Be the Best Man

Be the Best Man by Shouldering Your Responsibilities

Has your friend asked you to be the best man in his wedding? Here is a checklist of the duties you will need to carry out. You can do things that will ease out the tension and stress from the groom’s mind and prove yourself to be the nicest best man your friend could have had. For that you have to organize the bachelor party. Make this night memorable for your friend who is getting married. Find out about your friend’s thoughts and book the best strippers.

Giving a speech as a best man is another responsibility that you have to shoulder properly. A nice, short and memorable speech with best wishes for the couple is the ideal one. It is not wise to share embarrassing anecdotes with the groom’s unsuspecting family and of course his bride. Write the speech with all your heart and little care. You can assist the groom in his wedding planning. In wedding there are several things to be taken into account. Not all of them are big but every little thing is important. Help the groom and his family with dinner rehearsal, wedding transportation and providing directions to out of town guests.

Most important duties of the best man are on the wedding day itself. Stand tall and stay with the groom throughout the day and prepare him in terms of getting dressed and calming his nerves before the wedding. Drive him to church and be beside him to support him and your friend will always thank you for this support. Keeping the wedding ring and singing the marriage license are also your duties as a best man. Post marriage reception also requires the best man to be with his groom for any extra help. If both of you have rented tuxedos, then your duty is to return them to the shop after the wedding.

How to be a Pick up Artist

How to be a Pick up Artist: Techniques to Follow

How to be a pick up artist is a question that every man thinks at some point in his life. A man who is capable of meeting, attracting and finally seducing women is referred to as a pick up artist or a PUA. This term was coined by Eric Webber who wrote a book on How to Pick up Girls. Since then this term has come to signify an expert who can get any woman he wishes.

This is basically a game and an expert player with all the required skills wins this game. Different people have different approaches towards this game. You also have to decide your method and know yourself and your game. However, there are a few basic steps that you have to follow regarding how to become a pick up artist.

The first step of how to become a pick up artist is to have an attractive appearance and general personality. You have to know yourself properly and accept the good aspects about your character and try to change the bad ones. You cannot change your face, but you can definitely change your hair style and your lens which will change your entire personality. You can also use the peacocking technique to impress women. Dressing to get attention is the crux of this technique.

Approaching a woman in a way in which you can get all her details is an integral part of becoming a pick up artist. Learn about different pick up lines and use them properly on women. Most of the pick up artists have approach anxiety and can only be overcome by approaching lot of women. Building up attraction is important for a pick up artist. Closing is another important technique that you have to be a master of. Close the conversation nicely with her number and a promise to contact further.


Ways on How to Grow Taller

Ways on How to Grow Taller

A good height is mandatory for a good personality. To have a good height you must go through this article on how to grow taller. A combination of diet and exercises can increase your height naturally. You can also go for limbs lengthening surgery and certain supplements to increase your height.

Stretching exercises are extremely effective in terms of increase in height. This is usually a time consuming process and there are 3 levels of workouts. The first level consists of tonal and muscular development, the second level comprises the spinal decompression and straightening and the third level involves progressive spiral disc thickening and regeneration. If you continue to do this for a prolonged time period, then you can grow up to 3 inches.

The use of supplements is also quite popular for how to grow taller. You will require growth stimulating vital ingredients to grow in height. These ingredients include amino acids, glucosamine and multivitamins. Good and effective supplements can add up to 3 inches to your original height. Another type of synthetic human growth hormone medicines is available in the market. These medicines are effective and doctors use these medicines normally on kids with low levels of hgh. Kids can grow up to 5 inches after using this medicine.

Limb lengthening surgery is extremely effective as a way to increase height. Either internal or external fixator devices are placed inside the limbs to increase the height. These can be adjusted at regular intervals. This technique is quite effective but time consuming as well. It could be expensive and hospitalization is required.

Last but not the least method of how to grow taller is to use growth hormone stimulators. Now These stimulators basically are amino acids. Amino acids compel the pituitary gland to secrete human growth hormone. This is a safe process without any side effects and is immensely effective.


