A New Product for Men That Makes Them Look Taller: and We’re Not Kidding

As reported on FashionRules.com on March 09, 2009:

You’ve probably read stories that tell you that guys like Tom Cruise and David Spade – not exactly the tallest guys in Hollywood – stand on apple carts or platforms when acting opposite tall ladies like Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman or Charlize Theron. And let’s face it – how is a guy of normal height supposed to deal with ladies wearing 4 and 5 inch heels for the last few years? They say women are okay with towering over their men – but we’re always wondered how the guys feel about it.

LiftKits Height Increasing Insole increases height naturally by 1 to 2
LiftKits Height Increasing Insole increases height naturally by 1″ to 2″

Now we know. Three (smart) Hollywood guys just invented a great product to level the playing field, called Liftkits (MyLiftKits.com) For somewhere between $15.00 dollars and $35.00 depending on the style of the insert, men can now be a full 2 inches taller. Like every other beauty product, LiftKits became hot by being on the celebrity circuit – and actors were grabbing them at one of the Oscar gifting suites like free botox. There are hi-top and lo-top models, they fit right into any men’s shoe, and allow the average guy to now be the longer, leaner guy – which gives him the advantage in the job world, the dating world – and what other worlds matter? You can buy them on the site, and as women who love to wear Louboutins, we are all in favor of guys grabbing these!!! They’ve got to be more comfortable than 4 inch high heels. And they’ll even make you look better in your clothes. But you might need to wear longer jeans!!

Lift Kits: Love for the Little Guy

As YoungHollywood.com sees it….

Not all guys stack up next to their lady when she’s in heels. Now men have a secret weapon that lets them stand on equal footing.

Lift Kits are designed for men who want a little more air. Unique insoles are worn that add up to two inches in height.

Anybody who’s ever worn big boots with a nice, thick heel can attest there is an immediate sense of grandeur when suddenly popping up a little taller than before. Even if you’re already tall like me; at naturally 6-feet, I get added ego with elevation. Yes, an even more inflated ego than usual!


Blowing up at Sundance, the Lift Kits proved one of the more popular booths. Becoming quick favorites with actors like CSI’s A.J. Buckley to professional athletes such as Nate Jones from the Miami Dolphins, Lift Kits are quickly becoming a celebrity must-have.

This new shoe sensation is the brainchild of 3 Hollywood dudes who wanted a step up. They started with a simple thought: Why not add a little something extra to the game? Men want to look good and feel attractive, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. Like it or not, the world has only the outer shell to make a first impression. We can’t see your winning personality from across the room. But a man who stands with confidence gets attention.

Changing not just physical height but also state of mind, Lift Kits seek to boost that confidence – as well as the ability to scan a crowd.

Made for any guy in any kind of shoe, the Kits are available at MyLiftKits.com.

Wes Ferguson is a lifestyle expert and entertainment writer living out the Young Hollywood dream in beautiful Westside Los Angeles.

LiftKits Interview at Sundance Film Festival 2009

LiftKits interview with Tropikana TV at Sundance Film Festival 2009

LiftKits Interview with Tropikana TV at Sundance Film Festival 2009 – Park City, Utah. LiftKits Height Increasing Shoe Insoles help men gain the height and confidence they need in order to keep that competitive edge. To find out more info LiftKits and how to grow taller, increasing your height immediately – www.myliftkits.com

LiftKits: Otherwise known as Shoe Lifts, Height Increasing Insoles, Heel Lifts and shoe inserts add instant growth to your height.

LiftKits Presents at 81st Annual Academy Awards Gifting Suite to the Stars

Honoring the 81st Annual Academy Awards, Main Event Red Carpet Lounge & Green Suite presented an exclusive Giving/Gifting/Oscars Pampering Suite held at Studio 944 benefiting spcaLA. Celebrities had the “suite” life as they were pampered throughout the whole event.

The lounge was quite the turn out as it pulled in over 400 people in just two days. I can see why the Main Event RedCarpet Lounge & Green Suite wrapped up so many people; luxurious beauty and spa cool eco-treatments such as organic mini-facials, makeup and lash applications, electrotherapy, and hair cutting/styling appointments were recieved. Celebrities were also able to enjoy their sweets and drinks with star-quality edibles such as Carrie Wiatt’s Diet Designs and IZZE signature cocktails!

Of course we cannot forget to mention the pleasure having a Pre-Oscars informal trunk fashion showing of haute couture gowns, celebrity jewelry, women’s designer shoes and handbags, men’s designer shoes and neckties, and a 3-D Lounge presented by Dream Factory Studios.

Even the celebrity’s pets received special Oscar pampering and gifts. Helping the prevention of animal cruelty, a silent auction of luxury items was held to benefit spcaLA.

Over all the Giving/Gifting/Oscar Pampering Suite was a successful celebration for the celebrities of the 81st Academy Awards. Main Event Red Carpet Lounge & Green Suite knew how to spoil Hollywood’s celebrities making sure they were prepared for the big day!

Attendees included: Director of Oscar-nominated New Boy Steph Green, Producer of Oscar-nominated The Wrestler Scott Franklin, Sterling Beaumon (LOST), Rachelle Carson Begley (Living With Ed), Monica Ford (Obsessed), Kathy Joosten (Desperate Housewives), Rex Lee (Entourage), Gretchen Ross (The Real Housewives of Orange County), Cedric Sanders (American Gangster), Slade Smiley (Date My Ex: Jo & Slade), Amber Stevens (Fired Up), Isabella Thorne (My Own Worst Enemy), Shaun Toub (Iron Man), Nick Verreos (Project Runway & The Style Network)

Check out all the cool gifts and treatments they received in honorarium of the 2009 Oscars!

Oscar Gifting Suite
Oscar Gifting Suite

Need a lift? LiftKits give men the confidence they deserve with adding a lift to their their step. Created by three guys in Hollywood, they believe if women can add a boost to their confidence with adding certain “cheats” to their game—such as fake eye lashes, push up bras, wearing high heels, and so forth—men should be able to take advantage of a certain quality they can greater to feel better about themselves as well. LiftKits allows men to naturally and comfortably increase their height up to two inches. Feel large and in charge with LiftKits under your step!

photo provided by LASplash.com

Hollywood Fashion Find of the Week

As posted on vivaciouslychataigne.com as the fashion find of the week Vivaciously Chataigne writes:

Ever want your man to be taller than you in heels? Well, I uncovered the secret to his new stature with the unique insoles called LiftKits.

This new vivacious find was founded by three Hollywood guys on the mission to grant average men a step up. LiftKits give men the ability to naturally and comfortably increase their height up to 2 inches. It’s been proven that taller men are more successful. Now little men can use lifts for heading out on a Saturday night to pick up the ladies or stand taller at an important job interview.

I discovered this new sensation at the LRG- Creative Recreation Gifting Suite at Sundance 2009 and LiftKits proved one of the more popular booths. Becoming quick favorites with actors like Tom Cruise to celebrity DJ’s such as DJ Irie. LiftKits are quickly becoming a celebrity must-have. I hope they sent a pair to infamously cute, but vertically challenged Kevin Connolly.

You may think that these are a cheat for little guys to hit on you, but face it woman have push up bras, SPANX, fake eyelashes and hair. Everyone cheats a bit and height doesn’t matter when you lying down…