the details.

Photoshoot Tips for Models who have Begun their Career

March 30th, 2012

Photoshoot Tips for Models who have Begun their Career

Photoshoot holds immense importance in a model’s career. Neither is photography an easy thing to do nor is posing for it. A lot of effort is required from both the model and the photographer to click a nice photo. It is especially difficult for models who have just started out. With experience you will understand how the entire thing works. In this article we will provide photoshoot tips for models who have just begun their career.

One of the most essential photoshoot tips for models is that you should come prepared for it. Reaching the shoot on time is also extremely important. It is good if you know the style of the photographer. It will help you to be in the right mood and be prepared for the photoshoot. It is nice if you do some homework on the poses and expressions. In this way you will already have something to work upon. Getting a good sleep at the night is a priority right before the shoot. This will provide you the energy to go through the entire session.

Having lots of water so that you look fresh and hydrated also happens to be in the list of photoshoot tips for models. If there is a make up artist then the situation is relaxed. However, if there is no make up artist, then you must know certain make up tips. A face powder is a must when going for a photoshoot. You will not want to display your freshly scrubbed face because that highlights the undesirable spots in your face.

Translucent face powder will provide you the natural look. However, consult with a make up artist before applying it. A matt look is always preferable than a shiny look, especially for close up shots. Avoid tanning your skin before the shoot.



Xenia Deli Babe of the Day

March 29th, 2012

Xenia Deli has been chosen for this weeks Liftkits Lady of the Week. Xenia may be the Greek world for foreign, but I’m sure we can all appreciate this foreigner. Enjoy!

Ways How to Approach a Girl

March 28th, 2012

Ways How to Approach a Girl

There are various ways of how to approach a girl. However, some ways are considered more effective than the others. Approaching is not always easy. You need to plan something beforehand to approach a girl. Remember that first impression counts a lot and you will not want to mess with it. Hence, make it count. Here are some ways of how to approach a girl.

Buying her a drink is a good way to approach a girl. However, do not do this to break the ice, instead do it to take the interest forward. Once you know that she is showing interest in you, ask her if you can buy her a drink. If you are bold enough, then you can jokingly ask her to buy you a drink. If she is sitting alone, ask if you can borrow the chair. It is a valid excuse to give her company and you can start the conversation.

You ask her name once the conversation has started. The best thing to do is to repeat her name ample times while you talk and do not mention your name. If she is interested in you she will definitely want to know your name and ask you after sometime. Do not forget to have a genuine, warm smile on your face. Find an opportunity to dance with her. This is one of the oldest and effective ways to approach a woman. Start with her and move on to other women as well. Let her see that you are good at it. She will definitely approach you to dance with her.

Using a pick up line is the oldest ways of how to approach a girl. Use a clever one to make her interested in you and start the conversation. Pay her compliment and ask her a question. Better still if you can combine both to get her interested and start up a conversation.


Invest in a Shoe that Makes you Taller

March 27th, 2012

Invest in a Shoe that Makes you Taller

Men do not need to be embarrassed any more by their short height.  You can now buy a shoe that makes you taller.  These shoes are designed in a way that they help you appear taller.  These shoes that make you appear taller are available in different sizes and designs. In fact, some of them can even make you appear taller by 5 inches.

Wearing a shoe that makes you taller not only increase your height, but also help to improve your posture and build on your confidence levels.  Thus you can now attend work interviews, make public appearances and even walk into social gatherings in style. You do not have to bother about what others think of your height and be conscious about it. Improved posture also has several other additional benefits. It will help you to get rid of painful knee problems or back pain, in case you suffer from either of these.

If you are wondering whether others can make out the difference in you shoes, be rest assured of the fact that it will go unnoticed. These are like regular footwear and therefore it is difficult to make out the difference. They are made out of the finest quality leather and therefore take good care of your feet as well.  You can wear them with formal wear, casuals and sporty gear.  Thus they are worth every bit of your money.

These customized shoes make comfortable wear and are far more convenient to use when compared to the inserts that are otherwise placed at the back of the shoes.  Such a shoe that makes you taller would thus serve its purpose without being painful and causing any kind of discomfort to the one wearing them.  So if you have been bothered so long about you short height, think no more. Invest in shoes that make you appear taller right away.

How Can You Get Taller by Doing Stretching Exercises?

March 26th, 2012




Yoga Pose

How Can u Get Taller by Doing Stretching Exercises?

Everybody wants the right height. People who do not possess a good height suffer from inferiority complex and low confidence. There are various ways to increase your height. Go through this article to find out how can you get taller. Doing exercises is an effective way to increase a few inches. Stretching is a popular and logical way to increase height. There are certain parts in your body which are responsible for the increase in height. These parts make you stronger and longer.

These points include the spine, thighs and shin. These particular parts can make you stronger and taller. Hence, any kind of stretching exercise is directed towards these particular areas in your body. Stretching these will help you grow taller. Do some stretching exercises in the morning after you wake up or any time in an entire day. You will see and feel the change if you do it consistently.