Dating Tips To Find the Right Partner

Dating Tips To Find the Right Partner

Interesting dating tips can help you get a successful date. Irrespective of whether you are experienced dater, novice or reentering the scene, tips on dating can be helpful. None can ever be dating expert because the tried and tested formula sometimes fail to produce the desired result. No two individuals are alike and hence there is no hard and fast rule for successful dates.

Dating someone successfully involves no magic. You simply have to know yourself and be clear about what you want in the other person. Prepare yourself before you go on a date with someone. Have an open mind and be receptive to whatever you get. Do not give up if you face rejection. You will be able to do all this only when you are doing everything wholeheartedly.

Groom yourself to have a killer personality. It’s not just about looks, but about your attitude and confidence. Begin a fitness regime and follow it. Experiment with your looks and be confident in all of them. Feel beautiful from inside and look beautiful. Smile more often as it is infectious. Once you feel confident and beautiful, it will radiate to the people around you.

Assess your thoughts regarding dating. Dating Tips become more useful once you know your thoughts on dating. Decide on what you want from dating someone and where do you see yourself after some years. Your thoughts will determine your approach. If you are looking for long term relationship, approach in that way or else be honest about your feelings for the other person. Choose people with whom you will be able to date. Be realistic while picking one for dating. Remember if you want a glamorous man or woman to date, he or she will also expect the same. To find out people of similar wave lengths you have to go out and meet people more often.


How to become an Actor

How to become an Actor

If you are looking for a mantra that tells you how to become an actor, then you must realize that there is no instant recipe for becoming an actor, let alone a successful actor. One thing, however, common amongst people who have made it big or are still aspiring to become an actor is their passion for the craft.  It is the passion and the love for the performing arts that gives them the strength to brave all odds and still persist with their dream.  Though being an actor can give you immense creative satisfaction and may also be financially rewarding, there is no doubt about the fact that it is indeed difficult to get the right break.  Thus it requires high levels of commitment and love for the profession.

If you are still undecided about how to become an actor, you need to make a choice about whether you wish to pursue the craft as an amateur or as a professional.   If you are serious about it, then it is necessary that you work on your talent and enhance your skills to ensure that you prepare yourself well for auditions.

Enroll yourself in an acting school or attend acting workshops to hone your skills. It helps to be closely aligned to acting communities and theatre professionals. Interacting with them will certainly help you to pick up the finer nuances of acting.

For an actor the learning process never ends. In fact, you will often find established actors elaborating on how they keep learning on a regular basis. This is one of the key lessons that you should learn early in your career.

Act in plays; attend workshops in order to remain in the thick of things. Once you have a sizable body of work, create a professional resume which you can forward to casting agents.

Follow these simple tips on how to become an actor to start off your career.

Great Gift Ideas for Men


Great Gift Ideas for Men

Some men find it difficult to appreciate regular, traditional gifts. For these men you have to find out gifts that are different from the other normal ones. Here comes some of the most unique gift ideas for men. These sorts of men like to be real men and lead their lives king size. The Art of Manliness is a great book for men who want to lead their lives in a manly way. This book can give great information on doing interesting things in a manly manner.

There is no man who does not like to have beer. He would be extremely happy to have a beer making kit. What could give him more happiness than being able to prepare beer at home? Hence, gift him the beer making kit and let him relish his achievement. Beer making is a five step process and your man will be able to prepare it with his own hands.

Car wash set can be a great gift idea for men. This is a gift for a man who loves his car more than himself. The set consists of tar remover, auto glass cleaner, wheel cleaner, auto protector, automotive wash and auto interior cleaner. Gift him this kit and you will be able to make him happy. Every man loves his cave. Hence, gifting a doormat for his cave is a wonderful idea.

