Wondering How to Grow Taller?

How to grow taller …….The unfortunate truth is that everyone has a predetermined height that they will grow to as an adult, and if you are not happy with how tall you turned out to be in adulthood, you only have genetics to blame. If you are truly struggling to grow in childhood, your parents can take you to a doctor to look into growth hormone injections. Once your body has stopped growing in adulthood, though, you cannot physically make yourself grow taller. The only thing you can do at that point is attempt to look taller through other means. There are several ways you can do this.


Some people may start out trying to look taller by wearing shoes with a little larger heel or by teasing their hair up a bit higher. Most people, however, don’t want to make their attempts at looking taller quite so obvious, so other means are preferable. You can consider other options such as buying shoes with a built-in lift, and these shoes can add anywhere from an inch to almost five inches to your height. You can also find height-boosting inserts that can be added to your shoes, too. These generally will be added to close-toed shoes, and the height boost may be a little less than when the insole is already built into the shoe. The reason for this is because traditional shoes generally only have about three inches or four inches along the heel, and the insert and your shoe have to fit inside the shoe.


So many people today are unhappy with their final adult height, and if you are, you should take a look at what some of these height-boosting options can do for you. It’s really amazing what just a few more inches in height can do for your confidence level and how others perceive you, too.

How to Deal With Being Short

Short guys can sometimes use a boost…

If you are on the shorter side, then you have obviously been dealing with this problem for all of your life. You were probably the shortest kid in school and got teased and taunted then. But that doesn’t mean that you have to continue on in that way. There are ways that you can add a little height to your small frame without anyone even realizing it. The effects of doing this could actually change your life.


There are some men in this world who will always be successful, no matter what their height is. Michael J. Fox is only 5’4”, but he was one of the highest-paid television stars around. Al Pacino is 5’7” and has been successful for almost four decades with both women and his career. But for the average guy, lack of height can be a problem. Leonardo Dicaprio is quite successful, and he’s 6′ 0″ (1.83 m) tall.


Although there are a few ways that you can really change your height, such as by taking human growth hormones (which are dangerous), or by undergoing surgery (which is even more dangerous), most men are choosing more temporary options to deal with their height issues. By simply changing the way that you dress, the types of clothes that you wear, and the way that you hold your frame, you will appear taller.


Another way to appear taller to all of those around you is to put lifts into your shoes. These are certainly not the same as “elevator shoes,” since they have the same size soles as any other shoes. You can wear whatever brand shoes you want, but simply replace the existing insoles with LiftKits insoles that add height. These are invisible to everyone around you, yet they will give you an extra one to two inches. You can wear them with dress, casual, or even athletic shoes, and they will give you all the advantages that the taller people around you enjoy.


Height Increasing Shoes Vs. LiftKits: No Comparison!

Ugly Height Increasing Shoe
Hi-Top LiftKit adds 2 inches and can be used in any style shoe w/ high ankle support
Hi-Top LiftKit adds 2 inches and can be used in any style shoe w/ high ankle support


If you are looking for a way to get a much needed height boost (and what shorter-than-average person isn’t?), then you likely have been debating between investing in height increasing shoes and LiftKits height boosting insoles. The fact is that when you give both options an honest look, there really is no comparison at all. With height increasing shoes, you generally are paying upward of $75 to $100 per pair of shoes, and you have limited style options to choose from. You have to buy the styles that these height increasing shoes are made in rather than choose shoes that really suit your style. This is an expensive and rather backward way to go about buying shoes!


With LiftKits, however, you get a much more affordable way to boost your height. These shoe inserts are priced under $30, and they can be removed and placed into whichever shoes you feel like wearing that day. So with just one small investment, you can get that height you want, and this generally is up to one or two additional inches of height! The inserts go right into your shoes, and they can be used for almost any type of shoes you have. This means that you can walk into the shoe stores of your choice, pick the styles that appeal to your unique personality, comfort, and sense of style, and then place the inserts inside. It’s that simple.


After you do this comparison for yourself, you too will see that there really isn’t much of a comparison to make when it comes to choosing between height increasing shoes and the LiftKits inserts. The LiftKits are more affordable by a long shot, and they give you the complete ability to where the shoes you want to wear while giving you that height you want. Take some more time to look into what LiftKits have to offer, and you will find this really is the way to go if you want to boost your height by up to one or two inches with ease.

Get Noticed With Height Boosting Insoles


Tiptoeing… in this April 3, 2009 photo, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are greeted by France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy and wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy at Palais Rohan in Strasbourg. Photo AP

So many people make comments that short people have an inferiority complex, and if you are short yourself, you likely know that those comments really have some sound truth behind them. The fact is that when you are shorter than everyone else, you just don’t seem to have that larger-than-life presence that other people of average or taller stature have. If you want to get noticed in a group, you will want to check out height boosting insoles to see what they can do for you.


Next time make sure you have your LiftKits!


Now, there are some shoes with a built-in lift to them, and these are specially designed shoes that have a special insole included as a part of the shoe. With height boosting insoles, however, you can slide the insert into any pair of shoes that you own. These insoles can give you that extra inch or two in height that you need to really get noticed. They can be removed from your shoes each evening and placed into a new pair of shoes the next day, and you don’t have to worry about buying special styles. You can shop in regular shoe stores and pick out modern styles, and then customize them at home later by adding these shoe inserts.


Just think back to the last time you were in a group setting and everyone in the group was looking down at you. It’s hard to feel like you are an equal with these people when they are constantly looking down on you, but when you take matters into your own hands and put these height adjusting insoles into your shoes, you can get that extra inch or two you really want so that people no longer look down on you but instead look you right in the eye. This truly is just what you need to gain confidence in social and professional settings!