There are different man made and natural ways to grow taller. Exercise is a natural way to increase the height. The HGH or the human growth hormone is responsible for our height. HGH is distributed in certain regions inside the body to increase height. The muscles and bones need to be stimulated and this hormone stimulates the growth in the bones and muscles.

Getting rid of bad postures is extremely important in growing tall. The spine is the most vital element which needs to provide support to your body and good postures help in proper spinal development. The cat and the cobra are extremely effective stretches that can improve your height. The plow pose and the shoulder stand are also extremely effective stretching exercises that help in increasing the height. The bridge is another one which is effective for beginners. There are certain stretching exercises for the advanced state as well.



Pick up Lines for Girls

March 24th, 2012

Interesting, Funny and Cool Pick up Lines for Girls

Guys practice pick up lines for girls. Some of them are effective and some of them are ineffective. However, every guy would love to master the pick up lines for girls that are always effective and with the help of which they can get beautiful women. Take a look at these smart easy and quick pick up lines that will help you to get beautiful women.

Move over the regular Hi and Hello and try these pick up lines for girls as soon as you spot the hot one right across the floor. Just remember that you have to be confident while mouthing these lines and keep the attitude right. You can use “Ay! I thought you looked adorable, and I had to meet you’, this line for a girl you checked out. Instead of saying HI, What’s your name? – The above line seems to be better.

In this way you will not only give her a compliment, but also state straight away that you like her. Women like strong men who can take right decisions at the right time and live life passionately. If you are targeting a particular girl among a group then you can say- ‘Hey, you guys look fun.’ This line will establish you as a brave guy and of course as someone who has a good vibe. Increase the interaction, give them a positive vibe and make them feel that you are a fun guy.

The pick up lines need to be spoken with lot of focus, in a loud manner and you must maintain eye contact always and the tone of voice should be commanding otherwise they lose their impact. Sometimes funny pick up lines for girls also work wonders with a girl having good sense of humor. For instance, ‘I just realized this, you look like my next girlfriend’, ‘Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only ten I see.’




Grow Taller Supplements Aiding in Achieving the Desired Height

March 23rd, 2012


Grow Taller Supplements Aiding in Achieving the Desired Height

It is not always possible to grow tall naturally. At that time you will require some grow taller supplements which will facilitate the development of your desired height. In fact, these could also be taken alongside exercises and a wholesome diet. However, you must be careful while using grow taller supplements. When you decide to take grow taller supplements, you must know that you are providing your body with certain benefits. They are going to regenerate the growth of bones and provide other advantages as well. These supplements contain minerals which will be utilized by your body to develop the height.

The grow taller supplements contain natural food ingredients which support bone growth. It has been found that these supplements help in bone development to several centimeters. You will feel the difference in few days and realize that you have become a little taller than you used to be. These supplements also help in improving posture which goes a long way in increasing  height.

These supplements have also been found to improve the immune system of your body. The minerals contained in the grow taller supplements provide an overall improvement and development of health. These help your body to function in a better way and hence also repairs if there is any shortcoming in your body. The skin of your body is known to become better and get healed with the use of these supplements.

The bones, discs and cartilage of your body will become stronger when you continue to take these supplements resulting in development of height. You will achieve your desired height without sweating and going through rigorous training process. You will see that you have become taller within a short span of time and that too without any side effects. Your physical and psychological problems will be solved with the help of these grow taller supplements.

Liftkits Lady of The Week 9

March 22nd, 2012

Sexy and chic is how we step up our game at liftkits. This Liftkits Lady of the Week is no exception


Teenage Dating Tips

March 21st, 2012

Teenage Dating Tips

Teenagers often feel apprehensive while interacting with their peers of the opposite sex.  It does take a lot of courage on their part to ask somebody out. Thus, they are often looking for some help from their friends and some teenage dating tips here and there.  So, if you have succeeded in asking someone out and the other person has also agreed to your proposal, it is time to make arrangements for a fun date.  The following teenage dating tips and ideas can serve your purpose well.

Tour the City

Though you may have been around the city several times, exploring it with your date can turn out to be pretty interesting.  You can select some of the fun places such as amusement parks, popular hangout zones, parks, museums and any other spot which might be of interest to both of you. Just don’t forget comfortable shoes.

Go for a Movie

Going out for a movie can also be a lot of fun, especially for teenagers.  There is least chance of it all going wrong, if the movie is in accordance with your taste.  Even if your date does not go out as per your preference, then there is no need for you to strike a forced conversation.  The two of you may as well watch the movie and come back without any complaints.

Sporty Dates

If both of you enjoy sports, you can go for activities such as roller skating, bowling and ice skating. This way you can enjoy each other’s company and at the same time create a memorable date.  You can also go for a coffee or an ice-cream after taking a short break.

Get Together at a Friend’s Place

If you are not comfortable going on a date, then you can always meet up at parties or just get together at a close friend’s place and hang out together with your entire group.

Use any of these teenage dating tips or ideas that suit you and create a memorable first date. If you need, add an inch or two with guys or girls insoles, just for that extra confidence boost.