Giving your man a ticket stub diary is a wonderful gift idea. It will show that you acknowledge the sentimental side of your man. He will definitely be happy at this gift. Men who have the habit of collecting ticket stubs especially like collect sports ticket stubs and this will be the best gift for him to be able to store the ticket stubs. Toiletries case, a multitasking tool and hot dog cooker are some of the other gift ideas for men that can make them happy.

Grow Taller with Hypnosis

Grow Taller: Hypnosis is a Powerful and Successful Way

Growing taller with hypnosis might seem like an absurd idea when you hear it for the first time. However it can be quite effective, like others idea on height development. Growing taller with the help of hypnosis is like increasing your height with the power of your mind.  The mind is the most powerful organ in our body and it can do anything if we believe in its power and channelize the power.

Pursuing this endeavor is not easy, but then we cherish whatever we get after quite a struggle. Many authors of self help books believe that the human mind is extremely powerful and if it conceives any idea it can definitely achieve it. If you really understand the power of human mind, you will know that you can achieve anything with the right kind of belief.

First you will need to understand the power of your mind and then believe in it. After this, you have to think about growing tall over and over regularly. You must devote yourself to grow taller with hypnosis. Think your body to reflect the thoughts of your mind. Your body is a manifestation of the thoughts in your mind. Believe that your body expresses the thoughts and feelings of your mind.

You have to believe that your mind has no limitations and it is all powerful. The only limitation you will ever have is yourself and your thoughts. Overcome this limitation with the help of your will power. If you show any kind of doubt regarding this concept, then you will definitely be a failure. The success of this method depends on how you perceive the thought of growing tall.

You have to realize that your and mind are connected and they communicate all the time. Whatever you will think in your mind will affect your body. Hence, if you think that you can grow taller in your mind, then that will be reflected on your body.


Become a Famous Fashion Model by Showcasing Your Talent

Become a Famous Fashion Model by Showcasing Your Talent

Becoming a fashion model can be exciting if you are looking into a glamorous career with lots of travel opportunities. A fashion model travels to different exotic locations, showcases the latest trends in apparels, accessories from the famous designers. A fashion model can also feature in a magazine and endorse fashion products. However, reaching the desired height in the career is not easy at all. You can start out with modeling agencies booking for jobs. Fashion models can also attend exclusive events. Once you get settled you can get paid thousands of dollars per day.

The trend in finding good looking fashion models with an hour glass figure is no more in vogue. The designers have now realized that they need to reach out to a larger cross section of people in the society to sell their clothing lines and accessories. Presently, the fashion industry designs clothes and accessories for teens, the petite ones, retirees, plus sizes and so on. With the increase in range of clothes line, a fashion model has more opportunity to shine in his/her career. A fashion model need not have the perfect look and figure now because he/she can flaunt assets in whichever size it is.

Different types of fashion modeling can be done by people who have the drive to be successful. There is a lot of more exposure and scope for such aspiring models. However, you have to become a part of a top model agency to progress in your career. The categories you can work into include television modeling, promotional modeling, showroom modeling, runway modeling and catalog modeling. Fashion magazine and newspaper modeling can also be a good career option. Lot of hard work and long hours of working schedules are involved in this. However, if you have the passion and hunger in you, you will succeed.

LINspiration for the Little Guys

The Current Impact

By now you have heard his name: Jeremy Lin. A man that has captured not only the hearts of America, but much of the Eastern world as well. The “linsanity” and “lincredible” feats he has achieved are among the best stats of any rookie to ever play the game of basketball in the NBA. I too was somewhat doubtful of Lin’s caliber until I witnessed his talent first hand. His (not the team’s) victory over the Lakers was a phenomenal spectacle on prime time worldwide television, outscoring the NBA’s leading scorer (and arguably the world’s best scorer) in Kobe Bryant. Lin finished that game with a career high 38 points. Chinese broadcasters are buying out Knicks games and many in Taiwan are watching games in the early hours of the morning. Still not convinced? How about the fact that since Lin has started for the Knicks they are on a 7 game win streak, their longest steak in an otherwise poor season. Averaging 24.4 points per game and 9.1 Assists in 7 starts, Jeremy Lin has become the new hero of basketball against all odds. Whether you are a basketball fan or not, there is a deep story to be told here.

