2011 SAG Award Winners

By Rachel Rossitto | Monday, January 31, 2011

Did you tune in last night to watch Hollywood’s hottest stars walk the red carpet for the 17th annual SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards? We sure did over here at LiftKits. And boy did it reassure us how short a lot of those actors are! Did you see Jermey Renner and Jesse Eisenburg, sure looked like they could use some LiftKits.

However, just in case you missed the SAG awards here a short recap of the awards. To start, our favorite animals rights activist Betty White accepted the award for best female actor in a comedy series for her performance in Hot in Cleveland. We just love how she’s rocking out with her youthful attitude and successful career!

For TV, Steve Buscemi won best male actor in a drama series for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. The show also won outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series. Modern Family won the same award for comedy.

Alec Baldwin won best actor in a comedy series for his role on 30 Rock and Claire Danes accepted an award for best actress in a TV movie or miniseries for her starring role in Temple Grandin. You Don’t Know Jack‘s Al Pacino won the same award for male actor. Julianna Margulies was awarded best actress in a drama series for The Good Wife.

On to films — showing off her growing baby bump, Natalie Portman took home the award for best actress in a film for her role in the ballet thriller Black Swan. Colin Firth won best male actor in a film and co-star Geoffrey Rush accepted the award for best cast in a motion picture for The King’s Speech.

Best male and female actors in a supporting role went to Christian Bale and Melissa Leo for playing family members to Mark Wahlberg‘s character in The Fighter (highly recommended if you haven’t seen it yet!). Lastly, Morgan Freeman presented Ernest Borgnine with the Life Achievement award.

What’s an event without an after-party? Following the awards show, attendees gathered at the Shrine Exposition Center to honor the “philanthropic causes and good works of the members of the Screen Actors Guild,” benefiting the SAG Foundation.

Jermey Renner @ 2011 SAG awards

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