The Background Story

Would you believe that the this infamous phenom was sleeping on his brother’s couch less than two weeks ago? Or that he was the 4th string point guard, one game away from being dropped from the team and league all together? Or that this young man graduated Harvard, because no tier one basketball schools wanted to “risk” offering him a scholarship? It seems like a simple equation, you want the best players to play for your team to achieve victory. But Lin’s story is one of discrimination against the “little guy.” A story of an individual who was judged to be of less caliber than due to preconceived notions of ethnicity and desire. Jeremy Lin is the first American born Asian-American to hit it big in the NBA, a sport dominated by mainly African American athletes. Lin is able defy all current logic about who can and cant be successful at the game of basketball. His humble voice is that of the marginalized, that we can overcome great hardship and find success.

The Future

The future holds various opportunities for Lin. China has already offered him a million dollar endorsement deal. The entire basketball world is rethinking their views of Asian-American athletes. Jeremy Lin looks to have a great basketball career ahead of him, with potential to be an All- Star point guard. The Asian American youth has a hero to look up, as do all of the little guys who were told they could not be great. Let this be LINspiration for the little guys. Even the seemingly smallest of of people can achieve greatness. Jeremy Lin is a testament of that.

Why LiftKits Are Better Than Elevator Shoes

Why LiftKits Are Better Than Elevator Shoes

If you have been searching for a way to get a little taller, you are not alone. Many people are what others consider to be short, and if you are one of these people who others normally have to look down on, you certainly would love to change things a bit. Of course, there is no magic wand you can wave or miracle drug you can take that will help an adult just grow inches. Instead, you have to be creative in how you approach this situation. There are two popular options to consider, and these are LiftKits and elevator shoes. You may be wondering which is best for you.

First, let’s take a look at what elevator shoes offer you. Generally, these have to be specially ordered, and thanks to the Internet, they are far easier to find than they were not too many years ago. While they are now far more stylish than elevator shoes used to be, these are specially made shoes, and those who take a close look at your footwear may indeed be able to see that there is something unique about the shoe. The insole with the added lift is built right into the shoe, so the top of the shoe generally appears higher and the front of the shoe appears to be more elongated and extends outward farther than traditional shoes.

You should be aware that elevator shoes do have some significant downsides that you will want to know about. First, they are generally pretty pricey. Many of the styles start out in the $70-80 range, and the cost goes up from there. Second, once you start wearing these, you are pretty much committing yourself to only wearing these. They can give you a boost of up to five inches in height, which is significant. However, when you wear these to work, you cannot then wear a traditional pair of shoes to work the next day, as you will appear, three, four, or five inches shorter in height. People will quickly catch on to your shoe secret!

LiftKits are a little different in that they are inserts that you can place into almost any type of shoe, so you don’t have to worry about going to work one day inches shorter than you were the day before. You can find LiftKits that add up to two inches in height. This height is a bit less than what you could get with elevator shoes, but you will find that they look far more natural. The inserts are designed to add height to the heel of your foot, so you don’t have that awkward look to the exterior of the shoe as you get with elevator shoes. They look far more natural, and they can be worn every day with any style of shoe you want to wear.

2 Inch Shoe Lift

Perhaps what is best is that the inserts are far more affordable. With elevator shoes, you will have to buy several different pairs, and they are not cheap to buy! Hopefully you can see now why LiftKits insoles (especially for men) are better than elevator shoes. With LiftKits, you can get a pair of inserts for under $30, and one pair of inserts can be used with all of your existing footwear. Clearly, LiftKits are the best solution!

Shop LiftKits

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Valentine’s Day Dating Tips

Dating Tips: The True Secret to Getting Noticed

Here are some Valentines Day dating tips just in time for your special night.

There are some secret truths that most women will never tell you about dating, including the fact that if you are lacking in height, you might not have that good of a chance of getting the dates that you really want. Although it’s not fair that women judge you on your height, they do, just as you would judge a woman who was too tall for you. Therefore, if you are on the shorter side, one of the little-known secrets is that an extra inch or two could be the difference between having lots of dates and having none.

You might not think that there is much you can do about your height, but there is. The first thing that you can do is learn to stand up and walk much straighter. That alone can add an inch to your height. You should also learn to dress yourself in a way that accentuates the height that you do have. Wearing low-slung pants or slouchy clothes will only make you look shorter.

Also, although you may have been tempted to buy elevator shoes, that is a mistake that no man should make. But you can still get plenty of height out of your shoes if you know how to do it. One way that you can add an extra inch or two to your overall height is by using lifts that fit right into your shoes.

LiftKits are comfortable, neoprene insoles that fit into your shoes, no matter what kind of shoes you like to wear. No one can see that they are there, but you will be anywhere from one to two inches taller everywhere you go. The insoles are interchangeable so you can wear them in all of your shoes and finally be able to walk around with confidence.


Were You Always the Last One Picked in Gym Class?

Were You Always the Last One Picked in Gym Class?

Being short is no fun. It’s one of those things that most people are born being, and they stay that way their entire lives. In school, you were the last one picked in gym class, and you always sat on the front row at picture day. Now that you are an adult, you are faced with feelings of inferiority when it comes to social and even professional situations. It just seems like you can’t win when you are short, yet there isn’t anything you can do about it. Well, that’s not actually true at all!

If you’re still growing and you have caught onto your height challenges in your teen years, you may be able to visit the doctor and get human growth hormone shots. Of course, you have to be terribly under-sized to be considered for that. If you are on the shorter end but aren’t drastically below average height, your doctor may just tell you that you’re short and you have to live with that fact. Before you give up on your dream to be a little taller, you should know that there are some other avenues you can consider.

You can consider getting height boosting shoes. These generally need to be ordered from a special shoe company, and nowadays you can find a variety of styles, colors, and sizes online at these specialty shoe websites. In some cases, these height boosting shoes can add up to five inches or more to your height. These shoes can be pricey, but the good thing is that the lift is built right into the shoe, so you don’t have to worry about others catching on that you are not actually that tall. This is not like wearing high heels or platform shoes where everyone can see you are wearing special shoes that add inches to your height. The lift is built into the insole of the shoe.

The other thing you can consider is special inserts like LiftKits that you slide into traditional shoes. These are generally more affordable, as you just have to buy one or two LiftKits and they can be placed into any normal shoes that you pick up at local shoe stores. These insoles can add about an inch or two to your height and also are not visible to others because they reside inside your shoe. Because they are more affordable and give you more flexibility with the footwear you choose to buy, these are often a preferred choice over height boosting specialty shoes.

It really is not any fun to always be the short one who is picked last in gym class and looked down on by friends, family, and co-workers. Take some time to look into what these options can do for you, and then put some of these ideas to use in your life right away. It really is amazing what a difference an extra inch or two can do for your perception of the world, and for the world’s perception of you!


Top Five Things Not to Do If You Are Short

Top Five Things Not to Do If You Are Short

Short men in our society are at a terrible disadvantage. Because most women want a man who is taller than her, the number of women that you can choose from is much more limited. Of course, if you are Tom Cruise (5’7”) or Zac Efron (5’8”), you won’t have any problem finding women. But for the rest of us who don’t have great looks, enormous amounts of money, and Hollywood fame, then we need more help. Here are five things that you should definitely not do if you are short:

  1. Don’t get angry when people tease you about your height. By becoming angry or showing them that they are hurting your feelings, you will only incur more ribbing. Most men who are short and successful have come to terms with their height and just go along with the teasing, even though it may hurt inside.
  1. Don’t wear shabby clothes. By wearing baggy or frumpy clothes, you will only appear shorter to most people around you. You need to make the most of what you have, and if that means dressing better, then so be it. You will find that fitted clothes make you appear much taller.
  1. Don’t slouch! Although most people shouldn’t need to be told not to slouch, it seems that a lot of people still do it. When you slouch, or don’t put your shoulders back and your chest out, you could lose an extra two inches’ worth of height, which you simply don’t have to spare.
  1. Don’t wear elevator shoes. Although you may be tempted to start wearing shoes with higher and higher heels, they aren’t fooling anyone. People will instantly see them and actually imagine you as much shorter than you really are.
  1. Don’t forget about trying lifts in your shoes. Although shoes with high heels are a stupid idea for men who are short, wearing lifts is not. You can buy lifts that fit right into your existing shoes, such as LiftKits, that will add a full two inches to your height. This is height that no one will be able to see, yet everyone around you will notice a real difference in your appearance.

Being tall is important in this world, as unfair as that seems. When you are taller, you will have more women looking at you, and studies also prove that you will have a better career with more money. Now, since no one says that your height has to be natural, you might seriously consider adding lifts to your shoes. This is the easiest way to add an inch or two without anyone knowing.

LiftKits fit right into the shoes that you have, whether they are golf shoes, dress shoes, or your casual shoes you wear on the weekends. They are comfortable, and you can’t see them from outside your shoes. You will get the height that you have been looking for, which in most cases translates to incredible confidence and perhaps more success in life, too.

How to Wow Her

Top 3 Dating Tips for Men: How to Wow Her

Dating isn’t easy for anyone. There is a lot of pressure on both the men and women while dating, but often it seems that there is more pressure on the man to really make a solid impression. Men, it seems, have to present an image of success and masculinity while also being chivalrous and somewhat old-fashioned, too. If you want to make sure you make the best impression on your dates, here are some tips to follow:

Watch Those Little Details. You would be amazed how much women notice on a first date, so you really want to make sure you have all of those little details taken care of. This means taking care of everything from cleaning your car, making sure your personal grooming is tended to including your nails and ears, ironing your clothes, polishing your shoes, and more. Also, keep in mind that a little cologne or aftershave goes a long way, so don’t overdo it!

Chivalry Isn’t Dead. As independent as women are today, many women do indeed appreciate a little chivalry here and there. Those small things like opening a door and pulling out a chair can really make a big difference in your date’s impression of you. You will want to make sure you pull these things off naturally and not make a big scene about it. Further, don’t go overboard, such as ordering your date’s meal for her.

Open Your Wallet. Dating is expensive, and we certainly live in a tough economic climate. However, if you asked your date out, you should absolutely offer to pay and expect to pay. Some women may insist on paying, and that’s perfectly fine. However, you should not go into a date expecting to go dutch. Even if your date does insist on going dutch, you can still make a point of springing for ice cream or a round of drinks as your treat.

Men may put a lot of pressure on themselves to create a major, impressive date for that special someone, but the fact is that it’s often those little things that make all the difference. Women absolutely notice things, and simply by making her feel special by showing you’ve paid attention to your appearance, been chivalrous, and offered to treat her while you are out can really go a long way in her book. As you are preparing for your next big date, consider putting some of these tips into motion.

A Game of Inches

The Difference That Two Inches Can Make

In the sports world, two inches can be all the difference between a gold medal and no medal, or between a goal and no goal. In your world, two inches can also make a huge difference, and that is when it comes to your height. Although you may think that you are making the most of the height that your parents gave you, in fact there are ways that you can be just a little bit taller.

Imagine how you would feel if you could add one inch to two inches to your height wherever you went, but no one would ever notice. You would have all of the advantages of tall people, and there are many of them. One recent study showed that 30 percent of all CEOs are over 6’2” tall. That doesn’t happen by accident.

Women are also known to prefer taller men. That doesn’t mean that you need to be over six feet tall, but if you can add an inch or two to your small frame, you might find that you get better reactions from a lot of women.

You can do this by taking human growth hormones, undergoing surgery, or even doing heightening exercises, but more and more men are finding that simply wearing lifts in their shoes is enough to give them the height that they want and the confidence that they need.

With LiftKits, you can simply slide the lift right into your existing shoes, whether they are dress, casual, or sporty shoes. You will instantly feel the difference and you will also find that both men and women look at you in a completely different way. Life is a game of inches. This may be all you need to really grow your confidence in your career, with women, and in all parts of your life where just a few inches really do matter.


Relationship Tips: Should You Get Dating Advice From Friends?

Relationship Tips: Should You Get Dating Advice From Friends?

If you are one of the many millions of singles in the world today looking for that one special relationship, you know just how difficult dating can be. Whether you are a man or a woman, the fact is that you likely love to commiserate, share dating experiences, and even get advice on dating from your friends. However, before you open up and ask your friends for advice on relationships, you may want to pause and consider a few things.

First, you should know that not every friend of yours may be the best person to turn to for relationship advice. Take a look at that friend’s own track record for dating and relationships, and if it’s not very impressive, you may want to think twice about putting that friend’s advice into motion in your own relationships. You should also be aware that sometimes the best advice is to listen to your own heart and trust your instincts. Relationships truly are very emotionally driven, and sometimes logic just doesn’t come into play at all. Sometimes, the best advice is to not take any advice at all but instead to follow your heart and trust in your own beliefs. After all, there are only two people involved in the relationship who really know what it is going on, and that is you and the person you are dating.

You should also be aware that some people can get pretty turned off if they know you are talking about them, and specifically about intimate aspects of your relationship together, with your friends. There are indeed some things that need to remain private if a relationship based on respect and trust is going to develop between two people. Be wary of relationship tips. At some point you have to cut others out of your relationship and figure things out on your own.

Super Bowl Sunday


It’s almost that time of the year, where all of America gathers around their televisions. Whether your team is playing, got eliminated, or you don’t have a preference this is a time for Americans come together for an event that epitomizes our culture. The rugged violence and graceful athleticism of football tied with the advertising juggernaut that is Super Bowl Sunday. Whether you attend for the game, commercials, or environment there are some ways to “elevate your game” this Sunday.

The Essentials

No Super Bowl can be complete without the essentials: food, a TV, and couches. It may sound so simple but when overlooked can create an unpleasant Superbowl experience. The Television mus the chosen wisely, always negotiate with your friends and figure out how has the biggest TV.  Super Bowl Sunday is a stadium for snacks and food. Chips and dip are classic but there is always room for variety. Lastly we can not forget our captain of laziness, a comfortable couch. The more couches the merrier, make sure there is plenty of room for your guests to lounge.

The X Factors

We’ve got the basics covered, but shouldn’t we make this Sunday a little more exciting? Disclaimer: These X Factors aren’t for the faint of heart. Add some life to the the party with alcohol, gambling, and wagers. I don’t think I need to explain why alcohol makes parties better, so let’s jump into gambling. There is no way to get your interest going in the game than a bet. Many people do squares and bet on the scores of the quarters, some do final game score, or you can play the spread in Vegas. whatever your choice, having a little vested interest in the game makes it all the more exciting. Wagers are another way to make the games more… interesting. You will typically have to find a loyal fan of the playing team to make a wager, but if he (or she) agrees there may be some interesting shenanigans in the future. No one wants their friend to be distraught following a loss, so a naked mile for losing the wager might ease his frustration… or at least entertain the crowd.


No Super Bowl would be complete without commercials. On a day where even the DVR wont keep back people from watching the game live, you can be assured there will be plenty of interesting commercials. Look for the Bud Light, Doritos, and Go Daddy commercials which are typically winners. Every yea is different so don’t miss the next best commercial! It seems all Superbowl Sunday needs now is a Liftkits commercial for it to be the best. As we look forward to the day that will be a reality, enjoy this Superbowl Sunday and all it has to offer!

Short Celebrities Who Could Use Lift Kits for Height

Short Celebrities Who Could Use LiftKits

When you think of short celebrities, you might think of Danny DeVito, who isn’t even five feet tall, or those who are only a few inches taller like Dustin Hoffman (5’5”) or Michael J. Fox (5’4”). But there are some celebrities who you wouldn’t think are short who continue to be teased about their lack of height, such as Ryan Seacrest, who is a healthy 5’8” tall.

One celebrity in particular who is often ridiculed because of his height is Tom Cruise. Although he is 5’7”, which isn’t much shorter than the national average, his height has to be taken into consideration with every movie he makes so that his co-stars don’t tower over him and overpower his star status.

Men in Hollywood have been wearing lifts in their shoes for years but it is only in recent years that they have become available to everyday guys like us. There is one brand in particular, LiftKits, which is known for being very popular in Hollywood among men who are looking for an extra inch or two in height.

These are soft, neoprene insoles that you put into the shoes that you already have. You can wear them at work or out on the town, or even in your athletic or golf shoes. They can’t be seen from the outside, so no one will know that you have them in. But you will appear to the outside world as if you are a full inch or even two inches taller.

There are many short celebrities who use these as a way to measure up to their leading ladies. After all, no man wants to have his picture taken while a woman is standing inches taller than him. So, if they are good enough for Hollywood, then they should be good enough to provide you with the confidence you need, too.


How to Grow Up Taller

How To Grow Up Taller

If you are still in your teen years or early twenties, then you will be glad to know that it is not too late to learn how to grow up taller. In fact, this is your best chance to add height to your frame. But, if you are older than that (in your late twenties or beyond), then you will really have to put in a little more work in order to gain height.

How To Grow Up Taller

If you are younger, then the best thing that you could do to make sure you get the most height out of your genetic disposition is to eat healthy. When you eat plenty of calcium and protein, along with all of the vitamins and minerals that you need, you will be giving your bones every chance they need to grow.

What To Stay Away From

If you want to know how to grow up taller, then you should also know that much of what your parents said is true. You should not drink alcohol, since that can stunt growth, as can the smoking of cigarettes. These both eat up valuable nutrients that your body needs for growth.

What Can You Do If Nothing Else Works?

If you have made sure that you are eating as well as you can, you are exercising, and you are also staying away from alcohol and tobacco, then you might want to consider lifts inside your shoes. It should make you feel better to know that millions of men all around the world use these, so you certainly would not be alone.

LiftKits are gel-like insoles that fit right into your shoes and give you an extra inch or two of height. No one has to know that they are there, but as soon as you put them in, you will get the height that you have always wanted.


What Can Make You Taller?

What Can Make  You Taller?

Many people are curious about what can make you taller. Being short isn’t a new thing by any means, and people have suffered through life for generations and generations with a shorter stature while others around them have enjoyed the advantages of going through life with towering height. In fact, if you are shorter than you’d like to be right now, you no doubt are short in large part because of the genes that your ancestors have passed down to you. Of course, that serves as no comfort at all, and you still want to know what can make you taller. Here are some options:


Natural Growth

Natural growth is largely determined by genetic make-up, but other factors like exercise, sleep, and diet play a role, too. Of course, if you want to get real physical growth, you can talk to your doctor about HGH injections or growth exercises if you are still young and growing. Once your body has stopped growing, however, your options are a bit more limited.



If you want to know what can make you taller, whether you are still growing or not, you will find that styling your hair a bit differently can give the impression that you are taller than you are. Of course, most people don’t want to add five inches of height to their frame with a 1950’s beehive ‘do, but adding some volume can add an inch or two of height pretty easily without anyone around you being wiser as to what you are trying to do.



Your shoes are another option to consider, too. Shoes of course have different heights to the sole, and you can certainly shop around for shoes with a thicker sole. Some shoes have an extra inch or two of height just in the sole alone. Beyond that, you can also consider buying a LiftKit, which is an insole booster that adds anywhere from one to five inches of height with an insert you wear on the inside of your shoe. Clearly you do have some options to consider when trying to achieve the height you want. All of these options provide what can make you taller in efficient and simple ways.